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Evangelion Phone


In another entirely unsurprising announcement of yet more Evangelion merchandising, NTT Docomo has announced that they will release an actual phone as a tie-in with next month’s Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance film.


According to the phone’s site, the “SH-06A NERV” special edition phone will be designed by director Hideaki Anno and also Studio Khara, with the handset made by Sharp.

The package will include themed accessories and packaging, and the phone itself make an appearance in the movie as well. This will presumably make the item a cunningly essential purchase for cosplayers from here on.



Numbers are limited to 30,000, so pre-ordering is advised. Needless to say, the phone will not be appearing on non-Japanese networks.

Via Gigazine.

It appears otaku will soon be able to enjoy an entirely Evangelion branded existence, with sneakers, pantsu, watches, ramen, emergency rations and even apartments on sale…


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