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38KKK Idol Demands Bigger Implants: “They May Explode!”


Oppai idol Sheyla Hershey, whose silicone inflated breasts have reached a staggering 38KKK cup size thanks to possibly the world’s largest implants, totaling some four litres of silicone, has defied the warnings of doctors and now seeks even larger breasts, despite being told of the danger of the inflated mammaries exploding grotesquely.

“To me, big is beautiful,” she says, though most observers would likely disagree in this instance.


The 28-year-old idol’s breasts are some of the largest on the planet, all thanks to hours spent under the surgeon’s knife, and  many tens of thousands of dollars in fees.

Still, she is not satisfied, and demands ever larger breasts for some reason. Responsible (or rather, lawsuit shy) US doctors refused to operate when she reached 34FFF, so she ignored them and went to her homeland of Brazil, where doctors are happy to pump her full of as much silicone as she has money to pay for.


She is blase about the risk of her breasts exploding: “I don’t think I have anything to worry about. To me big is beautiful.”

She yearns to have the largest breasts on the planet, an aspiration she developed after her first boyfriend unwisely paid for her initial implants. Soon her growing obsession and chest repelled even him, and he left her, but she is unrepentant: “I loved him very much, but I had to leave him to follow my dream.”

A reduced Photoshop version:


Via Gigazine.

She would do well to be careful what she wishes for

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