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Lucky Star Credit Card


Major Japanese credit card issuer Orient Corporation has begun taking applications for a Lucky Star credit card, featuring Konata as illustrated above.

The card, dubbed “Lucky Star Card”, will allow the collection of points through the profligate spending otaku are so skilled at, and these can be exchanged for special goods.

For the less brazen otaku, the card is registered with a “mobile phone wallet”, as “some people may find it hard to use outside of Akihabara,” or in other words the funny looks may be too embarrassing for sensitive Kona-ists.

The company, which openly states such cards give it a good yield in spite of their small issuance numbers, has already been issuing a variety of other anime-related cards, so it is a wonder it took them this long…

Via Business-i.

You can also see a similar strategy in operation with the Idolmaster cards we saw previously.

Anyone without pure Yamato blood running through their veins can probably forget about acquiring one of these, as Japanese credit card companies are very reticent about issuing cards to foreigners, let alone ones who don’t have a “proper” job…

That aside, it seems they are a little late to the party? And when will they begin issuing custom printed cards?

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