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Lolicon Bites Into Delicious Cake in Oral Assault


An 8-year-old girl was subjected to a cunnilingual assault when a lolicon plied her with sweets and then began to perform oral sex on her, biting her in the process.

The young girl had just finished attending classes in religious instruction at a Malaysian school, and was waiting for her mother to pick her up, when a stranger approached her.

He soon showed her a pornographic clip on his mobile phone, and after this took her to a secluded classroom, offering her sweets if she would join him.

He soon stripped off her pantsu and began to explore her nether regions, apparently biting her, which caused her to scream. He then departed.

Soon after the girls mother arrived, and hearing the tale lodged a report with police.

The girl was sent to hospital for a check-up, but was unharmed.

Police describe the lolicon as being in his early twenties, and are naturally enough keen to speak with him.

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