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Key Announces Angel Beats!, Fans Ponder Heroine…


Key, creators of famous visual novels such as Clannad and Kanon, has announced a new visual novel project, entitled Angel Beats!

The game will have characters designed by artist Na-Ga, and a surprise return storyline by senior writer Maeda Jun (Little Busters!, etc.).

Fans have immediately noticed something strangely familiar about the design of the main female character:


Fans can’t but notice resemblances to a certain egomaniacal schoolgirl who was once the subject of a minor cult. Nobody would accuse Na-Ga of plagiarism (probably), but the resemblance is certainly uncanny…

Regarding the game itself, Maeda, who had written many of Key’s game scenarios, and also acted as a musical composer, had earlier said he was retiring from story writing after the release of hit title Little Busters! to concentrate on music. This unexpected turn of events naturally is well received by fans.

Thus far, not much information about this game has been released. G’s Magazine will run a special 8 page article on the game in it’s upcoming June issue. A promotional video is also visible at Angel Beats! website.

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