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PS3mote: Sony Rips Off Wii with New PS3 Controller


Sony is said to be planning the release of a new controller which is all but a carbon copy of Nintendo’s Wiimote, and in fact goes even further by introducing enhanced motion tracking.

The new controller is said to follow the Wiimote in design, fitting patents filed by Sony years ago, but to enhance the accuracy of motion tracking considerably by using LEDs and a small camera to track the controller’s movements, including much more sensitivity to Z-axis motion and velocity.

An artist’s impression of the device sure to upset those who don’t actually read the text of the article:


The device is apparently due to be released at the upcoming E3, where presumably some details on the titles involved (said to be under development) may emerge.

The largely neglected tracking features of the standard PS3 controller look set to fall by the wayside entirely.

The good source.

Leaving aside the shameless copying of Nintendo (seeing as everyone copies Nintendo, they can probably be forgiven for this), this does raise some interesting possibilities: with the main obstacle to ports from the Wii being its unique controller, could this herald a series of multiplatform Wii/PS3 titles, or even ports of previously released Wii exclusives?

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