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Idol Aki Hoshino Mistaken for Prostitute


Gravure idol Aki Hoshino, famed for her large breasts and probably little else, was at the centre of an embarrassing scene when she was turned away at the entrance to a Macau casino, apparently being mistaken in her low-cut dress for a prostitute.

Tourists noticed the geriatric idol (32) causing a scene at the entrance to the casino, with Japanese tourists instantly recognising her (whether from her TV appearances or from her innumerable saucy posing sessions is not clear).

“Looking like a celebrity wearing a sexy, low-cut dress”, according to witnesses, she was attempting to gain access to the gambling establishment with a gentleman politely presumed to be her manager.

However, casino staff where having none of it, and resolutely refused her entry at the door.

Tourists suspected that she was being confused with a common strumpet, an unthinkable mistake: “Because of the way she was dressed, it appeared that the casino staff decided she was a prostitute. We all thought that was the reason.”

So desperate was she that she tried to corral some of the Japanese tourists into identifying her for the suspicious door staff, apparently to no avail.

Her agency cooked up a suitably innocent story for her; the 32-year-old “looks like a minor” and of course had no interest in gambling:

“She was mistaken for a minor because she looks younger than her age. She didn’t have her passport as she was on location… As far as we know, she wasn’t there to gamble but just needed to use the restroom in the casino.”

Via JapanToday, with thanks to Aoshi for the tip.

Some would say this is actually a natural mistake to make…


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