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Eri Takenashi’s Tearful Gratitude for Fan Devotion


Kannagi mangaka Eri Takenashi, struck down by a mysterious illness and forced to stop publication amid a huge online fracas, has finally updated her site, Takenashi Note, some six months since its last update.

She reports that she is recuperating at home after being discharged from hospital, though she apologetically refrains from supplying any details.

She is, however, exceedingly grateful for the support of fans, and mentions her earnest intent to restart Kannagi:

A lot of people were very worried for me, and I received an unbelievable amount of mail – something like 270? I was truly moved by the warmth shown by all those supporting me.

I cried when I received flowers and senbazuru [strings of a thousand paper cranes said to grant recovery from illness]. Especially all those cranes, which must have been hard, and for my sake.

I also heard there were fans who prayed for me at shrines, for which I can’t express my gratitude fully.

Since the anime was airing, I really caused everyone a lot of extra worry. Please excuse me for this, and thank you.

I am completely focused on recovery every day now, and I am aiming to restart Kannagi. Writing manga is a trial of strength, so if I restart it when I’m still weak I may make a mess of things. I’d be immensely grateful if you could continue waiting for my return.

Eri Takenashi

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