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Even Fender Thinks Mio is Moe


K-On! has proved a big hit for Kyoto Animation, but it also seems to be turning into a hit for Fender, who make the prominently featured bass guitar Mio Akiyama wields.

In fact, even the Fender staff are watching with approval…

Their informal blog post runs along these lines:

Wow! “K-ON!” is awesome.

Sakurakou Keionbu looks like hot stuff.

What’s more, the bass player Mio-chan is using quite a vintage jazz bass (the 62 JAZZ BASS), and she’s a lefty as well… it’s so moe.

I predict a break [?].


Could this presage a Mio-Fender tie-in at some point? This would be sure to have a crushing impact on the finances of those otaku obsessively hankering after the show’s instruments for use as trophies or display pieces…

Via the Fender Staff Blog.

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