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Rat Bites Man’s Penis in Toilet


A man in the midst of relieving himself was shocked when a large rat suddenly leapt forth from the toilet and took a bite out of his dangling manhood.

The man, a resident of  the Jianxi province of China, was crouched over a public toilet and in the process of emptying his bowels, when out of the foetid depths of the toilet flew a large and apparently irritated rat, which sank its teeth into the first thing it saw, which happened to be the man’s tenderest part.

The toilet in question was a traditional East Asian squat type, apparently plumbed by the cost efficient means of a large hole full of sewage, possibly explaining the rat’s presence.

A reporter at the scene called the exterior of the toilet “OK”, but thought the inside to be rather unhygienic.

After this shocking assault, the man sprung to his feet whilst bleeding profusely. He pulled up his trousers and headed to the hospital in an unusual display of medical common sense.

The doctor quickly identified the rat’s tooth-marks on the man’s member, and the man soon found the cure as problematic as the malady: his penis was washed in hydrogen peroxide solution as a disinfectant, and he was recommended to take shots against rabies…

The rat apparently made good its escape.

Via Heaven.

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