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Mother Forces 71-Year-Old Father to Buy Sex with Daughter


A lady has been arrested after having her schoolgirl daughter have sex with her own 71-year-old stepfather, who she forced to pay substantial sums for the privilege.

The lady (55) had divorced her husband and taken her daughter, now 15, remarrying a man 16 years her senior.

The mother apparently felt her part-time work was insufficiently remunerative, and so decided to make some extra by selling her daughter to her new husband.

She took the girl to his Shizuoka home a number of times over a two month period, and there had her daughter satisfy the geriatric lusts of the elderly stepfather.

For this she received several tens of thousands of yen a time, out of which she generously shared 10,000 with her daughter.

The next year, the elderly gentleman approached police with an apparently guilty conscience, and confessed that he had been “forced” to pay for sex with his daughter by the mother.

The mother has been charged with violation of child welfare laws, and for good measure police plan to press charges against the stepfather for procuring a child prostitute.

The mother for her part admits the charges, saying “I wanted the money.”

Via Sankei.

Even 2ch thought this story originated in China, but it is one of a number of similar cases in Japan…

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