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K-ON! Dominates Charts, Otaku to Blame?


The OP and ED for Mio oppai anime K-ON! were recently released as singles, and to no one’s surprise both have proved hits, coming in at third and fourth in the national Oricon charts. Both also seized the top two positions on Amazon’s rankings.

The ED tune, Don’t Say “Lazy”, came in at number three, whilst the OP song “Cagayake! GIRLS” took fourth place.


As you can see from the above image, with one otaku alone buying no less than 11 copies, we must wonder how much of this success is due to musical value and how much to canny marketing on the publisher’s part, though admittedly in the case of otaku it is more akin to shooting fish in a barrel

You can pick up the CDs here and here. Anyone buying more than 11 is invited to post pictures on the forums.

Via New Akiba.

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