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Rankaloid: Ranka Lee / Megumi Nakajima Vocaloid Due


A rumoured Vocaloid version of popular Macross Frontier singer Ranka Lee has been officially announced, although so far only the seiyuu’s name, Megumi Nakajima, has been mentioned.

With the earlier release of a Gackt-based Vocaloid, this product is not surprising, though the question of whether they market it using the seiyuu’s name (which seems unlikely to have full impact, as everyone is talking about the “Rankaloid“), or using the imagery of Ranka Lee.

It seems fairly unlikely that they could successfully launch without using Ranka’s iconic character design, but equally there must be some desire to attempt to market the seiyuu over her role.

The release had actually been suspected for a while, but only with this article (an interview with Nakajima in DTM magazine) has it been confirmed.

Via New Akiba.

Fans immediately began speculating about a Sheryl-poid or even a Kugimiya-loid…

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