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Shoko-tan Betrays Xbox 360 for PS3


Ota-idol Shoko-tan has attracted much consternation recently with her announcement that she has acquired a PS3 (along with a demo copy of Final Fantasy XIII), after only recently swearing eternal fealty to Microsoft, which is being read as a sign of the times – the Xbox’s Japanese rally is over it seems, and now the console flies into headlong retreat…


In her gleeful and typically abstruse blog post on the subject, she stresses that she received the console as a “surprise gift” from her friends, although in earlier blog posts she was heard to express shock at the news of long time Xbox exclusive Tales of Vesperia’s impending PS3 release (though stopped short of vowing to procure the console).

Just how much of a surprise the console came as to her is not something which can readily be ascertained, but it seems her brief reign as MS poster child is at an end, as Sony supporters are already crowing sweet victory.

She seems very pleased with the gift, expressing eternal gratitude to her friends. Doubtless she will be pre-ordering Vesperia as soon as possible?

Xbox fans are vainly pointing out that she bought the Xbox herself, but that the PS3 was merely a gift from friends (which she seems ecstatic over).,,

In other news, Shoko-tan appears to be pregnant:


Via Ore-teki.

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