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Otaku Rage over “Second-Hand” Loli Rorona



Otaku have greeted the latest in the Atelier series of alchemy RPGs, Atelier Rorona, with disgust upon learning that the loli protagonist Rorona is in fact “second-hand” goods, apparently having something of a connection with a male character in the game.

Clear parallels seem apparent between this and the second-hand Nagi-sama fiasco

They soon populated an entire thread with their disgust at the prospect of having to play through so soiled an RPG, the highlights of which you can see below:



A second-hand heroine? What kind of punishment is this?
This sucks, it’s finished. Change the damn name to “Bitch’s Atelier”!
Die. Who the hell would enjoy this kind of game.
Second-hand? Don’t sell this kind of trash…
The people who don’t say “Then I’ll make her mine!”, and just call her a bitch, really are life’s losers.
You’ve got to be kidding me! I bought a PS3 for this game!
I’ve been betrayed…
But isn’t this series aimed at women anyway?
People who look at one screenshot with a guy in it and then claim to have their wife stolen are really something…
What’s there to look forward to in this game now?
The guy is cute too so who’s complaining?
It could just be an arranged marriage and she’s really into yuri!!!!1
Rorona betrayed me – I won’t buy this.
The girl with the big ones on the right is real nice.
What am I to do now, I’ve already bought the PS3?
You guys are real sensitive.
Just when I thought it was worth getting a PS3…
I bet you lot would really flip out if a male character appeared in K-ON!
Looking at this I can see why K-ON! is so popular…

You can see the rest of the thread (in Japanese) preserved here.

More of the same follows, with it becoming apparent most have not bothered to check the actual site, which suggests Rorona (who is 14) is actually just being hit upon by a lady’s man in the shot in question.

This is still not good enough for the thread’s inhabitants however, who seem outraged that she would even speak to a male character…

You can see a wealth of screenshots and details, and some very appealing art, at the freshly updated official homepage. More on the lolified character designs in the previous article on the matter.

The game is due for release on June 25th, and is available for pre-order now.

With the game looking excellent, the ravings of a few virgin hunting otaku seem unlikely to dent sales unduly…


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