Gonzo Redeemed with Strike Witches Second Season


Troubled pantsu anime studio Gonzo has been given a lifeline with the confirmation that they will retain the rights to animate the hit pantsu-laden WWII influenced mecha musume series, Strike Witches, after earlier speculation that they would lose the franchise

Gonzo’s getting the rights to the new season, tentatively named Strike Witches 2-ki (second season), was confirmed in Kadokawa Shoten’s Nyantype Magazine

Also confirmed was that most of the original staff will return (that the seiyuu will reprise their roles goes without saying) for this project, including linchpin director and character designer Takamura Kazuhiro, script supervisor “Striker Unit”, and also military advisor Takaaki Suzuki.


The studio has been on the brink of closure for a while now, and Strike Witches might be just the project they need to stay afloat, albeit for a while.

Fans will be heaving sighs of relief that this will not go the way of notorious anime Minami-ke, but with the bugetary constraints potentially facing the gutted new Gonzo, it may be too soon for them to relax…

Those looking for a potential sign of things to come might want to look closely at Eila’s foot in the above close-up on the official announcement’s accompanying art. A disturbing omen?


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