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Feminists Force Ban of “RapeLay”


The anti-free speech feminist group “Equality Now” has apparently succeeded in forcing the publisher of “rape simulator” game RapeLay into withdrawing the game from sale, as the game has quietly disappeared completely from the publisher’s homepage, and the pages of most retailers.

Equality Now, an anti-porn feminist group which organises its busybody members into campaigns of letter writing harassment intent on forcing officials into compliance, recently called for adult games featuring “violence against women and girls” to be banned (although tellingly they cited research from an explicitly “anti-pornography” group, rather suggesting their real aims are somewhat broader), after learning of Amazon’s recent bungling.

The game’s publisher, Illusion, previously told the group to mind their own business as the game was solely for the Japanese market, and quite legal there.

However, after the do-nothing group’s shrill call for a ban was published, mass media outlets hungry for Japan-bashing fare picked up the story.

Strangely, none of the reports mentioned the fact that “violence against women” is almost twenty times more common in the US than it is in rape simulator world leader Japan, instead choosing to uncritically repeat the tired calumny that Japan is a rigid patriarchy in which women languish as practical chattel.

This media attention seems to have tipped the balance somewhere, for at the time of writing, no mention of the game is to be found on Illusion’s pages. Prominent English language disclaimers remind international fans that their products are for use in Japan only.

With no statement from Illusion, and no other information, the reasoning behind the utterly craven and reprehensible abandonment of free speech is not clear.

Harder BDSM-centric titles are not a speciality of Illusion, so their other titles are mostly not along these lines. However, they are still stocking their “Battle Raper” series, which involves beating female opponents into sexual submission in a 3D fighting game interspersed with sex scenes. The demo is available here.

You can read about the specific complaints made by Equality Now in the previous article, and if you are of a mind you can contact them from their page.

This behaviour sets a disturbing precedent; there are many more extreme titles than RapeLay available in Japan, encompassing everything from AV to ero-manga; if publishers are willing to fold at the slightest breeze of criticism from a group which is not even Japanese, and from complaints without any legal weight whatsoever, it would appear their future is in doubt, as displays of weakness will only encourage further feminist aggression.

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  • its about time these fem groups learn there place and shut the fuck up and they all need to get a good ol submission beat down and learn ther eplace like a properwomen should now and never speek or do anything unless ask or told to do or say something… and all the fem groups need to burn on stacks. >_>

  • Awwwww, are the poor wittle creeps upset they can’t play video games where they rape little girls? Poor babies! B’aaaaaaaaw!

    Fucking misogynistic piles of shit. Go cry and jerk off to Card Captor Sakura.

  • You continuously cite that rape is more common in the US than in Japan which is clearly nonsense. Unreported cases of rape in Japan notwithstanding, you hear absolutely incessantly about cases of train groping, which you must know is “violence against women.”

    I could not agree more than this material (restricted to adults) is inheritantly harmless, as is all media, and that ACTUAL crimes should be prosecuted, not supposed thought crimes… but I finally had to say something because the number of times you’ve cited that fraudulent survey is now atmospheric.

  • The Pragmatist says:

    I sent this to them via email in response to their press release:

    I’ve played this game before. All I can say is that it’s not a very good “rape simulation,” if that’s the aim. The worst I’ve seen is the guy smacking the girl on the ass and lots of screeching voice acting going on, but the stated premise is far more sinister than the manifestation. In essence, it becomes just another 3D sex simulation in the end, and not the best one at that. It’s quite apparent that 99% of the people who make negative commentary about RapeLay are doing so based on the name and the story, not the actual gameplay itself. It’s quite harmless, and if you actually take the time to look at the game and play it for 20 minutes, you’d figure that out. But nooooo, the world is slam full of knee-jerk reaction to perceived moral abuses, regardless of their magnitude. Don’t judge a book by its cover; don’t judge a video game by its stated premise.

    I’m curious as to why there is such a fit about RapeLay, which was never even supposed to make it to U.S. shores, but Grand Theft Auto’s hijinks such as beating the crap out of a prostitute, taking her money, and stealing the next car that goes by is somehow overlooked and okay. So it’s fine to injure and kill people complete with Gouraud-shaded blood spatter, but very poorly simulated rape is the ultimate evil?

    I find your position somewhat difficult to defend. I also find what you suggest in your press release to be ludicrous: that adults playing a game designed and sold specifically for adults are not able to make a distinction between the fantasy world of video games and actual real-world rape. Equating the two is, quite frankly, stupid. The vast majority of adults are capable of taking in controversial or even downright disturbing entertainment and still come out of it as decent human beings that are no more likely to commit atrocities than before. There will always be wackos, but they are only hyped enough to be perceived as reality while true reality is that they make up a tiny fraction of a percent of the total population.

    A woman is more likely to die in a car accident than be raped by someone who got the idea from RapeLay. And why aren’t you complaining about the fact that the women in the game occasionally will stab the rapist to death or shove him in front of an oncoming train? Isn’t that murder? Do you somehow support the man-murdering element of this game while simultaneously attacking the rape element?

    It seems that you’ve handled this issue in a very imbalanced and myopic fashion. I would encourage you to publish a revision of your position that explains these things in greater detail.

    The Pragmatist

  • These Feminists are actually Communists in disguise. They’re just trying to call attention to themselves and they should deserve to die in the electric chair for extreme protest and defying the First Ammendment of the Bill of Rights: Freedom of Speech, Media, Religion, etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyways, where else can we rape someone in the comfort and privacy of our own basement without fear of prosecution from law or whiplash from victims?*

    *without the pleasure of actually raping someone though…

  • Anonymous says:

    Even if they do Ban Rapelay, it’s not going to stop people from playing it. I mean, I downloaded mine off Hongfire. I think it’s just Illusion though since they do alot of rape games.

  • talk about all sIut forcing their view to other …
    I really wish all human being goes deaf and mute so they stop harrasing the other through gossip …

    such a bunch of bitcn

  • Postal 2 was “banned” as well in many countries, where it’s happily played even nowadays.
    If these so-called feminists find time to bash games involving virtual characters, then it means they have too much time on their hands… and in the end, the game will resurface thanks to this new “fame”. What about banning idiocy? That group would indeed vanish in a second.

  • Anonymous says:

    I bet I know what their motto is…

    In brightest day, in blackest night,
    No evil shall escape my sight
    Let those who worship evil’s might,
    Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!


  • DuoMaxwell says:

    “Equality Now”, a feminist group? Just as bad as an extremist group. Plus, “anti-free speech”?

    Let me ask you this: If they’re so anti-free speech as they are, then why are they given that to cause this kind of trouble to happen? It’s a video game, not for real. Why ban an outlet for the real thing? They’re no better than Al Khan of 4Kids, or now-disbarred lawyer Jack Thompson who did the same thing for ANY and ALL (violent) video games.

    Almost ironic, really.

    • Aster Dis says:

      Don’t you know? Violence is Aye Okay in most western nations, just controlled and subtle enough.
      Its sexism that is completely shunned about and treated as completely sick filth.

      Someone japanese company makes a successful shota rape-sex simulator and we’ll hear from gay rights/children rights group regarding false representation of what said game is doing. Oh wait, something like that kinda exists. Its called…


  • I don’t know what are you bithching about, the game got a lot of free adverstising, it has been banned from amazon, so what? there are about 3 times the ammount of seeders for the torrent now, the game is still avaliable in Japan (where it’s target audience is) I doubt most of you would have bought the game anyway.

    Those feminist are in their right to be offended by the game, they can do whatever they want, just like you all. You weren’t even affected by their actions (the game being still avaliable in torrent sites). Some of you claiming Japan is some kind of “free speech” wonderland full of perfect beings need to stop ignoring that Japan does ban certain games that are considered “too violent” (Like Gears of War 2 and some others) and they also banned the “Guinea Pig” movie series. So, yeah to each to it’s own, I don’t think that japanese or western culture are superior, they’re just different, I’m not jumping in the “America is stupid” bandwagon, I can think on my own, thanks.

    Oh, I’m not american btw, and lol @ posting this shit in a eroge site.

      • Wich points did I miss? o.o

        I read the article, the only thing that COULD contradict my statement is “as the game has quietly disappeared completely from the publisher’s homepage, and the pages of MOST retailers.”

        Keyword: MOST, therefore, the game IS still avaliable for you guys to buy (If you’re from Japan, fo course).

        I’m going to repeat myself. You are losing almost nothing, the game is still avaliable in both retailers AND torrents. Most of the people here wouldn’t care, because they torrent the game. Besides, the game got a lot of free attention .-.

        read moar.

        • Anonymous says:

          Just seeing a group even ATTEMPT to ban something is enough reason for me to want to stand up against them and call them out. People like that need to be pushed into a corner of a corner before they give up. It doesn’t matter what their chances of succeeding are, even with laughable chances. Even if they have no chance of winning the war, we shouldn’t afford loosing more little battles like this. How many more games will be effected like RapeLay was before they learn their lesson?

        • But, even though I think the game is disgusting, I can understand why you defend it so much (just by looking at this site), I guess I would do the same if they tried to ban “normal” manga or stuff.

          I like how you naturally assume that just because one defends this, they’re a fan of the game. If you actually read some of the posts in this article, you’d realize lots of people find this game offensive, but find a bunch of feminazis getting it censored FAR more offensive.

          I would feel the same way no matter what someone is trying to censor. You know why? Because one day it may be something -I- like. You give them one win, you might as well give them all the wins.

          When it comes to censorship you have to be vigilant against those that try to impose their own sense of moral code on other people – whether you like or dislike what they try to get banned.

          For the record, I’ve never even played RapeLay, and your argument about torrents was completely irrelevant.

        • You missed my point. I put the Jack Thompson example for a reason, that is, censorship won’t go further it has tried and it failed, and there’s not much more they can do once they start entrying in conflict with bigger companies, come on, even unicef said they should eliminate loli stuff and nothing happened.

          But, even though I think the game is disgusting, I can understand why you defend it so much (just by looking at this site), I guess I would do the same if they tried to ban “normal” manga or stuff.

          Peace ;3

        • Anonymous says:

          If someone walked into your neighbor’s house and murdered him in cold blood, would you say that you it doesn’t matter since it didn’t happen to you?

          It’s not so much a matter of us losing anything as much as it is setting a precedent with far reaching implications.

          If this group can force a large American company to stop doing something that is well within their constitutional right to do, what’s to stop them from doing the same for a traditional eroge that involves loli or non-consensual sex? And if they do that, what’s to stop them from pushing a ban on loli or rape-based manga?

          We let this continue to where this group wants it to go and in 10 years we’ll all be playing Feminist-approved eroge where you dote on a middle-aged woman in hopes of getting to the h-scene that features consensual sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation…after which the woman rapes you with a strap-on.

        • Well, I think you are all making a over-dramatic deal about this, I mean, you can still play the game, it was not banned from every japanese store. This has happened before, do you know Jack Thompson? He said videogames are “murder simulators” he was an attorney, he had MUCH more influence than a little feminist group. Everyone now laughs at him, he’s a joke now. You think a feminist group can do more?? I don’t.

          I don’t know if I’m clear, but my point is as long as those kind of games stay in Japan, they won’t be banned just like violent games are no longer banned in the west. And you can still enjoy your eroges. The RapeLay case occurred because they tried to sell it to the west. If they don’t do that anymore they’ll be fine.

        • Anonymous says:

          i meant read more comments to get better insight about why there is so much outrage.

          this was a battle. a group against free speech VS a group minding its own business and not harming anyone

          this was an attack on our freedom to harbor a harmless fetish, however odd it may be.

          today they will ban rapelay, tomorrow they might ban something else that you maybe enjoy, and then something more. any win for them is a fail for us.

  • rapelay is fun. isnt it the one where you stalk the girl. you gotta be like solid snake and sneak. if she turns around and spots you . you fail. and you cant rape. good times good times. i still love the maid story!

  • Anonymous says:

     That’s what gets us gajin the title of being “loud” and don’t minding our own business.

    These shitheads (not only them, but every other group not minding their own business — 99% of people will NEVER be able to abstract/rid themselves from their own culture, cultural education and cultural morals, so it’s always some kind of cultural imperialism if it doesn’t come from inside the country) only make it more difficult for those who actually live in Japan, thanks to the famous “Japense group mentality” (which makes the country safer, but has the drawback of generalizing every individual in that group, specially if one individual of thay group didn’t behave correctly — so, the pressure we gaijin have is extreme [if we want to be respected], and we also learnt to play by the rules of this mentality, by making sure other gaijins aren’t disrespectful, loud, criminals, etc to the best of our ability).

  • Anonymous says:

    I bet equality now seriously believes that forcing people into sexual repression would significantly reduce sex crimes and general perversion or sexual thoughts. If not them, then various devout religious and political groups determinately DO, and they’ll surely try to 1 up this victory in the near future. I just plain laugh and somewhat shudder at the idea that these people might be thinking they’ve helped everyone by succeeding here. They must have been like “hey guys we won! we beat those dirty, evil sons of bitches! high fives all around! cheers, to a better, happier, and safer future for all!” bloody delusional, closed minded bunch…

  • “This is feminism in a nutshell, they want women to have everything a man can have, but also keep the perks they have as women.”

    Men finally need to wake up and start being more assertive, instead of buying into the feminst franchise in a misguided attempt to become liberated males.

    • Anonymous says:

      It isn’t only MEN that feminist like these effect though, they ruin the fun for many woman as well. They’re just delusional. They beleive they’re fighting for and helping people and a good cause, but ultimately they’re just making things worse for many people, men and women.

      I think a lot of people are looking at these feminists the wrong way. I don’t think they actually KNOW that they’re doing anything wrong. They think they’re fighting oppression when they’re really just creating more oppression for a different group.

      I hate guys that say it’s either them or us. That it’s either them slaving us or us slaving them. Fuck you guys, I want to live in a world where everyone is free and no one tries to force unnecessary control over anyone else. If men end up oppressing over woman all over again, it’ll just make feminism bigger again, it wouldn’t solve anything.

      It’s not men vs women or women vs men, it should be about good and innocent people vs fucking asshats. I bet there’s a lot of men in that feminist group, just like there’s a few comments here from men who are defending what they did and agree with banning this game.

  • Most women’s novels (some by anne rice) are about men overpowering women…and women liking it.

    I hope this group isn’t afraid to take on abuse against women in books targeted towards females that men will probably never ever read.

    • Anonymous says:

      If actual vile shit could talk it’d also be entitled to its opinion, especially an educated and open minded one. In fact I’d rather listen to a talking shit over the opinions of those feminists if it was even a little more open minded.

      And imagine, if groups like these could keep going with all victory and no loss, eventually there wouldn’t be a sankaku left for even such an anon as yourself to post such inane comments.

      People like those feminists actually believe that if all forms of porn and sexual media was erased off the planet, sex crimes would significantly be reduced and women would have more equality and be taken more seriously the world over. Tell me, does Saudi Arabia have significantly less sex crimes compared to the rest of the world with their strictness on sexual media? Their women aren’t even allowed to show their faces to men other than their husband. Is Saudi Arabia suddenly some kind of utopia for all people?

  • Anonymous says:

    This increased the popularity of the game 10 fold, the torrents tripled in seeds and leechers. LOL

    also, seems like the only response to my email i sent them was a generic copy and paste letter which left me wondering how much of them tried to use a thesaurus to sound smarter.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was almost crying of laughter when I saw the article about Equality Now attacking Illusion’s ‘Rapelay’; now, here I am palm-facing at how they actually took off their games from shelters.

    Of course, anyone smart enough will just use torrents to get it, so I don’t believe the ban is a big problem.

    A lot has been said already in the comments already, so I’m not going to repeat all of it. The point of my comment is… oh god @ what some people e-mailed Equality Now about. Paragraph completely in caps? That’s like a ‘delete-now’ trigger for most people. Typing a ultra-long rant trying to prove them wrong in so many levels: a good idea, almost. First, you’d need to pray for them to completely read it. Second, if by chance they do read it and BOTHER replying, they’ll have more chances to pick out flaws. No flaws = no reply, will be thus ignored.

    E-mails won’t make them realize their stupidity; if that’s all that was needed, then I would have hoped for them to have noticed their lack of thinking earlier.

    They’re plainly brainwashed themselves; you can’t blame them. If you feel like changing something, you’ll need to contact the higher-ups. The only way that could happen would be by going there yourself: you have their address on their site. Physical presence would be most effective.

    If you’re so baffled by this ban, saying it will only lead to banning games that don’t even consider rape, then staying at home or work writing e-mails won’t change anything. I don’t live in New York or London, and I find the ban of RapeLay more amusing than a pain, so I have no reason to go see them or spam them with e-mails that’ll eventually get filtered based on keywords related to this story. The best way to revolt against this would be going there, with the media. Everyone knows how effective they can be. But good luck doing that if you’re alone and not ‘important’ to them.

    If this group of women, calling themselves ‘Equality Now’, tries to ban more games not related to rape, they’d probably fall on a company that’d just laugh at their efforts sooner or later. Sure, as we all know how such women (not every women, there are obviously ones that can think rationally) will react, we will just enjoy the show and laugh at their rants.

    PS: Don’t ONLY use the ‘less rape in Japan’ argument. Statistics aren’t based on the entire population of a country. They’re more often related to only 1000 lucky selections, and not every women would want to admit “Yes, I’ve been raped as a child” if they continued living a normal life afterwards. It’s something psychological. Even if the numbers came from ‘known cases’ of rape, etc, it’s not always found out.

    This would mostly work in other scenarios, but the %age difference in some previous charts related to underage rape was too big: I doubt 50% of Japanese women would actually lie. And this also works for other countries as well, not just Japan.

    • The statistics are based on the entire the entire population of Japan, they come from the police!

      More pointedly, your torrent point is meaningless – the game would never have been made if it couldn’t have been sold. Saying that because you can pirate something even after it has been banned it is ok is a rather suspect argument in more ways than one.

  • Gotta say, I havent had any interest in this game before this. Now though with all the attention I am going to find it, and I am sure I am not the only one.

    Congrats femnazis! You just promoted it more than the orgnal maker ever could, lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    As much as I hate feminists, I really agree this game should be banned.

    Raping women and forcing them to have abortions? We’re basically desensitizing people to the horror that is rape, or sometimes encouraging it.

    • Perhaps you were once traumatized by a book you read with a character you liked dying at the end?

      So now you’re going to just look the other way when a flock of angry bigots try and burn an author of fiction for what he writes into his stories?

      Are you sure you’re not suffering from a psychological disorder, that you can so easily look the other way, even cheer witch-burning bigots on?

      Are you even capable of feeling shame?

      I know plenty of “desensitized” people (gamers, hunters, etc.) who have a greater sense of decency. Unlike someone with your flippant disregard for freedom of expression, these people actually respect for the peaceful lives of others.

      You could learn much from the very witches you are willing to let burn.

      It is you who have become desensitized. Unsympathetic to the suffering of people who only wanted to communicate their imagination onto a piece of paper, or onto a computer.

      To illegalize what people write/draw/communicate into a work of fiction, is to be desensitized to the freedom of speech itself. If only you and your ilk could realize this, you incurable communists…

      Your shallow mind is just another tool willfully building the dystopia of Orwell’s 1984.


      I recommend exercising your brain a little more, learning how to read the big kid’s books if you haven’t gotten that far yet, and buying yourself a copy of 1984.

      You still have a chance to become a better person.

      Until then, FUCK you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Did I honestly deserve to get flamed for stating my opinions in a non-insulting fashion? The first anonymous that responded to me made a good point to me, but I didn’t even bother to read the second post of your garbage and insults.

        Learn to debate next time, and not resort to petty insults.

        • I haven’t played RapeLay myself (though after all this kind of want to now), but allow me to redirect this conversation to Neil Gaimon’s “Why defend freedom of icky speech?” Article.

          The content is irrelevant. It’s someone’s imagination, if they want to put it into a game, or on a piece of paper, nobody should be given legal recourse to hassle them about it.

          Actually your description of the game “Raping a mother and her two daughters + abortions + her pushing you under a train ” could be handled brilliantly in the right hands. Try and imagine Francis Ford Coppola doing it and see if you can still think it would be in bad taste…


          But yeah, I am a fool for getting so riled up over this kind of thing. Just have faith the good guys will win in the end and don’t let it get to you in the interim. Sorry if anything I wrote above really did offend somebody, not really my intention.

          Just wish people were generally more willing to place themselves in the shoes of whomever they’re about to tread upon…

          Back to Lost Odyssey for me…

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m not the anon you responded to, but I lol’d at creative works and RapeLay in the same sentence.

          Raping a mother and her two daughters + abortions + her pushing you under a train = Entire game.

        • If you really did want debate, you would have actually counter-pointed any of the productive commentary above… rather than pointing out how you didn’t even read it because it made you feel insecure, no?

          Then again, I so often forget the type of person I have to argue against when it’s a freedom of speech concern.

          When you’re already so twisted you’re against our most fundamental liberty, nothing you read on the internet is going to improve your capacity to counter-point, and the best sort of replies you’re capable of making involve your own brand of considerably more shallow points in the form of, as you’ve so conveniently already worded for me, “garbage and insults”.

          Nothing personal, obviously anon is everyone’s friend, and that you frequent a site like SanCon is evidence you have the ability to put yourself in the shoes of those being suppressed in Artefact’s attention-seeking spat of “RapeLay” posts.

          So like I said above, you and others feeling the same as you (of which there are a healthy amount) really do have a better chance of thinking peacefully and intelligently on the matter of freedom of speech/art.

          Perhaps if you ever grow the empathy necessary to feel the pain the authors of suppressed creative works like “RapeLay” are subjected to feeling, you will then be able to understand why those who believe in freedom of speech might use the occasional “it’s ok to let them suffer” comment as a cyber cum bucket for good therapy.

        • Anonymous says:

          some people are just a little too passionate and over dramatic, i guess ._. such things really aren’t needed to drive a point across, and many people on the internet just don’t get that. Tho LunarDS did make some otherwise good points. 🙂

    • The “Desensitizing” argument? That’s the best you can do as an excuse to force artists to serve jail time and worse for expressing their imaginations on paper or in games?

      Do you remember what else expresses imagination in a fundamentally passive, nonviolent way? YOUR BRAIN.

      The next time you have a nightmare or a naughty dream, and there’s something decidedly uncivilized going on in it, you do realize that by your own logic your own head would have to be banned?

      Of course, we’d have to find where your head is, and I’m not going to volunteer searching for it that far up your ass.

    • You shouldn’t want anything to be banned. That is letting other people decide what is appropriate for your eyes and ears. You should be the one to decide this and you alone. If you want to ban the game don’t buy it then sales will suffer and there will be no point in producing it if it cannot make a profit. Do not let others decide what is good for you and what is bad for you. That is why I am terrified that in America are rights are slowly being taken away. Long live Free Speech and remember Obscenity Laws are just a way to curtail your freedoms.

  • I am a turd, a lowly abject turd. The movement to eradicate pornography is anti-thetical to S.C.U.M.’s

    objectives. It is in our best interest to have men docilely masturbating themselves to extinction behind

    their computer screen, locked away in their self imposed imprisonment, hiding behind closed doors. In

    this manner we can simply ignore them until they are no longer of any viable use. We already have the

    technology to determine the gender of fetuses. This is the key to our success. There is no need for us to

    fight them as they will simply vanish of their own free will. In fact the movement to eradicate

    pornography is one of the greatest threats that S.C.U.M. faces today. It is a movement started by a

    subversive spy network that has infiltrated the feminist movement with the sole purpose of re-

    establishing gender biases, re-establishing sexual opression, re-establishing sexual repression, and

    ending the true movement of S.C.U.M. to the fore of the feminist movement.
    Every argument they make revolves around the principle that women are inherently victims of men, this

    is simply untrue. Women will only be victimized by men if they allow themselves to believe that men

    can in fact victimize them. Men are truly incapable of doing even this on their own.
    These women are traitors to the cause, they have sold out their sisters to a religious fundamental male

    dominated hierarchy for the sake of their own comfort, and security. They do not believe in our

    inevitable victory. They are not to be trusted.

    True feminism must not be allowed to perish.
    S.C.U.M. men’s auxiliary Florida USA

  • New York-based Equality Now launched a campaign this week “against rape simulator games and the normalisation of sexual violence in Japan”.

    It urged activists to write in protest to the maker and Prime Minister Taro Aso, arguing the game breaches Japan’s obligations under the 1985 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

    —- Isn’t Taro Aso the manga otaku? he probably just throw those letter sin the bin and plays this stuff haha..

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh look, lots of hypocritical, misogynistic sexist fucks complaining about feminists when responding with a bunch of stupidity even worse than it coming from these feminists.

    Makes me long for the China bashing articles again. I’d rather have those than this crap.

    • Otaku Girl says:

      Idiot. Pay attention. Yeah, some people are letting anger get the better of them, but I’m mad too, and I’m a girl. And they have tons of good arguements.

      1. Group focuses on something small and irrelevant. How many people would play it? There’s so many people suffering, and they focus on THIS?!?

      2. They might have made it worse, depending on your interpretation. Possibly supported by the WAAAY higher amount of raep in the US.

      3. It’s against our rights. We should be able to do what we want as long as we do no harm. What are they gonna ban next? Standard porn? Violent video games? We shouldn’t start down the slippery slope.

      4. I would bet that nobody who played this game has raeped a girl because of it. If they did, they were probably mentally ill inthe first place. People otaku enough to play don’t go out and RAEP people, for goodness’ sake.

      5. Get in the kitchen and make me a sammich. You stupid fuck.

    • Anonymous says:

      umm, explain please? While some people here are definitely exaggerating, getting the better of themselves, or fitting your description to the T, I really don’t beleive most people here are doing anything like what you’ve said. Some of the people here against these feminists are even women themselves.

      Also we’re up to Russia “bashing” now, where have you been?

  • Dear equality Now,

    Apparently my last letter went unread. You can now thank yourselves for an even bigger mess than the one you started with.

    Not only have you made RapeLay a must-have item on the lists of countless internet 2D lolicons, you’ve also sexually frustrated those individuals who might otherwise have sublimated their violent tendencies against your fair sex (and I’ll use the term ‘fair’ loosely in a good number of your member’s cases) and upped the number of possible future rapes and/or murders worldwide. Really though…. kudoes to you all. You stupid, stupid cows.

    I will end this letter… not with a ‘have a good day’ because I’d be lying if you said that. Oh! And the next time you’re walking to your car at night in a parking lot, or back to your home wherever it is, and you hear strange noises in the area, don’t worry. That could be nothing…. or it could be someone you’ve affected via your collective stupidity. Enjoy the paranoia.

    (Not) Sincerely,


    tl;dr: Not THIS shit again. ><

  • Anonymous says:

    Equality now, what a fucking joke.

    They need to mind their own fucking business, that shit is getting old. The US overlooking their own problems and criticizing other countries. The game is Japan only anyways.

    “The game’s publisher, Illusion, previously told the group to mind their own business as the game was solely for the Japanese market, and quite legal there.”

    “to mind their own business as the game was solely for the Japanese market, and quite legal there”

    “solely for the Japanese market, and quite legal there”


  • Anonymous says:

    Things like this are always annoying. It usualy just results in bringing out the worst in people.

    Now in my opinion, the game should not be banned. Its a game, get over it. Im not sure, but I dont think real rapeists play rape video games.

    Also, (and I may be wrong here) But am I the only one that noticed that America has over 2 times the population then Japan? So of course there are going to be more reaps. There are lots more people there.

  • Instead of just commenting here, someone should rally all the Otakus together and shove hard proof up the asses of these bit***s. If they can pressure using numbers, we can too. We can’t just sit around while they take over the world!

    We must ACT! Viva REVOLUTION!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      If all the otaku people from around the world got together, I think we would actually be pretty damn influential. I would join. The people here would join. Almost every otaku would join, and even some who weren’t but just think we have the right idea. SOMEBODY START IT NOW

    • Anonymous says:

      yea like i said in a other post we need to make a non profit group to do all that. with a group be more powerful then just getting people. wish i was good at making website but, im studying business so if i get someone with pro website making skills we can get it going. also need to think of a good name maybe lolicon now! lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually I have plenty complaints about Yao…Wtf man! Lakers is supposed to go 4-0. No one freakin cares about Houston, they can stroke their rockets till they explode for all I care. So f*** Yao. There, you have it.

  • Anonymous says:

    we all need to make a non profit group like they have but, we fight to keep all this stuff, and to make more of it. then if we get a lot of people join us we change the laws all over the world to make it a more lolicon hentai loveing place.

  • Anonymous says:

    I never even liked rapelay or rape related games or manga or anything, but I sympathies with fans of this game and similar media, and I wish I could do what I can to help. All I’ve done so far is repeatedly search “rapelay torrent” on google and then proceed to download two torrent files and am currently running them ._. vive la resistance…

    I fear that hentai in general can be hit next.

  • heyyyyyyyy i want to legisly about not to sell more dildos is a rape simulation against men, they represent a men and need to be protected against the pervert girls, it promotes the rape against men, what about the cucumbers and carrots they are living things NOT TO THE DILDOS it denigrates the man.


  • Anonymous says:

    Hmm, it seems the comments and outrage were much stronger in the past article on this here, before they won the battle.

    Personally, I’m just so shocked that they won. So much that I almost couldn’t post a comment about it. I guess that explains it then…

    Faith in all that is good – 1

    Something must be done, or your lolis might be next! There needs to be a revolution that combats the insane and blinding conservatism in this world.

    Unlike most people here, though, I don’t blame the feminism. It could have been a religious group, it could have been UNICEF or something similar. Who knows, maybe this will help give an extra push to other groups to pester more Japanese companies.

    • yeah, after all the awesome comments for the last related story, I’m kind of disappointed here.

      one of the best comments I read in the last one said something like “so, Americans, from a country with the largest amount of rapes in the world, is telling Japan, the country with the least amount of rapes in the world, about how to prevent rapes???” LOL

  • actually you can download it, it has to be legal if in your country is unlicensed (i think banned is the same, isnt it?) what is the problem (they make it free for us), when that fat bitches make de ero games ilegal then you can get angry.

  • Anonymous says:

    Rapelay wasn’t banned. It lives on as long as torrents and original copies still exist, no? And why do Americans care more about Japan’s fake rape sims when they have more real rapists in three city blocks than Japan has at all. Why? Ask them, I bet you they’ll come up with some half-assed excuse that will proceed to be backed up by the American government because they still have some grudge against Japan whether they deny it or not.

  • a passerby says:

    Hmm… I wonder what they’ll do next?

    Masturbation deemed illegal because it promotes violence on women.


    Feminist groups demands the male population to surrender their genitals in accordance with the new law implied on equality…


  • the other anon says:

    Anyway, I’m glad that more people have become aware of the issues regarding this ridiculous game as it is outrageous not only to women but to professional rapists as well. It’s insulting how the girls barely put up any struggle, and the game focuses too much on the sexual act when any rapist worth his salt knows that half of the excitement comes from subduing the girl (via joint locks, rope, packaging tape, etc.).

    Hopefully, the Illusion’s creators would finally come to their senses and release a more realistic sequel. As it is, the game barely answers the needs of rapists in training.

    • Anonymous says:

      No kidding. The characters in the game just gave in too easily. There is no challenge at all. I would like to break their mind slowly until they have a complete mental breakdown, and really install fear into them in the process. And how about some guro, maybe some extreme body modifications next time?

  • Anonymous says:




    Equality Now? Thats what they call themselves? Are they saying they wanted to be treated Equally?

    Well too bad… These women would never… EEEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEEEER be equals to those they’ve banned.

    They’re BITTER UGLY BITCHES! The lowest form of human specie… They must evolve to our level in order to be our Equals… We wont devolve just for them… D:<

  • Don’t like feminists?

    Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there were some people. They didn’t like british soliders, so, while the british soliders were peacefully walking along a road they murdered those british soliders. After awhile said people had their own country and the cycle began anew.

    If you don’t like feminists then shoot feminists.
    Nobody shoots feminists: instead they shoot their fellow man… everyone must love feminists as there is no resistance to women’s rights anywhere in the world.

  • I’m disappointed with Illusion, I really am. They made themselves sound like they couldn’t care less about what those feminists thought. Yet they fold like origami, I mean what the hell? This is not even about RapeLay anymore, this is nothing more than assault on freedom of speech.

    Since when does japan go to America/UK/[Insert Location], they don’t so maybe take a hint and stay the fuck away from japan? There are way worse things in the REAL world happening every day. Ruin your own country before fucking up the rest of the world.

      • Anonymous says:

        but the more they fight it, the more it’ll look like WE’RE the wrong, evil, dirty, and stupid ones. It’ll make it harder to find fap material, and more real life lolis and women will be casualties in the end.

        these are the kinds of people that made boys in the past beleive their hands would fall off or something if they fapped. sexually repressed people forcing sexual repression on others

  • And then people keep wondering why Japanese hates foreigners so much.

    That’s what happens when those bitches grow too fat and can’t get a dick anymore. Bitching at others is the only way to pass their free time.

  • oh… by the way… I have sent them a message as well:

    “It has been brought to my attention that your organization likes to mess with the affairs of other countries quite often; shouldn’t you work on your own country first? plus the way you people are doing things is a joke, you claim to fight for equality, yet what you really are doing is fighting FOR the system that upholds the discrimination in the first place, you have now made the mistake of the supposed “Communists”, they claim they are communist, but if you take a good look, they are fascist.


    I’m all for equality, the only problem is, I don’t see you people truly fighting for it, it seems like all you people want is an iron grip upon the populace of the world, just like the evangelical religious organizations. You people should really take a second look at what you do and the true purpose of your organization. Being a blatantly ignorant zealot is no better than being an oppressor.”

    unfortunately… they will most likely stick with their stereotypical american attitude and disregard anything that I say, being ignorant brings bliss, and they want a purpose in life, even if it is delusional.

  • ah… the classic american feminist, not to be excluded from conservative american culture. they fight for “equality” but what they really are fighting for is power, they would love to see men being slaves to women, and their techniques are always stupid as well (typical of american culture), they oppose inequality by fighting zealously for the system that upholds the discrimination, just like the “tea party” incident, nearly every person out at the tea parties was either going to benefit or be unaffected by the 3% tax increase on people making $250+k USD/year, yet they opposed the beneficial situation. the way americans fight nowadays in social issues, is to side with the oppressors, even when they are the oppressed.

  • Goddammit. Way to make my gender look bad. Even I’m almost ready to tell them to get back in the kitchen and make me a goddamn sandwich.

    But the publishers are also pussies for giving in. They shouldn’t have given them leeway at all. Don’t let the virtual porn industry die like this!

    I kind of hate everything right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you take away the grope and H scenes, there is really nothing left for this game. The story is generic, forgettable, and incoherent. The characters are uninspiring. Oh and the musics…Wait, what musics? It is probably the most mingled-up piece of atrocity ever graced this planet. I ‘m sorry, but this is the end of the road for you.

      Simon Cowell of eroge

      • Rincewind says:

        Nah, its pretty awesome. The MILF is so hot, Aoi is awesome, the bloody ending is great. The “loli” is not as good as the ones in IPVR, but well.
        Illusion needs to make dark games again. Bunch of cowards!

  • superarmy says:

    I’ve sent my email

    here is is

    “Through various news outlets I became aware of your anti-free speech movement harassing politicians, distributors and producers themselves with letters containing your own propaganda to stop Japanese game developer Illusion Soft from producing a title called RapeLay. Now I believe the company had already replied with essentially “It’s none of your business” and provided legal proof of why they can make and distribute the game in Japan to their oh so niche market. I how ever will show you a different case of why you have bigger fish to fry before you pick on a game that would sell no more than 5,000 copies at best.

    Breaking the law in video games, or even film, TV or literature is nothing new, its more than often the premise upon which many stories are set, even dating back to the bible itself. Exactly why you seem to pick RapeLay, an obscure title only sanctioned for release in Japan is somewhat bewildering. Games like Grand Theft Auto nearly condone mass murder, theft and the namesake grand theft auto itself, whats worse is that the latest iteration this game has sold 6 million copies world wide, reaching and appealing to a far wider audience than Illusion Soft could ever hope to reach. “You’re forgetting one thing”, the more intelligent person would say,”This game is R18, (or equivalent wherever region) only people deemed to be adults are allowed to purchase this game, therefore shielding it from people who are deemed to be immature for the content it contains”. Indeed this person would be right, but it doesn’t change the fact it does in part globally provide a platform for glorifying violence against all genders and all ages. Indeed, if we are to walk down this very slippery slope of “You can’t do illegal things on multimedia platforms”, many movies would become inheritently dull, books, would no longer be as exciting and video gamers would be left with jumping on mushrooms and turtles until the animal right groups take that away from us too. I do understand that this does not fall under you mission statement (which is indeed a noble one as you have done great work and continue to campaign for great causes), but picking something out like this is pedantic and promotes a hefty double standard.

    It is also notable that Japan has one of the lowest rape rates in the developed world (source: United Nations), if such a game is only sold in Japan whilst they continue to have a rate substantially lower than many other countries there seems to be very little evidence that these sorts of games at all influence rape figures or sexually indecent crimes. One might even go far as to reach the conclusion (hypothetically) that these games somewhat buffer the rape figures. Consider that all the would be rapists of Japan are to busy sitting in their basements playing games like RapeLay, than to go out and rape people, most likely due from the vast differences in consequence between these two actions. If Japan did have substantially high rape figures I would fully support your cause as there could be a correlation between rape and these games, but the fact of the matter is, countries who are more prone to banning and censoring these sorts of media have higher rape rates. Correlation perhaps? Who knows.

    I do personally not support any game that actively promotes violence or violation of woman (or in fact anyone) but the fact of the matter is, this is censorship you are asking for, it’s anti-free speech, anti democracy scare mongering. I hope you read this email and reallocate your efforts to more deserving causes.”

    I think I did pretty well

    • Anonymous says:

      pretty good, but I don’t really like how you worded your argument that they should rather focus on bigger fish like GTA. I suppose you can say it should be a bigger and WORSE fish to fry in THEIR eyes, but saying GTA condones doing bad things doesn’t help. In fact, it’s counterproductive to say any media promotes or glorifies “bad things”, as they really don’t, especially depending on the view of the person indulging in it. Even a lowsy, unrealistic depiction of violence can help a person understand it more for the better rather than worse. If it’s a kid, that shouldn’t be viewing it in the first place if it’s not rated for them, then quick and simple parenting can easily make something like GTA into an educational tool even.

      Also, the part where you said we’d end up jumping mushrooms and turtles until the animal rights people take that away? Should have been animal rights and vegetarian extremists (or just vegans), lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      I commend your efforts…but keep in mind that even though this is flagrant disregard to free speech, the statistics show that the US is worse despite not having games like this and these old crones are nothing but last generation old fogies with lame ass values and no open mindedness…

      Defending a rape game is pretty hard to do. No one wants to attach their name to that cause and even if you say stuff like “defending all japanese games” it’ll always boil down to “you defended a rape game…”

      I wish you all the luck in the world, I definitly would never have the balls to even try.

  • Anonymous says:

    What pisses me off is the idea of a bunch of foreigners telling another country what to do is complete bullshit. Even if it was something like discrimination of Arab women, I still find it wrong. I could really care less about the issue if the group was Japanese.

    • Anonymous says:

      Patience, Mimi, something you enjoy will be next. These women are ultimately targeting everything. Quoting them: “Japan must ban adult games”. That’s their mission statement.

      Also I have tried to play it, but ultimately decided that trying to get it to work on my computer wasn’t worth the time. I liked the way the characters looked (that’s what drew me in at first), but I didn’t care for rape simulation anyways, even if it was extremely tame and totally unrealistic (which did help make it more appealing to me). Even though I don’t even like the game, I’m all for the rights of and sympathies fore those who do enjoy the game and games like it. After they take down the loli games, my straight shota and incest games could be next, then games that mix women and sex in general.

  • Wasted breath, but the reason there is less violence against women in Japan is because there is less *reported.* Institutionalized sexism makes it very, very hard for a women to get her report of sexual harrassment or molestation treated with seriousness.

    Much like most of you are acting right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      @ Erica:

      first, are you from the group responsible for the banning or something? or just a part of it or that site? just curious

      secondly, let’s look at some actual statistics

      as you can see, the gap between the cases in the US, as well as other countries, and the cases in Japan is just far too great to be able to chalk it all up to unreported cases. Also, this is specifically RAPES, and rape contains sex. We’re not talking about groping, sexual harassment cases, or attempted rape cases. But even if you assume that Japan has MUCH less cases that go unreported than the US does (do you liken Japan to Congo or something?), the gap is still far too big for that to make much of a difference.

    • interesting… and how do you explain how a woman can easily push through a rape charge on a guy, even if he is completely innocent and there is little evidence to support it, yet when a man is raped, he has very little chance of getting justice even if the woman is truly guilty?

      what you call “sexism” is brought by the system of discrimination, put into place a LONG time ago, what it seems like you are fighting for is not equality, its more of a sense of superiority. the classic white american culture point, fight the oppression by siding zealously with the oppressors, and oppose what you dont understand.

      plus… iono about you… but there are plenty of women in japan that regulatory accuse innocent men of molesting them to make some money…

      you must realize how the system works and discard it, before you can really fight the injustice.

      • They can’t. That’s an urban legend – the actual stats show that rape and assault cases are massively underreported everywhere. In some parts of the US, rape kits alone can take a year to process.

        • Based on the UN statistics: assuming that 90% of all cases in Japan go unreported yields a total amount of 0.088 people per 1,000, or 8.8 people per 100,000 have been raped in Japan between 1998 and 2000 (the reported cases amount to 0.088 * 20% = 0.0176 people per 1000). That still places them 1 order of magnitude below the reported 0.30 per 1,000 or 30 per 100,000 rapes in the US. And do you really think 90% of all rapes go unreported in Japan? We’re not talking about Somalia or something.

        • Anonymous says:

          So you admit that you beleive not only do many cases go unreported in Japan but also the US. So how does that make it a valid argument that the reason why Japan has far less cases of rape than the US because many go unreported?

          I.E. (hypothetically)

          USA – 397 cases with 21 of them unreported
          JPN – 113 cases with 50 of them unreported

          what’s the point if even FAR more go unreported in Japan than in the US, if the US has FAR FAR more REPORTED cases than Japan anyways? There’s no way of finding out exactly how many go unreported in both countries, but I’m sure that even if you guess Japan has more unreported cases than the US, it can’t be that much more anyways. They’re both 1st world countries. And what’s more, other 1st world countries with more openly sexual societies compared to the US are also lower down on the rape list.

    • …That is a horrible argument considering that there is god knows how many unreported crimes here as well. Also…I don’t know where you get that it’s hard to report sexual harassment as I have friends who live in Japan and would laugh at that comment. Japan isn’t the horrible anti feminist country you think it is.

      • Rigid patriarchical culture leads to unwillingness to report these kinds of crime because of said culture which leads to underreporting of the crime. So in a sense Erica is incorrect, it is not an institutional bias but rather a cultural bias, which also influences the acceptability of such games.

        This fact however does not justify this indirect attack on free speech by the feminazis.

        • I’ve had my fair share of that, slap to the face in class. I slapped her back, and in the ensuing drama i heard whispers like “how can he hit a girl” etc. “he’s a coward”. Honestly, a real coward wouldn’t hit a woman because he’s afraid of what other people might think or say.

          Then some guy stands up for her, in the brawl he beat me up more than i beat him up. Guess that’s what i get for standing up for myself.

          The reason why i got slapped? Fucking emo girl, i went berserk on her not helping with our project. Fun times fun times.

          Regardless of all that, i got suspended and so did the other guy. The girl, nada, nil, nothing. Yeah, fucked up.

        • Anonymous says:

          Unfortunately, that IS what some women think… that ‘violence against the man could not possibly hurt the man’…. I know fucking better, to be blunt.

          I’ve been slapped and punched by women during sports, and they have JUST AS MUCH force in their punches and blows as men do, in almost all cases.

          At least SOME police organizations are getting smart and arresting the person who ‘hit first’ instead of the man.

          We need to stop buying into the BS that women are ‘weaker’ than men. It’s bull! The fact is that if you put a man against the same size woman…. it’s a crapshoot as to who is going to be stronger, unless the guy is a bodybuilder or vice-versa!

        • How bout the degrading view of men. When women hurt men it’s tolerated but such organizations because of several acts/laws being passed(Case in point: VAWA. Where’s the VAMA?), but when men retaliate out of self – defense in cases where the two subjects are in an intimate relationship, it’s the man that gets arrested and the woman leaves free of charges.

          Basically any violence committed by women is, by definition, either de minimus (it could not possibly have hurt him), or self-defense (SHE is the victim of HIS abuse).

          inb4 3d pig disgusting.

        • Anonymous says:

          Where’s the proof that people who enjoy rape fantasies and simulations have a degrading view of woman? Some married couples even like to play out rape fantasies on each other, does that mean they both have a degrading view of each other? Gangster Rap videos are far more harmful to the image of woman in comparison to this. Games like rapelay have their place where people who are looking for such a thing due to a fetish can find it and enjoy it, while rap videos are viewed on public television by youth every day by the droves, and they listen to rap music that has lyrics that talk about harming women.

          and where’s the statistics that show that rape simulations are POPULAR or even gaining in popularity? It’s a niche fetish at most, really.

          Besides, if someone somehow gains a degrading view towards women, it’s rarely just because they played a rape game. Most people that have a degrading view of woman have probably never even played a rape game. In fact, I’d wager than NO ONE that has played rapelay has gone on to commit rape in real life.

    • Anonymous says:

      what most people don’t get is, it’s more like a “rape FOREPLAY simulator”. It’s no worse than getting your wife to pretend to be your rape victim. You can’t really be violent with the woman in the game. It’s like playing with a sex doll, except the doll makes noises like “don’t”, “stop”, etc. They’re basically 3D women acting like they don’t want to have sex with you but are letting you anyways. It’s COMPLETELY unrealistic.

  • Anonymous says:

    Coming from a chick, I really wish these bitches would focus their energy towards more important issues. Like building women’s shelters, or funding better prenatal care in third world countries for instance.


    • Thank you for the voice of reason. It really does make me wonder how much this bullshit organizations actually care about rights opposed to just stirring up shit that would give them the biggest headline. It’s the moms against GTA bullshit again. Wish these uninformed, overreacting fake feminist organizations would just stay away from anime & games as they obviously have no actual understanding of the medium

  • Storm Wing says:

    You know, this is funny. Does playing hardcore eroge like Raeplay maek me a Rapist?? Nope. I’m still sane. So i’ll say those feminist just a bunch of wimmen who nevar have a taste of c0ck.

    • Omochikaeri says:


      I would give them a rape to complain about, but they are probably all crusty bags with no hope of getting a penis without using some chloroform and a pair of scissors.

  • abort-retry-fail says:

    Gotta say, this supposed ‘Equality Now’ failed in many other areas regarding woman’s rights in the world:

    1. Afghanistan passed a Shiite bill that the wife must legally fulfill the husband’s sexual desires.

    2. Human trafficking of woman around the world. Seen many documentaries that show this is still a growing problem.

    My point is they fail in the real areas of concern around the world. However Japanese capitalism is probably still stronger than American capitalism any day.

    I estimate the score: feminists 1 anti-feminists 2.

    • They aren’t about to try anything meaningful because anything meaningful would be difficult. They want to win. So they pick on the weaker “evils”. Usually one’s that aren’t really evil.

      They are basically a big version of schoolyard bulling.

      They WANT to beat the shit out of their hateful daddy or mommy but they CAN’T so they beat the shit out of the weaker kids.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, that second thing is only a problem because women have been getting too damn stingy with the booty.

      As to that law in Afhganistan…. that isn’t what the law says. It says that unless the woman fulfills her wifely sexual duties, that her husband can REFUSE to give her any money and kick her out of the house, which I think is damn well fair!

  • Anonymous says:

    i just hate it when america butts in foreign things, i mean something like that isn’t very common in japan, they should at least try to get rid of it in america and mind your own business

  • Dam those amazonian harpies…How much more does these dumbasses have to impede on other cultures and media because of their lack of logic and reasoning? Bloody Fem-Nazi’s. Equality Now? More like ‘Screw you! Screw everything we dislike! Give us more rights, so that we can complain for even more rights, not equal! More!!’. Where on earth did all the Traditional Feminists go? For the umphteenth time. I’m tired of people blaming media with no hard evidence that such material promotes, causes or attributes to a negative. Even worse if it’s foreign and *Gasp* different in culture. Get a fucking clue…oh wait! I forgot moralfags don’t have logic, since they only go on frail emotions and bias opinions. Christ we’re supposed to be moving forward. All the news about banning imagination is getting kind of unsettling as it’s proving we’re going backwards to the time where just killing in the name of God is justified regardless of anything else. If in future the world is going to be ruled by such ignorance by moralfags I might aswell off myself…or the very least go out with a bang and take some of these idiots with me.

    There are WAY more pressing matters else where, rather than focusing on something like this….I don’t know maybe try dealing with your own countries Rape problems? Or actual women who are suffering as such from Prostitution Trafficking or even protecting women from Honor Killings? Try and actually do something worth accomplishing.

    • The problem is that—in their minds—all those incidents of rape, prostitution, human trafficking, honor killing &c would never have occurred if there weren’t any works of fiction mentioning such acts.

      So, going by their fallacious logic, banning all fiction that has bad things happening to women will automatically eliminate any real-world instances of these bad things, and hence going after “rape simulators” and the like is the easiest way towards achieving their utopia.

      • RoninZakku says:

        haha believing none of that would have occurred without something showing it first of all would mean that rape simulators have been around since that crime existed. nice job there.

        but on a more serious note, aggressive feminists should learn from the whole violent video game bs, going after something that isn’t real won’t give real results. it’ll just satisfy the mindless masses that believe that making a utopia is as simple as sweeping things under the rug. What’s really needed is something to scare off the idiots from even trying to do something. If that can’t be achieved then banning shit like this is still gonna get you no where.

        • Lol I don’t know why but I just got an image of an caveman logging on to a Windows Vista in the darkest area of a cave playing a sim while having to choose between 3 choices. 1:HMMN YOU PRETTY 2:*Give dead animal* 3:RAEP!!

      • Indeed, unfortunately it probably has never occurred to their narrow little minds that such incidents was here long before any of these media or materials existed anyway. The Utopia they wish for is nothing but a farce, achieved through bullying and false justifications with nothing to really back it up.

  • I’m normally a peaceful (indeed almost pacifist) kind of guy, and sympathise with those who champion equal rights for the socially disadvantaged. The website of Equality Now also shows quite a few issues they’ve addressed in the past where I would have supported their efforts.

    News like this, though, give me a serious urge to punch all the responsible members of the group in the face until they’re unconscious, then steal their entire group budget and spend it all on new, legal copies of the most vile and degrading “rape simulators” I can find in Japan.

    Of course, such violent and criminal acts would only confirm their prejudices about the players of “rape simulators”, and have no positive impact whatsoever (aside from financially supporting artists, writers, programmers and distributors of eroge)—quite apart from that, I have no way of finding out which members are responsible for this campaign of harassment, nor the necessary travel funds to hunt them down—and so I’ll have to restrain myself.
    I’d love to join the ranks of those who send polite and reasonable protest letters and e-mails to these feminists, but I’m afraid any response I could send at this time would be too vitriolic to be of much help. Hopefully the violent urges will subside soon.

    • LiveByTheSword says:

      After reading a number of your posts, I can see you as a reasonable person who requires facts in order to make a decision. In a sense, you strike me as somewhat unbiased as well as follow a logical thinking pattern. To me you are a person worth complimenting. As for myself, I am just a person who likes to see things play out. Sometimes I give my point of view, but other than that, I remain silent.

  • “Strangely, none of the reports mentioned the fact that “violence against women” is almost twenty times more common in the US”

    Gee, maybe it’s because the reporting rate is lower due to cultural mores being different. Have you ever heard of subway gropers being tolerated in the US?

    • Anonymous says:

      obviously the drop compared to the US and other countries is far too great to just simply chalk it up to difference in cultural mores. Besides, I’ve heard about more simple groping cases being reported in Japan than in America, besides those would be listed under “sexual harassment” wouldn’t they? Or maybe “attempted rape”. Raping consists of sex.

        • “Not that many, maybe around 60~70? Hentai in animated form doesn’t usually do that much for me (although there are of course exceptions), probably due to the oftentimes mediocre production values. Note that I don’t include titles in this that aren’t exclusively hentai (like Kite, Mezzo or even Golgo 13 for example). Ecchi however, from subtle to in-the-face explicit, most of the time works much better than all-out hentai for that medium IMO. When it comes to hentai, ero-manga, doujinshi and eroge are more my kind of thing.”

          Myself, I tried dling just a couple run-of-the-mill H-anime. They’re dramatically uninspiring. Eromanga and doujinshi, please (I’d include eroge if I had the prescence of mind to set it up, but I’m lazy) for explicit, and ecchi overal.

          H-anime is hardly a fair comparison (not to say eroge, manga, doujinshi are immune to such hackneyed ‘plot’ as well)…

        • Not that many, maybe around 60~70? Hentai in animated form doesn’t usually do that much for me (although there are of course exceptions), probably due to the oftentimes mediocre production values. Note that I don’t include titles in this that aren’t exclusively hentai (like Kite, Mezzo or even Golgo 13 for example). Ecchi however, from subtle to in-the-face explicit, most of the time works much better than all-out hentai for that medium IMO. When it comes to hentai, ero-manga, doujinshi and eroge are more my kind of thing.

        • Please elaborate what makes the source linked from the article “clearly not credible”. Do you claim there are no such false arrests, do you dispute that the presumption of guilt makes it incredibly hard for the accused to defend themselves, or do you speak from personal experience of being unable to take anyone standing close to you you on Japanese public transport to court with an accusation of indecent behaviour because Japanese society is ever so tolerant of that sort of thing? What, exactly, is your problem with the source?

        • Well, I’m glad it’s not the case. At least we have a basis for discussion then. I never bothered to keep track of all the time I’ve spend watching anime and reading manga, but I have well over 2 terrabytes of them (including DVDs, but excluding redundant fansubs and (obviously) print media). That roughly equates to 3,500~4,000 hours.

          To get back on topic, what it comes down to is that it IS easily possible to accuse whoever you want of train groping when you’re a girl, and the Japanese court system is heavily biased against men. Not that I think that’s a bad thing, btw. Girls do need this kind of protection, and it’s the best proof for the thesis “rape-simulator-producing-country != misogynist-patriarchy” we will ever get. Also, even when you assume a generous amount of 90% of all rape cases go unreported, Japan is still much better than the US.

        • Enough to know they’re boring. The females are brainless cows and the males are either bland cowards, egotistical bullies, or delusional nutcases. The only halfway decent ones I’ve seen are Yasuomi Umetsu’s, and frankly he needs to get a new shtick besides the rape and revenge thing.

        • Not a credible source? Have you even bothered to read the Japanese source linked in that article? Probably not, since you don’t speak/read Japanese, and apparently know absolutely nothing about Japan as well.

          Also, I get the feeling you’re just one butthurt feminist who happened to stumble across this site and isn’t even into anime or manga.

  • This group is just going after the lowest lying fruit on the tree. One would expect them to try to combat inequality and crime against women in the own cities but alas its easier to divert attention from real issues than to tackle them.

  • I can see what you did…eww…
    Now Rapelay suddenly become popular,eh ? A lot of who-the-hell-cares download it…
    This game suck but all thank to Feminist Group,now the world knows there is exist a H Game violate woman called Rapelay…

  • uhhh so what about porn….. i was just asking myself and quarter if not half of japan’s gaming industry also comes from such genre and hasnt this been banned in amazaon way long time ago?

  • Anonymous says:

    Pathetic, truly pathetic. I bet they actually feel like they’ve accomplished something by doing this too. I’m sure they’ll sleep easy knowing they’ve banned one of the many rape simulators available in Japan alone, not to mention that it’s a pretty dated game too. It’s also pretty laughable how there’s still stuff like Battle Raper still available..

    Either way it’ll still be readily available to anyone who isn’t a fucking idiot and knows how to use Google so I really don’t see what they hope to have gained from this other than making themselves look like they’ve won something..

  • at the end of the day u really gotta think and say “Well, what the hell did that accomplish?” Real women are sexually assaulted in major parts of america and this pitiful excuse for a feminist group decided to go after a japanese game that quite frankly would have flown under public radar. Instead of attacking a small overseas company for a game, that most people have on their hard drives now because of this publicity, they could have used that time to actually make a difference to women under REAL sexually harassment. Lastly to play devil’s advocate not all feminist are laughbly stupid like “Equality No(t)w”, take a read cause this relates pretty close:

  • Lol, ladies, if you want equality, then start giving to every man (presentable enough) as soon as he wishes for you, without making him crawl out of his skin (not in THAT sense) to make you spread your legs.

  • D4RK-PH0ENiX says:

    feminists huh, my rage doesn’t have any boundaries now. but meh – I wish one day they or their children or their relatives will be hit by the horror they’re trying to unleash. just give maniacs their games and stuff. make them as cruel as possible, but keep them away from real world and real humans…

    • hm nice description,i will have to get the game now.
      Otherwise feminism forcing unequality on people,no thanks.
      Japan has all kinds of games so there is nothing discriminatoring about it,especialy if it’s drawn fiction and what if it’s a game like that.
      As i said before,drawn fiction should never be allowed to be banned in anykind of forms.Becouse fiction does not hurt people.
      BTW how about some group of women and man get together and support anykind of fiction and counter this group,also support total uncensorship for better quality viewing.It can’t be that hard to make a bigger number group then they are.

      Feminst are only thinking that it’a wrong,becouse they are brainwashed vy the society ignoring the real good facts of anykind of fiction.
      Plus they are jealous hahahahaha.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, but in these people’s minds, fiction DOES harm people by ‘encouraging them to do these ‘horrible acts’.
        I hate to point it out to these people, but their ‘god’ could have made women IMMUNE to rape by putting a force-field over their genitals when they didn’t want a sexual encounter or giving them an abillity to say “NO!” and blast a man half-way across a room or freeze his movements!

        That’s one of the reasons that I don’t believe in ‘god’ (the biggest farce ever pushed on humanity) and think that ‘rape’ was created by nature for men to spread their genes. I may not LIKE that fact, but it’s still a fact.

        If women, young girls, etc. want to PREVENT men from having to do that….. be a little more free with the sexual favors, so that they don’t have to go to that extent.

        Oh, and also STOP with the BS that rape is so ‘damaging’. I’ve talked with MANY ‘victims’ of rape and it hasn’t damaged their lives at all, unless their parents and others tell them “Oh, it’s so ‘bad’ what happened to you! BOOHOOHOO!” on a regular basis.
        The one six year old I talked with put it simply: “Yeah, I was raped (she was actually pulled off the street and forced into sex) but I am NOT going to let this bastard ruin my life nor am I going to let OTHER people say that it should ruin my life or act like it has!”

        She is now 18, with a VERY healthy sex life (even libertine sex life), and earns nearly 100K a year!

        ‘Victims’ of rape need to stop seeing themselves as ‘victims’ and start realizing that the only time being raped harms you is when you ALLOW it to harm you…. unfortunately, it is easier to do that and whine than to stand up and have a good life REGARDLESS of what happened to you, like that girl I mentioned above and I have.

        • Anonymous says:

          true, even some Muslim women who cover themselves head to toe can get raped. media can have no control over that. it doesn’t really matter how provocatively a woman dresses. many of such people pray on the most innocent, least sexual of prays.

        • Anonymous says:

          What you have just said (the original annon comment I mean), while intelegently worded, is incredebly offensive. As a victim of rape myself (because thats what I am, it doesnt run my life but I was attacked and now I am a victim. Its how the world works) I can NEVER fully explain to you the extent to which the experince has negitvly affected my life.

          And the idea that women are raped because they dress provoctily or are loose with their “sexual favors” is much too broad a statement. Many women are raped (myself included) while minding our own buisness, not sending out any signals that we might be interested in ANY sexual interaction.

          I respect what you have said, and I do not suport the ban of this game because of its impeachment of free speech, but I have to tell you just how hurtfull those comments were.

        • Anonymous says:

          the only real problem with rape is that it’s forced on a person. You shouldn’t really force a person to do anything, especially a random stranger, and especially someone that doesn’t understand the thing that you’re forcing them to do. ultimately, it’s just not fair to them. In sex, both persons should agree to each other. As for it being traumatizing or anything like that, maybe depending on the rape victim’s age and how well they know about sex, I wouldn’t know much about that. Anyways, I’m not a rape story fetishist anyways.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well…for a few days every month women bleed from their holes. That’s why I don’t believe in God. Why wouldn’t HE make men so that we bleed from our dicks for a few days every month? So much for UN-intelligent design.

    • MelancholyMomo says:

      Actually feminist women are usually..

      Women who have a lived a comfortable life never having to worry too much about getting by.. usually daughters of rich families..

      Hence their view of the world is usually one sided..

      p.s. I do understand that women are still ‘subdued’ in certian parts of the world and that it is wrong but.. all this trouble to stop this one relatively unknown ‘rape simulator’ is kinda… well pointless isn’t it?

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, but these women are all about ‘pointless’…. if they actually tried going over to the Middle East, they wouldn’t last a DAY before having their heads put on a PIKE, to be blunt (not that I condone that in any way, shape or form).

        So they whine about things like this and try to get more rights than men in their ‘safe zones’ of close to home.

        It’s about time that people started standing up to these femnazi WHACKOS and insisted that they be put into the mental institutions where they belong!

      • Kitsune9Tails says:

        Actually, they probably would stand for the game company here, since their tasked with protecting free speech even in cases where it’s publicly difficult. But, a) they’d have to know about it, b) someone would have to actually take someone to court, and c) they’d have to actually have some legal ability to do anything.

        Since, there was no legal business here, just a bunch of layabouts writing stupid letters and a company in a different country apparently volunteering to heed them, there’s not much the ACLU can do.

        • (No-) Standing law.

          Fun stuff.

          (summary: If you’re not directly affected or imminently affected by it, it’s impossible or nigh-so to bring a lawsuit against it. You have ‘no standing’ in the case.)

    • equal rights means all but one group of people are affected positively the rest have to suffer. its a shame it almost meant something good once. There’s going to never be such a thing as equality, everyone twists the meaning to something that they receive gain from at the expense of others.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agree totally. Feminists have been WAAAAAAAAY overstepping their boundaries lately. They don’t want the same rights as men…. they want more rights than men and to have rights taken away from men, even as they say that calling them the ‘weaker sex’ is wrong…… then they whine that ‘we are targets for rape!’ like they don’t realize that they are ASKING for it by pissing off men and sexually starving men with their ‘no sex until he gives the ring’ bullshit!

  • Wait… If they slowly pull this out of the market, then my copy will be worth a lot on ebay!
    And what of piracy, this is looking good, looks like these bitches just scored one for the pirates!!

  • if it was a sim about raeping men no one would asked for recall these feminist should focus on helping real women from being raep and if they want to jump in on japans’affairs they should focus more on the teenage girls selling their bodies, to the mainland asian countries where sex slaves are being trained and sold, and actress who are pimp out for movie roles and acting jobs to high power men

  • “…instead choosing to uncritically repeat the tired calumny that Japan is a rigid patriarchy in which women languish as practical chattel.”

    Using words like these won’t scare off the idiot anons.

  • Chalkzone says:

    Feminist movements are F*cktards.

    Men DONT HAVE any special laws for them. How come you want special laws for women if you want EQUALITY?

    Face it. You, feminists, are hypocrites. You say you want equality, but all you do is ask for special treatment.

    I bet if there would be a rape game where guys are the victim, no moral group movement would even bother.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its more about levaling the playing feild than anything else. Men have no laws because they have the upper hand SOCIALY.
      feminist movement just (at their core) seek to give women a boost so that they can compensate for their social limitations

  • akuma2002 says:

    Well, that’s a surprise. It’s like when associations want to ban violent games, etc… They have a small victory, then you never hear of them anymore.

    And to be honest, Illusion games suck badly.