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Lolicon Kills 13-Year-Old Girlfriend & Has Sex With Corpse


A 18-year-old man has been arrested after brutally slaying his 13-year-old girlfriend, afterward having sex with her corpse “until the body grew cold”; his efforts to dispose of the cadaver proved futile however.

The man recently faced court, charged with first-degree murder, child abuse and necrophilia, and there the full details of his crimes came to light.

The couple, residents of Boulder, Colorado, apparently enjoyed a sexually active relationship despite the ages involved, which apparently disturbed the girl’s parents. She seemingly opted to run away, leaving a note to that effect and joining her boyfriend.

The misgivings of her parents turned out not to be unfounded: her partner viciously strangled her “until her eyes rolled back in her head”, after which he made sure of her passing by stabbing her repeatedly in the throat.

Even this depravity was not enough; he then went on to have sex with her lifeless corpse until it became cold.

The lolicon necrophiliac then considered his options, and decided to dump the corpse in a marsh. He would keep returning to the corpse to try to hide it better, at one point considering the possibility of dissolving it in caustic substances, and at another wondering if he could smash and scatter its teeth to prevent dental recognition.

He had apparently thought himself unlikely to be caught due to his girlfriend’s status as a runaway, but repeatedly confided in (or perhaps bragged to) friends about his escapades, even taking a friend with him to the hiding place in order to retrieve a condom he had used on her after the slaying.

He was arrested soon after the body was discovered in January of 2009; the killing took place in October of 2008, and his trial is just getting underway.

His motivation in the killing is not clear, but his girlfriend was apparently due to testify against him in a case of bike theft he was suspected of.

Via Heaven.

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