Lucky Star Hater Foiled in Plot to Blow Up Kagami’s House


A man has been arrested for plotting to bomb the house of the characters of Lucky Star, formerly the home of the manga’s creator Kagami Yoshimizu, but was apprehended by police before causing any harm.

Saitama police arrested the unemployed man (22) in Satte City after he sent a letter proclaiming:

“I’m going to go and blow up the  building with the recreated Lucky Star heroine’s room in it.”

Referring  to the pictured building, formerly the mangaka’s residence and now a tourist trap. The management beefed up security as a result.

He was soon arrested for interfering with police duties, all apparently according to plan, for the culprit himself states he did it out of consideration of the possibility that “If there’s a big fuss about the thing, I’ll be on the news…”

He goes on to admit himself that he had no intention of carrying out his plot: “I had no intention of actually blowing it up, I just thought if I put out the threats it would cause a stir.” Police seem to concur.

Hatred for Konata or Kagami did not apparently enter into the equation, as he had apparently only heard about the title through the Internet, and had never so much as read a volume of the manga. There is speculation that he objected to the franchise all the same though…


Regarding the house itself, the Satte City Chamber of Commerce and Industry had earlier renovated the house after Yoshimizu had moved out of it last May.

Opened on March 28th, The “Kimagure Studio Yoshimizu Kagami Gallery Satte” is now made into a museum of sorts, celebrating the “birth place” of Lucky Star.

Most of the rooms were made to look like those of the Izumi household, with one depicting the room of the main character, Konata Izumi, while another was made to look like that of  her cousin, Yutaka.


Via Sankei.

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