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PS3 Sales Surge 300%


Japanese PS3 sales figures for the month of April just released show the PS3 to have enjoyed a drastic increase in sales over this time last year.

The console’s sales reached 109,000 units for April, an increase of 288% over the same month last year.

Some of the increase is thought to have come from the release of the FF13 demo, packaged with a special edition of the console, but this seems unlikely this could have contributed a great deal.

The statistics were reported by Enterbrain.

The PS3 appears to have been a slow starter in Japan, but now is picking up speed and rapidly destroying the Xbox 360’s now slim chances of entrenchment. How this struggle will play out on a global scale will be of great interest to all…

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  • OkamiFrenzy says:

    Well Truthfully the PS3 in America. Isn’t going so well dew to the freaking economy. I mean the Xbox 360 and N-Wii are doing a fantastic job because there sales aren’t that bad at pricing the console at the time. The PS3 hasn’t been all that since it has arrived. People have been excited about it coming out. But it ended up that nobody would come to seeing the PS3 all through. 🙁 it’s actually sad…

  • “Some of the increase is thought to have come from the release of the FF13 demo, packaged with a special edition”

    You got that right. That’s exactly why I bought mine last month. I do think a lot of people have waited for a FF edition of PS3 and I think the month (or months) when FF13 and versus comes out will be the best the PS3 will see in ages.

  • motaku96 says:

    This was bound to happen. The PS3 didn’t have any good games last year and with it’s superior technology was a bit slow to start. From now on, if they can keep rolling out good games, it’ll probably lead for awhile.

  • Anonymous says:

    “but *this* seems unlikely *this* could have contributed a great deal.”

    Your writing is starting to suck.
    A couple mistakes are excusable, but you have typos in almost every post now…

  • I seriously lol at all the morons claiming that they’re “real” gamers cuz they play Ps3 or 360 (and diss the Wii), a REAL gamer plays all consoles (not saying he must buy all of ’em ofc) without this faggotry bitching.

    All the consoles has awesome games, only a complete idiot would miss the chance to play ’em just because they’re on the “wrong” console.

    • Keirnoth says:

      A “REAL” gamer plays the games on consoles with the good games. You have a better chance of making a great game if your console has the hardware to allow it – i.e. a gamepad that isn’t based on a shitty waggly gimmick.

      Take a look at Capcom’s development cycle. A number of their big budget games are developed for all consoles except one. Guess which console is left out? Do you honestly think I’ll want to play Devil May Cry 4 swinging my Wiimote like an idiot?

      No, I want to play it on a gamepad, and unless I cough up extra money (which offsets the supposedly “cheap” price of the Wii) to buy YET ANOTHER FUCKING ACCESSORY for my Wii, I’m gonna stick to the Wiimote that looks like a overglorified NES controller.

      I don’t even own a X360 – I own a PS3, Wii, and a badass PC, but I would definitely drop my Wii for an X360 considering the direction Nintendo is going with their market.

      And lol @ Kotaku lacking pro-PS3 articles.

      • I see you’re one of those morons i talked about..

        You seriously think they left the Wii out because of the Wiimote? and not the shitty hardware? You seriously that stupid?
        The wiimote has already showed it’s more than capable to play games from all genres, especially the fps genre in which it’s supposed to be second only to the mouse when it comes to precision.

        Overall you only seem to have some sort of grudge towards the wiimote, did it rape your mother or something?

        “A “REAL” gamer plays the games on consoles with the good games”
        I fuckin lol’d, and who is to decided which console has the good games? You?

        Like i said, all the systems in the current console-war has good games, and only an idiot would miss out on some of ’em just because it’s released on a console you don’t like (for some stupid-ass reason in most cases).

        Lol fanboys, what faggots.

        • coldfire01 says:

          nah… you just need to be flexible and not rich

          i have a nintendo wii, nintendo gamecube(2 of them) 2, playstation, PSP slim, Nintendo DS,

          bad ass pc dual core 2.5 Ghz 4 gig kingston memory, 512 Nvidia video card with 360gig HDD with my flat plasma tv

          take note i am on a 3rd world country called philippines and i am proud of it.

          i will buy a playstation 3 or xbox 360 if prices go down… and if they have a better game library especially Playstation 3…

          my friends have those consoles and now they are bored to death waiting for the new games to arrive

          same with me on my nintendo wii

        • fatimmortal says:


          Well, I’ll just tell the two of you.

          A real gamer would have all types of consoles, and a gaming pc at the same time.

          Of course, they’d have to be fucking rich to buy all that crap, plus all the games.

  • Not only I support Sony consoles but I love games from Japan.

    The sudden surge in sales over there might encourage more developers in Japan to develop more games that takes advantage of the PS3’s processing power, as well as Blu-ray’s capacity.

    And it doesn’t matter much if there is no American localization, since I can just import the Japanese, Asian or European version, thanks to PS3 being region-free.

  • MaidNiac says:

    I wish gamers will take the girl in OP pic as an example; buy the all the three consoles, stop bitching, stop being a single console fanboy, and just enjoy all those videogames..

  • well some people said wii is shit but for me it enough there have a lot of good game like Rune factory Frontier or HOD over kill you have to try some before said it shit or not

  • Anonymous says:

    Is Sankaku slowing turning into a gaming news site or what?

    The console wars were decided quite a while ago.
    Wii rules Japan.
    360 rules the US.
    PS3 wants to rule Europe but is failing to Wii.

    1. Wii
    2. 360
    3. PS3

    The simple fact is that the decision to include Blu-ray was a huge error on Sony’s behalf. It shot the consoles price up and resulted in HDD installs because the drive is too slow for gaming.
    Yes, it’s helped Sony establish Blu-ray over HD-DVD, but the cost has been them coming in last place this gen, and people buying the console as a Blu-ray player rather than for gaming, meaning they’ve lost a bucket load of former exclusives as the developers go where the money is.

      • So what? I’m sure toothpaste sales > all consoles AND PC sales combined. The fact that all console sales are private whereas most PC sales are businesses, buying 100s at a time, explains that. You only need look at the difference in game sales to see the reality. Crysis, one of the most hyped PC games ever, sold about 1 million world wide after some time, GTAIV sold about 2 million just in the UK over the first few days it was out. Super Mario Bros sold 40 million.

        • coldfire01 says:

          try playing marvel vs capcom 2 with hardcore gamer using your pc and you will be pawned easily…

          the problem with people who grow up with only pc on their side is they never got to know the joys and pleasures of console gaming… you might want to say that you can emulate the games on the consoles but it would probably take 3 to 10 years to emulate the GFX of xbox 360 or playstation 3

          good luck with the cost of that hardware as well.

          probably you might need next generation like core extreme i7 with latest insane nvidia video card

          not to mention the blu ray drive… would you rather put the pressure on your blu ray drive which is expensive?

          what do you think pc guy?>

        • fatimmortal says:

          PCs were meant to be multifunctional.

          Games, education, business..etc etc

          I’m not talking about which one is the best for gaming, I’m saying which one is the best for all needs.

          Yes, educational and business oriented applications have been existent for consoles. Yet, not many are using them. Save for the small majority using the DS for mind intensive games.

          Yes, games are entertaining. But do you wanna be entertained all day without benefits? :O

          I’d suggest saving up the money used to buy all three consoles for the sake of a gaming computer that can do so much more.

          Mac or PC, it doesn’t matter.

      • Ctrl Shift Esc says:

        How would the console war end?
        Dying console community?
        Production of the console stops?
        No more game development on the console?
        IMO people are usually cheap and if they vote with their money, the 360 should have won but the PS3 is still standing. As for the Wii, no comment.

  • Fatimmortal says:

    The only console I’ve ever had was an old PS1.

    I don’t even play on consoles anymore.

    PC > Consoles

    Well, when it comes to multi purpose use. Not for the graphics but I don’t give a hoot. I play games for the gameplay, not some disgusting 3D nipple slip.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not this generation, but MS is making mistakes that will hurt them the next. Remember, Sony came out of nowhere and capitalized on Sega’s and Nintendo’s mistakes to knock them off the console throne, it can happen again, especially with MS’s unwillingness to fix some basic problems with the x360.

      • Anonymous says:

        maybe the higher sales of X360 in the past was because of the modchip that let’s you play “Atghh mate’y” game – that I believe significantly contribute to the sale of x360.

        What hinder X360 success is the dreaded 3RL issue and new error on their new X360 version.

        • Otakumanichiwa says:

          hell yeah, that darn 3RL issue..

          now I can’t play my 360 it’s officially DEAD for me..grrr….

          resorting to PC for the meantime, waiting for the next gen consoles…

  • Anonymous says:

    Gaming on Blu-Ray is a lot more efficient that gaming on dvds due to size differences between 25gbs for single layer blu-ray 50 for dual and the 8.5gbs for dvds dual layer 4.7 for single

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah, another stupid ps3 news on sankaku. Too bad the PS3 is already down to Wii numbers.

    Just like before. Just a minor bump. See ya when FF13 gets released, and GT5. Other than that, enjoy getting rammed by Nintendo in Japan the rest of the time, and its not like the PS3 matters in the US anyway.

  • Miroku74 says:

    I don’t give a shaved rat’s ass about ‘experts’, critics, or sheep who follow the Piper’s tune. I read what games a system has, see how expensive it is, and then maybe wait a bit for when the prices of them go down a bit.

    Sony has had a good run with their first couple of consoles, and I think they might do well this time around as well. But that’s just MY opinion…. and I may change that as time rolls on.

    • Hey, that’s what I do. And you know what. Super Nintendo and GameBoy Games are actually affordable right now and those are great games. Good old Mega ehm Rock Man kicks asses!

  • Aldwin30 says:

    Hell if it’s that easy…Lolz
    GO PS3 GO!!!!!
    Entrench yourself more so i can get more updates on my Ps3…Lolz..
    Aside from my selfish reasons…The Ps3’s rise may be one of the best things for sony right now…

  • I think Bluray is becoming more and more accepted in Japan just as Sony predicted. But PS3 has been cited by some experts as most colossal mistake by Sony with budget overruns, Bluray kinks and price issue.

    Remains to be seen if Sony can recovery from this saga and kick Wii’s ass.

      • I have a Wii, and no PS3 or Xbox 360.
        I also have a C64/128, Atari 2600, NES, Master System, SNES, Mega Drive, PSX, PS2, Gamecube, Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.
        I dare you to say I’m not a real gamer.

        • PC also has a LOT of mainstream titles. PS2 has less than PC and Wii, but also still a lot of mainstream titles.
          Mainstream success always means there will be mainstream titles. What matters is whether there’s still good titles among the released titles.

          As for new play control: Last I checked, those are only Gamecube games, not SNES games. But yes, it sucks…I guess Nintendo is trying to fill up the lack of releases on their schedule even though they don’t have any new games to release – so they just re-release older games.

        • Narcissist says:

          Fair enough. ^_^

          Of course you can own a Wii and be a gamer by definition. My problem with the Wii is its mainstream marketing and games where they don’t care about making them good, as long as you can swing around that controller.
          Just look at their new so called “New play controll” games, they are releasing old SNES games like Donkey Kong which are optimized for the Wii controller. Patethic really, make a new Donkey Kong instead.

        • Okay, okay. But I’ve also played all of them except the PS2, which is ‘new’ (second-hand stuff) but it’s broken and needs to be fixed first.
          And with the exception of the C64/128 and Atari 2600, I can say I’ve played many gaming classics: Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Zelda, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Kirby’s Adventure, Sonic the Hedgehog (SMD and SMS), Gain Ground (also both versions), Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 3 & Knuckles, Gauntlet, Tekken 3, Final Fantasy Tactics, DDR, Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Galaxy, Tetris, Pokemon, Mother 3, Advance Wars, and many many more.

        • Narcissist says:

          My mother owns an Atari 520ST, NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy color, PS2. And yet she has never played on most of them. The only game she ever plays is Singstar on PS2. She has been considering a PS3 for the new Singstar games and downloadable songs.

          So no, you are not a gamer because of your old consoles. >_________________<

      • I disagree. A “true” gamer would have a Wii, if for nothing else the uniqueness of it. This is also if were are to completely ignore mario and zelda.

        Sure the Ps3 would be your main console but there are enough titles on the wii to make it worth it.

        Lastly real gamers are not swayed by a “consoles perception”.

        • Teacherzpet says:

          True gamers play games, whiter occasionally or 24 hours a day. How are the new gamers that Wii have brought in suddenly not considered gamers? When the crap before the NES like Atari, Arcade and shit was dying out and there were still dedicated gamers, and then NES came out, did all those old gamers stick up their noses and scoff at it for making games popular with more people?

        • Narcissist says:

          Isch, I shouldn’t write comments when being deadly tired. Just noticed (after some sleep) that I called RE5 an FPS… ( ´​_ゝ`)

          Anyway, obviously a gamer shouldn’t be tied too just one or two categories of games. But there is absolutely not any need to love all kinds of games. That would be like an wine expert loving all kinds of wines, or a gourmet liking all kinds of food etc.
          Personally I hate sport games and “yaythisgameissocooleveryonelikesitweeee”-games, like the ones on Wii made for the stupid mainstream mass.

          There pretty much isn’t a console that I haven’t owned, and I still play on all the good consoles that isn’t too retro. Most of my favorite games are on PS2.

          Me not owning a Wii is just a stand that I take. I do not need to play through SMG more than once, and not the latest Zelda either really though I do of course have it to my Gamecube.

          PC gaming these days feels almost ridicilous. I always keep my computer up to date with the latest hardware, but that is just “because”. Because there are so feeeeew new good games on the PC. The last games I really really enjoyed must have been Dark Messiah of Might and Magic or Dawn of War with expansions.
          I just installed The Witcher Enhanced Edition, are supposed to be rather good so I have some expectations for it. I also just bought Dreamfall again, I have played it before but I saw the limited edition lying in a shop so I thought it would look nice on the gaming shelf. That is one really cosy adventure game with a nice atmosphere.

          Aion or the new Star Wars MMORPG is what I am hoping for this year to PC, at least regarding online gaming.

        • Anonymous says:

          Real gamers love all different types of games, so I agree with Mike.

          I own a PS3, 360, Wii, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox, PS2, DSi, PSP, Gameboy SP, Sega Genesis, N64, Super Nintendo, and original Nintendo, and the Wii and 360 are my favorites.

        • Anonymous says:

          Too bad, there aren’t any beaches where I live. Maybe in the other countries, like.. 6 hours by plane away from here. Can I call myself a hardcore surfer nevertheless please?

        • Too bad, there aren’t any game centers where I live. Maybe in the bigger cities, like.. 6 hours by train away from here. But I’m not that sure. Probably there aren’t any game centers in the entiry country or neighbouring countries for that matter.

          So I couldn’t really develop a habit of going there in the first place.

        • Anonymous says:

          I believe you’d be a hardcore gamer if you’d think “fuck those consoles, I’ll stick to my habit of visiting game centers each day to play my favorite shooting and fighting games over and over and over again but also watch and try the new cabinets!”…

        • Anonymous says:

          You guys are obviously forgetting monster hunter tri(3) coming to the wii, i’ll easily bet now that from its release to a year after wii, atleast in japan will have pissed all over ps3 by miles, especially in consideration of these ps3 topics. If anyone knows anything about gaming and Japan they know the monster hunter series is by far the most popular game there, so much so they fairytail – rave master mangaka produced a manga for it, which also garnered popularity.

        • my reply to this is No More Hero’s … yes its single player but its probly the most fun Wii game i have played.. as for “console” i own all 3 and tbh i have more fun with my PC (yes it is a game built system) i find the xbox live system some what annoying when i want a server and it says No go here.. reminds me why pc is better…and yea DoW2 was a let down squad based…i was hopeing for a nice big RTS with better grapics but eh hopefully they will make better next time..

        • Narcissist says:

          Not if your name is Joe College or Caroline Fitness maybe.

          Began playing good old Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance to PS2 co-op with a friend yesterday, that is what a gamer should want. Some beat’em-up like Soul Calibur 4 or FPS co-op like Resident Evil 5 is nice too. Most fun for MP in my not very humble opinion is RTS, to PC obviously. Too bad that Dawn of War 2 was a total disappointment.

          My point being, loads of good multiplayer games to both PS3 and X360 and obviously to PC and older consoles too.
          Wii on the other hand just has mostly mediocre or even worthless multiplayer games. Really, how fun is it to swing that ugly controller in the air and pretending to play tennis or whatever? Only good MP game I can think of is SSBB.