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Chinese Men Lust After Japanese Women as Revenge


A survey of Chinese men, asking them which foreigners they would most like to wed, has overwhelmingly revealed an almost paradoxical popularity, with Japanese women by far the most popular.

Some respondents reported wanting Japanese women as a way of gaining revenge on the ancient enemy, though doubtless there are some who would consider this just another loss for China

The top countries favoured were Japan, with a winning 25%, Korea with 13%, Russia with 9%, the US with 7%, and France with 5%.

Clearly a variety of factors are at play, but a lingering perception of the Japanese lady as a “Yamato Chrysanthemum” and the desire to assert national manhood on the enemy’s womenfolk seem to amongst the forerunners.

Not mentioned, but probably also at play, is the huge dominance Japan enjoys over the East Asian pornography industry…

The survey, which allowed multiple answers, was conducted online with 4,000 participants.

Via Jiji.

By some projections, China is set to have several hundred million more men than women in the coming decades, but it seems unlikely women from the popular countries mentioned will be avidly entertaining the prospect of wedding a Chinese husband…

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