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The Madness of Kentaro Miura Deepens: Now Eroge Otaku


Onetime Berserk mangaka and current full time NicoNico Douga maniac Kentaro Miura has revealed an ever deepening obsession with the cult online video sharing service, but one which has changed direction and now centres on popular eroge and ecchi anime Koihime Musou.

Here we see the progress of his condition tracked by his contents comments, published in Young Animal:


“Since I became an obsessive Nico maniac (Nico-chuu in Internet parlance), I no longer want to watch TV at all. Apart from human rights and Tibet, I haven’t a clue what’s going on in the world.”


“The final episode of my beloved NovelsM@ster!? I’ve been getting lonely, so I bought an Xbox and IdolMaster, hehehe.”


“With the Three Kingdoms boom, I’m totally lost in Shin-Koihime Musou.”

Via Ore-teki.

Whilst this choice of obsession may have won him praise for his good taste, there is sharply increasing concern that he will no longer be taking his magnum opus seriously…

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