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The Making of Hinako


The massive and entirely unexpected (but in retrospect so obvious) hit that is Training with Hinako has spectacularly launched a new franchise,  but surprisingly this was all organised and financed by one man, who is likely now enjoying the fruits of his innovation.

Below you can read an interview with the man solely responsible for the project, 中川宗成 / Munenari Nakagawa of Primastea Corporation:

Nakagawa-san, why did you start a project like this?

It looked a challenging undertaking, and it seemed so ridiculous an idea that no one else had tried it, so I thought I’d give it a go. The project and the title were all my doing.

So, you made it yourself!?

Yes. I financed it 100%. The project started a year ago. The sound and animation took some three months. I was just wondering whether it would sell or not.

So why did it become a DVD like this?

The anime we see are all watched in a one-sided manner, aren’t they? But anime characters are cute. Some even fall for them. So, I wanted to make an anime where the viewer could participate. It may not be direct, but with this DVD the viewer can get a taste of that communication.

Hinako-chan was a girl who became an anime character. What is up with that setting?

It’s not made clear. It’s an anime fan setting. She wanted to be inside an anime, so a mysterious power delivered her there. Because of her love for anime. Sort of like a girl who wanted to become a Morning Musume and had her wish granted.

What was Hinako like when she was a human? Was she like she is in the anime?

She was an ordinary middle schooler. When she became an anime character, she started acting out some the anime roles she had absorbed previously, like the mysterious flimsy white pantsu she wears on the cover.

What’s your recommended scene?

The extra images. Also, the kiss scene.

So, just why is Hinako-chan kissing us here?

Basically, there is no reason for it. Just she’s happy that the user has joined her for some working out, so she offers a kiss.

This is sort of a basis for a fitness programme, is it?

Working out requires strong motivation if you are to keep at it. There are parts of the anime offered with that in mind, but basically this is a joke anime. It’s not intended to keep people excersising. I think anyone really set on that is already doing it with something else… But if this were a foundation for someone, that’s great.

What’s the ideal way of doing it?

The DVD is pretty high tempo so don’t overdo it please! Hinako is a bit of a speed maniac… Please do it at your own pace.

Could you say something for readers interested in the anime?

Thank you for being interested. Please support the anime, as I’d like to go on. Please do enjoy training with Hinako.

Via Gyao Trends.

With the huge success of this title, and its fresh and probably eminently replicable elements (expect a whole series of different, specialised Hinako titles with greater merits as fitness tools), to say nothing of bouncing oppai and sweaty girls, future expansion of the franchise seems assured…

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