Gundam Unicorn Gets Worldwide Simultaneous Release


Sunrise’s anime adaptation of Gundam Unicorn (Gundam UC) has been confirmed in an official announcement, and the studio also reveals that the series will receive a worldwide simultaneous release in several languages (Japanese and English obviously featuring heavily).

As is so often the case with these “international” releases, a closer reading of their announcement actually guarantees only immediate Japanese/US/Korean availability, but this apparently satisfies Bandai as being “worldwide.” Doubtless the rest will follow eventually.

The title is set to become the core of a wider marketing push across a number of affiliated companies (meaning there will be much plamo and games), all starting in the winter of 2009.

However, whether the feature itself will be TV, movie or OVA is not yet clear…

Via AnimeAnime. The spartan series homepage can be seen here.

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