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“My Daddy Ate My Eyes”: Man Bites Out Son’s Eyes


A man has been arrested after biting out the eyes of his 4-year-old-son; after the attack he attempted to hack off his own feet with an axe.

It is thought his frenzy was caused by use of the potent and unpredictable hallucinogen PCP.

The man, a Californian of Hispanic extraction, apparently attacked his young son whilst high on the drug, biting out one eye completely and severely damaging the other.

After this ocular assault he left the house in a wheelchair and proceeded to attempt to amputate his own feet with an axe.

Police responding to the incident found the boy in a severely injured state, with gruesome injuries to his eyes and hands. He reported “My daddy ate my eyes.”

The boy was hospitalised, though it is not clear whether vision in his remaining eye will be salvaged.

His father was apprehended at the scene with injuries to his ankles after having failed to lop off his feet. He was arrested, and faces charges including torture and cruelty to children.

Via Heaven.

PCP, or “angel dust”, is a drug widely known for the berserk rages it can drive users into. In one memorable case, a rapper killed a female acquaintance and ate her lungs, and this case seems set to become a similar legend…

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