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The King of Fighters Sky Stage Puzzles Fans


SNK Playmore’s King of Fighters franchise has just received the utterly inexplicable addition of a scrolling shooting game using characters from the series, provisionally titled “The King of Fighters Sky Stage”.



Fans of classic and eminently stylish 2D fighting game series, which after innumerable revisions now boasts a huge stable of much loved characters, have been puzzled by the news.

Some look forward to it, whilst others point out the gulf between the genres. One observer suggests that SNK Playmore is merely attempting to ride on the Touhou bandwagon…


The game, described as an “othodox vertical scrolling shooter”, will be released on the Xbox Live Arcade, with dates and prices still unannounced.

Via Famitsu.

This seems to be  the equivalent of the Street Fighter cast suddenly sprouting wings and taking to the air in a generic shooter… We have towonder what their marketing department is thinking?

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