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“The Anime Bubble is Burst, Moe & Fansubs are to Blame”


Anime industry figures say the anime boom of the past several years is ended, and the industry is quick to point fingers.

There seems little doubt that the production of anime has cooled off of late: in 2000, 124 anime titles were broadcast on Japanese TV,  but in 2006 this had risen precipitously to 306; in 2008 it declined to 288. The latest season sees 30 shows airing, whereas the same season in 2006 saw 60.

A director of an industry group is gloomy:

“The bubble of a few years back is well and truly burst. With declining birth rates and a recession it is downhill from here on. The industry has gone from boom to bust, and restructuring looks likely.”

Much of this success is attributed to a steady series of hit late night anime starting in the nineties, some, like Neon Genesis Evangelion, spawning entire industries unto themselves.  In this boom, domestic sales rose to 97 billion yen in 2005, but have since slumped to a “mere” 78 billion in 2008.

One anime producer has no doubts about where to lay the blame; he places it squarely at the feet of the increasingly unadventurous studios themselves, who have been endlessly churning out moe and mecha anime:

“The reason this stuff isn’t selling is because people have cottoned on to the fact they’re just rehashing the same moe and mecha anime over and over. With less disposable income and the diffusion of HD, youngsters have become very careful about what they buy; as only the best products can weather this, there’s nothing for it but to make more of them.”

The disastrous mishandling of the international markets is another worry for the industry, which has seen the US anime market shrink from $4.8 billion in 2003 to $2.8 billion in 2007, with DVD sales collapsing even as the online popularity of anime has been stable or risen.

Publishers blame the pernicious influence of fansubs and P2P, rather than their own willful failure to adapt to the digital distribution model, which has seen international anime fans left with no legal options in most cases.

Considering that Japanese P2P networks have been transferring vast quantities of data at rates most countries can only dream of for years now, the notion that torrents are a major drain on sales clearly has some problems.

Fortunately, publishers are finally beginning to take halting steps in the direction of a workable online distribution model, with anime viewable over a variety of video sharing sites legally, if with excessively restricted regional availability.

These efforts seem to be meeting with some success, so growth and supplantation of the ineffectual direct DVD sales model seems likely.

The collective realisation in the industry seems to be that quality must now come to trump quantity.

Prior to the boom of the late nineties, output was steady at 100 to 150 titles for many years, producing great hits such as Evangelion and Gundam all the same. This is taken as evidence of the fact that massive output is not necessarily appropriate.

The industry group director puts it plainly:

“We have to change fast. China already outstrips us in quantity of titles produced, so from now on it must be quality over quantity, with anime production taught properly at universities in order to create human resources of great quality; this can become a national forte.”

Via Asahi.

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  • Not due to fansubs. Due to recession (not willing to green light as many shows if they aren’t going to sell) lack of variety (go ahead, count how many anime harem shows are releasing. Over 50% of new shows seem to be of the genre, and they are all pretty much the same) and censorship in japan.

    No spare income means less anime purchases.

    If anything, fansubs have been increasing my purchase power here in the states.

  • It’s not fansubs, it’s this.

    Shitty marketing
    Shitty Shows
    Shitty charachters
    Shitty Animation

    Anime nowadays is shit, it declined with moe, I used to not think this but now I do, considering that most anime nowadays is the same re-packaged shit. Luckily I just got into it like frour years ago so I still have that pile of old stuff to go through while waiting this out.

    K-on was the new lucky star, and now sora no woto is the new K-on what’s next?

  • A lot of anime today are airing before the manga even finishes… What do you take of them then?

    They can’t POSSIBLY “finish” the series on TV when the mangaka himself isn’t even done yet…

    That’s why you have so many anime that felt very “incomplete….”

    What solution do I offer? I don’t know the answer to that myself…

  • The morons obviously don’t understand that in a STAGNATING CUSTOMER POOL you’ll get peaks of revene followed by periods of backlash, NO, they just want MOAR MONEY! MOAR EVERY FUCKING QUARTER! If the profits DROP BY 1.25% they go all apeshit and start blaming it on the customers (and pirates arrrgh, matey!).

    • Finally someone who isn’t an idiot.
      It’s just that simple…

      “There seems little doubt that the production of anime has cooled off of late: in 2000, 124 anime titles were broadcast on Japanese TV, but in 2006 this had risen precipitously to 306; in 2008 it declined to 288. The latest season sees 30 shows airing, whereas the same season in 2006 saw 60.”

      Quote says it all. Market was just incredibly over-saturated to unrealistic levels. Most people just got bored with the same moe shit repackaged. Throw in a slowing economy and you got yourself a stagnating market for this moe shit (and even generic garbage mecha Code Geass – and while I’m ranting, fuck Clamp’s stick character design).

      Those retards will try to blame anything and everything, from low japan birth rates to fan-subs. About time they start thinking of making some quality before expecting their sales to rise. They are lucky their production levels haven’t gone back to what they were in 2000.

      And they keep bitching about not making enough money from licensing fees. Can’t they realize that if they add professional subtitles to their anime they can sell it internationally and make a shitload more? There’s plenty of people that would buy HQ blu-rays.

      They can also make ad revenue from streaming episodes online to people for free. Except the subtitles have to be better quality than crunchy-shit. Oh and for free. They can make plenty of money from ads. (or in the worst case scenario they can make *some* money which is better than not making anything since people will never stop torrenting)

    • LoL.
      Finally someone who isn’t an idiot.
      It’s just that simple…

      “There seems little doubt that the production of anime has cooled off of late: in 2000, 124 anime titles were broadcast on Japanese TV, but in 2006 this had risen precipitously to 306; in 2008 it declined to 288. The latest season sees 30 shows airing, whereas the same season in 2006 saw 60.”

      Quote says it all. Market was just incredibly over-saturated to unrealistic levels. Most people just got bored with the same moe shit repackaged. Throw in a slowing economy and you got yourself a stagnating market for this moe shit (and even generic garbage mecha Code Geass – and while I’m ranting, fuck Clamp’s stick character design).

      Those retards will try to blame anything and everything, from low japan birth rates to fan-subs. About time they start thinking of making some quality before expecting their sales to rise. They are lucky their production levels haven’t gone back to what they were in 2000.

      And they keep bitching about not making enough money from licensing fees. Can’t they realize that if they add professional subtitles to their anime they can sell it internationally and make a shitload more? There’s plenty of people that would buy HQ blu-rays.

      They can also make ad revenue from streaming episodes online to people for free. Except the subtitles have to be better quality than crunchy-shit. Oh and for free. They can make plenty of money from ads. (or in the worst case scenario they can make *some* money which is better than not making anything since people will never stop torrenting)

  • Danielnoctis says:

    Don’t forget technology and HD.
    It costs a lot more men power,hard/software and payed hours to produce an anime with high-res visuals. That’s probably the main reason you see less animes overall.

    Same thing in videogame industry too,back at ’99 they released a new FF a year.(more so in snes era) XIII is now taking eternally to come out.

    • There are very, very few truly novel ideas anymore. All you can do is find better ways to tell the same stories.

      One idea is to lower the cost and access barriers for good creative talent. Judging by the doujins and fan projects I’ve seen, there is enough solid creative talent out there to fill the pipes with good product. I believe that creators are locked out, priced out, grossly underplayed or forced to work outside of their creative strengths to push cheap commodity product.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think the entertainement industry as a whole is having problems. Rehashing, formulatic story telling and Flash over substance. This has hurt every genre not just anime. There is little real talent its just really good graphics or effects and not much else. Did some people relize not to oversaturate the market for one two anime was a fad for awhile and its not anymore. Please dont kill me.

    In the states it was hard to find good anime at a decent price when its 2-3 times the price of a regular DVD its hard to justify buying it (this is why media play went under), not to mention the censorship, translations, lack of selection and time delays.

    You can argue about the fansub vs DVD but when fansubs released the same day or next day as they are in japan and yet the american release is years later. Why do the componies complain or are surprised when they discovered their fans found another way to watch during that time.

    Honestly their has been very little recently that I would even DL now a days. I can get any anime I want and yet I find myself watching GTO, full metal, Hellsing, Berserk, Kenshin, Hokto Kenshin, trigun chobits, lain and all the older stuff that I’ve already seen. While trying to find the stuff I missed or that I couldnt find back then ranging from ridiculously old golgo and lupin to whatever I happen to run across uhmm Tenge I guess and other stuff.

    Sure there are a few new gems here and there Monster (is it even available in the states?), I enjoyed you know… I cant think of anything released latly that I hade any interest in that wasnt a redo (hellsing ultimate). I go Claymore that was earlier and was eh, I think monster was earlier too? Dethnote I saw it on adult swim almost didnt watch it agian Dl’d fansub and it was much better go figure? whats this Queen Blade anyway? Sorry, people think I’m an otaku because a like fansubs but honestly I’m not. Atleast compared to actual otaku’s so forgive me and my lack of knowledge or tastes. 🙂

    Speaking of tastes Guiltly I’ll admit to Naruto I like DBZ why not that too? Speaking of naruto I’m the last remaining fan in my group for Naruto as all my freinds dont do fansubs. And they watched it on cartoon network I watched a few episodes and relized why they dont watch it, it was awful. Agian the company changing the product and then when the fans go no I’m not watching a inferior product they go and blame pirates. Stop passing the buck on the fans.

    Bottom line Its the companies fault, if you made good stuff and priced it reasonably and gave us timely acesses we would buy it or watch it on t.v but they dont so many are FORCED to find other ways outside moving to japan and learning japanese to watch the shows. And that would be fansubing JMO.

    I never understood the big deal on fansubs honestly so a fan that knows both japanese and english likes a show Soo much they translate the show thats already out in japna into english where its not even available. They do this own their own and for free. This is bad why? The subber just cut down on work the companies would have to do. Just yank the fansubbers script and bam done. Guess it doesnt work that why huh?

    Wow just looked at what I wrote sorry about the rant. I’m just tired of studios and companies blaming everybody including their own consumers for their own companies failed business models and pathetic leadership. Again JMO.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a hardcore otaku if you you will. I never got much into fansubs until after several hack jobs by american release companies, such as 4Kids entertainment who trashed, Tokyo mew mew, one piece and many others. Pioneer beat Love Hina with a bamboo stick. I know enough Japanese to realise when they are hacking something to pieces. I’ll watch any anime for at least 2 episodes on fansub, if it’s deemed worthy I’ll buy the anime on DvD.
    and if it wasn’t for 4Kids and their “it’s only for kids” point of veiw I probably still wouldn’t be interested in fansubs. but in my experience fansubs are people who care more about the quality of their translations than any company just looking for a dollar.

    I’m sure if I was fluent in Japanese I’d order just straight japanese titles from japan. but in the United States I get what I can with subs, and it only takes one hack job translation to make me not buy from that company again.

  • tokupoku says:

    You make a market research to see if producing something is profitable.

    If it isn’t profitable your marketing department is to blame. How do people that you don’t even count as human affect you economically?

  • The solution is simple, make interesting anime, the only really good titles this year are eden of the east and michiko to hatchin, then rest are “OK” barely bordering good.

  • They’re just realizing this now? I’ve known that the entertainment industry as a whole has been going down the toilet in terms of quality, creativity and originality for years.

    • I’m guessing that we have a problem of too much bandwidth, too many walking monkeys who want to be entertained, too few owners and few producers with the creative ability, licensee or resources to produce quality content.

  • Moondoggiebuiscuit says:

    It isn’t the fansubbers but the story of the anime itself. There are people like me who first view the show online then buy the Licensed DVD release when we liked it…. The reason we resort to the internet is because that many animes never get to see western and south-eastern shores unlike before….

  • Anonymous says:

    I used to love Bleach during season 1. So many characters and so much room for awesome developing relationships. (friendly and romantic). but now were at what episode? and it still seems like you cant even call the characters friends. name one time they’ve “hung out”. people complain about filler episodes, but if youre trying to make a long running show, sometimes a few filler episodes really help identify your characters wth the audience and each other. inuyasha was so crammed full of filler it was crazy… but by the end you felt you knew the characters personally.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you want a solid thought-provoking storyline in your Anime then read a damn book you illiterate people, this is why light novels/novels from Japan are having a hard time making it to the US market because people would rather read pictures or watch their so-called literary pixels. In my eyes, Anime is all about the action and 2D appeal/characteristics and where it takes me from there. Both Moe and Mecha have given the Anime industry the opportunity to survive throughout the years, otherwise it would have been a dead hobby – its pretty much up to the Japanese Otaku now as to where every Anime studio in Japan is heading in terms of what to produce.

    Quality will come in due time you guys…just keep on living your lives and enjoying the Anime that you desire to watch…and stop stressing over this.

    • Anonymous says:

      OK, we have never said animes were picture novels nor wanted it to be that way. We wanted the animes to pay less attention to the moe and more attention to ahh, I don’t know, THE FUCKING STORY. In my eyes, Anime is like any animation, A play in the form of a painting. I can stand shows with moe, mecha, fanservice, over the top action, and so forth, just as long as they have something called quality with a good and interesting storyline. If they can’t show that, then I won’t show my appreciation. That kind of logic is what makes people in the US view animation now as nothing more than stupid kid shit, and treats is audiences as if they were idiots. That’s why the US got so much bullshit animation these days.

      • Japanese cartoons are, for the most part, marketed as stupid kid shit.

        I absolutely agree on the need for quality story writing. It’s amazing how many media production companies forget the foundational importance of a solid script. Gonzo could get away with half-assed 3D every episode if they didn’t hack the bloody stories, killing off dramatic tension, theme and characterization.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re not going to get too much of a read out of a light novel either, to be honest. Maybe it’s because I’ve read so many “regular” books but light novels barely last an hour for me before I’ve reached their end.

    • Anonymous says:


      I can equally enjoy both quality shows that are thought provoking and quality shows with moe, mecha, fanservice, over the top action, and so forth. My preference lies mostly in whatever I enjoy most, and I buy/support whatever franchise/product that I like best, of course.

  • Let’s see, the # of shows grew at an annual rate of freaking 41% for 6 years! Does anyone think this is a sustainable growth rate for any industry? For the love of god, give your head a shake and realize that the “contraction” of 2007 and 2008 (when the world is in the midst of a recession) is only 3% annually. Hell, the vast majority of industries out there would kill to only contract 3% annually in the current environment. Disclaimer: I’m heavily simplifying the numbers, but it’s not like the industry is dying (yet). Btw, anyone who claims that 2006 was a golden age, wasn’t paying much attention to the first few years of this decade. We got stuff like Rurouni Kenshin: Reminiscience, Cowboy Bebop, Azumanga Daioh, Haibane Renmei, GitS: SAC and Fullmetal Alchemist; shows that (imo) have significantly outshone anything produced in the last several years (except maybe Higurashi).

    • Yes, nice and succinct (and Yoshitoshi ABe needs to get off his but and do more stuff, Chiaki did Ghost Hound recently at least… seriously get back to work you guys ヽ(`Д´)ノ ).

      There’s no way enough new anime fans would arrive to sustain the boom, nor could enough old fans find the time to watch the 100’s upon 100’s of already existing anime their friends/internet will recommend to them as if we all have that kind of time :\

      Were there really commenters calling ’06 a golden age? Probably 12 yo’s… but to be fair I didn’t seriously get into anime myself until about ’04, so ’06 was a pretty nice year.

      • I think I remember seeing some comments during ’06-’07 that that year(s) were a golden age but they were probably from fans that didn’t get into anime when the true Golden Age for anime happened.

        Though, ’06-’07 was a very good year(s) for anime. The best since the Golden Age ended, even.

  • How can one complain about moe anime? They are selling pretty well…
    If anything, the other kinds of anime are the ones that should be blamed, since they are uninteresting and no one wants to buy them.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s one the whole reason about the post ass. How can you complain about other kinds of anime? Moe to me is like youtube videos with thumbnails of naked hot chicks. When you click on them, in the end they are just view cheats. that’s what I see in moe fucking VIEWCHEATS. Sure, many of them look promising but for once i like to see some good story in too with the animation is the only reason we all gave a damn about anime in the first place. if not, at all.

        • It’s all about sustainability. Truly healthy production companies have a diverse portfolio of products designed to appeal to a variety of demographic groups. The problem isn’t moe, but an over=reliance on one type of product aimed at one demographic. The industry followed a classic “gold rush” model with all of its attendant consequences.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s not the point. the fact (or lack there of) that “Mo anime IS selling well” is not part of my point. moe is nothing but a craze. and the over the top moe titles are nothing but cash cows using cute girls as view cheats. Japan is known for it’s crazes. the sooner Japan turns to another craze the faster your so called profitable moe will fall short in it’s ass like the others if it hadn’t done so already. what sells good doesn’t always last long. if the other kinds of anime aren’t selling well and they were here before the moe craze, what make you think that moe is going to last.

      • Yea, one reason why a lot of people turned away from american animation was lack of story and thats what anime provided cartoons that was for any age group that didnt need to be aired on HBO XD – tell me if thats now true. anyone one else who watch anime “ESPECIALLY GUYS” for moe – are only doing it like someones said above for their penis.

        I cant stand how many guys watch that shit too – and then say crap like they cried at the end of clannad GTFO are you a man or a bitch? all these girl animes aimed at guys – face it at the end of the day their not real u cant bang em – get a gf your anime desire will go down by tenfold

        • I stated earlier that we need more seinen anime that deal with mature themes rather than the stuff they’re churning out lately. But I’ve just got into this “moe” type of anime so I haven’t been overexposed in it yet!

        • Anonymous says:

          This is coming from the same person who said “You have a lot of emotional baggage I strongly recommend you deal with, before it bites you in the ass” Now I’m not viewing females as inferior weaklings Nor is it wrong to cry I’m saying you and what phisak are saying is flawed. We need less of these of what the /b/ tards say “emo” anime that will JUST leave us crying I want more animes to give us a variety of emotions.

        • Detailoid says:

          My husband gets as teary-eyed at really sad anime scenes as really sad movie scenes. Not that he cries frequently, probably just a few times a year. Congrats internet tough guy for being a jerk with great insecurities regarding your masculinity.

          That said, my husband didn’t cry at Clannad.. Just because you can’t cry without feeling like some “worthless girly girl” doesn’t mean it’s an accurate assessment of reality. You have a lot of emotional baggage I strongly recommend you deal with, before it bites you in the ass, especially your issues with viewing females as inferior weaklings. You’ll never have a good relationship with that attitude, especially not with yourself.

  • Need more people of color and backgrounds 😛
    everytime i see an anime that doesn’t take place in japan – or a future where the world is one they never have any people of fucking color – wtf, do we just die out in the future? Spice it up throw in a black lead role or latin role or something – this is why i respect people like Kubo tite, Shinichirō Watanabe, Rei Hiroe etc. they throw in other cultures into the mix. then i gave Masashi Kishimoto props when he made the cloud village 70% black XD

      • One or two outlier examples and a ridiculously unrealistic sample of unattractive or painfully stereotypical characters isn’t going to work for crap.

        Japanese were better about presenting a balanced picture of ethnic people in the 80’s for crying out loud. Sunrise, Statelight and Bones have bought some clues, but we’re still waiting on the rest.

  • I was hoping this would happen a few years ago.

    The only way for the anime market to go back to being about qaulity was for the anime bubble to pop, and the market to crash.

    If these companies don’t suffer for putting out mass amounts of trash, they will never learn. Worse yet are the retarded newer fans who are too dumb to not fall for their schemes.

    Another lesson they need to learn: Real fans don’t want, or NEED dubs. You are wasting your money making them. Quickly made subtitled DVD’s (like they did with Gurren Lagaan)

    The faster these people who think anime is a “fad” are out of the fandom, the better.

    Anime has turned into everything I hated about western media.

    • You forget that Japanese cartoons, are at it’s heart, children’s media. Many plots, themes and characters recycle for each successive generation because they appeal to a particular age group. This is all new to the shortys and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • I wish I could say I agree but it’s been proven the American fans like watching dubs more then subs. Even to the point of only buying DVDs that dubs with them.

      But, with everything else I agree with you.

      • Detailoid says:

        And going “WTF is this bullshit!” when they get subs. Which strikes me as lazy and idiotic, but then again I grew up in a country where only kids stuff was dubbed in movies and tv, and the other stuff subbed, so that’s a lot of cultural bias there…

    • That’s just not true… there’s are a lot of shows where cultural implications are lost in translation. However, in that absence, lots of people would prefer to spend more of their attention to watching the details of animation and less to understand what exactly is happening in the first place, Full metal Alchemist for example.

      And there there are some rare occasions where there dub is flat out better- or it makes more sense for the show to be in english. Black Lagoon, for extreme example, where three of the four main characters are American and everyone is assumed to be speaking english even though the vocals might be japanese.

      This clip really shows the superiority of the BL dub. There is no way I could possibly enjoy this scene in a japanese dub as much as I did in the english dub.

  • Anonymous says:

    i fucking hate old people cuz it’s always the same discussion with them.

    Old People: “our crappy product isn’t selling that well anymore. could it be that people have finally realized that it’s not worth anything cuz we put as little effort into it as possible?”

    Other Old People: “no, it can’t be that. i think it’s this internet thing that all the kids are using nowadays. i hear you can watch japanese tv shows on the internet in america. just like japanese TV.”

    Old People: “this is an outrage!!!! the internet must be stopped!!”

    Other Old People “hold on now, we can’t stop the whole of the internet. how about instead we prosecute the fans who are enthusiastic enough to put english subtitles on the shows and distribute them.”

    Old People: “Yes then the stupid americans will HAVE TO buy dvds just to see the show even if it’s crap. then our profits will increase tenfold”

    this same scenario works for the music industry if you change a couple of words.

    • Yep, the content industry is currently owned by Baby Boomers who can barely use e-mail and think the Internet is only good for grandbrat photos and buying or selling physical crap.

      To make matters worse, the content industry has a longstanding mission of fighting distribution improvements, like cable TV and CDs, tooth and nail while bribing legislators into extending expiring copyrights to virtual infinity and beyond.

      These barons and dukes have no firm conception of virtual spaces, no real respect for the human/virtual wold in general. They’re trying to control digital space like a physical space, sort of like how they treat creative expressions like chattel property.

      The Japanese media industry is the pinnacle of this baron-like mentality, and it’s understandable as they rely on cultural products for such a significant portion of their economic strength. I often wonder if there is any relation between their concrete-fisted IP control laws, artificially constrained market and the general decline their media industries? Am I overreaching here?

    • I feel similar just about whenever I open up a newspaper and start reading. Or whenever I read articles about p2p or the media industry, so I get where you’re coming from. Always bad news, feels like no one’s willing to seriously consider both sides of the issues, or have the guts to overhaul the current flawed system of intellectual copyright laws. Meanwhile legal sharks and corporate suits get their kicks off giving the latest scapegoat niche a hard time.

      But it’s also a bit shallow to assume all “old” people feel this way. After all, it’s thanks to the older crowd who are creating this stuff that we have anime/etc in the first place.

  • The number of reasons for this happening are almost too many to list.

    Niching alienates non-niche audiences, the token loli characters alienates generic audiences, the “creepy otaku” myths alienate younger audiences, the frequent recycling of anime archetypes (16 yo schoolgirl, emotionally bereft cool guys, loud obnoxious brats as shonen heroes, dragon lady, etc.) can alienate long-time fans by embittering them to the genre.

    BUT. This is all a good thing. Whatever keeps the bubble from expanding, keeps the content of the anime industry flexible, allowing bizarre concepts to be produced into professional series (in contrast to over-popularized Hollywood which has grown so large, they are unable to financially risk catering to creativity over popularity).


    Case in point: The movie “The Golden Compass” was based of a brilliant atheistic young adult’s novel. When it got converted to a movie, they butchered the living fuck out of it so that it could reach a larger market share.

    In the end this desire to appeal to the broadest spectrum of consumer led it to flop and burn, both in the generic demographic, and the hard-core demographic.

    Most of my fellow Phillip Pullman devotees didn’t even watch it in theaters. We’d read the butchered script, seen the philosophically stripped “kiddy”-ified scenes on youtube. Popularization shamelessly, mechanically raeped its potential. It almost always does this.


    Creatively, Anime/manga/jRPGs/etc. are healthiest as an underdog niche.

    If the bubble didn’t burst, anime would be popularized to the point where the content inside it is filled with crazy action special effects, with its characters conjured out of soulless corporate statistics rather than the brilliant mind of an aspiring mangaka in his apartment efficiency, fueled by a passionate fiery imaginative force and pennies worth of ramen (and hopefully some multivitamins).

    If the above “Hollywood” effect ever happened to anime on a large scale, it would be doomed to cater to “majority” tastes, and lose its creative freedom. Lose its charm. It would shut its gates to said apartment efficiency mangakas, and their ideas would be remain even further under the radar with far less chance of full-fledged anime adaption.


    Also, DVD sales? Pfft. Digital downloads and/or streams are what they should be focusing the bulk of their business models around. Also, merchandize more.

    People like getting extras when they buy anime, great, they have your home address, they can ship you an Art Book of the show you just pre-ordered or whatever. Or torrent you it (why does no one – apart from Radiohead – seem to use private trackers for legitimately distributing their media?).

    Crunchyroll et al. will set the pace for providing life-long pirates with a means to support the industry they’ve grown to love whether their still young and can stream with advertisements, or older and will download and buy merchandise/extras.

    …I hope.

    tl;dr –> Everything’s better while it’s still just a little underground.

  • Daizengar says:

    >_> the culprit is that…anime those days only have BOOBS and Ecchi and hentai!
    less and less ppl care to the history and everything of the series itself…Thats why i say…
    Old Anime are the best!!!

    • Having watched anime since 1986, i must tell you it has been ecchi and boobs and more all the time. Go back to cartoons if this disturbs you. There is good stories & other quality available in today`s anime, as it has also been all the time.
      Of course too much of similar anime has been produced in last years, but i feel that it`s not more than economical problem, which will sort out itself.
      I like old anime as well. My all-time favourite is Urusei Yatsura.

  • MaidNiac says:

    When ALMOST EVERYTHING (young girls, cute males, lolis, shota, being girlish/feminine, eating cakes, playing guitars, bipolar girls, psychopaths, eating curry, munching pockies, timid coward girls, wearing glasses, blushing, dancing, clapping castanets, having a twin/ponytail, gothloli, beach/hotspring, playing videogames, etc, etc… shitting on pavements, having multiple breasts, bitting someone penis, smashing a phone booth, peeing on Osama Bin Laden photo, breaking a Nendoroid Sebastian’s head, etc… etc..), It’s damn easy for people especially Nostalgia f@gs to stamp anime nowadays as Moe rehashers.

    The Mecha one made me chuckle.., i thought i’ve seen too much Mecha anime back in the 90’s..

    • MaidNiac says:

      Sorry for the typo, i meant;

      When almost everything (young girls,… etc… etc..) IS CONSIDERED AS MOE, It’s damn easy for people especially Nostalgia f@gs to stamp anime nowadays as Moe rehashers.

  • KajunBowser says:

    Speaking of pointing fingers, I just read the “Chicks on Anime” interview w/ to-be-unnamed copyright guy from FUNi about copyrights. Needless to say it was a very “non-fansub” crowd in the place. Did point out that for copyrights, if the company gets the license, it’s game over for those in the company’s “copyright zone.” Also, AMVs are grrrrrreat publicity (unless they start doing harm to their product(s)).

    Also, the dude made a business error: giving a definitive answer as to why ur trying to c0ck-b10ck the competition. He said yes to FUNi’s simulcasting series like FMA: Brohood and Phantom against fansubbers. It’s clear that they see the new business model that can sure up any series they’re interested in, but don’t flat-out admit that you’re going after fansubbers like that. However, give ’em credit in this: when they license it, fansubbers, ur fair game just like a certain fansubbing group found out.

  • Wow… those publishers are dumb…. if you’re gona compare the current shows’ successes to Evangelion… wow… that’s the most rigged way to blame subbers… EVER…

  • Anonymous says:

    Is this supposed to be a traduction of the original Asahi article or a personal interpretation of it? Because the following paragraph is wrong:

    “Publishers blame the pernicious influence of fansubs and P2P, rather than their own willful failure to adapt to the digital distribution model, which has seen international anime fans left with no legal options in most cases.”

    In the original article, no one blames anything here, especially no anime producer. The article mentions only what *JETRO*, the Japan External Trade Organization, has to say about the decline in DVD sales: “Unauthorized net distribution, including fan-subtitled videos on streaming and file-sharing sites, is *one reason* for the decline in DVD sales.”

    “Considering that Japanese P2P networks have been transferring vast quantities of data at rates most countries can only dream of for years now, the notion that torrents are solely to blame clearly has some problems.”

    This is a purely personal interpretation of the original Asahi article. Japanese P2p networks are nowhere mentioned in the article and nobody solely blames them. F

    For the next time, please differentiate clearly between direct/indirect translation and personal interpretation/speculation of an newspaper article.

    • The articles here are not direct translations of source material. They include critical analysis, additions and omissions. However, quoted speech is always directly translated.

      All journalism is just interpretation, so any inclusion of a “fact”, or the act of creating a “news worthy” event, is a conscious decision by the writer to influence the reader.

      Publishers do blame fansubs, you can see a variety of direct statements by them to that effect in articles here and elsewhere. JETRO is only saying what it has been told to say.

      If you don’t like it, you can always read the original in Japanese.

      You did however pick out some poor wording on the torrents statement – please allow me to correct that, and thank you.

  • Yeah enemy I mean anime quality has hit rock bottom and not many buy DVD reason
    1)Ecomoni crisis
    2)Why havn’t they adapt some good manga to anime like Yotsubato or Vangard
    3)Be more international frendly

    Let not forget anime not only creat DVD but also fans,figure,doujin,games,dakimakura etc and they make this product and jackup the price 200%.Fan sub has always made anime more likable and spredable.I understand that they are not making much profit out of it,but they can’t blindly blame other for their own mistake,while other watch it in TV for free.

    If I’m not mistaken what they want are otaku who would blindly pay anything to get the crap,sorry to say this but those type of poeple are limited.Their are other alternative out their and way to invest and start making quality anime so I could feel like I’m not wasting my money.(although I am)

  • well this is from my point of view but don’t you think 80USD a dvd that has few episodes is asking too much from the buyers? i mean that is way too much money, they need to lower it if they want more sales.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thats just sad, yes blame the fans who fund your easy money known as “anime” it’s all because of the fansubs taking all the imaginary money away from japan. What in the fuck are they going on about?

    Japan needs to adopt a business plan for the non-Japanese people and stop converting everything into anime until everyone is sick of it(oh wait that’s already happening). Granted anime is awesome, but not everyone wants to see it.

    So my understanding is, because they can’t figure out how to market anime properly, they open fire on the people who fansub anime for FREE, who generate interest in anime and manga, again, for FREE.

    If you REALLY enjoy something shouldn’t you pay for it? Of course you should, you show your appreciation to the company who brings out material you enjoy. And for the people who just leech and never buy anything, shame on you.

    How many things can you honestly say you would buy even if it was in a language you couldn’t understand? Sono Hanabira goods are the only things I go out of my way to collect via ordering from a proxy. Sure I’d love to see a translated version or even learn Japanese myself(preferred), but the fact is I enjoy Sono Hanabira THAT MUCH, and I hope there is other people who feel the same way about other things.

    Perhaps maybe, just maybe they could stop shoveling out shit anime and focus on quality for once. Very late 90s and up until a little while back was like the golden age of anime for me. Now I look for something to watch, and I’m like wtf is this shit?

    No.1 Japan needs to stfu about a non-Japanese audience they don’t want to spend any money on, yet believe they deserve some sort of profit.

    No.2 Stop producing mass amounts of low quality shit, this includes fillers, like oh I don’t know, Naruto? Everyone knows after Sasuke leaves the series fell to pieces and it was all filler until the end.

    No.3 Stop turning everything into anime, at some point there needs to be a limit right? Right…? I love anime, I could have anime everything and never be sick of it. But there is people who hate anime(God knows why) and are getting more and more sick of it.

    No.4 Maybe they could try and adopt some kind of business plan for non-Japanese people? Yeah this probably wont happen..

    Sorry for ranting guys but I’m so sick of these people shooting the fans, their whole purpose for being in business.

  • I’ve posted it before, its their distribution model that’s to blame for.
    They need to follow the music industry, instead of releasing overpriced physical media just make it available for download.

    Can’t beat them? Join them!
    Like itunes success all you need is the same thing more affordable ([i]customizable doesn’t really apply to anime though, unless people actually want to watch a few epsidodes of a series[/i]).
    Get all the companies together and create some kind of fansub opensource’ish license, use that as the base for subs instead of the sometimes awful subs that accompany DVD’s. (Blassreiter subs from Gonzo seemed good to me though).
    I’d say the fansub groups would mostly be eager to make use of this? They’re obviously all anime lovers and most likely would like to help the market.
    And having someone running a ‘professional quality check’ is bound to be heaps cheaper than hiring a translator to do the entire thing from the ground up.

    Get the big players together, come up with some sort of torrent based client and add a feature to remux in the subs. In the profile settings of the client you can specify your “mister” vs “-san” preferences.
    Dedicate some servers to keeping stuff seeded so the download speeds stay acceptable. Prety much garantueed success formula right there.
    Takes a bit of an investment, but the customers get what they want and the companies will have to pay near nothing as it’s using the customers own bandwidth so prices can be kept reasonble. (I’m think 1.5 times the price of a 2 episode DVD release for an entire 26 episodes season)

    And if they want the streaming to succeed stop making it region restricted for the love of god.. Plenty of companies that are selling products worldwide to partner up with?
    Think Samsung, Philips etc.
    Someone using a proxy (or just someone him/herself in the states) and posting the result publically available really doesn’t help them either.

  • Castronaut says:

    If the age of moe has ended, or is beginning to end, that raises the question as to what will replace it.

    On the other hand, I find it unlikely that mecha will ever go out of style.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey, let me get this straight for the truth.
    Despite the fact that even the anime industry in japan have been in a recession related the issue of the financial globalization,
    note that Asahi Shinbun basically has been takeng anti-japan stance for a long time, especially focusing on a word “soft power” on these and those article.
    Of course It can say that Asahi shinbun has been bashing prime minister Aso who has patriotism for japan.
    And It’s true that Asahi Shinbun’s Japan branch of People’s Daily, one of chinese media.
    Chinese media, like agnes-chan are basically anti-japan.

  • well i agree that what they offer up in the case of anime sucks and for fans of a manga often the way they offer it up is disapointing as well. fansubbing can seem to take money out of the pockets of the producers but that is only if you see those viewers as potential sales and I think that is a bit presumptious. Most of the people who watch fansubs much like with manga scanlations would never buy. They just watch/read because it is free and therefore are not really a lost sale. I think the focus should be on quality as for the american market i think if they really want that 2 billion back they ought to treat western customers the same as they do japanese ones. generally speaking the people who will go buy dvds are just as much otaku as the japanese otaku are and yet the offering to the us includes none of the swag included in the japanese release even though they are usually more expensive.

  • Aldwin30 says:

    The only reason fansubbing trumps the original Dvd’s is because Japan isn’t aggressive enough to put their subs first and they aren’t reaching enough places with their current tactics!!!
    Hell if The Philippines had it’s own SUBBED ORIGINAL VIDEO INTERNET SHOP, i would personally drain all my funds into that thing.
    But sadly, it doesn’t so we’re forced to go to streaming sites and Download sites……
    Some even go to the lengths of buying pirated Anime DVD’s just for the sake of watching their precious anime…….
    Nobody sells us some decent stuff…!!! DAMN!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone who says fansubbers are to blame should be forced to watch Saki until their eyes bleed.

    In a sense though, fans are partly to blame. The reason so many studios churned out so much crap for so long, is because it was cheap and easy, and people bought it.

    If people stop buying unoriginal crap, which according to this article they have, maybe the industry will start trying again.

  • Oh, yes, blame the fans, what a brilliant strategy. Have they ever thought that it’s not the fans, though? Maybe the guys making the anime dropping the ball in terms of quality, and thus people dropping their series as something worth watching? Or, oh, I know, what about those campaigns against otaku, or the whole only showing anime late at night or on cable bit?

    I mean, sure, blame the people who are still fans, despite the recent QUALITY of late… That’s sure to do well, uh huh. >_>

  • Anonymous says:

    Fansubs, no; moe, most definitely yes. The whole point of moe is reinforcing and reusing cliches endlessly, to the point where tons of new series are interchangeable with each other. It’s annoying as hell and I’ve been eagerly waiting for it to cycle out for the next set of prevailing cliches. Maybe they’ll be more amusing than annoying.

  • zeeohsix says:

    i tried but i can’t watch k-on.

    it’s like the epitomy of this whole moe thing.
    each character is of each fetish. loud and abusive, dumb and dizty, passive/shy, etc…
    it’s was cool in haruhi when she played in the band only because it was unexpected but that’s kinda what haruhi was about.

    if the girl’s parents owned the music store, why not let her borrow a guitar?
    do they have to play to keep the club or can they just have 4 members and do something else?
    i’ve even tried imagining it as the same high school and the other members are the ones that haruhi and yuki substituted for

    • Anonymous says:

      Half right. There are some people who won’t buy even if they can as long as they can get it free. So even if fansubbing got eliminated entirely these people won’t spend a dime and move on to other sources of entertainment.

      • Anonymous says:

        you know whats the difference in archiving things on my DVR or Tivo and doing it on a HDD off the internet? As a matter of fact why arent the studios going after the internet companies instead of the user that ARE paying for the intenet and using it for what is designed for. sharing information!! Whether it be text, music, movies plays whatever thats what the internets for! Thats why I’m paying extra for bandwidth speed. I’ll go to jail before I pay anyone anything I already paid and I do every month if you didnt get your cut then go to them and leave us the hell alone!! It just completly absurd to me!

  • Anonymous says:

    The only things which is worth watching is Valkyria Chronicles and Basquash. The others are moe and shonen shit.

    I miss those good old times when the creators had the (money) courage to do something out of ordinary not just following the same old recipes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Please don’t encourage them to make more vacuous moe shit. K-On is enough, let’s try to ween ourselves off of pointless cuteness.

    Even though it seems you cockbags are perfectly fine with it, gg.

    • anonymous says:

      If you didn’t already know, when people see cute things in front of them (moe, kittens, babies, etc., all count) the brain literally is releasing endogenous Opiates, drugging them into a “cuteness induced stupor”.

      People who seriously get into things like “lolcats”, “moe”, child rearing, etc. are actually hard-core Opiate addicts who melt at every opportunity for their next fix.

      And no I’m not kidding :\

      It’s a similar mechanism to mothers whose “brains light up” (as scientists often simplify for the masses) when looking at their own babies.

      This article isn’t the one I read to learn this back when I was studying neuroscience, but it’s a good read for the average person:

      “New studies suggest that cute images stimulate the same pleasure centers of the brain aroused by sex, a good meal or psychoactive drugs like cocaine…”

      Quote from page 2.


      I think this sort of realization might be of interest to all lovers of moe, nyah :3

      To put it realistically, now that the “moe” Pandora’s Box has been opened, don’t expect fans to just let the industry stop producing their fix for them.

      I was weened on Cowboy Bebop and pre-moe shows too, and tell myself I really prefer shows of substance, but it’s also hard to deny the Siren’s Song that is moe…

  • Victor Delacroix says:

    >> They’re concerned about beating China?

    I really don’t think people will be fansubbing Chinese cartoons any time soon.

    See Anime News Network’s “Buried Garbage” article about “Chinamation” for details.

  • Anonymous says:

    It feels like Anime is being overrun by moe shows. Where are the shows like Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell SAC? Anime used to be about getting together with all our friends to watch the latest awesome show to come out of Japan, but it’s becoming something creepy pedophiles download and watch on their computers.

    I can understand the Anime industry’s motive – hardcore otaku buy lots of merchandise while more moderate fans are tightening their wallets and downloading P2P. But hardcore otaku are fickle, and their numbers are limited. So I think they’ve backed themselves into a niche with no long-term growth.

    • Pretty much this right here. But be optimistic, maybe you just haven’t been searching hard enough?

      I always thought the D&D crowd would happily join the fray among anime fans if there were more D&D style Anime.

      Record of Lodoss War and Slayers hooked in the D&D fans in the golden age, but Scrapped Princess, Claymore, Fullmetal Alchemist, KIBA, Guin Saga, and so forth are pretty much keeping the flame lit (now that you mention it, it’s hard to come up with a good recent show that escaped the drive of moe… hmm)

      Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Ghost in the Shell, yes all brilliant.

      But those days you didn’t see shows like Ghost Hound, Denno Coil, Kaiba, or Noein either.

      … Gack these are good shows still, but just realized the protagonists were all little kids :\

      Dammit you’re so right.

      What I wouldn’t give for another GitS… this little interlude has depressed me.


      I’ll go back to playing Lost Odyssey now. That’s a pretty good example of modern japanese media that still knows how to non-archetypally kick ass.

    • I agree. Ghost in the Shell SAC was the kind of show that anyone with an open mind could enjoy. I convinced my 55 year old mother to watch my DVD set and she liked it. Many “normal” people would comment they had seen it and thought it was good.

      Many of the shows, (pantsuwitches, queenstits ect) put out now would just be silly or embarrassing to a wider audience and only appeal to otaku’s who can’t get an erection looking at a female presented in more then two dimensions. It’s a fixed dead end market. I’m the kind of person that will pay real money for a quality product, but the main thing the internet taught me is to NEVER pay for fap material…too much of it can be had for free.

  • Like any media thats putting to much into production(gaming for one) its more likely that overhead and the lack of producing shows more cheaply is the real problem.

    It could be moe the cutesy art style has damaged world wide sales but I doubt it since most of the shows are not moe.

    As for blaming fansubbers…. that’s like blaming the internet for your antiquated priportorty predatory business model(MUSIC) for not being able to keep up with the real world anymore….

    Music has had to grow up and deal with the real world I think gaming is still in a boom so it dose not have to face reality plus parts of it gaining a clue. The US film industry is not there yet either they too are just waking up that the consumer market is changing and they are being left behind.

  • Cerenado says:

    Ah, I can well identify over 95% of those characters in that collage, although I haven’t watched some of their respective animes yet.

    If there only were more anime like Clannad… what happened to Little Busters! anyway?

    • Well I think Little Buster’s storyline is a bit complex to put into an anime. People who’ve read it will understand what I mean. They might be able to pull it off, but they’d need like 50 episodes to do all the storylines *properly*. The true storyline of Little Busters, the Refrain, would take like, I don’t know, 10 episodes or so already. They did pretty well with Kanon 2006, as in they actually managed to do each heroine’s story. In Clannad however, they messed up with their pacing and had to pretty much chop up Tomoyo’s story and completely ditch Kyou’s story altogether. Hell, they had to do that HORRIBLE tennis court scene where Tomoya rejected ALL the other heroines at once, just to make things fit. Anyway, as I was saying, Little Busters would be pretty difficult to port to an anime. Plus there’s still the question of if they’ll do the newer Little Busters Ecstasy heroines like Saya’s and Sasasegawa’s storylines. Hell, I’d say all of Saya’s storyline is enough to get like 12 episodes out at least. But if they manage to actually pull it off and animate Little Busters properly, I can assure you it will be a godly series.

  • Alright, listen up you Funimation babies — short and sweet since I know you have attention disorders.

    Purchase Anime like you would purchase food. Lucky Star is a sweet treat, but too much of it will make you sick. Once in a while you need to eat your vegetables.

  • this was inevitable. with the advent of P2P and a lack of conscience on the part of the otaku community there was bound to be a hell of a backlash. what we can do, however, is SUPPORT the industry by committing to purchasing the things we see online and actually like – of which there is never a shortage. i mean, fansubs aren’t really killing it. it’s the people who refuse to put money into a market they can access illegally for free. i personally don’t see any problem with fansubbing or downloading/streaming a series but once it comes out domestically if it was a show i liked, i will put my money where my mouth is as often as i can afford and buy the DVDs when they are released. at the very least in boxset form if nothing else.

    • Here Here this is what i do i download the fansubs hell keep aloty of rhem but then buy the actual series or show i’m still behind on that but hey i’
      m wrking on it next tyime round i’m either gonna get shakugan no shan or ghost hunt MAYBE ah my godess season 2 all of wich i have on mu external juts wanna buy em., Hell i had Zegapain preordered till bandai cancelled it i just wanted the boxset now i’m probably gonna buy the singles at some point. My sister thinks oh just download your supporting the consumer based societal model and i think yeah t least i AM supporting it and one of my favorite entertainment modes up their with video games and manga.

  • Amazing Rando says:

    Wow. Just.. wow.

    All you tards who talk about a year or two ago as ‘the best of anime’ like it was fine French wine completely missed THE POINT OF THE WHOLE ARTICLE.

    The vast majority of these shows were shite, aired at 2am to sweaty NEETs and their self-indulgent masturbatory fantasies.. much like you.

    The article just a couple days ago reflecting 2ch’s preferences in anime girls shows where the real quality animation and writing went. It died 15 years ago when the Evangelion merchandising monster swamped it. Since then, every Tom, Dick and Hiro thinks they can make and sell anime – and more precisely, merchandise the crap out of it to otakus at home while licensing it to stupid Westerners at ridiculously-inflated prices.

    As the article said – there were nearly twice as many titles in production as there were 15 years ago. And at least half of those deserve to die. I can only hope that Gonzo was just the first.

  • The Jumper says:

    wow “declining birth rates”

    they complain about it when the source of their problems are the gold digging women and the roney poor otakus that cant get a girl because all their women are fucking gold diggers…too bad for japan…its going to be like that anime…was it desert punk or something where elevens are a rare breed of humans or something like that

    • I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot. Women in Japan are so treated like dogcrap that marriage is totally not worth the hassle. Here’s a dirty little secret: those sweet, innocent kawaii tricks will drop those panties panties for a black dude with a quickness, and most black guys there are broke-as-hell servicemen with no intention whatsoever of sticking around.

      Japanese dudes want women who look and act like little kids and screw like old whores. It’s also expensive to raise a brat over there. It takes two to tango, or in this case, to hide in their bedrooms watching the p0rn.

        • Anonymous says:

          Spectacular is a matter of opinion, but here are well-known/popular titles of ’06 and ’07 and you can make up your own mind.

          Air Gear
          Bokura ga Ita
          Busou Renkin
          Code Geass
          D.Gray Man
          Death Note
          Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu
          Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
          Ouran High School Host Club
          Rozen Maiden
          School Rumble
          Shakugan no Shana
          Welcome to the NHK
          Zero no Tsukaima

          Bamboo Blade
          Darker than Black
          Denno Coil
          Gurren Lagann
          Hayate no Gotoku
          Hidamari Sketch
          Kamichama Karin
          Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
          Kodomo no Jikan
          Lucky Star
          Nanoha StrikerS
          Nanatsuiro Drops
          Nodame Cantabile
          Oukiku Furi Kabutte
          Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei
          School Days
          Seta no Hanayome
          Shugo Chara
          Tekkon Kinkreet
          Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

  • Guy has a point, the same genres really are being done over again a lot. I still enjoy them but it would be neat to see some breaking stuff on level of Cyber City or something like that with an old creative feel. Keep the mecha lolis coming though.

  • BTW, Golden Age of Anime is not in 2006-2007, its before that. Because in 2006-2007, A certain Animation studio(ehm KyoAni) decided to drop atomic moe bomb called SHnY, Killing millions of fans with its moe, and the survived ones have to suffer from moe syndrome(I’m not saying SHnY is bad, it’s original content is plausible). But since then everything screwed, because other studio copied this move, moe syndrome spreads even wider. THe golden age of anime is around 1995-2005.

  • Anonymous says:

    IMO, US anime industry needs to fucking die. My friend in the US showed me the anime he bought and the quality is fucking laughable. $20+ for a single dvd with only 3 episodes? Shitty ass yellow non-anti-aliased subtitles? Inaccurate subtitles? FUCK THAT SHIT.

  • Well, maybe they just need to choose from other sources to make anime out of. If too much moe is a problem (although I don’t think so, but that’s just me), choose a title that’s not so moe then. I mean, most anime are made as adaptions of manga or games or novels. Hell, like 90% of the titles in the godly picture used for this article are from those 3 categories. Maybe this authors just need to step away from all the fluffy moe stuff for a while. Well, I still think moe is fine as long as there’s some substance underneath it, but then again, I’m the kind of guy who likes mindless moe too.

  • Anonymous says:

    “rather than their own willful failure to adapt to the digital distribution model, which has seen international anime fans left with no legal options in most cases”

    oooh, almost as much bias as video game sites and jack thompson. THAT’S CONJECTURE! not that i disagree.

    • Anonymous says:

      they’re just rehashing the same moe and mecha anime over and over.


      Case in point: K-ON and every Gundam since Turn A. I AM DISAPPOINT, Sunrise. It’s like you’ve been resting on your Turn A laurels for almost 10 years now. 00 was a step in the right direction at least…

        • Oh please give it a rest, linkinstreet, you’re just old and burnt-out – another walking example of the infamous Nostalgia Filter trope.

          The animation quality of the typical TV series anime in the 80’s including Macross was consistently worse than what is seen today. Even the outsourced and stuff has more consistency today than back in the day simply by virtue of better technology and editing tools.

          So what if “moeshit” isn’t your speed? It isn’t mine either, but it is certianly not the youngsters’ speed to watch slow-paced shows with cardboard characters moving choppily in front of equally cardboard backgrounds. Even back in the day, Captian Harlock and Ideon were far more memorable for their stories and world-building than their animation quality.

          Anyway, the only reason the bubble burst is not just the quality of the product or the distribution it’s the absence of licensed merchandise. Bandai and Sunrise took the strong anime and merchandise momentum that Gundam Wing created and then totally screwed the pooch by releasing the wrong shows and then saturating the market with the wrong models and toys. American youth do. not. like. U.C. Gundam. They don’t like SEED much either. They would have been far smarter to release in this order:

          Gundam Wing
          Gundam X
          V Gundam
          Gundam SEED…without Destiny…please.

          Yes, the middle two shows that bombed in japan had all the right thematic, plot and setting elements to work well over here. Americans like war and don’t care for angsty heroes without any real edge and the bad guys being as nice as the good guys. Kira and twenty year old pretty boys aren’t going to impress the average 8-15 male of anything except the show’s general lack of coolness and manliness.

          But what am I saying, anyway? This is the same company that took a gold mine of edgy adolescent hormonal male fantasy called MyHIME and commit utter and complete fail in the NA market.

        • which shows how different perception we have on how an anime should be shown. For me I prefer the old school space opera type, rather than the new shounen shit. But that’s mostly because I came from that age, and honestly shounen don’t fit me and my perception on the world anymore.
          Barring the storyline, even the quality of the animation was weak for frontier considering that it was quite a famous brand. Most of the time they offload it to some shitty vietnamese or phillipines studio just to save some extra buck for overrated 3D animation that don’t really need to be there in the first place. That’s why I really hate these shitty new shows.

          A quality show don’t rely on flashy CGI’s and stuff. They just do it trough hard work and dedication. Gainax’s Honneamise no Tsubasa’s much lauded plane fight scene was done purely by hand with no CGI, and up till now the quality of that scene has yet to be reached, even with the much touted cheaper CGI.

          Expectation is what makes a good fan. It creates opinion. We are not just some mindless robots taking in what they show without information. That’s just like typical moetards who watches moe anime just because they have moeshit characters in there without thinking about the story and shit. And when that happens, more and more of these moeshit animes will be churned out because they are feeding these mindless people and leaving us, people who likes anime because of the storyline in the first place without much choice. Code Geass for example had an awesome first half, with great story and animation, but it went downhill when sunrise decided they NEED to attract more of the tards, the ones that would just watch without much fuss and then buy their merchandise.

          Even manga turned into anime series right now are just milking their popularity without really showign why it was popular in the first place. Oh how I missed the days when they would do an anime as good as the manga. The last one I watched that fully captured what the manga wants to tell was Planetes. Now? PFFFT

        • Frontier is awesome when you don’t dump a lot of preconcieved expectations onto it and just watch it for what it is. It has pretty good characters and character development (Except Ranka) and while the story isn’t the best thing ever, a lot of the later episodes were done really well. Then agian, I’m a Macross fan who thinks the original series was very, very weak, and I won’t even get started on 7 (Do You Remember Love though is excellent)

        • zeeohsix says:

          i felt macross frontier was a tribute to and based on all the previous macross and not one particular genre except macross.

          because of that, lot of people not familiar with macross didn’t like frontier because it had “too much singing”, dared say “a mix of transformers and gundam” or didn’t know wtf was a zendradi.

        • Macross was changed from an epic space opera (Chō Jikū Yōsai Makurosu series) to generic pop (Macross 7), awesome drama (Macross Zero) and generic shounen shit (Macross Frontier).
          Thus why the first series still for me is the most epic, followed by Zero for it’s gritty and hard hitting drama. Frontier was too generic, too shounen, too shitty. At least it does have a good soundtrack, but it does not even remotely resemble a space opera like the original one

    • KajunBowser says:

      Truth hurts, dawg. Hell, many of the most recent series have gained enough attention via “international anime fans left with no legal options in most cases” that they’ve been licensed in North America.

      btw, many of said fans subscribe to the idea that “if a North American anime licensor hasn’t gotten the rights to it, it’s fair game,” esp. if it’s quality and may need moar attention paid to it in order to get it licensed.

  • Anonymous says:

    “rehashing the same moe”

    Most of them aren’t even worth the effort to download a fansub and watch. Like hell I’ll buy.

    If Strike Witches 2 is all that is going for Gonzo now, then it can close down for all I care. It doesn’t look like they want to release stuff like Last Exile or Gankutsuou anymore, anyway.

  • This is what I’ve said for a while.
    Studios produce a lot of the same crap with little variation or few stand-out series from season to season.
    The fact of the matter is, too many anime were produced for no good reason.

    Even certain well-tested hits like Dragonball Kai, Fullmetal Alchemist II, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei III, mean nothing to me.
    I was never a fan of DB, FMA is releasing a remake far too soon, and SZS season two was not quite as good as the first, and became too much of a cariacture of itself, so I’m dreading what may happen in the third.

  • Anonymous says:

    sky girls
    school rumble
    mai hime
    magical lyrical nanoha
    lucky star
    fate/stay night
    full metal alchemist
    gundam 00
    hayate no gotoku
    kanon 2006
    idol master xenoglossia
    chrno crusadecode geass
    melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
    kiddy grade
    cardcaptor sakura
    kimi ga nozomu eien
    full metal panic
    love hina

    I missed 2-3 anime tsk…

    • MaidNiac says:

      Put Darker Than Black too. An underrated dark action show with neat animation (what more can you ask from Studio Bones), bipolar anti-hero main character, interesting casts, cool main concept, a cute blind DFC heroine (who rarely gets a fair screentime) etc, etc…

      Plus, it’s pretty rare to see anime that took place in Japan where the main characters aren’t even Japanese..

    • Anonymous says:

      You missed Gunslinger Girl. It had a unique European setting and serious tone – the polar opposite to typical Japanese schoolgirl shows. And it was good! But 4 years later they came out with a second season that’s crippled by cutting the budget and animation quality to the point that it become hard to watch.

    • Typewriter says:

      “2-3”? You miss at least…

      Kara no Kyoukai
      Mahou Sensei Negima
      Zero no Tsukaima
      Shakugan no Shana
      Ghost in the Shell
      Gunslinger Girls
      Darker than Black
      Mai Otome

      … and even that still missing 2-3. 😛
      (I wish I knew how to present writing in a jocular, friendly manner without having to resort to that abominable colon-pee…)

      There are Mai Otome exclusive characters, BTW.

    • fs/n, good? wtf. that was one of the worst, overhyped anime I’ve ever seen. And those who played the vn agree with me (I haven’t).

      Ty for the rest, as there are some I havent seen

        • I wasn’t implying that I wanted it to be an eroge. It’s just that any of the people I listed (and Ilya as well!) would have made the game infinitely more interesting merely by being in constant contact with the protagonist (who was indeed boring). I realize that people play F/SN for the story, and I think it’s foolish. Seriously, go play Saya no Uta or something.

        • It’s about the writing, not about routes. If you’re searching for eroge’s, fs/n isn’t the right game for you. Indeed, in that case, it won’t be your type of game. However, it’s about how the game plays the story, which is excellent. Though, Shirou might be too big of a thickheaded person, like the Fate arc, which is the worst of the arcs.

          If I look at the eroge perspective, yeah I miss my Illya route, though.

        • Fate/stay night, the anime, while no masterpiece, was interesting enough to get me to play the game (visual novel) – which, I *do* think was quite good, and one of the best (I was oblivious to whatever hype there was) games of its kind (the visual novel kind) that I’ve ever played.

  • Anonymous says:

    Every industry has its boom and bust times. I remember the cigar boom of the 90s (yes, some of us are getting up there in age), when every Don Nobody put out a cigar and made money. Then the market bottomed out and that was the end of that. The moe boom is similar. It seems like every studio has put out a moe show and reaped the benefits. This only works to a point. Once you reach total market saturation only the best products will linger on as everyone else scrambles to find the next big thing or die out like so many non-avian dinosaurs. I for one await that day, until then I am happy keeping up with 3 or 4 shows a season. The few standouts make up for the bulk of the trash, at least on this end of the chain.

      • Miroku74 says:

        Are you trying to say that this ‘certain fansubber group’ can outlast legal repercussions from the industry?

        Anyway, they should’ve been switching from the old outdated direct marketing strategies back during the NINETIES, not now. Lazy fucking bastards. The Internet changed everything, and there they were, still trying to milk that old Holstein cow for all it’s worth. Well…. the Holstein’s dead now. Time to actually do some work and CHANGE. Quit blaming the fansubbers, and start blaming themselves. But no, they wouldn’t admit culpability. It’s always someone ELSE’S fucking fault.


  • Anonymous says:

    The bubble has burst on every aspect of the economy and in every country in the world. Only the toughest (read as quality) will make it through the hard times. It is clear that the quality is lacking when people (me) have to resort to watching queens blade (horrible) in hopes that it might get better because there is nothing else of quality to watch.

    • This season is so bad that I gave up on everything except TM8.0 (can’t wait to finish) and Basquash (praying that it doesn’t fly apart). It wasn’t a genre stagnation that scared me off so much as the shit writing and thematic rehashes.

  • Vallen Chaos Valiant says:

    Yeah, in the end, there is nothing wrong with mecha or moe anime. It’s just that, in the end only the best of each category will get recognition and viewership.

    I like mecha, and I like moe. But I don’t see the point of watching any anime unless it clearly is special in some way.

    Asura Cryin, for example, is a show I am trying out at the moment. The animation quality is only B grade, but the fact that we have a free-for-all between the Roman Catholics, Anglican, and surprisingly the Calvinist Christian forces means I am curious about where the plot is going. The story might end up horrible or not, but I am willing to give it a try because it has unusual possibilities.

  • That’s not to say that there aren’t fans out there that still support their favorite anime by buying dvds/merchandise in their own respective countries. Apparently supporting your anime released locally has become a declining trend, tsk.

  • Drakanor says:

    at least they’re headed in the right direction. Quality over quantity, although the ones who end up hurting tend to be the productions such as gonzo, just to name an example.

    I believe with quality, the “soft power” japan is well known for could make a comeback, but only if they know how to play their cards right. They already made a good step in implementing digital distribution, if only to much chagrin of some international fans, but there’s always workarounds to all this.

    • KajunBowser says:

      Sounds like Hillary Clinton’s “smart power” comment, only better. The global recession is bad in so many ways, but for the Anime industry, Japan in particular, this is one of the events that has led to the changes in quality control it needs. There has been a moe overload over the past, I guess, 5 years in particular and it’s cost companies like studio Gonzo a lot.

      Frankly, blaming fansubbers is a cop-out, just like President I-inherited-this can’t take much responsibility for what happens on his watch these days. Fansubbers in many cases have actually helped their arses by drawing attention to some quality Anime that have been licensed on this side of the pond. And they can blame them until the cows come home, but they listened to the fans, both via traditional and “new aged” means. Sometimes it is not prudent to listen to the fans for everything. Try to change the distribution strategy if it causing problems. However, screw over the fansub community and Anime licensing and sales may blow up in their face.

      The other problem they have is new blood coming into the industry with thoughts of the Anime legends and classics and ways to bring them back. This has led to the overuse of well known genres. But now, the realize that it’s about quality, not just moe and quantity. So make the necessary changes and stop blaming outside forces for your problems. The ppl have spoken.

      • Keirnoth says:

        Blaming Fansubbers and P2P? Sounds like the way the RIAA has been going after people here in the states.

        And President I-inherited-this? Just like President Well-I’ve-only-been-in-office-for-9-months-and-9/11-happened-so-don’t-blame-me-for-fucking-up-and-we’ll-go-to-war-in-Iraq-over-it?

        For a President that inherited shit on a platter, I’d say he’s done a damn fucking fine job for his first 3 months. He also does not have an IQ of a peanut like the previous President did.

        Anyway, Japan needs to wise the fuck up. I think they’ve finally realized that people are starting to get tired of waiting for anime to get ‘licensed’ by some American distributor just to have it butchered by people who’s ‘job’ it is to sub and dub stuff. The typical anime fan nowadays won’t ‘wait’ for a localized release. They’ll go straight to the source for it, and frankly fansub groups – people who do it for FREE, do a much better job getting stuff subbed than distributors do, because they do it because THEY LIKE THE STUFF THEY WATCH, and not because they need it to make their stockholders happy.

        If Japan doesn’t adjust to the fact that the Digital Distribution Model with zero DRM is the best way to get anime across the sea with as little cost as possible, I’d say they’re in for some pretty deep shit economy-wise.

      • Gantz_Playboy says:

        WOW!- That picture is like seeing the last 5 years flash before my eyes- lol.

        Fan Subbers are NOT the Prob as they get people ‘excited’ and if anything they’re a good indicator of what might ‘translate’ well over sea’s. I would’ve have discovered “K-On!” or “Spice & Wolf” or “Shakugan No Shana” if it wasn’t for sites like this (Talking about them) and Fansubbers making them available.

        I had a brief chat with one of the Voice Actors from “Bleach” about- “When are the US company’s gonna start dubbing all this amazing NEW (to the US) stuff?” New as in “Toradora”, “Vampire Knight”, “Rosario” & “Ikki Tousen 2 & 3” (of which Carrie Savage told me she was NOT going to voice Hakafu again) and seasons 2 of “Genshiken” & “Shakugan No Shana” (Season 1 is dubbed)….All this person could say was: “Don’t watch the Fan Subs!- you’re killing the industry”….WTF?

        I argued that the US has NO Product! I turned 90% to subs as of Sept 08 because ADV went belly-up, Geneon is ‘over’, and Funimation seems to own everything but they only Dub ‘some of their titles’- How hard is it to just slap some V.A’s into a room for a week or two and crank out a series and sell it On-Line or as a box set (or on “Adult Swim”?). Fan Subbers have FED My addiction!! and made me even MORE Hungry for a “Dub Version”. Give me 8 hot sounding chicks, 2 microphones, a sound proof room, a copy of Adobe Audition, and the english script and I’ll make a DUB version! – It’s NOT Rocket Science!

        Otaku’s will buy canned bread if it’s got their favorite character on it! In the game of “Cover your own ass” the last person you you should point the finger at is the Otaku! who goes out of way to ‘Sub’ your product so you get a FREE International fanbase!

        • I would say English is not an ugly language spoken, just that you hear it so god damn much in the west its easy to become disillusioned. By the way, im talking about REAL english spoken in most of europe and britain, not america’s version with random words and letters switched around just to make it ‘different’ -_-
          However, yes, dubbing is awful in the level of quality atm and people should be shot for trying to impersonate japanese language quirks in english. Anime is a japanese thing, and transfer almost always means a lowering of quality. Except for one anime that comes to mind that was even more hillarious dubbed – Colourful, oh how we love you…

        • My answer to most posts above: Dubbing will destroy anime! With it comes usually ridiculous censorship. Most English voice actors are not interested in anime, but money, therefore their work is mostly crap.
          English is a language is maybe suitable for writing, but spoken it sounds awful.
          Without original Japanese seiyuu`s voices all real feeling and atmosphere is lost.
          Many English speaking ppl seem to be unable to read subs in their own language. Go back to school and learn to read then.
          There is already Disney and other lousy cartoon for those who want to hear animation dialogue in English.
          Japanese seiyuu and their wonderful voices are an Art Form for itself.
          Only hearing impaired ppl doesn`t understand this.

        • Anonymous says:

          hate dubs, but that’s only because I’ve only come across ONE series with dubs better than the original Japanese (DBZ – LATER episodes of course, not the crap by pioneer)

        • Gantz_Playboy says:

          Funimation’s website is experimenting with a few ‘streaming’ LOW-Cost options. BestBuy is pretty good in terms of Boxset prices. I know one guy who sells these ‘Box sets’ that contain the english dub at a 3rd of the US price (gets ’em from China?). I would sample a series thru Netflicks and if ‘Hooked’ I’d buy it. That ended last fall with “School Rumble S2”.

          My Dream Stable of Hot Voice Actresses:

          Jessica Boone, Leah Clark, Mela Lee McLean, Stephanie Sheh, Wendee Lee, Hilary Haag, Carrie Savage, Michelle Ruff, Luci Christian, and Brittany Karbowski.

          That and I know 5-6 Cosplay chicks (like Jessica Nova & Alisa-Chan) that would totally add spice & fan-based quality (cause they’re Otaku’s too) to roles.

          Guys? I don’t have a fav but you gotta give props to: Crispin Freeman, Steve Blum, Johnny Boosh, Rob Muggle, and Chris Ayers (Not to be confused with Greg!!- whose in EVERYTHING!)

        • chindogu says:

          >>Give me 8 hot sounding chicks, 2 microphones, a sound proof room, a copy of Adobe Audition, and the english script and I’ll make a DUB version! – It’s NOT Rocket Science!

          you’d probably end up with a better dubbed version at that. seriously, where do these companies even get their actors? i would buy more of the dubbed anime if there were even a scrap of pride in the work these “voice actors” do, but just listening to them is depressing. add to that the inflated prices on these titles (at least in the U.S.) and it’s just not a good buy for an inferior product. If these international licensing groups want fans to buy their products rather than turning to fansubbers then they need to offer better quality items. why should i buy something if i can get a better version for free?

      • Kitsune9Tails says:

        Would have been a stronger argument without the political aside slipped in. Drifting off topic only weakens your overall point, IMHO. Stay on target, Gold-5! (oh wait, I remember what happened to him…) 😉

        • KajunBowser says:

          Just saying that the Anime industry in Japan is pretty much run like any government body. The only difference is that these companies are out to get a profit and plz the ppl at the same time. To bring the slower ppl around, using such parallels is a good tactic, I’ve found. The case in point was maybe it’s time to not listen to the extremes of the Anime otaku most of the time. Otherwise, point taken.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Queens Blade sums the state of the market up perfectly.
      Its one thing having extreme fanservice, but unless its got some substance to go with it, it’ll be ignored.
      That goes to show since the vast majority of fansubs groups dropped it after 2 eps, realizing how shit it was.

    • Fansubbing is part of the problem…
      Hm… The only reason I buy anime is because I have seen it first. The only reason I got into anime was because of fansubs.

      I will say that anime genres are just being raped of the gold it once brought, so new ideas must be made.

      Other than that, Kyoani ftw.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fansubbing is bad for the animes you only want to watch once, but good for the quality animes you want to watch multiple times, because you’ll want to support the publisher and buy the DVDs (and get a few goodies in the DVD boxes, if they include them).

        At least, I do.

        • Anonymous says:

          Becasuse, I have multiple subbed versions (downloaded and purchased)and can compare different translators efforts and then decide what makes for a better contribution to developing the story and characterizations.

          Look up “anthropic principle” yourself then watch the Region 1 DVD “dumb down” (If memory serves its the episode where Koizumi takes Kyon to spectate on his “work”) and make up your own mind.

          In this case I think it adds to the story having more of the concepts the author intended to present available for the audience to explore, especially since IMO it is one of the main ideas providing the conceptual framework within which the storyline can develop.

          PS. the best sub I have so far is an [a.f.k.] effort. The best image is from my commecial discs.

        • Anonymous says:

          Heh hem … what about the miserable pigs breakfast they made of Haruhi, the sub was mediocre (at least not just plain wrong like the dub, who would pick those voice actors for those parts??) and they had good subs floating around for free to check their work against, no excuses. A profound problem when they can’t get it right even for a big title, what numb nuts called those shots.

          Anyway, I’m still looking for decent sub in a commercial quality DVD to play. I have R1 (R4 is the same sub) and I got the Japanese version on spec, alas not dubbed.

          But, I live in hope, there is a source of commercial DVDS offering chinese and english subs (got the XXXHolic disc set second hand) that are very good.

          But, I can’t figure out what market they are coming from as the writing on the cover looks japanese (not chinese), the sub is excellent even though it was done by someone whose first language was not english, they did a fine job and the DVD transfer is top notch, if only I can find Haruhi in a similar version.

          NB. no disgraceful “dumbing” down that marred the R1 Haruhi, I mean Nagato is meant to sound like she is attempting to communicate concepts beyond the ken of ordinary mortals. When Koizumi refers to the “anthropic principle” he is referring to an actual term in cosmology/philosophy that is important to the story, grasping this adds to depth to what Haruhi might be about and makes for a richer experience (quality anyone).

          PS. I second a previous comment that downloads only hurt the crap, they’re my filter, if its good I purchase quality Anime to watch in my home theatre and repurchase and muliple purchase (NTSC / PAL versions can result in substantially different quality images depending how the transfer interacts with your upscaler and output option selections) but if its crap it gets the flick.

      • Yea, without fan subbing most the the anime that got licensed over last few years would probably never get licensed. Despite the anime companies saying they don’t watch fan sub groups is a lie. they watch them to see how well a show goes and if no one else gets to it they do. so i would bet a good 60% of most the shows funimation, adv, etc has licensed over the years the popularity of fan subs had a bit to do with it.

        • To hell with dubs, in whatever language. Only hearing impaired can`t hear what a wonderful language Japanese is, and how skillful seiyuu`s mostly are. If ppl can`t read subs fast enough, go back to school or watch cartoons instead. Anime is too good for you.
          Japanese seiyuu`s voices and how they use it is an Art Form for itself.

        • Cerberus says:

          Anime like Naruto have been released in many different languages, but i find that most anime, that once they loose their japanese voice, it becomes bad.
          The japanese voice actors have a way of showing the mood of a character, which the translators rarely are able to pick up.
          Another problem with many dub’s is the voice actors using accents of certain area (e.g. Kitsune in Love Hina had a clear south state accent (i felt like puking over this accent on a japanese character))
          If a voice actor of another nation has difficulties picking up the tone of voice that needs to be put in certain moments it can really make dub’s dull to listen to.

        • WondrousWizard says:

          Agree with you because those same company never stop to send letters to fansubs groups to stop fansubbing when they got the license on a anime. Company own a debt to fansub group. It’s them who made anime popular today in the whole world. Without them, We would still be 15 years in the past when it’s come to distribution of anime in north america and the whole world. And more, company are screwing some anime with censure and english voice or french which most fo the time totally suck. They don’t even give us the choice to have japanese language on the dvd with subtitle. I have listen to the voice of Naruto in Japanese, English and French.

          Japanese : Great with hsi way of talking with syaing dattebayo.
          English : acceptable, but destroying his way of talking.
          French : Fucing french from France, don’t even know how to properly dub a anime. Totally screw it. When I saw the first episode in french, I shut my t.v. and immediately went watching the first episode on my computer in japanese to purify my mind.

      • Anonymous says:

        Tits-and-ass is fine as far as it goes, but that’s not enough to get me to watch an anime series.

        To me, “quality” means:

        * An interesting story line, or,
        * Interesting characters, or,
        * Interesting character interactions, or,
        * Interesting virtual worlds, or,
        * Interesting visuals

        More of each of the above would be good.

        “Mahoromatic” should have been three separate animes: an ecchi/fanservice one, a humor one, and a serious one.

        I’ll put up with “cheesy” graphics if it’s got enough interesting stuff going on. I watched all of “Windy Tales”, even though it has “South Park”-quality graphics. (And yeah, I watched “South Park” — many times, it was ‘just wrong’, but hilariously funny.)

        “Najica Blitz Tactics” — annoying though it was with the excessive panty-flashes — was interesing because:

        * As time went on, the mysteries of the Humarit (“Lilly”?) were revealed, and

        * As time went on, while Najica seemed to become more detached and less human, the Humarit became “more” human.

        FLCL/”Fooley-Cooley”: WTF in an interesting sort of way.

        “Miami Guns”: Lu Amano — a woman who said very little, but very elegantly and concisely cut to the heart of the matter.

        “Full Metal Panic”: the Sagara/Chidori interactions, some interesting side characters, and Guaron, who was one of the most awesome bad guys ever. Smart, talented, evil, and somewhat psycho, but not so psycho he overly screwed up his own plans.

        “Last Exile”, “Allison and Lillia”, and “Haibane Renmei”: interesting worlds, loved the retro/alternate technology.

        “Kanon”: gradually revealing answers to various mysteries, planting clues for the reader (as did Shirley Jackson in her short story, “The Lottery”). Same plus for “Haibane Renmei”

        “Lucky Star”: I was fallin’ asleep here. Where’s the action? The humor-spots were too far and few between. I traded in the one DVD of it I bought.

        “K-On!”: same problem as with “Lucky Star”.

        “Kino’s Journey”: interesting world, interesting plots.

        Anything Makoto Shinkai has done in color: OMG the visuals! And, good storylines.

        The anime producers these days are catching the Hollywood disease: “Well THIS made money last time, so let’s do ANOTHER one!”

        • WondrousWizard says:

          I believe you’re simply easier to satisfy than veteran. 10 years ago, I would have agreed with you, but today, for veteran, we got tired of those kind of anime coming and coming without a stop or decent work. I can smell money making industry behind the anime industry, not like before. Where everything that could earn money is worth making. That’s what we mean when we say we ask for quality instead or quantity.

        • Keirnoth says:

          I disagree with your point Anon. What you posted sounds like the kind of posturing ANN “critics” (aka pundits) do for anime that supposedly has no “substance”. Then again ANN’s ELEET REVIEWERZ suck ass.

          Queen’s Blade knows exactly what it’s doing, and it’s not to provide that DEEP, ENGROSSING PLOT that you desire. I mean, the scenes in QB make me laugh considering how incredibly campy everything is, but it has boobs, it has ass, and it has lots of it. I don’t expect anything more than that.

        • WondrousWizard says:

          Gurren Lagann was all about the rythme… this anime was awesome because the anime was like a high speed formula car running at 250mph without stopping. you rarely got break in the anime, always something happen, something new, new characters, not too much complicated to understand and hard to make you stop following the anime and all. Basquach is like this too, I have as much fun as watching this anime than I got as watching Gurren Lagann. Just hope they will not disappoint me later.

          Lucky Star was great. It’s a style and here we talk about personal taste. I couldn’t compare Azumanga Daioh with Lucky Star because I can see a big difference between them. Lucky Star, all about Otaku and meaningless discussion and parody. Azumanga Daioh, all about girls in high school with a little genius who go through high school together and pass time. At first, you couldn’t see the difference, but if you can see it, you really are a mature otaku.

          Anonymous talk about Last Exile, damn that was great. One the first anime I watched in my life. Got addicted. Soundtrack and Op/Ed awesome, world unbelievable, characters all charming their way, Ending really “magnifique” and the visual beautiful.

        • Anonymous says:

          Najica Blitz Tactics made raiding a mansion of lesbian maids boring. It takes sheer ineptitude to do that.

          Onegai Twins- Write, “We could be related, but then again, we might not.” on a hammer, beat head ad nauseum.

          Also, not all mecha shows are bad.
          Gurren Lagann was an excellent show. It took a few simple story points, stick to them, didn’t waste time or stop entirely to explain worthless details(looking at you GaoGaiGar), and focused on keeping a fun and fluid experience.

        • Maybe it got something to do with my experience of joining a band while in high school, I really enjoy K-On! as an anime and get all the humor and references easily.

          And I think KyoAni has done a good job translating the manga into anime. YMMV though.

      • WondrousWizard says:

        You can blame this on company who screw a lot of anime like Asu no yoichi or Rosario + Vampire. The manga is awesome and really 1000 better than how the anime turn to be. Sometimes, I can’t understand what the company are thinking… More, never ending fillers episodes in serie like Naruto is not helping too. I’m hoping that now, they will understand they’re mistake and start working better for now.

        You can see a difference 10 years ago. At that time, a lot of anime came out with 26 episodes. Good serie with good quality. You could see true hard work in the making. Today, we receive a lot of anime of only 12-13 episodes with low quality. 13 episodes anime aren’t bad, just remember Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins, which is a really great anime, but we don’t receive this kind of quality anymore. I’m already feeling nostalgic from when I started watching fansub anime. I could eat and devour 1 anime right after another. I could watch a anime like Inuyasha in only a small week-end. I could spend all night without sleeping just to watch fullmetal Alchemist or Onegai Teacher/Twins till the end. Today, I’m not doing it anymore because even if I’m still a hardcore otaku, anime is not like before. Rare are the great piece of work like Code Geass.