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Akiba Trap Bar “Newtype” Opens


Japan has always enjoyed a fascination with effete young men cross-dressing as maidens, but lately the practice seems to be in vogue; newly opened “dining bar” Newtype is just such an example of that, offering the chance for patrons to spend their nights with a cadre of elite cross-dressing men.


The bar, dubbed “Newtype” (no relation to the magazine) and situated in the heart of Akiba, promises  the opportunity to fraternise with the six elite (all male) staff of cross-dressing “otoko no ko”, an untranslatable term entering into common currency.

Written “オトコの娘”, the term dispenses with the usual characters for “boy” and instead substitutes the character for “girl” (“musume”, in this case pronounced the same way as “ko”, child). The implication should be obvious.


The proprietor boasts “I kept selecting boys cuter than I am and somehow it ended up like this!”

The bar is open late weekly on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 11PM to 5AM. Each day is themed, with gaming and idol based events.

It opened on the first of May, and you can find further details at their homepage.

Via Akiba Souken.

There have also been “shota” cafes offering the pleasures of young boys, but sadly for devoted pederasts these are generally merely young ladies cosplaying young boys cosplaying as girls.

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