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Newlywed Wife Sells Husband’s PS3 for Fun


The tale of a newly wedded husband whose wife secretly sold his PS3 and games to watch his shocked reaction when she told him has given rise to a storm of outrage, with thousands uniting in disgusted condemnation of the deed.

The story concerns a man who was something of a gamer and happily enjoying Winning Eleven on his PS3, and his wife who was not apparently pleased with this state of affairs.

The couple had just wed, when in the party following the service the curious question came up in a quiz: “How much would his PS3 and games fetch if sold?” Guesses were invited, but that was all.

The man’s wife, who wasn’t comfortable with her husband’s gaming, decided to take things a step further however, and in the continuing festivities the day after the groom was reduced to stunned silence on seeing the actual sale price of his beloved console and games come up on the screen, to peals of laughter from the crowd. It all fetched just shy of $200.

It transpired his wife and her friends had secretly sold the console whilst he was otherwise engaged.

He can certainly buy another console and all his games (whether his wife is willing to contribute anything towards this is another matter), but it seems his precious save data is all lost for eternity.

Soon the question was posted on Yahoo! Answers (“Chiebukuro” in Japan): “My friend’s wife sold his PS3 and all his games, can he ever forgive this?” and huge interest followed, with hundreds of thousands of hits and thousands of responses.

A few opinions were of the opinion that “It’s just a console” and “You’ll laugh about this later”, but the vast majority were completely outraged:

“Just selling his stuff, that’s a crime isn’t it?”

“Of course he’d be furious…”

“That is despicable, if it were me I’d file for divorce.”

“I cried when I read the question.”

“What if this were a beloved pet – could you say ‘It’s just a pet after all’?”

“This lady is going to become one of those mothers who just toss out their children’s manga and collectibles.”

“My husband is the same, I feel a bit lonely at time. But selling his data too, it’s too much. Isn’t selling people’s things a crime anyway? I’d divorce and have nothing to do with the friends involved.”

“This is an outrage!”

“This is just criminal conduct, surely. I’d divorce immediately and report her!”

“This is horrible, but I don’t think someone who doesn’t game can really understand…”


“This is just the worst sort of thing you could do…”

“Just selling people’s things is not something I think easy to forgive.”

“This is grounds for divorce! Criminal!”

“Even practical jokes have limits. I couldn’t forgive this.”

“This just shows contempt for his interests.”

“Would you want to go on with someone like this? If not, then file for divorce immediately…”

Even non-gamers were incensed, pointing out that erasing people’s data and selling their things are indeed unforgivable.

The actual answer selected as “best” was a typically trite piece explaining how the man should prioritise his dear wife over any of his interests.

Given what we have seen of the attitudes displayed by many Japanese women, the nature of the demographic crisis facing Japan swims sharply into focus…

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  • Anonymous says:

    I’d divorce and sue her to get the money for buying a new one <_<

    If she would just have sold some games that are easily replaceable it would be forgiveable but selling everything including the saves is not forgivable.

    She didn't even seem to have a good reason for that.

    If that guy would have played to much for her point of view: DON'T MARRY HIM.

    She's a real bitch, I hope she gets sued and maybe even jailed.

  • Anonymous125 says:

    Note to self:

    Enjoy single life, video games, buying PVC figures and figmas and other stuff before getting married to someone because marriage is like being handcuff to someone else

  • GaryLemmons1 says:

    There is another way our poor PS3less friend the husband could get back at the wife for selling his PS3. He can secretly sells her stuff. I’m talking about her clothes, makeup, pets, & that ugly antique her grandmother gave her. After he sells all her stuff he can buy a new PS3. Then when she walks in a almost empty house & sees him playing his new PS3. He can tell her “That’s a warning. Next time you sell my PS3 I’m selling your parents’house.”

  • Dude, hells to the no, I’d have to go A Pimp Named Slick Back on a hoe… or be like “hell na, you forget my name? I’m Choke-a-bitch from the slap-a-hoe tribe, bes get my shit back!!”

    Very inexcusable conduct. I hope he did divorce her or better yet, sell the rings. XDDD

  • Now that’s just nuts.
    What did she do that for???

    Where’s the “lover one another purely, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health”. Instead it’s “lover one another purely, richer or richer, in revenge and vengeance”

  • Holy flipping Christmas Jew! I would never to that to my boyfriend! If me time is all she wanted she could of waited untill bedtime or dinner. She’s one evil woman that doesn’t deserve that man. Marriage mean “we” not “me” and she should of worked things out with her man like an adult.

  • Anonymous says:

    OK if she backed up the save data from somewhere. Then I could let it, provided that either she cough up the cash to get it all back, or never ever ask me to buy her ANYTHING for the next 3 years.

    But if no such back up exists, I’m suing her ass for conversion.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with the general consensus that it is about trust, and such a severe breech is unforgivable. All the people saying “it’s only a PS3” are missing this point. They’re also missing the true magnitude of his financial loss: keep in mind that when you sell in bulk like that, you get less than what each game is worth individually. I have a PS2 with about 100 games, including some rare and out of print ones like Einhander, CVS2, and FFTactics. Just for the hell of it, I went into a pawn shop one day and asked them, if I sold them the entire collection, joysticks, multiple controllers, games, PS2, hard drive networking kit, and everything, how much I would get. They barely offered 90 dollars. Go look up each of those games on eBay, and a PS2, see if you can even get those three and a vanilla PS2 for under 90 dollars, let alone a large collection and accessories. That 200 dollars is probably a drop in the bucket compared to what those games are really worth. He probably CAN’T just go out and replace everything, especially if he’s been saving up over time. So I’m with everyone else here, divorce her for fun just to see the look on her face.

  • I wouldn’t care about my console if it were sold, but anyone selling my possessions would garner quite the response. Say it’s your console. PS2. Nothing of irreplaceable value lost. But what if next it was your computer? Your work laptop? Your favourite watch?

    I’d fear for the remainder of my possessions and tell the person to get lost or let me sell their most prized thing.

  • I’m also in the ‘instant divorce/anullment’ category.

    Srsly, wtf.

    Just putting myself into that situation drives me nuts.

    I just married the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, she goes behind my back, sells a valued possession of mine, then publicly humiliates me with her friends?

    I’d ask myself how stupid I could’ve been to marry someone like that, then divorce/annul and depending on the legal situation file charges.

    That is, if I’m thinking clearly in that situation. If I’m not, I have no idea what I’d do.

    It’s not even about the ridiculously low amount of money that PS3 netted. I’d be just as pissed if she just sold off any of my possessions that aren’t consumables without asking me. What kind of utter bastard would ever do something like that? No matter what exactly the motives are.

  • Anonymous says:

    For me, I would simply sell something that has equal value to her. Not only that, but make sure it is sold horribly under-priced then use that money plus the 200 bucks to buy a PS3

    • Anonymous says:

      but yeah, 600 bucks…..600 bucks+games…
      Hopefully whenever I get a wifey, she should be smart enough to do the math on that. Then again, when I get married its going to be with someone who is just as smart or even smarter then myself, and at least has common knowledge of my various hobbies.
      But, when or if I find someone, they won’t be feeling that my gaming addiction is stronger then the bond we share. Because if that is even a question then most likely the marriage isn’t going to be a real discussion.
      Thats my 10 cents. ^_^

  • This is horrible!! If I have a husband who would sell my consoles and games, that’s just as bad as selling my PC!!! All that data is gone forever, it’s ridiculous that any woman would do such a thing. It’s women like that which gives the rest of us a bad stereotypical image. Ugh. Serious, what the heck is wrong with her?!? Even without mentioning the legal issues involved, it’s more of a moral thing! Why would you marry someone like that with no respect of personal space?!

  • NotarySojac says:

    Would not matter if it was a console, a stereo, a computer, a collection of books, figures, magazines or Hello Kitty vibrators. If it was something one valued and the spouse sold it without asking, then it is an indication that the seller has no concern at all for the others feelings. The fact that it was sold secretly just to cause the other anguish just appalls us.
    I guess there must be relationships and even marriages based on abuse and cruelty (in the guise of a joke) but it does not sound healthy in any way.

    We can only hope the make-up sex was worth it.

  • Anonymous says:

    i guess this could be the one thing he could hold over her head until he needed something done. like essentially a free pass for something he needed in the future.

    Of course, I’d be pretty choked about it. And I’m sure I’d choke her afterwards. Figuratively.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is not something you do to someone you respect. With no respect for your partner, a marriage is doomed. Hopefully she will see the error of her ways and change her attitude before it’s too late.

  • what a bitch. if the guy knew his wife wasn’t going to like games, he shouldn’t have married her.

    at the very least she should have talked to him about it instead of just selling his shit without permission. it’s like selling off a house without your significant other’s consent. unforgivable.

  • A wife who doesn’t respect her husband is no wife of all. To sell a possession of her husband’s with the excuse of ‘It’s just a X’ shows a total respect to her husband.

    I say ebay off ALL HER SHOES, say ‘They are just shoes’ and then divorce.

    • Anonymous says:

      unfortunately in a case like this you couldn’t file for criminal charges

      part of being married is joint ownership of both ppl’s stuff

      legaly the wife commited no crime cas she had the same ownership of the stuff as he did as soon as they became married

      on the other hand this means that he could sell her stuff to buy his ps3 and games back then file for an annulment (fileing for a divorce is bad in this situation if he had more stuff than she did when they got married) so that it was like the marriage never happened.

      • Anonymous says:

        Have to keep in mind though, that she sold it before they were married, ergo she did not have joint ownership of the item at that point in time.

        And thus it would still classify as petty larceny/theft.

        • Anonymous says:

          “The couple had just wed, when in the party following the service the curious question came up in a quiz: “How much would his PS3 and games fetch if sold?” Guesses were invited, but that was all.

          The man’s wife, who wasn’t comfortable with her husband’s gaming, decided to take things a step further however, and in the continuing festivities the day after the groom was reduced to stunned silence on seeing the actual sale price of his beloved console and games come up on the screen, to peals of laughter from the crowd. It all fetched just shy of $200.

          It transpired his wife and her friends had secretly sold the console whilst he was otherwise engaged.”

          So let’s establish a timeline.
          PS3 was sold, they got hitched, she reveals it during a party the day after they officially tied the knot.

          It takes a bit to auction off a device like that and to have it shipped to its new owner.
          48 hours at the least I’d say. Ergo, it still counts as theft/petty larceny as she didn’t have joint ownership of the device at that point in time.

  • That’s just criminal. I’d divorce right away. How can I trust someone who STEALS my stuff?? And more, the guy is at fault also. She clearly has no respect for him. That’s something he should have noticed before marrying her. How can you MARRY someone like that?


  • Anonymous says:

    I’d laugh it off, tell her to go live it up on the 200 dollars. Then while she’s doing that sell everything important to her while taping it.

    Oh, and if I can’t find buyers, I’d just burn all of it in a pile. Then I’d invite all the same people over and do the exact same thing she did to me.

    “Hey honey, revenge is a bitch, and so are you.”

  • if she didn’t accept his hobbys then why did she marry him? that’s grounds for divorce, not just because of selling his stuff, but of not accepting him for who he is, and what he does to de stress…. if my wife went and sold my plastic models… i wouldn’t be with her right now cuz that just isn’t right… ditch the bitch, after she gets back ur system and games… at her expense… thats just wrong!

  • Anonymous says:

    Disreguarding what it was that was sold. I think it says a little about the kind of person it would take, to sell something of your husbands stuff, before your even married, without him knowing. It doenst matter what it is that was sold, just that is was done in a completely illicit and decietefull mannor.

    What ever happened to talking things over with your spouce?

    Now doing it as a joke to humiliate him… Myself, this would be enough to break up. I could not be with somone that doenst respect, or care for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    first i tought this was another bunch of retarded opinions by gamers, but then i imagined someone selling my guitar, kaoss pad, etc… and i could feel empathy.
    I still think the whole going OMGWTF gonna kill u!!1 is stupid, but yeah divorce sounds okay because someone who cant understand and respect your interests cant even be a friend.

  • “Man stabs wife “to watch her shocked reaction.” Buys PS3 with insurance money.”

    Will we be seeing this article shortly?

    I certainly wouldn’t go to the extremes many of the other commenters here suggested (killing her :|) but …this definitely is an issue he needs to discuss and settle with her ASAP. That’s a huge breach of trust – not the best way to kick off your new life together.

    Perhaps I wouldn’t be so distraught if she had at least gotten the proper price for it. Only 200 dollars?! That’s just idiotic on her part. Between this and Equality Now, I can see why there are misogynists out there. 8\ Ladies like this give our gender a bad reputation.

    • Anonymous says:

      My ex-gf was a hardcore gamer. Pretty much all the women I’ve been involved with have been gamers to some extent, and none of them were fugly. The hottest one being the WoW/StarCraft addict who used to do some modelling. Gamer girls are a dime a dozen if you know where to look. Gamer girls who are not only pretty but also fit aren’t too difficult to find provided you’re willing to move anywhere in the world if you want to be serious about it. The fit ones are more abundant in countries that actively promote good physical health. Either way, internet forums and real life school/university clubs is your friend.

  • Anonymous says:

    What she’s done is a bad omen for what’s to come in the future. Not only has she sold something that was not hers and was valued to her husband but she was also stupid enough to sell it with private data still in the PS3.

  • Anonymous says:

    She’s obviously not someone you can trust. Divorce her immediately. First she sells your PS3 for kicks, then somethign more valuable, then your car, then gets you fired for fun, eventually she’s peddling home made Bukakke videos on the street corner just to get a rise out of you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow certainly a despicable thing to do just for the laugh but you all would have to agree that for her to reach that level there was some sort of conflict over the matter with no resolve. Seems unlikely to trust her again but would get some payback in the mean time. Sell some shoes, bag then wait to see her expression. Would be priceless.

    • Exactly eye for eye teeth for teeth, the bitch know that her husband would be outraged, yet she still sold it.
      If for example she would only hide them and tell him that she sold them would be mean but hilarious, but to sell them its outrageous.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s just a wonder, if she likes to humiliate her husband in front of all their acquaintances and doesn’t give a fuck about his personal belongings (she did it for FUN, so it’s not like they were in poverty), what else will she do in the future?

    this is not about putting a console above a person, it’s about whether you married a good person you can RELY ON or a fucking untrustworthy bitch.

  • Anonymous says:

    It was really mean, she shouldn’t have married him in the first place rather than sold his things.

    However, marriage is for better and for worse, and while this was incredibly bad, it’s in no way something a couple couldn’t recover from.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would tie her up and gag her, put her in the trunk of my car, drive to a remote area, beat her silly, rape her with a dagger/knife, pour acid in her face and lastly, throw her off a cliff. Before throwing her away i would have cut off one of her hands which i would roast and eat later that day.

  • I don’t see the problem here.
    Seeing as i would like to have a
    wife over a damn console at the moment,
    i wouldn’t mind her selling my console.

    My console is just temporary. Soon as I
    marry those material goods would not be
    of importance to me anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wives are overrated. Games provide more bang for the buck nowadays.

      See this formula:

      1 hour dinner -> 2 hours movie -> 15 minutes sex =
      boring -> boring -> 2 minutes of any actual excitement


      Final Fantasy = more than 3 hours continuous excitement.


      B’sides, games are interactive stories. Selling a console is akin to burning a library.

      Burning libraries are baaad!!!

    • I would think that this act would prove herself untrustworthy. The ps3 could just be a start. Next thing you know, you could find her having sex with another man on your bed. If I were him I would probably divorce her.

        • Retard loli star, he said “I” wouldn’t want it. “If it was ME”. Didn’t involve you at all. lrn2read. Also, not all marriages are sunshine and flowers. Not everyone marries on the basis of love. Vows? Who gives a shit about those, they’re just words after all, they’re about as reliable as China imitates Nikes.

        • SilverTide says:

          Selling someone else’s property shows a lack of respect. No man needs a woman who can’t respect him.
          If he keeps on being a wimp he’ll soon find that she threw him out for Bob the biker.
          Even if the PS3 means nothing to you, you can’t let others make decisions for you. Best to throw away the PS3 yourself.

        • Who said i wanted an untrustworthy wife? It wouldn’t matter whether my wife would like me to have a console or not, i’d get rid of the console anyway. Especially if your a newlywed, would you go straight to your fucking console once you get home then spend time with your wife?

          Besides, why would you marry someone that wouldn’t have similar interests as you?

  • The thing that would bug me the most is that she and “her friends” decided to do it. That is fairly insulting that she put the opinions of her friends over the feelings of her husband.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Could you forgive this behavour from a spouse?”
    Depends how hot she is, what she’s willing to do to make it up to me and if I have enough money to buy a new one(PS3 not wife)

  • Meido_Guy says:

    Damn she’s just fucking retarded, if something like that happened to me i’d would beat the holy shit out of her til she begs me to stop, this is just childish and criminal, that’s why in order to ease your rage you’ll need to:
    1)First Beat her bare hands
    2)Quickly search around you for something you could use as a weapon and hit her on full berserker mode
    3)Throw her to each corners of your apartment
    4)Raep her, again and again
    5)Cut her to little pieces
    6)Raep her again
    7)Eventually go search for a cute loli pet-girl to live your life with… \o/

  • I lent my friend my £800 laptop for his uni studies and them 3 weeks before he has exams i decided i wanted it back since the last time he visited me with the laptop it overheated like a bitch and shuts down constantly without warning so when i had my arguement two days later he says it wont start up in any mode what so ever and then just hands it back to me wiped without an OS!!!. So i lend him an expensive laptop ive hardly used only for him to overheat and fuck it up and have it crash and burn without an OS, to this point i got it back and for the time being i won’t be talking to him any time soon since he did not make the effort to fix the laptop at all.

    • I loaned a guitar and amp to a guy I knew who was practicing / saving up for a guitar and he SOLD THEM on craigslist.

      When I asked what the hell his problem was he said he needed the money. Am I supposed to care that you needed the money? No, what I’m supposed to do (women you may not understand) is punch him square in the face as hard as possible. If I had done that we could still be friends but he was somewhere around 17 and I was 25 so I didn’t. I just never spoke to him again.

  • numpang lewat says:

    If I were the husband, I’ll sell the wife’s MOST PRECIOUS THING WITH A CHEAP PRICE

    so that she can feel the pain too…

    then maybe I’ll do seomthing worse after that >:-)

  • Anonymous says:

    DIVORCE THAT BITCH!!! IF she can throw my PS3 I can do the same to her. I’d sell her to the brothel.

    But kidding aside… she has no respect to her husband. She has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER in what she’s done. It’s a sign that you can’t trust her. If she can’t respect you then time to look for a new wife.

    • Rinfinite says:

      She’s actually one of the many secret agents working for Microsoft whose jobs are to get close to men who own a PS3 and then get rid of it. Likewise, Meg Rock and Ayana Tsubaki were excellent agents of Sony for having been able to make Shoko-tan a PS3 owner and forget all about her Xbox 360.

  • waiting for episode 2

    this things make good popcorn episodes. keep the comments rolling.

    i will act accordingly depending on the situation. e.g. neglected wife, no serious discussion etc.

  • to all those that say “it is just a ps3…”
    guess what ur beloved fucking pet to me is just “a pet” with not value what so ever so dont worry i will treat it the way i want in secret of course or the fucking wed ring of your is just another ring on the market in my eyes so dont surpise if i sell it for the lol then said you can just replace it.

    now have fun with your”it is just a “insert whatever item here””

    • now that I might do. I seriously believe that if this happened (and it wouldn’t because I wouldn’t be with someone I didn’t know already… geez people) I would do it this way and spring the divorce on her like some happy surprise at a party with her family just as she did with the console.

  • KajunBowser says:

    WTF is this s#!t? She’s losing a battle for attention to a PS3 and her solution is to sell the damn thing to see his reaction?! Looks like someone really self-conscious and/or didn’t see this coming before tying the knot. C’mon, she’s got the upper hand on the PS3: she can give him “other” types of entertainment and stimulation, if you know what I mean. (^_^#)m|m

    Drop this biznatch and make sure she doesn’t get half ur stuff for this.

  • Anonymous says:

    There’s this important element in marriage that keeps it working. It’s called trust. The fact his wife decided to sell his belonging behind his back without any warning is a pretty severe violation of it.

    If she had problems with him gaming too much, she should have a serious discussion with him. Let him know that he spent too much time on games. And perhaps work out a compromise for him spend less time gaming. And perhaps make it clear that if he violates what was agreed then she’ll take away his console.

    Just because my wife buys way too many shoes and is clogging up the shelf with shoes she almost never wear, doesn’t give me the right to just throw them away without telling her.

    The husband might brush this off, but I’m anticipating more turbulence ahead for their marriage.

    • Anonymous says:

      im a regular reader & i said yes (in hindsight idk why i did)

      it really depends on what kind of data & how valuable that data was on top of the physical material sold for a meager $200?

      it’s too early in the marriage to make bad deals already

      also, unless it was something he put countless hours in to it every day, the data ‘could’ be replaced.

      it’s just sad that the PS3 still went for more than she would have sold for XD.

      Lesson of the day: Don’t be a dick, it’s just asking for trouble

      • >it’s too early in the marriage to make bad deals already

        This is precisely why it’s unforgiveable, and the man should get an annulment if possible. If this is what she does within days of marrying, things would only get worse after years of marriage.

        No, this is an extremely obvious warning sign of what the guy had to look forward to, married to that woman.

        tbh, I don’t really see what “being a regular” of Sankaku has to do with voting Yes. More like, “people who don’t care about consoles/games”, and can’t understand why people are making such a big deal.

        If someone dared to sell my computer, monitors, and external hard drive, “as a joke” it would be completely unforgivable. There’s data on my external that’s literally 10 years old. I doubt I could -ever- replace it.

        If it were a girlfriend/fiancee/wife who had done it, I’d cut off my relations with them immediately. They’re obviously malicious towards me, to go as far as selling a possession of mine without telling me.

  • kenjiharima says:

    The wife should learn to respect what the husband like likewise.

    FUCK!!! Wait a damn minute. Legend of Black Heaven anime Tanaka Gabriel’s loli wife threw away his FLYING V a guitar which was once the bread and butter of Tanaka and family. His wife’s comment on the guitar, ‘It’s space taking JUNK!’ The situation of these two are the same.

    Probably pays more attention to his games than having sex with his wife….meh

    • This is not the same situation, there is no indication that this is a loli wife. Furthermore: guitars can be replaced. You can learn to play a new one and you retain your skills. You don’t lose your save games. Furthermore, loli waifu wants SPACE, not LULZ

    • After reading your criticism of the critics whom you assume are all men, I must assume that your reasoning is severely flawed!

      Among the notable points of the article, even if you remove the console/gamer aspect of it:

      -Theft is theft even if the thief offers ‘compensation’ (such as money*).
      -Wedlock does not exempt either participant from theft of the other.
      -This was done with malicious motives.
      -The wife showed callous disregard for the interests of her husband and entirely failed to mediate any disagreement she may have had.
      -The wife went out of her way to demonstrate her actions in the most humiliating and public way possible.
      -Complete breach of trust of someone who he had just married

      -Gender doesn’t matter. Back to the console note, I’m a girl and if someone** sold or erased my save files***, I would be on that bitch’s ass like two dozen wasps, four jackals, a pair of hunting dogs and a bear.


      P.S. I’ll try to abuse less in the future.

      *Or in this case, a pittance compared to the very real minimum value of what was stolen, to say nothing of the time and effort spent that was lost.

      **Someone I’d be dating or married to or a close friend would be even fucking worse because it would demonstrate an entire and complete betrayal of trust. If done in a moment of bad judgement may be one thing, and potentially (if incredibly difficult), potentially forgivable, but to do it out of any sense of ‘punishment’, ‘humiliation’, or ‘spite/scorn’ is entirely and completely unforgivable, ever.

      ***Or hundreds (even ks?) of collected image files/anime/manga/word files/chatlogs from the channel and elsewhere on my comp/XHD. Don’t mess with my collection of moé, memories, or makings. Nobody better dare to.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a woman and this is just fucked up. How would you feel if your husband sold your most valuable possessions just “for fun”?

      I think you’re just dismissing this case because of the belonging presented (a console, something you obviously don’t give a damn about), but any woman who finds one day that all her shit has been sold out just “to see her funny reaction” would file divorce, sue him or downright kick his ass.

    • Anonymous says:

      if ur a woman, roleplay being a man & see how it feels to have a valued possession sold for nothing

      well u dont even have 2 do that, just realise that having your valuables pawned in general is not cool

      Forgiveness should match the crime

    • Anonymous says:

      Ur obviously not a gamer, he probably put alot of time and money into those games which is why he posted the question on the internet. Because he couldnt make a decision on whether to forgive her or not Based on the fact that he is a gamer. Thats a shit load of time down the toilet.

  • If my girl were to do that, I’d probably be as furious myself. But considering my age now, I’ve reached enough maturity to forgive her for that and just get another one (though at her expense since she sold it, therefore it’s fair she buys one back).

  • if the guy had more sex with the wife i doubt she would have sold his system.hell he should have bought her a dildo so she can have some fun herself while he ws busy

    but he should be happy that at least she didnt cheat on him while he was gaming

    • Anonymous says:

      In payment for her deeds she has repay her husband with allowing him to have as many affairs as possible and she has to agree to have any three ways with any chick her husband wants to have a three way with. and whenever he pleases she must call him master.

  • The only reason i could dismiss what she did was if and only if the guy was seriously neglectly his wife and not giving their marriage any time/attention(this is why most people should NEVER get married, because they don’t take it seriously and aren’t willing to work out problems that come up).

    but since this marriage was a new one and the wife likely being overly needy for attention and thus looking at the PS3 more as a rival than a game console(an her husband’s property),she thought by getting rid of the competition her husband would automaticly gravitate back towards her.WRONG MOVE TRAINEE!

    My Solution:I’d take her to Amsterdam.Go to the Red Light District and pop her in one of the windows and put her to work.She could “work off” the replacement cost of the PS3 and all the games, plus extra for the lost data.

  • Anonymous says:

    If he can’t forgive something like that their marriage was condemned to fail from the beginning.

    Ok, it wasn’t okay to do that and it’s understandable to have a fight after that, but hey, in the end it’s just a game and far less important than your wife and you would have to be a total moron to risk your marriage over something like that.

    • Anonymous says:

      The marriage was already condemned to failure from the get go. The only way you can make a long term relationship work is through communication, love, respect and trust.

      She showed none of those, on the contrary, she did it to see the look on his face, according to the article. She violated his trust by selling his property without his consent, she showed him disrespect by doing it for the lulz, she wasn’t being very loving in also trying to publicly humiliate him and communication? There wasn’t any of that either.

      Better to file for divorce and chalk it up as a learning experience as what not to marry, rather than stick it out, have kids and have her make their lives miserable as well, because she’s definitely not playing with a dull deck..

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d disagree the console isn’t the problem.
      It’s the trust you put in your wife, if you leave her alone and she sold your pride and joy be it your car or console then there’s obviously something wrong.
      So tell me will you be willing to still blindly trust her after she’s stabbed you in the back?

      I can see although in this case its just a games console it would be no different if it was the hubby’s car that he’d been working on since he was 18 tweaking and modifying it for the off track days.
      The car or the console in this case carries a sort of sentimental value and sense of pride that you only get on something you’ve worked on for a long time.
      Such as for myself my pride and joy lies in my computer setup that I’ve for the best part of a year spent earning enough money to acquire, over time and build it from the scraps that I started off with and that brings a sense of satisfaction to me that not much else can really replace.

      • Anonymous says:

        I doubt the wife would have sold something like a car. She thought of it as merely a console, so it seems he didn’t show any special affection towards it when she was around, otherwise she wouldn’t have sold it. It has no sense to compare it with other things you especially like. If you marry and some things are really that important to you, your wife would know. We don’t even know how outraged the husband was and if he really thinks of it as an irreplaceable loss.

        • Anonymous says:

          Amen Joe. Amen. It was “whatever her friends think” > “whatever her husband thinks” she cared more about her Bitch freinds then the man she married. It is unforgiving Divore Papers will be filed

        • Joe Otaku says:

          The point is NOT the console.

          The point is she is FORCING the husband to give up his habits, in this case, gaming.

          Whatever happened to loving and accepting someone the way he is?

          And no, it’s not an issue of marriage > gaming. The issue is “whatever her friends think” > “whatever her husband thinks”. THAT is the recipe for a failed marriage.

          If I were the husband I would so annul that marriage / divorce her. It started with a console, but it could end with a car, a small business, a house. Cut the ties quickly.

          Besides, modern consoles ARE PCs. Lots of valuable saved data there, like a journal.

  • The woman showed no faith in the husband and took away from him rather than give.

    It won’t be a long time till anyone will forgive her, it’s a heavy blow.

    I raged when my friends deleted my files on purpose on my computer, honestly it was a feeling of betrayal and I’m sure he would feel the same.

  • Anonymous says:

    What’s worse is she seemed to think it was some sort of joke. What I would do in that situation really depends, if they were sorry for doing it and helped make amends then I would forgive them but if they were remorseless I would definitely consider breaking up with them because it isn’t just a console, games or the time put into it, it illustrates one’s respect and consideration for their partner.

  • I think it depends largely on both individuals. Did the wife know how much does gaming matter to the husband? Is the husband prioritising gaming over his wife? Is the wife doing it for the lulz? Blah, blah blah… It is a boring answer I guess but if looking at it in a purely factual manner, the wife shouldn’t have done it. The console is a property of the husband and the gaming records are probably important to him and priceless. The wife wouldn’t be too please if he sold her collection of shoes for lulz either.

  • it just basically means she has no empathy for the person she ‘loves’, doesn’t it?

    she’s figuratively saying: “I don’t care at all about his interests, and his happiness means nothing to me”.

    ****ing idiot woman.

  • Anonymous says:

    What a monumentally stupid thing to do. Exactly what problems is she actually solving and how did she not expect that to create a thousand more problems?

    That said, if it happened to me and she was, you know, willing to LEARN from it (i.e. “We’re freaking married. Communication. Use it. I is not mind reader.”) then I would probably be able to forgive her.

    On the other hand, we also don’t know the full story. IF his gaming habits were more excessive than we’ve been made aware of, and she actually did speak to him about them, and he ignored her, then I’m a lot less sympathetic.

    • That would make sense if they had been maried for awhile, but based on the story they were just married. She knew he was a gamer to what ever extent he was and decided to marry him anyways.

      Although I would asume the girl knows the guy pretty well and figured he wouldn’t care.

      Also everyone is enraged about the 200$ we don’t actualy know what condition or how many games he had.

  • Anonymous says:

    If it were to happen to me and my wife sold my console/computer at a bargain basement price just for kicks.
    I’d go along with her joke and sell all her cloths and jewelry at bargain prices to replace my setup :3
    An eye for an eye right?

  • while she is bathing, get all her clothes, and sell them.. then hide all your own clothes so she can’t use those.. and now leave the house and stay in a hotel for a few weeks 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        In response to that do as rorikonn says but make sure u take her to a hotel for a “honeymoon” instead of at the house. Then take her phone, credit cards, towels, clothes and purse pack up your bags and tell the hotel peeps that your only going to pay for that day when she gets out of the tub she will have no money no one to call and no clothes or towels to cover up with and will be evicted the next morning naked. Which is bound to be on the news so u add a little humiliation to her just as she did to you. Check mate Bitch! (Also cut the telephone wire of the hotel phone so she cant use that and the only phone she can use is in the lobby where she will be seen by everyone :P)

        • If she is the kind of woman we can now assume she is, and if he ultimately decides “I was wrong, this is wrong.. .she’s not who I knew” then I could only hope to have the courage to do exactly this suggestion. I wouldn’t though since I’d be more hurt than mad… silly me.

  • Reflectia says:

    what he hell~! Let’s say that the game data saved ta was sold was worth more than what someone might think about. It’s a complete outrage!

    I’d file a divorce too and report it since it is indeed a crime.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think forgiving in this case would be damn near impossible, and it’d have nothing to do with the save data. Her up and selling his stuff without permission, from the looks of it not even after a couple days of being wed, shows that she’s not trust worthy and there’s the possibility she’d do it with his other stuff. If I read right ( which, it’s possible I didn’t as I’m tired ) she more or less humiliated him in front of everyone else with it too, another act that’s pretty high in the asshat category.
    If it had been a couple married for a few years, maybe after a fight, I think it would be forgivable (albeit a silly way to get revenge, but less of a problem than say… cutting off his penis or something) but newlyweds…

    • I know I’m posting a lot, this subject really interests me for some reason but EXACTLY – the point isn’t the console as proven by this post. I agree completely that the revenge sale is much more honest. That’s the problem with the crazy bitch sale.. it’s disgusting and domineering.
      You just got married and you sell his stuff out from under him at the reception… it’s tasteless, it’s an affront to your brand new relationship.

      The revenge sale (while I have never been / do not want to be in this sort of relationship) is understandable and almost laughable in retrospect.

  • Anonymous says:

    who got the 200$? ah?whooo?
    Well selling the console and the games with a good price woould have been ok, but just lousy 200 buck, FUCK YOU BITCH.AND selling the memory card… oh your so dead bitch. but then again who got the 200?

  • It happened to me some months ago, when i discovered my ps2 memory card fully erased because a 60cm tall shrimp, or i should say, a small crap bag full of crap, had to save his banjoo-kazooie crap, and having no free space left, he just deleted everything there was.

    I fail to recall correctly, i just remember enraging in my room and crashing everything i could, throwing punches to the wall, to the … hell, to everything. it feels like it was my most enraging time ever. Now then, thinking it back, it’s useless crying over split milk, and the damage’s done. You know, anyway, it’s not like you enrage over the fact that all of your datas are gone. Oh well, you do that also, but to me the main thing is wheter the one who does something wrong to me without asking at least, fails as a human being. Invading my privacy, my datas, my memories just because of your +1 chromosome in your damn useless dna twin-elic crap, well, just DIE for what i care. How dare you bastard!
    If i see that small crap bag i’ll punch him dead and toss his dead boy aside the street. Oh no wait, i’ll lay him down in the middle.

    But i would forgive the woman if she was ignorant enough to not to know about the data etc.
    if not, just blame it on yourself, you who married her. You know what 3d means.

  • If my waifu is a DFC + Moe

    I’d just CryingNagi.jpg >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I wouldn’t marry that someone if I don’t love that certain someone. So in this case, if I’m married, I’d weep, but I would still readily forgive her… It’s true, since I almost became somebody like Kotonoha (School Days).

    It is up to her to be bothered by her own conscience, and give me “something” in return…

    But if I don’t love that person, and got married because of some awful reason. Then she does this horrible thing to me.

    I would E-mail Ai Enma…

  • Anonymous says:

    ok heres the important thing, how hot is the wife? winning eleven saved data is not such a big deal actually. if it were a game i spent a hundred hours on like final fantasy i’d probably kill her.

  • Anonymous says:

    Your possessions, most especially those that you spend a lot of your time (life) on are a proxy for you, so, an assalt on your possessions is in a very real sense an assualt on you.

    Very ugly thing to do, heavy with bad karma.

    Hey sure people are going to say “its trivial”, “oh so what, its only a joke”, “so the games did mean more to him than she did”, but face that down, if that’s the start to your marriage, which hell is it going to end in?

    That is your start, supposedly the happiest day, except it is bitter and barbed in a petty way, it is not going to get better.

    Groom! run to the lawyers, do not walk.

  • well it sounds like a lot of you here aren’t married when i read idiocy like ” would have killed that bitch.” or “I’d rape her,beat her, then divorce her”…. and if you guys are married go get divorced now for the sake of your wives.
    that having been said the deed is nearly unforgivable, not because she sold a machine and games that were surely more valuable than the teeny amount they recieved. (did she just pawn them?) It is unforgivable because she violated his personal property and callously displayed her betrayal to others just to humilate him. I have to think were I him the best course of action would be to sell all her clothes, shoes, bags etc for as much as i could get and use the money to get back the ps3 and as many games as i could.
    it is hard for me to fathom what this woman was thinking. I have been married for almost 10 years and while I have pissed my wife off I have never seen her act in such a callous way towards me or my property…. it really does make you wonder why he would choose to marry such a person to begin with.

    • Although I generally make smart ass comments on this board, This guy has a point. If it’s starting out like this with the both of them, even if he forgives her and stays married to her, it won’t stop at just selling his console and games. Unless he’s the type of guy who feels comfortable being pussywhipped into submission, they’re headed for divorce in just a short time period, anyway. Should be a hueg knock-up for him (that’s wake-up-call for you yanks).

      • Precisely my point as well. Here’s another interesting anecdote if you think it’s worth the novella I’m going to write here:

        I worked for a handyman company taking work orders for a while and a guy called asking what we would charge to change the numbers on the house, mailbox and street since the address was changing. I told him it wouldn’t be much, asked him if he would like for me to get the forms from the county for the address change or if this were for a 1/2 address, like a back lot. Then he decided to tell me the whole story, probably just to clear his head.
        Apparently he was about to get married and his fiance’s parents on meeting him for the first time had brought the family’s numerologist (yes, you read it) who didn’t like his address and said he should move or change it.

        ME: “You realize it doesn’t end here. You’re marrying them as well. I hope you forgive my frankness but I don’t think you need us to do this work… you’ve probably made the wrong phone call.”

        HIM: “Yeah… (long pause) I almost accepted it until I realized how embarrassing it was to explain to someone else. Thank you, I think I just dodged a bullet.” (paraphrased)

        bottom line: women are crazy. I’ve been married to an especially crazy one for a while now. It takes all sorts, you know.

    • thirded!!!

      you won’t find me near a woman like that!
      It’s not a question of “how much he loves him to forgive her?”…. it’s “how much she loves him to be able to betray him in from of all their friends and family?”…

  • the non-gaming, socially accepted side of me says its just a videogame

    the hard core otaku gamer side of me says: “dont you dare sell off my shit. I will CUT you”

    It always seems like the actions of a woman scorned to sell off her ex husbands things at rock bottom prices. Anyone remember the lady who sold off her unfaithful husband’s garaged kept sports car for the low low price of one dollar on ebay? I think it was a Lotus or something. I rarely hear of the husband of an unfaithful wife sell off all her clothing, jewelry, shoes and stuff.

    • I bought a Porsche 944 for $50 in that exact same kind of transaction. I felt horrific about it but I knew it would go to the next guy standing near me so I did it anyway. Isn’t that awful? It was an ’84, high miles… not some dream machine. It was a looker though, I loved that car. Ran for years.

  • An interesting problem. I’d have to say I couldn’t forgive her. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to, but I know myself, and I’ve held a grudge towards my mom since when she gave a favorite GBA game to my little brother for his birthday several years ago. That was just a single game. So there might always be a little distrust and a need to ‘hide’ my games from her after that, I still don’t think I’d go so far to divorce her.

  • I wondered if she actually confronted him about the gaming before just up and selling it? If she didn’t, that’s a pretty stupid thing to do.

    Also i was curious, if they made lots of sequels, would they call it “Winning Eleven 11”?

    • there should have been a winning eleven 11 they just changed to years after that

      all winning 11 games out

      J-League Winning Eleven (jul/1995)
      Winning Eleven ’97 (nov/1996) (International Superstar Soccer Pro)
      J-League Winning Eleven 3 (1997)
      Winning Eleven 3 (may/1998) (International Superstar Soccer Pro ’98)
      Winning Eleven 3 Final ver. (dec/1998)
      Winning Eleven 4 (aug/1999) (ISS Pro Evolution)
      J-League Winning Eleven ’98-99 (1999)
      J-League Winning Eleven 2000 (2000)
      Winning Eleven 2000 U-23 (feb/2000)
      J-League Winning Eleven 2001 (2001)
      Winning Eleven 2002 (may/2002)
      Winning Eleven 5 (mar/2001) (Pro Evolution Soccer)
      J-League Winning Eleven 5 (nov/2001)
      Winning Eleven 5 Final Evolution (dec/2001)
      Winning Eleven 6 (apr/2002) (Pro Evolution Soccer 2)
      J-League Winning Eleven 6 (sep/2002)
      Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution (jan/2003)
      World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 International (mar/2003)
      Winning Eleven 7 (oct/2003) (Pro Evolution Soccer 3)
      J-League Winning Eleven Tactics (dec/2003)
      World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International (also available as an Adidas Premium Package in Japan) (feb/2004)
      Winning Eleven 8 (aug/2004) (Pro Evolution Soccer 4)
      J-League Winning Eleven 8 Asia Championship (nov/2004)
      K-League Winning Eleven 8 Asia Championship (nov/2004)
      World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 International (feb/2005)
      Winning Eleven 8 Tactics European Club Soccer (dec/2005)
      Winning Eleven 8 LiveWare Evolution (mar/2005)
      Winning Eleven 9 (oct/2005) (Pro Evolution Soccer 5)
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      Winning Eleven 11 ? who knows

      • she’d certainly be extremely sorry she did it at the reception as well since that would kill the honeymoon for me. I’d be spending the whole time fighting with myself about whether I was fool to get into this relationship… I wouldn’t be thinking about sex and ultimately I think I’d call the thing off. Just nuts. It’s not about the console, it’s about the principle and the utter disrespect.

  • So the girl was jealous of the PS3, and sold it to get rid of it. It’s obvious that I’d get another girl and make her sell this one to some slave market to teach her this isn’t the way one should handle their rivals.

    to be somewhat more serious…this is stealing. On a quite large scale actually. It is a crime. The girl should go to jail. (After a divorce obviously)
    Also the loss of save data…equals loss of lots of time…and time is money so she should compensate for that in cash as well.

  • Now, I could see *hiding* his games and console to teach him about priorities…. but selling it off just to see his reaction?! That shows lack of respect for your spouse. Plus, it’s petite larceny.

    Divorce and criminal charges/civil suit.

    • Anonymous says:

      This. It’s a serious respect issue and I’m not sure that I could go on with someone who just gets rid of my thing not only without asking, but without regard to how much time, effort, or money went into it. /if a man had done the same to a woman’s jewelry ccollection, something that really has no time investment beyond seeking it out in the first place, in the public eye it’d be absolutely horrible. But beyond that, she did this on a WHIM. Bitch is crazy. You’ll wake up one morning only to find this, this, or this has happened to you.

    • This is unfortunately exactly what I would have to do, but understand where I’m coming from – This is a PERFECT example of why I always hated the meat-market dance club scene, why I don’t understand “couples” I see who don’t share any of the same interests (unless that’s the way they prefer it) and why you shouldn’t marry anyone you essentially don’t know at all, apparently.

      I know I’m random internet guy but if you listen to this advice your relationships will be nearly perfect from now on… ready? I’m serious.

      WHATEVER you knew about a person going into a relationship: those things are no longer up for debate and are off-limits. You dated/married them that way, you knew they were that way, you have no right to try to change it. If new things crop up that’s open season but everything you knew is sealed in stone. They can change it if they want but don’t try to change it yourself.

      Obviously this guy was a gamer and she knew it. What she did is grounds for divorce not in terms of the act of having sold it, but in that it is indicative that he knew nothing about her and she always intended to change him. They would obviously just be unhappy staying together.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey stab me in the back ill cut ur fucking legs off and beat u with them… I just really belive in revenge so id sell all her valuable shit to buy myself everything she sold back

  • northpole776 says:

    I’d divorce the woman, press charges, then go on to make sure her life was completely ruined by stripping her of all her finacial possessions. You don’t mess with a gamer’s stuff.

  • Missingno says:

    Haha...I could never forgive this
    。I kind of wonder how that guy is feeling right now...

  • There's a lesson here people.

    A PS3 is only going to be around for a handful of years regardless of how much it cost you and then you will move on, but a dumb fucking choice on which person to sleep next to potentially for the rest of your life could well seem like forever if you don't put enough thought into it.

    People often put more effort into finding the right car, than they do the right mate. Shit the planet is 50% the other gender eh, be fucking picky on who you want to potentially wreck your life with.

    That the woman did it before they had even been married a week. I think over all she'd be in for a real big shock, because in the guy's place, my response would be quite unpleasant.

  • come on…
    its just a console…
    nothing more..
    divorce coz of it?
    u maybe think about 15 min before buying a console..
    but im preety sure u wont think just for 15 min to marry someone…isnt it?
    unforgiveable? of coz u can forgive her..
    its ur own wife btw…
    my wife once a day turn my CTR into scrap…
    wif some idoitic reasons
    yeah im mad.. but i still love my wife… always
    and its 120k++(including tax :P) car lol..
    not mentioning how much that console cost..
    if not about being profit or anything..
    console and girls are different thing though..
    😛 rage wont get u anywhere..

  • OMG I don’t know which is funnier this article or most of the comments here.Yeah sure what she did was wrong but how many of you believe the gullable lie “she did it just for fun”.A man obsession is scary but a woman jealous is even more scarier and since some of the matter are missing (like did he spent all his time playing, did she ever talk to him about it),so I give you my own conclusion.

    She shouldn’t have bottle thing up,when you are lonely you gotte let them know (in many cases you find husband listen to their TV more than their wife and in some case wife have a full-time job called bitching and complaining)

    When you are married you can’t expect to live the same way as you did in your bachelor life,you have to learn to scarifice and accept the interest of your spouse,they each have their own part to play.

    I think he should forgive her because the matter is not too serious,it not like she had an affair or carrying another man’s baby.It will take some time to regain his trust she should use more precaution.

    And I’m aware of save data lose. Happen to me several time with my PC and some of my consoles ranging from action games to rpg.I was in a bad mood for the morning but by evening I would be back to my oldself,not the end of the world you know and God bless back up data.

    If it was me I would take the money,buy another console and make her my gaming partner as a punishment.Oh and lot of you take divorce more seriously than marriage, no wonder their are lot of unscceful marriage these days.

    • Anonymous says:

      The thing you’re overlooking is, this time it was selling his console.

      Next time round, she could indeed by fucking another guy on the sly on the same bed that the both of you sleep in every night, in addition to carrying that guy’s kid in her womb.

      If, it’s indeed as you said, she bottled things up etc etc. That means she also fails in the fourth pillar of a relationship. Namely, communication.

      End tally. No respect, no love, no trust, no communication.

      There’s nothing to continue, there is no relationship. Just two strangers with the same last name, living in the same house. That’s it.

      Better to each go your separate ways, rather than make the life of the other person even more miserable by being in it.

      • Every couples,every marriage has it up and down,love,hate and figth.If it is too much than their are alternative,but is it alright to break up or divorce each and everytime you have a fight?Yes it’s easy to let your emotion get the better of you,but it’s harder to keep the pieces together.

        Don’t take marriage or raising a child so lightly,it’s much more harder than you think. Love doesn’t equal to trust,you may love someone but you might not trust him/her and vice versa.

        Oh and some women think they can change their partner through marriage.Go figure

        • Anonymous says:

          Who says I’m taking a relationship lightly, when I point out that of the four cornerstones needed to have a successful relationship all four are lacking in this one?

          Also I did not equate love and trust. They are two different cornerstones. Again: Love, trust, respect and communication.

          You can respect someone but not love them.
          You can trust someone but not love them.
          You can love someone but not trust them.

          But in order to have a working relationship you need all three, with the use of proper communication to help keep everything in balance and functioning correctly.

          All of them are not present in this story. You’ve got to know when to hold them, you’ve got to know when to fold them, to echo an old song.

  • Tsuichi Rin says:

    Hahahaha… you guys are such losers thinking of divorce just cause your wife sells your games… its just a game… systen and shit… if it were me I’d been like… “Yo… it’s just a game so if you didn’t like and wanted to say something, you should have… I would’ve been perfectly fine with it you know.. just talk to me…” or some shit like that

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not about the system or the games.

      It’s about that she’s shown a complete disregard for his feelings and an utter lack of respect for him as a fellow human being.

      In order to make a relationship work there has to be trust. Well, she can’t be trusted, that’s for sure, because she did something she knew he wouldn’t like behind his back.

      There has to be respect, there’s none, because she did it just to for the giggles (Now hiding his rig, that would constitute a prank and giggle worthy, this isn’t, as it’s also a criminal offense).

      There has to be love, there is none, because she tried to humiliate him in front of everyone they know.

      That’s 3 out of the 4 pillars required to make a relationship work. One or two being lacking, still leaves some room for hope and improvement, but 3 out of 4, just leaving the option communication.

      *shakes head*

      Would probably be easier to move the Pacific into the Indian Ocean by way of a thimble, because there’s no real foundation upon which to build anymore.