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Wife Punishes Unruly Husband with Circumcision


A Kenyan woman who blackmailed her uncircumcised husband into becoming her obedient servant with threats to reveal that his penis was intact finally forced him under the knife when he became unruly.

The couple had been happily married for two years, and had two children by their marriage.

However, the husband concealed a dark secret: his penis had somehow escaped the ritual mutilation prescribed, and remained unharmed, a fact he was desperate to keep from common knowledge lest he be forced under the surgeon’s knife by a less than liberal community.

His secret became known to his wife on the day of their marriage. She was disgusted and highly upset that he had not been properly cut, and accused him of deception.

Desperate, the husband managed to persuade to keep it quiet, but in exchange she demanded he do whatever he could to please her, including taking her on excursions to Mombasa, shopping, etc.

He would even resort to borrowing money to satisfy her, but when paying for their children’s school fees became an issue, he could no longer afford to pamper her,  and soon became desperately accommodating, anything to avoid the knife.

The stress soon mounted, and he turned to drink, eventually being expelled from church and irritating his wife to the extent that she began to want revenge.

He finally cracked, and indulged in a spot of wife-beating after she failed to cook for their children.

This was the moment she had sought: she called out that her uncircumcised husband was beating her, and soon onlookers gathered (attracted by the accusation of him not being circumcised, rather than the wife-beating).

The man fled and locked himself in their house, but soon a mob formed and broke into his house, dragging him into the street and tearing off his clothes, where his intact penis was confirmed.

The crowd was outraged, and took no notice as the man covered himself and screamed that he really had been circumcised.

They demanded he be circumcised there and then in the street, but community elders decided to be merciful, so instead had his wife and some strong young men drag him to a dispensary.

The wife  in her turn soon encountered problems explaining why she had allowed the hideous secret to be kept…

Via Heaven.

Some might be tempted to brush this off as a humourous tale, but give some thought to how the tale might read if the wife was the uncircumcised one being stripped in the street and dragged to the dispensary to have parts of her initmate anatomy removed, as is the custom in parts of Africa…

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  • “Some might be tempted to brush this off as a humourous tale, but give some thought to how the tale might read if the wife was the uncircumcised one being stripped in the street and dragged to the dispensary to have parts of her initmate anatomy removed, as is the custom in parts of Africa…”

    I’m pretty sure having a man’s foreskin removed is less traumatic than having a woman’s clitoris cut.

    • Anonymous says:

      No it isn’t. Imagine having all the skin around the Clitoris removed so it no longer had any protection from outside friction, how long until it no longer was a sensitive as it started out?

      That is the issue when you circumcise a male, you are leaving the most sensitive parts open so they quickly become desensitized. This doesn’t even include the fact that there are thousands of nerve endings that are lost when you replace the foreskin with scare tissue.

      Would it be okay to you if all they made the woman do was have a labial circumcision to punish her for hiding the fact that he was uncut?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, but male circumcision is just that, circumcision. It’s bad as you’ve said, but it’s nothing comparable to what they do to females in Africa. They cut off the whole clit. It’s as if they were chopping off the dicks of every single guy because pleasure is “impure”. It’s just sick.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t think that people should be forced to get circumcisions, but if a parent decides to have it done for their baby is ok with me.

    On another note (and yeah this won’t win me any friends but…..)
    Human foreskins discarded after circumcision are sold to biomedical companies for use in artificial skin manufature. One foreskin contains enough genetic material to grow 250,000 square feet of new skin. They are also used as a ‘secret’ ingredient in popular antiwrinkle gels…………. (not joking lol)

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh my. o.O

    I’ve been to Kenya, and it was the scariest shit EVER when this warrior who was guarding us started to talk about circumcision (with our guide translating) and he visually demonstrated with his spear how one would circumcise a woman, and how it would be in front of the entire village. ._.; As a girl, that is probably the scariest thing ever to imagine, and the whole time he had this creepy grin on his face…

  • nobody parent has the right to have their child circumcised its not the parents body its the childs so its a failure of respect and care of the child by the parent to grow up as a healthy whole individual.
    it should be considered as a surgical crime against a defenceless minor who has no choice in the matter and therefore a hostile act. there are 24.000 nerves in a natural penis circumcision removes 20.000 of them so its dumb,lees is not more.

  • Chalkzone says:

    I dont see what’s so bad in losing that “extra feeling”. I thought men wants to last longer when having sex. From what I know, males have “resting period” after ejaculation, before the next erection, while females do not have this “resting period” and can do continuous sessions.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are a lot of studies out there that say that uncircumcised men last longer then those that have been cut.

      This seams to be because someone who is cut needs more active stimulation during sex to maintain an erection there for go straight to “Hard Pounding” and overstimulate themselves to ejaculation. This also makes it harder to get the woman to orgasm because the female needs a build up of stimulation to reach climax.

      This is why the uncircumcised tend to last longer, they can start slower and maintain an erection easier because they are more sensitive, there by matching their climax timing to the females.

      That is why we are naturally designed that way.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not just about men lasting longer but women being quicker.

      Sex for the most part is overcoming the female body’s poor design with regards to sex and women fooling men into believing that when she doesn’t climax it’s his fault and has nothing to do with her.

      We believe that however long it takes a woman to climax is normal never asking the question is she taking too long and does she need more “help” in that area.

      By laying ALL the blame wrongly on men leads to a whole host of problems for both genders but especially men leading men to wrong conclusions and extreme methods like circumcision in order to satisfy difficult, lazy, uneducated, and often frigid (i’m talking about sex and not in general) women.

      It should be a mans body a mans choice.

  • I’m against circumcision for both genders. Iknow it sounds strange coming from a lesbian, but I believe everyone should have equal opportunity to enjoy the full extent of their genitalia, especially if it happens to them and it’s forced and/or they are a child. At least wait until they can make their own decision, traditions be damned.

    And for those going “Ahhh it’s so hard to clean!” I take it you’ve never bathed or showered in your life. Just apply warm water and soap and you’re fine. That goes for both genders. No need to do extensive douching or get surgery into this. Just don’t be a lazy fuck and treat your happy parts well and they’ll treat you well in return.

    Besides, Africa is so rife with forced female circumcision (under reasons such as owning a clit poisons breast milk) it’s kind of surprising to me to hear about a guy getting cut in that country, be it forced or not. We’re talking about a continent that has sewn vaginas so shut that the menstrual blood can’t come out properly and they get infected and die just because they don’t like how pussies look or what they do. Either force it on both or don’t do it at all, really.

    • Anonymous says:

      >that country
      Your credibility wasn’t looking too good before, but you lost it here. Africa is populated by a wide range of diverse cultures; painting it with so broad a brush as you did is sheer ignorance, willing or otherwise.

      Here’s the same thing, from another perspective: see how native Tibetans think of it when you call them Chinese.

      • Oh, I didn’t mean to come off that way at all. I know there are people there, like everywhere, that don’t fall into this category, but there are a lot over there that paint a bad picture for the rest. They’re the ones I can’t stand.

        • that is a sweeping generalization… I personally prefer intact though to be fair, I’ve only ever had intact and circumcised penises look mutilated to me

          circumcision should be a choice made by a consenting adult and not forced on a newborn with no concept of anything but eat, poop and sleep.

        • I don’t know which other discussion tree you’re referring to, but the only other one that seems to fit this particular topic did not yet exist when I wrote my comment (check the date/time)…

        • If you can’t hold it long enough for the girl to reach climax, you’re not worthy to begin with. Each and every pro-circumcision “argument” I’ve read here is utter bullshit.

        • Anonymous says:

          What this cutie said. While I do not endorse forced male circumcision, it does seem to have its benefits, intentional or not. Since male reaches organism much faster than female, circumcision actually sort of helps to “synch”
          both together. Plus most girls prefer processed meat rod anyways. XD

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ll accept that.

          The thing is, though, a lot of times, men’s foreskin is far more difficult to deal with than just “wash it properly”. Not every penis is the same, and for a lot, the judgment call is “better to not have to worry about the foreskin”.
          I’ll agree that if the circumcision isn’t done in infancy, it ought to be the choice of the individual, though.

          Another point: “force it on both or don’t do it at all” doesn’t really apply as such, here. Men can (and have for ages) have fulfilling sex lives without foreskins. It’s fact that they have “less nerves for pleasure” than before, but it certainly doesn’t prevent intense and satisfying orgasms from occurring. That is not the case with most forms of female circumcision; removal of the clitoral hood, or the clitoris itself, can drastically impede the ability of a woman to orgasm at all, as I’m sure you can imagine. Men’s bits just don’t work that way.

  • But where do you store your precum when you are really turned on and have the best fap?
    Like i managed to do it a couple of times,first used my thoughts about the most hottest thing ever,got really much precum.
    In the end had to use a 1 fap per 2 or 4 seconds,becouse the feeling was soooo incredable that the single fap gave me many strong feelings.
    Lol i guess im pretty good,but that was pretty rare to feel the best feeling ever.
    And cumming then it was quite intense really.

  • 1)The guy deserved it for beating his wife.

    2)I find offense on the wording of this article and many of the posts. Circumcision is not genital mutilation unless it’s ‘female circumcision’ and that is nothing like the male ‘equivalent.’

    3)All who are arguing or thinking about arguing about circumcision. No one can win these arguments because it always inevitably boils down to “My dick is better than yours!”

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is it only mutilation if it happens to a woman? There is such a thing as a female “Labial Circumcision” that is roughly the equivalent of the removal of the male foreskin. It leaves the Clitoris exposed just like the removal of the foreskin leaves the male gland exposed, and according to some research it makes yeast infections less likely in adult females.

      So if you are for male circumcision you must be for female labial circumcision as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      1. He reached his breaking point. A human (man or woman) can only deal with so much before going batshit crazy. Heat of the moment.

      2. That’s because male circumcision is seen as socially acceptable. And yes it is a form of mutilation. Not as bad as clipping off a clitoris but you’re shaving off a good portion of nerve endings when you do it.

      3. And yes. I do know my dick is better than yours.

        • Anonymous says:

          She got what she deserved. Like most blackmailers (and women period), she thought that she had a “get out of everything free,” card. It never occurred to her that 1) this man might have a breaking point, and 2) the townspeople would eventually ask why she kept the secret so long, and she would get into trouble.

          Then too, I am not going to lie, this is in Kenya, so it’s probably safe to assume that this woman is black. Once you realize that, if you know how black women are this won’t be surprising at all.

  • Little mistake, Artefact, they’d been married for ten years, not two ^^”

    In the comments section of the Heaven article, someone also mentions a BBC News story about the head of a high school in the East of Kenya suspending 18 new students because they weren’t circumcised: apparently, said principal considered it unacceptable to have pupils who hadn’t undergone that rite of passage into adulthood living/studying along pupils who had… The Kenyan minister of education called this barbaric, but the local elders supported the principal.

    According to said article, the circumcision ceremony -which includes cattle being butchered (not too sure if it is ritual or only for meat for the ceremony meal) and copious libations- can cost more than 400$. Considering that boarding schools like the one in the article cost about 700$ (not sure it is per year or for the whole high school time), some not very rich families have to make a choice between an education or the ceremony.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m an intact male, never had any problems with any kind of infection or anything of the sort. Also, to the guy who posted the article about how male circumcision reduces the chances on contracting HIV, so do condoms…..
    Someone needs to tell the pope to stop aiding the spread of HIV

    • Anonymous says:

      You thought wrong then. Circumcision can often lead to mild to severe keratinization. The foreskin, as some have said in this article, secretes a lubricant that keeps the head moist. Without the foreskin, naturally the head loses its moisture, and the skin thickens and hardens.

      And as for people saying it could make you last longer, that only applies for someone who was circumcised as an adult. If all your life you have been cut, that argument will not hold much weight, as your body has always only known that slightly truncated pleasure. After all, it is not as if your body has the experience of uncut sex to compare it to. No matter how you look at it, taking a knife to an infants cock is for nothing more than cosmetic reasons.

      • ugly american says:

        Not to mention a foreskin is full of nerve endings that cause very pleasant feelings when manipulated.
        Here in the U.S. it is quite sad that there is so much ignorance about the foreskin.
        There was a program called “Love Line” that took phone calls from people asking questions about sex. Every time it aired there were multiple questions from women asking what that was that covered the tip of their pardners penis.

    • Anonymous says:

      What’s so bad about circumcision is that it’s usually done on babies who don’t understand what’s going on and thus cannot consent to the procedure.

      And fapping felt better AFTER you got cut? That doesn’t sound right. Like a poster above stated, circumcision removes a lot of the nerves from your dick. In fact, circumcision was introduced in the US to discourage fapping, as it reduced the pleasurable feeling it gives. You were probably doing it wrong.

      I’m just glad I was born a girl so I never had to deal with this.

    • Regarding “circumcision will let your wang grow bigger” I’ve never heard of it, but it probably is true somewhat.

      Wang stretching exists (jelqing techniques, hanging, clamping, etc.), and I know from experience it very much works given ritualistic dedication (google “Thunder’s Forum”).

      And the foreskin does kind of keep you in a perpetual “turtled” state, which is the sort of thing that inhibits gains after workouts.

      But… if you have the option between, say, 6 months of dedicated stretching exercises, or removing the most sensitive part of your wang to achieve similar results… well, your choice is your choice.

        • Anonymous says:

          Agreed with that much, at least.

          I feel it pertinent to point out, however, that the biased wording in Doctor Fleiss’ article makes the methodology of his research suspect.

        • So to sum it up:

          The only thing circumcised people are really missing out on is an extra pleasant-feeling massage while they’re doing the nasty. It feels like a good back-rub, but on your penis.

          No terribly big deal, the big deal comes when a parent/culture makes other people’s decisions for them well before they’re mature enough to make their own.

          Which is a civil liberty concern, and reflects how much of an asshole the parent/culture in question is.

          That’s all this whole thing boils down to.

          THE END.

        • “The glans is insensitive to light touch, heat, cold, and even to pinpricks”

          It has barely any nerves in it. It’s probably a desire to make it “more” sensitive that pushes you instinctively to thrust harder when using it.

          “The glans is nearly incapable of detecting light touch.”

          It gets to feel pain and deep pressures.


          Don’t get me wrong, it’s obviously the way it is because it works best like that.

          But the glans in itself is definitely not “sensitive”. The intense experience it enables one to have has more to do with what’s going on in your brain than what it’s actually capable of “feeling”.

          I know, it’s difficult to grasp. Most people prefer not to think too deeply about how their mind/body works, but there you have it.

          The foreskin serves to add the real “feel” during the in/out’ing, as it has a similar number of touch receptors as your fingers. And finger skin is obviously more sensitive than, say, the skin on your back.

          The foreskin complements what the glans is up to.

          It’s not required, kind of like how you can eat a meal without the seasonings and still able to appreciate it…

    • Clearly the wife, after all after years of blackmail and being treated like a sub-human servant I think any of us would end up revolting in one way or another. It’s only human to reach a breaking point and lash out in rage, frustration, or sorrow.

      However, I do blame this man’s parents for not getting him circumcised when he was a child. It was THEIR responsibility after all, especially since they should have known the culture. If they had, then this wouldn’t have even been an issue in the first place.

  • the last sentence makes me think about this. I am circumcised and all but to have it done when you don’t WANT it done after being a grown man with it always a part of your anatomy is cruel. At least when you have it done as a child you have no idea anything happened until it’s explained to you as a teenager.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here, I’ve been circumcised all my life, it wasn’t my choice, but it’s not like I’m gonna complain about not having a foreskin. I don’t remember having one, so I don’t really miss it or anything.

      • Anonymous says:

        Finally, some commentary I agree with.
        Mine has been circumcised since birth. It’s easy to manage, doesn’t get rashes or anything (unlike some myths I’ve heard), and I certainly have no problems with sexual function or sensitivity.

        It’s perfectly normal and acceptable to me that such things happen early in a child’s life; parents have to make decisions regarding a child’s future all the time during that age.
        Furthermore, I can see perfectly well why circumcision – once introduced as a standard procedure – would take root so firmly in such a place as Kenya. Kenya doesn’t have first-world medical care, and – from what I hear from travelers – is lacking in general hygiene due to limited clean water. If some dirt (or worse) gets under the foreskin, it can lead to serious complications in a place like that.

        On the other hand, I disagree with a mob trying to force it on him. If he wants a dick infection that badly, let him get one and see afterward whether or not it’s worth it to keep a little unnecessary skin.

        The thing we’re overlooking a bit here is that rancid bitch he calls a wife. She’s been blackmailing him for years, drove him to drink, and he only beat her when she refused to feed their children. *THEIR* children, that SHE gave birth to. It’s not like they could have just gone out to eat, since Mommy had been leeching all the spare funds out of the household. I’d argue that so-called “spousal abuse” as defense of family.
        In fact, I’d have her investigated on likelihood of adultery.

        • “If some dirt (or worse) gets under the foreskin”

          I lol so hard when I hear those BS about “things getting under the foreskin”… Seriously don’t talk about something you know nothing about. One third of African men are uncut. It’s a CUTURAL thing, the “dick infection” myth is just a lame excuse (wounding your dick with a dirty knife to PREVENT infection, seriously? xD)

  • Sinjitsu says:

    Do you guys realize how many women over there receive an unwanted clitorectomy? It is the removal the clitoral hood and some (or all) of the clitoris. In some cultures, like Africa, clitorectomy is performed to attempt to keep a female from enjoying sexual intercouse, thereby reducing the likelihood that she will be unfaithful to her husband.

    Individually I feel sorry for the guy but the women over there suffer far more abuses than the men…

    • Anonymous says:

      If anything, I think that the issue of female genital mutilation overshadows problems men face such as in this article. There have been many times I’ve heard about women being forced to undergo clitorectomies, but never did I imagine that men were susceptible to the same kind of abuse. Yes, the way women are treated in some places of the world is horrible, but let’s not forget about the other sex. Women are so coddled in a way that men are often overlooked. And I say this as a female. I just hope that this was an isolated incident in some ass-backwards rural town.

  • Penis is evil! The Penis shoots Seeds, and makes new Life to poison the Earth with a plague of men, as once it was. But the Gun shoots Death and purifies the Earth of the filth of Brutals. Go forth, and kill! Zardoz has spoken.

  • Both couple is to blame here. The wife for allowing her man to remain uncircumcised (for the sake of their culture) and the man for being a lowly coward.

    Whats so bad about circumcision? Sure it hurts like hell and it makes your thing look like the head of a Khezu from Monster Hunter but it reduce your chance of getting STDs, namely AIDS.

    If he was found out like that here, he would be yelled as a coward around here.

    • Even if the circumcision reduces the chance of getting AIDS, it’s still utterly stupid argument. Do you really want to have sex with someone you know having AIDS or other STDs?


      • what’s so bad is he was an adult who didn’t WANT to get cut and they forced it on him. Most likely the townspeople forcing it were muslim because in Christianity it is a well known quote of an apostle that circumcision of the foreskin does not matter but rather the circumcision of the heart (figure of speech) and that gentile converts (like this negro) would not be required to do so. Clearly he’s not jewish, so the last remaining circumcising religion that does so without consent is islaam. Although some idolatrous animist religions do as well most of them are south of kenya.

        • I detect a lot of racial overtones in your post. Yes, retard, black people can be Jewish. Your wording of “gentile converts (like this negro)” doesn’t make sense either. Last time I checked this guy didn’t convert at all, he was born into whatever religion he follows. If a gentile convert is anybody who’s ancestors had at any time converted, than adding ‘like this negro’ is unnecessary as it includes everybody on this planet. Secondly, Islam is no more oppressive than Judaism, just as radical Muslims are obsessed with ridding the world of Jews, radical Jews are obsessed with ridding the world of Muslims. Anyhow, About 60% of Kenya is Christian, 30% being Muslim. I don’t think religion is as prominent a factor as you seem to assume. I doubt you’d call Christianity an oppressive religion, yet one look at the United States through the same ignorant eyes with which you look at Kenya, one might assume otherwise. It’s more to do with the culture.

  • Well, no one was forcing him to remain in a pro genital-mutation culture.

    I’d have more RAGE for the man if he didn’t walk so willingly into the whole affair, or if he would have spent long enough with the bitch to notice she was a manipulative drama-feeding lunatic before he married her.

    That said, the fact that there exist so many mutation-happy cultures does say something about the two or three steps (maybe) we’ve advanced down the path of peace and rationality since the Neanderthal days.

    How so many people are forced to mutilate themselves well before they can make an educated decision about it for themselves always gets me a little upset.

    From Wikipedia:
    “According to the World Health Organization (WHO), global estimates suggest that 30% of males are circumcised”

    (and, unrelatedly, 68% of them are Muslim -_- wow…)

    100/100 on the Article pic btw.


    [I wonder how many of the people who’ve been calling me cold/logical/heartless/lacking humanity/etc. recently will be paying men in white coats to sever 50% of the touch-recepting nerves in their son’s penises when the time comes…]

  • Anonymous says:

    Yay for genital mutilation!

    I know one thing, if I ever have kids. I’ll leave it up to them to decide what they want to do with their body. I heard the sex/masturbation is supposedly much better for intact males. The foreskin is there for a REASON.

  • WFT?

    I have never heard of circumcision of penises or seen circumcised dick b4 I seen it on a forum such as this.
    wikipedia article about was shocking!

    In europe it is almost unheard of.
    I have been in many countries like germany, france, netherlands, poland, belgium, england or scotland but no one ever mentioned such a topic.
    No one really cares about what other people carry in their pants. wtf is with that?
    Mind your OWN business… penis.

    If you think that circumcision will protect you from HIV then go ahead and TRY your protection!

    circumcision only degrades level of hygiene, shave your pubic hair instead!
    uncircumcised penis has self cleaning mechanism, urine is washing off dead cells from under foreskin and keeps optimal pH levels. Don’t tell me that you never have to pee?

    Removing foreskin removes most nerve endings, frenulum is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis, by stimulating just its surroundings you can archive strong orgasm, stronger than when stimulating only glans.

    Last my words, Get away from me BUTCHERS!!!, go back to the CAVE!!!