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Monkeys Raep Woman


A lady tourist visiting a tropical island near Thailand was hospitalised after the simian inhabitants of the isle took a decidedly amorous liking to her.

The 45-year-old Russian lady visited the island of Phi-Phi, an island belonging to Thailand, to enjoy the tropical beaches and also pay a visit to the colony of macaques which calls the island home.


However, when she began to feed the friendly monkeys with some watermelon, they apparently got the wrong idea and became excited.

Clambering onto her, they soon made their feelings known by attempting to ravish her, much to the alarm of the woman and the bemusement of onlookers:


The monkeys for some reason allowed hormones to get the better of the inter-species boundary, apparently not a regular occurrence at their island.

The lady for her part was not severely injured in the actual assault, as bystanders shooed the rampant males off.

However, she was soon diagnosed with a dangerous viral infection, apparently transmitted by scratches from her suitors, and had some difficulties arranging medication due to her return to Russia, where the appropriate drugs were not available.


At least she chose not to swim with the dolphins

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