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Man With 25cm Penis Implant Begs for Reduction


A man who insisted on plastic surgery to augment his penis from its original 15cm to a gargantuan 25cm is now begging doctors to undo the surgery, as no woman will have anything to do with him.

The 40-year-old man underwent the surgery against the advice of doctors at a Moscow clinic, as he insisted 15cm was just too small. He demanded doctors enhance his member to near equine proportions of 25cm.

Doctors tried to dissuade him, showing him a model of what such a grotesquely oversized member would look like (and hopefully explaining to him that such sizes would prove very difficult for most women to accommodate), but he was adamant that he needed such a colossal appendage.

Eventually doctors relented and decided to take his money anyway.

Two operations later and he was nearly twice his original size, and was eager to return to his presumable life of romance.

However, barely had a month passed and he was back at the clinic, this time begging for a reduction:

“He said no woman wants to be with him anymore. He came here several times, begged us for new surgery, swore he would never be so stupid again.”

Doctors are however powerless to help; he must wait at least six months before new surgery can be undertaken safely.

The doctors are not entirely sympathetic: “If there was a surgery to enlarge brains, we would offer him a free trial,” they quip.

Via MosNews.

The ancients millennia ago left us with the Delphic formula “Know thyself, nothing in excess”, and it seems the importance of those words has not diminished.

If only some would take these words to heart

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