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Chimpanzee Raeps Woman


A chimpanzee took a fancy to its keeper and sexually assaulted her, severely injuring her in the process.

The chimp in question was a resident of Rostov Zoo in Russia, and apparently harboured feelings towards a female keeper.

When the keeper reached into his cage one day to pass him a banana, he seized his chance, grabbing the keeper and yanking her into his cage, snapping a bone in her arm in the process.

He then proceeded to attempt to have his way with her, whilst she screamed for help. Soon other keepers arrived and pulled the randy ape from her.

The keeper was taken by surprise by the assault: “I have spent a lot of time around the primates but I’d never imagined that a lonely chimpanzee could see me as a sex object.”

Keepers seem more concerned about staying out of court than the plight of their co-worker: “It’s a serious matter. If that had been a member of the public we would all be in court by now.”

Police are set to investigate the matter.


Chimpanzees are considerably stronger animals than humans, and their are numerous incidents of them killing and severely injuring humans with their unpredictable bestial rages, frequently in extremely grisly fashion.

They do not, however, have much of a reputation for raping women, and their penises are unimpressively small…

The good source.

See also the case of the gang raep hentai monkeys and that of the over-amorous dolphin for more such bestial antics.

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