Cosplay Kickboxer Yuichiro Crushed, Vows Harder Cosplay


Valiant cosplay champion and occasional kickboxer Yuichiro Jienotsu Nagashima has been mercilessly crushed by Dutch kickboxing powerhouse Albert Kraus, whose overwhelming weight of experience overcame even Yuichiro’s cosplay powers, with a swift knockout the price of an inadequately dazzling costume.

You can see his crushing defeat below:

His opening cosplay was from fujoshi anime Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, and it seems he evaded having his costume torn from his broken body and taken off to the Netherlands as spoils. Kraus for his part unspectacularly cosplayed an angry Dutchman.

He graciously acknowledged defeat at the hands of the lowland brute in this eloquent blog post, which soon attracted nearly 2,000 comments:

I Lost.

I took the punch and lost. I couldn’t project myself at all. I’m just not there yet. I’ll rest a little and then try even harder than before.

I can still do this. I’ll keep at it!

Thank you to everyone who cheered me on.

He vowed to train harder, even in fighting.

His battle was a complete success in one sense though, as event organisers boasted of TV ratings of 17%, compared to an average of 11%.

2ch for its part quickly took to rubbishing him as a loser who had it coming.

Observers generally consider his loss an inevitability, with the difference in class between the Dutch beast, an international champion, and the otaku warrior, a national level fighter, being simply too great. It seems unlikely we have heard the last of cosplay kickboxing, however…

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