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Xbox Strikes Back: Microsoft Rubbishes PS3 by Proxy


Whatever glimmer of hope Microsoft may have purchased at great cost for its console in Japan has been dimming of late, but that doesn’t stop Microsoft from pushing the marketing battle to the next level: here we see an aggressive piece of marketing published by retailer Messe Sanoh, making use not only of Xbox 360-tan, but also a blustering comparison of the PS3 to the vastly superior Xbox 360 (if they are to be believed).


The pamphlet explains that the Xbox is unquestionably superior to the PS3 for multi-platform gaming, due to its lower price, modestly greater worldwide online population (which they neglect to mention is all based outside Japan), achievements system, and, curiously, its outstanding HDD install system.

It looks as if exclusives are not much in evidence for the Xbox from here on, and even Tales of Vesperia is now multi-platform, so burnishing its multi-platform credentials is the rather unusual strategy of choice.

Via Hachimaki.

Whatever happened to not mentioning the competition by name? It seems improbable that the retailer would just take it upon itself to launch this kind of campaign, so perhaps this represents a convenient proxy for some comparison marketing…

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  • *shrugs* All this matters not to me. I just bought my brand new console – a PS2. (Finally being in a position financially to indulge in gaming.)

    Right now, 360 wins over the PS3 for me in terms of games, in that 360 games cost RM5 here, vs RM150 for a PS3 game. That’s something that can’t be beat.

    …on the other hand PS3 has Valkyria Chronicles and MGS4. But the 360 has Ace Combat 6 and HAWX, which are considerations, given that most of my gaming clan are on XBL – getting a PS3 would make me the odd man out yet again.

    • I know how u feel

      thats why gaming is now in 1 of the expensive hobby.
      I wish i can join the workforce ASAP so I can get these things

      I only touched PS3 and XBOX360 once. I had to say I liked both, but money is always a problem for students like me

      oh well, studying is my priority now, 4 more years to go for my MD.

  • Rumor has it the Xbox “720” will be announced for a Christmas 2010 release before the end of the year.It’s no secret they’ve lined up Blizzard to have 1 or maybe 2 games ready for it’s release, with 1 being an mmorpg(my bet it’ll be WoW:Xbox “720” version or Diablo 3).It’ll be no doubt superior tech to even the PS3 and if the launch library is hot enough and it contains the corect games, it migt even fly in Japan.The only thign MS needs to really hammer out this time is the quality of the console.Consumers won’t stand for another “red light of death” fiasco next time around.

  • The way i see it as is having the console wars is a clever marketing way for the companies to divide its buyers to buy only their products and this not losing as much revenue but at the same time gaining more buyers by the day and possibly damaging the other company’s reputation and forcing the other company to lose their customers which is quite a clever marketing idea but its so far created a lot of idiots who can’t be assed trying to get all the consoles and letting it be. I have both the PS3 and 360 and so far i see them as both good consoles with good and bad points and not simply complaining about graphics or who’s game is exclusive and who’s is multiplatform. All i can say is try to see their marketing tactic and watch the idea crumble. Ive studied e-business for 2 years so far and can see this is one of the most popular marketing tactics to date.

  • Anonymous says:

    What we need is more people agreeing that Consoles > PCs. They try to compare console wars with their preference for PC, but that is wrong. Since it is a known fact for all true gamers that consoles > pc, we, true gamers, start to discuss the subtleties of our world. Console wars equal to PCfags discussions of Nvidia vs ATI, XP vs Vista, Core 2 Duo vs Quad core, etc.

    • Oh, so you are a “true” gamer. Can you tell me the set method of having fun? You know, the one that makes your gaming more fun, better in anyway and what’s granting you the title of “true gamer”. Oh wait… Gaming isn’t about fun… You can’t compare it that way. Who cares which games are more fun? You are playing it to be cool… You need a certain type of hardware with a preferably good case that shouts “I’m expensive bitches!”, decent amount of skills(?) and a lot of free time. It’s really hard to get qualifications to be able to have the title of true gamer…

  • XBOX 360 has no gaems to my interest.

    I thought Guilty Gear 2 would’ve, but it failed. And I already had a gut instinct that ToV was gonna share the same fate as ToS.

    I like my PS3, PS2, DS, and of course, the PC (for my oh-so-lovely BL games).

  • People,people we all know the outcome of this war. Now what Microsoft need to do is make an adult only 360,then port all the eroge into it.Soon 360 will be at top in no time.They do need to fix RRoD problem first and get rid of that region lock .

  • Anonymous says:

    360tan is unbelivably cute.

    So who’s the PS3tan? Is she any good? A quick search on danbooru on ps3-tan turned out something that paled in comparison with 360tan’s radiance.

  • PC > Consoles

    What? I just placed a greater than symbol between “PC” and “Consoles” and you come up to me spraying your nonsense about which is better? Wow you people need to lighten up.

    • Otakumanichiwa says:


      I’m always observing this trend that if there’s an article about consoles the comments will be like this:

      Console A hates Console B

      Console B strikes back

      Console C pops in and declares he’s the best

      Console A tries to find weak points of Console B’s argument…

      and then PC will come in and declares he pwns all consoles..

      lol. this comments cycle must have a name…

  • Otakumanichiwa says: being a 360 owner doesn’t get butthurt if my console is being ridiculed upon..

    as long as I can play games (some might say crappy games) and have fun (some might say ‘be bored’) with it I don’t have problems.

    It’s really impossible that all console owners will agree to each other and become BFF’

    as long as there are differences, there will be console wars

    and I being not so blessed to have the ability to consume more than one game console have no rights to bash other consoles.

  • Yeah Right, i can just say that 360 is better than PS3 because of his free develepment engine ( you just need to know how to use XNA or C# ) allowing anyone to make games to the console.
    BUT 360 is not powerfull as PS3 at all. Sony’s development package cust arround 30,000 dollars (which is a little harsh for indie developers to make games for the console), It’s not cheap and neither of the great softhouses can use the full potencial of it’s processor yet.

    So stop babbling about which is the best system. PS3 IS the most powerfull system of this gerenation (and perhaps the next generations),even nowdays computers can’t reach him, but it’s to damn expensive and Sony is still bitchin about exclusivity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Computers are more powerfull than consoles.. its guys like me that run the high end systems gaming for 18 hours straight, that beta test the online chat software and game hubs.. my computer configuration destroys the power in the ps3. AND… I can do a whole lot more with my PC than I can with my PS3. Including, using a game controller with my PC or a mouse and keyboard. I can multi screen my PC to my big screen tv and my moniter, making it easier to surf, multitask with and alt+tab back into my game. Oh… SLI FTW.. 6GB of ram FTW.. easily upgraded and not being kicked off of LIVE…. hmmm FTW… not left behind when new technology comes out.. etc etc etc…… ps… xbox live has the best online game chat/hub..

      • I’m only saying the truth, even if i don’t like it.

        Yeah i have the two consoles, both are exceptional consoles, I know the limitation of both and i like both of them. But i can’t get over it when i read someone writing what’s wrong.

  • The achievements system on 360 is one of the most bullshit ideas in gaming of all time and continum. There is not a lot of things in gaming that is as boring as spending hours running all around empty levels (with enemys killed beforehand) and collecting dozens upon dozens of coins/medals/letters/whatever_else. Or spending even more time trying to complete a game with perfect score, even when it comes to the point where its not fun already, but you just desperately want to earn that achievement

    • Rinfinite says:

      Getting those achievements is entirely up to the player. Nobody’s forcing you to get them. And an achievement wouldn’t really be an achievement if it only took 5 minutes to get it, would it?

  • Anonymous says:

    the xbox 360 was always superior to ps3, japan is just butthurt that someone other than them could successfully produce, market and maintain a console. we all know microsoft isn’t worried about it’s baby, so in this case, fuck japan and their xenophobic anti-foreigner bullshit, and fuck anyone who attempts to argue otherwise, especially when everyone’s house i go to has a 360 but only 1 in 4 has a ps3.

    • “we all know microsoft isn’t worried about it’s baby.”
      Yes, that’s why they pay for exclusive releases. And there is no rule that says the best always wins. This isn’t much different from HD-DVD&Blue-Ray wars. Each side thinks what they have is the best :s

      • Anonymous says:

        you think microsoft is the first company to pay for exclusive game releases, and how does this make it a valid argument for them being worried about the state of their console?

        as for who’s winning, it’s not sony. ps3 is popular in japan and everywhere else in the whole world people play wii and xb360 more.

        and as to my original post and this one to which i am replying, i was graduating high school when ps2 came out, and that is when i stopped buying new consoles, and i’m sharing this because all consoles since dreamcast have been over the line with prices greater than 200$ and games over 50$. if you want to game buy a pc, not these halfass mediaboxes people try to pass off as consoles these days.

        • They don’t want to compete with PS3 on equal grounds, that’s why they pay for exclusives. It’s like EA going to some sports association and saying “here’s some cash, all your player data are belong to us.”, it’s not something new. I didn’t say so… And I didn’t imply sony was winning… Tell me how you concluded on that… Artefact said in a previous article that “nobody talks about catching wii anymore”. I don’t own any consoles myself…

      • I liked the 360 when it was the only one in the spotlight and the only console with games unique to the Microsoft product name (i.e. Elder Scrolls, Forza, Mechwarrior, Fable, Halo, PGR). Those were games you could only get on MS’s system while other games such as AC, DMC, RE, MGS, FF, GT you know you can pick up on Sony’s Playstation brand.

        Then Microsoft went ahead and decided it was good idea to f#ck with Sony, “buy” exclusives, and turn once “Playstation” games into multiplatform.

        And now we have this mess. Seriously, why couldn’t MS just put money into 1st party studios and produce games unique to its system so we gamers could remember titles that were unique to the Xbox brand and other titles that continue to grow and are unique to the Playstation brand? Heck I’d love to see another Mech Assault title on the system.

        You could say they do have lots of games unique to the Xbox name, but come on … they should’ve invested money into internal games development rather than taking Sony’s games because they were insecure.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great another xbox troll on this website.

    Cry moar sony fanboy, and go quickly buy a expensive demo to play on your expensive shit that dont deserve to be called a gaming console.

  • if i were to choose a gaming console(if i had the cash) it would be the xbox 360!
    first and foremost reason….blue ray disc’s cant be in my country unlike the xbox cd’s(which is still being pirated as we speak)
    now dont get me wrong i WOULD buy the original stuff if it weren’t that expensive and if we have licensed dealers so it would be a bit cheaper for us to afford..
    sadly that wont be happening any time soon.

    • 1) you can copy ps3 games
      2) ps3 can run linux
      3) its not made by microsuck
      4) no rrod (the only problem I’m aware of is the thing being a dust vacuum)

      gtfo xbox fanboy

      (this comment is brought to you buy someone who owns no consoles, but played them all)

      • to be honest i dont own any micro-stuff nor im a fan of them.
        i still own an old ps1 and its been with me for 5 years already and it still works even with scratched up discs!

        as i said for the sake of this post “if i were to choose a gaming console(IF I HAD THE CASH) it would be the xbox 360!”

        and if i REALLY had that amount of cash i would rather buy a ps2 still stuck on ps1 games mainly RPG’s..
        im poor sue me….

      • Anonymous says:

        The PS3 isn’t perfect. My PS3 is a paperweight at the moment, because the blu ray laser has stopped working. So I have to either pay AUS$120 for a new one to fix myself, or pay AUS$315 to Sony for them to repair it. That’s half the price of a new PS3.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree since the 360 for the 60gb model is about $299 in USD and the ps3 model for 80gb is $399 but the ps3 has a built in wireless and if you buy the $100 wireless for the 360 it just equals $399 without the blu tooth and the blu-ray of course

  • Saying XB360 is cheaper is rubbish. Tally in the cost for XBLive subscription, HDD install cost and one more factor that eludes my mind atm, and they easily overprice PS3 by quite a significant amount, when that shouldn’t even be the case in the first place.

    It’s not surprising though, since advertising by itself IS legalized lying, in a sense of speaking.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not even remotely true. The Elite is the same price as the PS3 in Japan, which means the Pro or Premium or whatever they call it, which has a hard drive, is a lot cheaper. Let alone that the Arcade is cheaper than a Wii…

  • TsubasaNoTenshi says:

    Mentioning the name of the competitor is long unbanned from use it seems… Although certainly not a revolutionary marketing approach, it will make the intended impact, enough to demand an instant response from the other party. Once again the question remains weather both sides were neutrally judged (you can be sure that not). Exclusives did indeed play a big role until just a few weeks back, but one is left only to speculate of the next, perhaps the most drastic marketing movement yet.

    • Anonymous says:

      No you morons not everyone can or even wants to own all the systems. they take up room, there arent enough of the games you like and maybe you only have time to own one system. You want people to own them all then BUY them for everyone, until then shut the fuck up and ignore the people who want to hate on one system for what ever reason because a stupid idea like that isnt going to solve anything.

      • anonymous says:

        seriously, a person should only need to buy a console depending on what their preferences and tastes are, and what kind of games they like to play. It’s got nothing to do with anything else more than that. Depending on your preferences, you can have one or many. If you bought a console early and ended up after a while feeling like you made the wrong purchase between your choice, that’s your fault. Don’t go and blame it on some company for taking away exclusivity or whatever.

        I bought a PS3 a year ago and now I feel like I should have got a 360 instead as it’s similar but I feel it’s turned out to be the better one for me over all. It’s ending up getting the same games I want on the PS3 and some more than I want. I haven’t got the money to get a 360 now and selling the PS3 for a 360 is illogical, as it is selling any video game hardware or software as you get much less for it. Anyways, I’ll keep it and buy a 360 eventually as the PS3 has it’s own benefits and some games I like that 360 doesn’t have… like… Pain.

        In the end, it’s not about what system is better. One isn’t better than the other, they’re all just different and cater to different gamers. But that’s getting less and less true between the 360 and PS3, since it seems the two of them basically share 90% of the same library. Besides a few games and many exclusives on the 360, the only difference is that 360 has the awesome XBLA and better online, and PS3 has Home, Bluray, a better standard controller for fighters, and it doesn’t die as easy. The Wii is in it’s own world, lol. I actually have that too, but it just feels so out of the 360-PS3 picture and can’t be compared to those others.

    • because people are idiots. X360 and PS3 is dividing people. Can’t they just release games for both.

      I personally hate X360 cause its filled with defects and was a big waste of my money. But the console wars between these two companies are just plain stupid…

      I guess its X360’s fault for taking games from PS3 at the same time PS3’s fault for getting released late that 360 stole their games….

      • Well, the PS3 is “stealing” games too. So you can’t use that as a reason.

        But your reason is a valid reason for not liking the 360.

        I for one like my 360 even if it does have defects. It’s like a retarded child, you shouldn’t hate your kid for being retarded, you should hate your penis for making retard jizz.

        • Anonymous says:

          i have a reason for not liking the xbox 360: i used to work their customer support. the console is very flawed and in the 2-3 years from launch day that i worked there there apparently was nothig being done about the 3 flashing red light problem. for every 5 calls 3 were for that issue and of the other 2 one was a cancellation for xbox live, and the other was some nonsensical crap or a prank call.

        • Anonymous says:

          Did someone just say get $ony and Micro$oft together to make an “aryan console?”

          Something doesn’t sit well with that… Seems like WWIII is just going to be a historical repeat…

        • Keep hearing, think it’s bullshit tbh.

          Coding for consoles is coding for ONE console with only one possible configuration.. much easier.
          PC = a billion different possibilities each with its own possible quirks.
          PC games still sell by the millions, and I’m pretty sure once Starcraft 2 is released it will make all previous sale records (including the big GTA hit on consoles) pale in comparison.

        • Guess so… Though its really PS3’s fault why their games got stolen in the first place…

          And true… Never hate the retarded child… Though I hate those idiots who killed my 360… I’ve taken good care of my 360 but due to them defects it died… I wasted my cash…

          As for the PS3… Still alive but I’m running out of games… x__x

          I wish these two companies get along and work on a master console that would be easier for us all to play with… x__x

    • Because people are proud of what they didn’t make. I went with all consoles and i am happy. I know not everyone can afford to buy all, but don’t hate a console you don’t own.

      Playing at your cousin’s house doesn’t count as knowing you hate the company or console.

      • Overlord Ablade says:

        Dude i’m not rich, I’m no where near being rich and I still own all the new systems. It’s not that expensive, exspecialy now since they all went down in price, from when they first came out.

        • there is this strange thing called GET A JOB.

          What JOB? You mean the one that pays you below the minimum wage?

          Judging by the allowance I’d be guessing he’s a minor so…. that brings it down to the sad reality.

        • Anonymous says:

          What else is worth spending money on? Tickets to watch big cars crash into each other? Or stupid shit to show your partner that you still love him, materially at least? Or a house which you will pay for till you die while you waste your time away working, eating microwave dinners, and being generally miserable?
          Sign me up man.

        • Anonymous says:

          yea, it’s just reorganizing your priorities. Take some money off of here and there(human don’t always need 3 meals a day, you can survive with 2, or even 1. If you drive less like a idiot and a jackass, brake and gas properly, you save lot of money on gas. You leave your lights off, unplug electronics you don’t use, turn down the heater a bit and wear more clothing, you don’t waste money on electricity. Instead of buying that starbucks moche blend for 5 bucks, make your own coffee which will in the long run, save you money. don’t stay up late, sleep early and you don’t need to waste money on lights cause during the day, you don’t NEED lights. Buy the energy saving lightbulbs which cuts back more on electricity. Don’t use the air conditioner, get yourself a manual fan. etc), and you’ll raise enough money to buy another system. All those “hardcore” wannabe’s claiming their system is better are not “hardcore” at all. If you are seriously “hardcore,” you’d already HAVE all the console. Therefore not even get into the whole “console war” in the first place. Actually, that’s why you have some people that doesn’t even bother with the whole console war. It’s pointless, you have all the system. Why argue which is better? You have them all.