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Wife Drills Husband’s Penis for Profligacy


A man was hospitalised and nearly lost his member after his wife angrily woke him from his drunken torpor by inserting an electric drill into his trousers.

The Russian couple, a man aged 25 and a women aged 28, had their marriage shattered (or rather, drilled in twain) by that most pernicious of influences, drink.

The man, a construction worker, apparently returned home one day the worse for drink. It being pay day, his wife asked after his wages, at which point he drunkenly fell asleep.

Unhappy, his wife rifled through his pockets looking for the pay he was to have brought home. Finding none, she (correctly) deduced that he had spent all their money on alcohol.

She became enraged at this wanton profligacy. She took his electric drill, and drilled his crotch.

The husband woke immediately on feeling the drill bit tear through his intimate parts, and pushed the vengeful wife away, subsequently calling an ambulance.

The surgeon attending to his injuries explains: “The drill broke the skin and went two centimeters into the penis. He had to undergo urgent surgery. Luckily for him, we saved the organ.”

The man forwent the opportunity to press charges against the drill-happy lady, instead filing for divorce.

Via Heaven.

It could be worse, though only by a little

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