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Police Hunt Man for Asking Girls Directions


Police are hunting a probable sexual predator after he asked two little girls the way to the convenience store.

The man brazenly pulled up to the girls, who were playing in the street, in broad daylight in a silver car, got out and approached the pair, asking “You know the way to the convenience store? I’m looking for a postbox…”

The girls miraculously escaped unharmed from this perilous encounter. His highly suspicious behaviour saw him quickly reported.

The rapist-in-waiting “had the look of a student” and was wearing a grey shirt, a blackish jumper, and had on a pair of spectacles.

Police ask that anyone spotting a man meeting this description dial 110 immediately and summon officers.

Via Itai News.

Japan may be one of the safest nations on the planet to be a child, and offences involving children being plucked from the streets are indeed all but unheard of, making this diligent protection of the children in the face of an admittedly remote risk all the more impressive.

Recall also the case of the man arrested for kidnapping a girl who he helped to her grandmother’s house, the man hunted for saying “Good morning”, etc. The streets are awash with perverts of all types in this day and age, it seems.

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