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Otaku Matchmaking Service “OtakuMa” Launches


In the latest attempt to milk the otaku market, Japanese company C.S.T. Entertainment has created a site for matchmaking services, catering specifically to Otaku.

“OtakuMa” or “Otaku Match” is of course not used for dating like typical matchmaking sites, but rather for hardcore otaku to find friends (or rather, other otaku) with similar interests to themselves.

Launching on the 27th of April, the OtakuMa service will let a user sign up and then specify their interest according to the typical otaku genres, including manga, anime, novels/books, cosplay, games, idols/character voices, live-action special-effects (tokusatsu) shows, military, toys, vehicles, computers, and martial arts.

Users can also specifically describe their interest in fine detail, for example if he is a military otaku that likes the S-32/37 Sukhoi with the Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 cannon.

The system will then try to match these preferences with other users and compile a list of potential friends (in this case the list might be rather sparsely populated) for the person to get to know, or discuss the merits of using an automatic cannon instead of a gatling gun with.

To help otaku who do not want the terror of an offline meeting, the system offers full online interaction instead.

The service will be provided free of charge, and C.S.T. Entertainment has already confirmed that it will add more features in the near future.

The site can be visited here.

Via AnimeAnime.

It seems with this not only is the danger of having to meet any 3D females safely mitigated, but the bother of locating collaborators in the flesh is also reduced… Now otaku have even less incentive to interact with non-otaku, possibly a boon to both otaku and non-otaku.

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