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Jackie Chan: “Taiwan & Hong Kong are Too Free”


Martial arts superstar Jackie Chan has outraged lovers of freedom the world over, but especially in Taiwan and Hong Kong, with his galling statement that Taiwan and Hong Kong are “too free” and would benefit from some communist oppression, courtesy of Beijing.

In remarks to the press he asserted that “Taiwan and Hong Kong are too free, they are chaotic. Chinese have to be controlled.”

His remarks drew applause from the (mainland) Chinese crowd, but non-mainland journalists were shocked, and outrage soon followed in Taipei and Hong Kong.

Taiwan’s Democratic Progress Party, noted for its opposition to the aggressive assertions of sovereignty over the island by Beijing, has demanded Chan be removed from his position as “Deaflympics” spokesman, criticising him harshly: “Jackie Chan is unwelcome in Taiwan and the Taipei City Government should immediately remove him from the Deaflympics team.”

Hong Kong’s tourism board will also be discussing whether to strip him of the title of “Tourism Ambassador” for the city, as his comments drew fire in the Special Administrative Republic, which under China’s “One Country, Two Systems” policy has jealously guarded and maintained its status as one of the most liberally governed areas in the world.

Some Hong Kong Chinese have called for a boycott of his productions.

It is not the first time the celebrity has revealed his slavish faith in the governance of Beijing; one Nationalist politician in Taiwan suggests he is actually trying stir up controversy in a bid to revive his flagging movie career…

Via Searchina.

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  • japanese otaku site will always bad mouth china, china is their rival its too be expected,
    while the rich in your country(japan) become friends with china, most of you poor jap losers will sit at home whining. who is the winners? certainly not otaku. you are the losers for a reason.
    even japanese people in general dont like you otakus, a “disgrace to japan” how can losers hate on others?

  • Nah. Worth taking into account as precautionary acts but unjustified to be taken as it is, with only this point of view.

    There was also a certain thing singer Sa Ding Ding said about Mongolia’s relationship with China that turns out to be very normal, but people(especially foreigners) made fuss off.

    Poor girl.

  • Fact is that some people are stupid enough to believe that the ‘majority’ of people need someone else to tell them what they can and cannot do in their lives in order to protect the ‘normal people’.

    It’s about time to realize that regimes like China are the WORSE system in the world, though the system the United States has it’s flaws as well.

    If I had a choice between which one was better however…. United States would win hands-down, though I still can improve on our system in numerous ways.

    • What is reallllllllllly funny when I read all those comments about how China is a dictatorship while in the U.S, the freedom of speech is not as easy as anywhere else because you can get censored if you fuck with the system.

      What are behind the word “freedom of speech” is pure diplomatic bullshit used to fuck with the masses’ minds.

      If the world truly wanted to punish China greatly, they would stop all economic trade with it to make an huge impact. However, it takes a lot of balls to do this to a country where you have bilions in population so making war is better to country like Irak, with almost no military force or nuisance power. How glorious it is coming from a state of liberty.

    • your comparing apples and oranges, The Chinese aren’t different from westerners by birth but by 1000’s of years of THIER civilization and all the societal values that carries with it. Many westerners have a 1 size fits all mentality that makes them think that what works for them will work for anyone.

      • You’re right about many westerns’ one size fits all mentality, but it must be warned that it should not crease an antagonism which becomes an ad hoc justification for authoritarianism. Becuase authoritarianism is even MORE SO an one size fits all approach. We in the west have our values and as a concrete fact features of Western system are adopted by the Chinese in their past 3 decades of reforms with many desirably results, which are testimonies that many of what worked for the West work for China too. So it’s only natural that the cooperation takes steps forward. Most of the debates focus on form so it is crucial that neither sides become callous over their respective vision. It’s no constructive for either side to proclaim the superiority of Liberal Democracy or Authoritarianism. Because like the reply above said, histories are different, circumstances are different, however I would not the general benefit of western modernization is beyond reasonable doubt and all the nationalism, cultural antagonism and xenophobia from any sides are counter productive.

  • I have far too much to write about this subject, as it’s one that affects me profoundly. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum for the sake of brevity.

    I believe Jackie Chan made a bad judgment in uttering those words. Hong Kong encompasses, yes, chaos /relative/ to China, but through that (minimal) chaos of semi-democratic freedom [Hong Kong and China has a relationship of ‘one country, two systems’, so HK is currently a ‘bird-cage’ democracy], emerged a thriving metropolitan hub. It is now dubbed “Asia’s World City”.

    Conveniently, China has been growing increasingly concerned with being more ‘international-friendly’, especially since the Olympics. Hong Kong plays a key part in attracting expatriates and foreigners, as well as improving the economy. Too much chaos is obviously harmful, but Jackie Chan seems to emphasize that the chaos Hong Kong has is detrimental. I disagree. Hong Kong is safe, respectable and thriving even though it enjoys its freedoms. I understand that conservative values have very good aspects to them – such as adherence to good authority, purity etc., but in a time of freedom, you also have exploration. In this particular scenario, Hong Kong had done beautifully. Unfortunately, Jackie Chan sees it as a domino effect, and this is where I feel he is mistaken. He believes that Hong Kong can change into another Tibet. This is not the case. Tibet is so very different in terms of their situation, and how Chan could stipulate that it could end up like Taiwan is beyond me.

    After being a British colony and the handover back to China in 1997, Hong Kong citizens experienced the first attempt by the Beijing government to place restrictions and enhance authority within Hong Kong: Article 23, which was aimed at restricting freedom of press to speak publically against the Chinese government. Hundreds of thousands of people (out of a population of six million) marched down Victoria Park against this. China shelved Article 23 after this. It received international scrutiny.

    It was a peaceful protest. Hong Kong had shown, that day, that it could handle freedom in a respectful way. Though they saw it as a human right, they acted as /though/ it was a privilege by not abusing it – the delicacy of the matter was understood.

    Chan, in my opinion, should be more careful about speaking politics in public. As an actor, his opinions have great media coverage and even something /remotely/ tactless will raise controversy. He made a bad choice, especially as one of the members of the Tourism Board. I suspect that – even out of protocol – that Chan will issue a formal apology.

  • Probably gonna be lost in the flood of comments already in this thread, but what Chan seems to be trying to say is that freedom is a liberty that the Chinese, as an ethnic group, culture, and people, would exploit and abuse. He’s not going out and saying freedom is bad.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    (Really strange, my post has disappeared once again)

    An absolute disgrace, and a clown to boot.

    Compared to the other genuine Hong Kong kung-fu legend, Bruce Lee, he is nothing.

    If it makes you feel better, watch Bruce Lee beat the crap out of Jackie Chan and breaks his neck along the way. (Clip from Enter the Dragon)

    Here’s another well made retort with Chinese subs, if you understand them.

    (The beating up part is near the end, with Bruce Lee reprimanding Jackie Chan: How dare you belittle us Chinese people? Do we not too deserve the right to freedom and democracy? )

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    An absolute disgrace, and a clown to boot.

    Compared to the other genuine Hong Kong kung-fu legend, Bruce Lee, he is nothing.

    If it makes you feel better, watch Bruce Lee beat the crap out of Jackie Chan and breaks his neck along the way. (Clip from Enter the Dragon)

    Here’s another well made retort with Chinese subs, if you understand them.

    (The beating up part is near the end, with Bruce Lee reprimanding Jackie Chan: How dare you belittle us Chinese people? Do we not too deserve the right to freedom and democracy? )

  • I have lived in China and judging from most of the comments here many of you have not. I can tell you that in the mainland coruption and chaos are in full bloom and hong kong is even worse. I won’t say it is something natural to the Chinese but the only time they respect the law is when it is shoved down thier throat. Without the authoritarian government they have now China would be something far uglier than the worst South American narco states or African feudal states. Freedom is a wonderful idea but most of the world isn’t ready for freedom because they aren’t willing to stand up and take it for themselves. The U.S. can’t run around the world mandating freedom and democracy for everyone. If people really want to be free they will have to stand up and take it from the government as the Americans did in thier revolution.

    • African feudal states? Wow slow down on the racism… you’re not the first Chinese who says that, even my mother tells me the same thing. I’m Chinese too but I don’t think I need this shit called Authoritarianism, and most importantly, has mainland ever TRIED Western Democracy? No right? You have never been given a CHOICE, so what the hell right do you have to make such an argument? The problem with a lot of Chinese like you is that you THINK you know everything about everyone and you will ignore anything that runs contrary to your “knowledge” and if you can’t ignore it then you’d do anything necessary to liquidate it thus preserving the thought that you know everything about everyone. A lot of Chinese whine “there are too many people”, but that’s not an excuse to treat the whole population as an amorphous mass and not to treat an individual person as a human being.

      • The Iraqis and Afghanis are trying Western Democracy and they are now thriving, liberal republics with a politcally healthy voting population, social peace, and individual freedom.

        Oh wait, they’re not. Turns out society needs time to accept and adjust to a completely new system of government, in fact a new way of living and perceiving their roles in a nation? Who could’ve known?

        I appreciate how funny you are to instinctively cry racism the moment tingle comments on the state of African society… if it can even be called that. A large chunk of Africa is a mess. They are living a lot like separate packs of wolves, with everyone hating everyone else. He didn’t say the African people were inferior; he just said the continent is tribal. And it’s pretty much true.

        • “China also has one of the best public transit systems I have ever experienced you can take a bus almost anywhere and there are plentiful trains between cities as well. violent crime is almost non existant you rarely hear about muggings and murders or rapes considering the size of the population.”

          You described the chaos at the start and then came to say “violent crime is almost non existant”, are you insane? You’re just like any person who’s quick to judge when he or she is shown the palace part of China. I’m tired of trying to explain to people like you becoming the mouthpiece of the authoritarian regime when you’re impressed by the illusion that things are alright. I mean if you were born 70 years earlier you’d be the sort of person praising the prosperity brought to Germany by the Nazi regime. You’re hopeless.

          Wow wow wow, read what “feudalism” is before even trying to comment on liberal democracy. There is nothing “feudal” about “tribal”, all that’s in your head is an orientalist BELIEF that the chaos in Africa is partly the result of inferior system of governance, since you have no idea what went wrong you just fixate it with the tag of “feudalism”, a symbol of the backwardness of Europe’s past. You cry that it’s not racist, you cry Rousseau, you cry the universalism of white men’s progress, but orientalism is racism and you don’t realise it because it’s structurally embedded in your consciousness. Africa’s plight is the legacy of colonialism, the borders of African countries were drawn by the colonials, their “official” languages, their system of government, were all forced upon them by the colonials, who pillaged the wealth and lives of the people of this continent and left after a sudden discovery of humanity some decades ago. There are lots of conflicts cos many would not otherwise be included in the same national identity and border, they are obliged to practice system of governance they’ve never had experience of. Now they continue to attempt to adopt a Western system of governance, instead of assisting them and giving them credit you cry “Oh Africa is in such a mess because they’re tribal.” Whereas China ISN’T EVEN TRYING. The Communists just reaffirmed that they’d never adopt Wester democracy, hey, give them a Rousseau please? “Let them adjust to it please.”? Many have problems with China because of how HOPELESS it is that China would ever take another step towards the western style of freedom, and you are here bagging Africa? Where is your principle and value now? Where is the credit they deserve? Where is their lives and riches that colonials robbed? China suffered from colonialism too, but African suffered much much much more much much longer. After leaving African a European legacy, now you’re saying oh shit no the European universalism isn’t seem to be working, let’s create a new universalism by grouping “backward” countries together and conclude that they need authoritarianism so Africa needs a Chinese legacy now. Orientalism much? Even the Chinese, the original “orients”, are becoming orientalist now thinking they’ve created a new school of progress. Your hypocrisy will be shown when you enthusiastically jump on that new bandwagon. So Give me a fucking break, you never look back at what happened in the past because the past of Africa exists in the white men’s discourse only as a amorphous recognition of “backwardness”. Racism is not limited to merely overt exclamation of prejudice, your prejudice is deep inside your discourse and culture. It’s like your grandfather robbed and trashed someone else’s house and you go to that person and say “oh you must not know how to look after yourself, look your house is in a mess”. I’d like to add that you read some postcolonial and postmodern literature, Rousseau is still valid but he lived 200 odd years ago, the world has changed a lot since then. You don’t want to face the truth because you don’t dare to.

      • Actually I am not Chinese I did live there for three years but I am not Chinese. As for calling what they have in africa feudal there is nothing racist about that, you have little dictators/ kings and thier underbosses/barons who run things in a very brutal way. Individual rights are almost non existant.
        In China on the other hand you have controlled chaos. you have on one hand a repressive political regime that at times has gone to extremes to retain power and on the other a burgeoning economy that is barely regulated. These are the two controlling factors in mainland China. If you walk down any street you will see more crime and chaos than you can shake a stick at in the form of pirate cd shops (yes the operate very openly), gangs of beggars from xinjiang who are actually pickpockets, food shops so disgusting that most westerners wouldn’t send a pig to eat there, unregulated small busnesses that charge customers based on what they think they can get out of them, maybe a fight between two people who just got into a car accident (no they don’t call the police just duke it out), and far worse.
        balanced with all this is the good that exists that most of the billion and a half people have plenty of food to eat, a house to live in they enjoy relatively modern comforts of things westerners take for granted like tv and indoor plumbing. They have excellent public education that is in many ways merit based offering those who try to succeed a way up in life and slackers a boot on thier ass as they head out the door. China also has one of the best public transit systems I have ever experienced you can take a bus almost anywhere and there are plentiful trains between cities as well. violent crime is almost non existant you rarely hear about muggings and murders or rapes considering the size of the population. yes all that stuff happens but I am willing to guess that were you to find out the % of those crimes vs the population it would be far less than any western country. But the chaos seethes underneath it all and anything good that exists comes from a government that repressess the disparate urges of a billion and a half people. India may well be the best example of this as thier population approaches the numbers of china and may have even surpassed them. india has wealth and some culture but it has poverty on a scale that is unimaginable to almost everyone who will read this because we can afford computers when there are many in india who haven’t eaten all week. Freedom is a wonderful thing if the people are ready for it and can act civilized when it is granted but sudden freedom usually causes chaos and crime (check on the old soviet block countries during the early 90’s)
        Also as to the charge of racism, don’t be a jackass, calling something for what it is doesn’t make you a racist. I don’t hate africa or africans nor do I hate south americans in any way but ignoring the situation they are in is just stupid. Many of those countries are crap holes because of the greed of a few people and I won’t be nice just to be poltically correct.

        • McThinkerton says:

          “pirate cd shops (yes the operate very openly)”

          you mean like the ones in New York, how very entrepreneurial of them – admirable spirit now all they need is rule of law

          “gangs of beggars from xinjiang who are actually pickpockets”

          Hungry, willing migrant workers – great give them jobs and fair representation

          “food shops so disgusting that most westerners wouldn’t send a pig to eat there”

          Yeah, authentic Chinese food isn’t for everyone – make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables cause they fertilize with human shit they snatch out of the sewer, sad but true yet nothing that can’t be overcome

          “unregulated small busnesses [sic] that charge customers based on what they think they can get out of them”

          Really loving that entrepreneurial spirit – the CHICOM government really needs to drop the COM cause these guys are die-hard free market capitalists at heart

          “maybe a fight between two people who just got into a car accident (no they don’t call the police just duke it out)”

          that is just to free up the police for more important things like killing Falungongers

          once again a rule of law issue (not crazy authoritarian regime law, actual plausibly fair laws that respect and enforce property rights

          “Freedom is a wonderful thing if the people are ready for it and can act civilized when it is granted but sudden freedom usually causes chaos and crime”

          The Chinese can handle democracy – the current regime doesn’t want democracy because then they could be voted out of power – the world’s largest good ol boys club (the communist party) isn’t going anywhere any time soon since they (no not every party member you JA, just the police and military under the direct control of the party) are only ones allowed to own firearms in China

          I read parts of a book by a researcher at the CASS on implementing democracy at the provincial level and below in order to cut down on corruption – this was central government authorized, supported, and demanded research on implementing limited democracy. It could be a camel’s nose under the tent situation if they ever went through with it though – interesting stuff.

          There would probably be a few hiccups with the changing to a democracy thing, but China won’t do it overnight like Russia. Moreover, the US has had a democracy for quite a while but look at what happened when a little hurricane went through New Orleans – looting, lawlessness, craziness. It really doesn’t take much for people, no matter where they are to get retarded when something doesn’t go according to plan. However, that doesn’t mean that people can’t handle democracy. Saying that people can’t handle democracy is racist. That is the real racism – progressive apologist crap about you don’t understand these poor people from Fuckedistan and all they have been through. So what – plenty of Fuckedistanis come to the US and do just fine under this democracy. It isn’t that people can’t handle democracy, it is just that change is hard. Life is hard. No more racist apologist crap.

        • I would like to add that Rousseau is well-known for his famous books on rule of law and authority. You can give rights and freedoms to people after a certain threshold of wealth a country or city has reached (a level that Hong Kong has surpassed).

          At the very outset, I do believe developing countries need a firm dictatorship in order to grow. You need a firm rule that ensures food, water, housing, education etc. is delivered and adequate. Hong Kong is not at this stage, and thus it has progessed to the point of freedom of speech, press, etc.

          However, once you give those freedoms it is /not/ something you can take away. You cannot make Hong Kong less ‘chaotic’ by removing these rights: it will bring the law into disrepute, people will rebel, and true chaos/anarchy is likely to resume. The Beijing government should have read more Rousseau, perhaps. 🙂

  • why is he giving his thoughts on such a thing anyways, like he’s suddenly an expert about it? He’s just an action movie star!

    and why are they giving so much attention to his comments and freaking out over them anyways? he’s just an action movie star!

  • freedom requires responsibility.
    when someone is suddenly set free they don’t know what to do or do wacky stuff for being oppressed so long and told what to do.

    it’s like iraq. saddam kept the Sunnis and Shiites in check.
    now more shit is fucked up after “liberating” them from Saddam.
    these guys can’t respect each other then they do not deserve freedom.
    they “have to be controlled.”

  • Mmm… Taiwan is a fucked up country. The government are money grubbing, vulgarity spouting and prone to childish rage. The people still vote for such a government. (Think Ah Bien and his once loyal followers) Other countries watch taiwan’s political talks/debates/news for actual entertainment more than anything.

    So yeah, it needs more control.

    Hong Kong, on the other hand is alright.

    • Corruption is everywhere you go. It’s just the intensity of it. You are basing your views on a single president who had been quite infamous with the money scandal. There are, of course, better presidents out there, and things will get better.

      As for the Legislative Yuan (the ones you see fighting), they’ve been doing that for a while. Sure, it’s like entertainment to outsiders, but that’s exactly their point. They are doing it for the cameras.

    • Hahaha yah, I have no idea what’s going on in the general public’s mind = =”… the politicians are sooo screwed up. I mean, I would have no idea who to vote for if I were to go back for voting. Both choices just suck too much. Of course, I appreciate the choice between the two rotten apples, but…

        • Some parts of it is, but some parts of it isn’t. Telling the CPC to exert control over Taiwan isn’t. Saying that HK needs to be regulated more isn’t exactly reasonable, either. They are both doing fine on their own.

          But of course, his mandarin isn’t overly fluent, so I guess he just slipped out some unwanted words. But that’s his own problem; he should think first before he speaks.

        • Haha yah, he is. He did refer to them directly. He also mentioned about the quality of Chinese-made products.

          He said that the Chinese (ethnically, so all three places) should be more discrete about the products they make, or they will make the Chinese people look bad.

          Love the part about how he says if he wanted to buy a television, he would buy a Japan one (very very ironic, especially seeing how the Mainland people HATE the Japanese… well, not all, but still) instead of a Chinese made one because the Chinese ones explode.

        • Well, the smaller companies are all in Mainland… most of the manufacturing industry in Taiwan has been exported to Mainland.

          And also, the scandal involving the milk powder was by a very popular (and I would think, logically, quite big) company in China.

  • man fuck taiwan. the president fucked with it’s own people and stole their money. how the fuck are its people supposed to have national pride when the gov’t is so FAIL. the whole previous gov’t was corrupted to hell. P.S. the current pro-chinese gov’t got elected over the other party was already doing shady things. sad to say but taiwans a nice place and all but they fail.

    • And yes, the current administration IS doing some shady things… and if the people aren’t happy with such things, they can at least vote the government out next election.

      (Shady things as in the slow polymerization of Taiwan and PRC… it’s quite obvious.)

      • To be honest, even the culture deep inside of mainland is as alike as that of taiwan, at least we use the same language, especially of me (i’m an MINNAN people) but there’s still something that is so different.

        For example, you mentioned you can at least vote the government out if you dont trust them, but in my mind, this political system in taiwan is not as efficient as you believe.
        It’s you who vote BIAN to become president twice(or more?), it’s BIAN who you vote that graft people’s money, it’s the system that allows BIAN to maintain his power in his party and even gives order from his prison house!
        I know the system in mainland has many problems too, but you have your problem, i have my problem, let’s stop talking about political system.

        • Haha yah, the guys up on the very top seem to be o.k. But then, of course, they do get special treatments and stuff… but hey, which high-up politician doesn’t? The problem most likely lies somewhere between the top guys and the bottom workers though… like I’ve done some research on sweatshop stuff for a case study, and the regional corruption is just horrendous.

          As for the recent mainland immigrants to Vancouver, I would say that it is quite likely that they came here using “black money.” Either that or they scored it big in the stock markets (though using the proper methods or not, we’ll never know). But yah, they are filthy rich, yet they are quite uneducated and also somewhat lacking in the fundamental morality expected in the Western world. Of course, there are exceptions. And not all Mainland immigrants are like that; some are quite nice. But the rich ones are mostly snobs.

        • Anonynonymous says:

          Oh Orwell <3.

          China is more of a Socialist country with Capitalist aspirations nowadays. From what I can see though, the guys at the very top seem to be alright people (I know many, especially Westerners, would disagree with this, but it’s just a personal opinion). It’s just that the system’s so drenched in corruption that it’d probably take ages to fix it.

          I’ve actually wondered a few times if the more recent mainland immigrants to Vancouver were only able to come here by using “black money”. It seems to be sort of a plausible theory, since they all seem to be filthy rich and mostly uneducated. What do you think of that?

        • I dunno about that… you have to ask the general public about it. “Do you prefer democracy over other forms of government?” I would speculate that the majority would answer “Yes.”

          Haha yah, I would say the ideology of Communism would lead to the perfect Utopia if it were ever to be executed flawlessly. However, it is quite sad to note that humankind itself is flawed at its very roots. We are destined to corrupt ourselves. Every one of us are restricted by greed. It is only how much you are willing to let that greed take over you that really counts. Sadly, in reality, Communism is made impossible due to this setback. Corruption is everywhere. And like Orwell said in Animal Farm; some people are just more equal than others. That’s the bullshit that it has come down to. So technically, the stuff happening in China isn’t exactly Communism, but rather a twisted, more realistic version of it.

        • Anonynonymous says:

          I think people in NA don’t necessarily prefer democracy. It’s just the most mainstream and the one most people understand.

          As for Communism, the ideology itself is quite nice. However, it’s pretty much impossible to achieve true Communism, so it renders it a moot point. The Communism we see is always stuck in the “HOLY SHIT WE GOTTA KEEP THESE PEOPLE IN CONTROL (AND TAKE A SHITLOAD OF MONEY WHILE WE’RE AT IT)” stage, therefore never reaching the so-called utopia.

        • Culture is similar, yet quite different. I am a 本省人, not a 外省人, as with a lot of the people living in Taiwan (though 外省人 are still quite a significant part of the population, there are more 本省人 than 外省人). Taiwan’s culture is a mix of those brought to it by the ROC and the ones established by the Japanese when they were occupying Taiwan for half a century. The 閩南語 (or the Fujian dialect, from what I know) you speak is very similar to the one we speak, but it differs due to the Japanese influence.

          And no, only twice. But it’s like Bush. How did Bush make it for two terms? Same thing with Chen Shui Bian. Defies logic. To be fair though, he was only accused of the corruption in his second term. If it was in his first term, he would’ve been voted out.

          Though speaking from a North American’s point of view, I would think that people would normally prefer democracy over communism… just saying.

          Last thing to note though – I agree, both systems in the Mainland and Taiwan have problems of their own which will take a long time to sort out and solve. However, the problems in Taiwan are not up to the Mainland to solve, like what Jackie Chan is suggesting.

    • Government and national pride are two different things. You don’t see the Americans becoming less patriotic just because they had Bush in the Oval Office.

      If a country’s pride is directly proportional to the success of their government, PRC would be a lot more fail with its corruption and its propaganda. You just don’t hear about the corruption, that’s all. And the people there are ignorant of the fact that their government sucks because they are taught to be proud of communism. They have no choice.

      At least the Taiwanese have a choice. We wanted change. That’s why we got change. In turn, we have a choice to be proud of our country. And that’s a choice that was not forced upon us.

      • if we judge corruption by a rate, not an amount, I think the corruption in mainland and taiwan is just six of one and half a dozen of the other.

        I wonder why you mentioned “communism” so many times, i believe the system in mainland is socialism and will last for 50+ years from now…

        we talk about corruption with friends freely and hear about it from tv, read about it from newspapers, not so uncultured after all.

        • Well, it is quite true that pure socialism or pure capitalism will not be the most efficient agenda for any government to undertake, and it is more logical to adapt a economic strategy which encompasses the two ideals. However, this combined take on the economy would not be equally divided, would it? I mean, for Keynes, he introduced some socialist values into capitalism, but at its core, is it still not predominantly capitalism? Same for Deng Xiao-ping’s theory. In the end, there is still one which presides over the other.

          What I was referring to, however, was the wording of “democracy socialism.” Sure, it can mean socialism with a splice of capitalism, but I never thought Communists would want to associate themselves with the word “democracy.”

        • so open your eyes.

          you know Keynes? he saved capitalism by his keynesian. but he denied something in the original capitalism and took something from socialism (my opintion).
          the same with socialism:
          you know Deng Xiaoping? he saved socialism by his Deng Xiao-ping Theory. but he denied something in the original socialism and took something from capitalism (my opintion).

          but keynes is a radical, that’s why keynesian once failed, but you can see, the new keynesian will save capitalism again, the socialism still have many things for them to learn…

        • Not exactly information blockade, but more like personal misunderstanding… hmmmmm… “democracy socialism”… that seems kinda redundant, not only in its wording, but also that CPC is supporting something like that… never knew democracy was in their agenda.

        • ehh…is that what you all believe? OMG, so that’s another information blockade… my girlfriend join PRC when she was 16, but i don’t think i’m going to join PRC anytime…

          in mainland, the meaning of joing PRC is that when a policy is made, party members should follow it at the very first time and encourage everyone around him/her that is not a member to follow it too.
          sometimes being a member could bring some benefit, for example the priority to upgrade…

          you are right, we call it “democracy socialism”, and we have already swich from planned economy to market economy, the business is privately controlled.

        • Wow, a mainland person not part of the party Oo… I thought it’s like every adult’s goal to become a member of the party in the PRC. (No, I’m not being sarcastic).

          Btw, is the PRC approaching capitalism or socialism? Capitalism would mean something close to democracy, wouldn’t it? I mean, socialism is like business is government controlled and stuff, while capitalism is privately controlled… I was thinking the CPC would want socialism as part of their schedule than capitalism…

        • For me, an natural mainland people, i don’t think we are going to communism someday, it’s a target that never to be approached.
          A communism is the same thing as Utopia, maybe that’s why someone prefer to say we are communism. however, in the national development schedule, communism is still something far away, the government know that. That’s why someone said the system in mainland is capitalism actually, haha, it’s the same to me one way or the other, i don’t care, i’m not a member of Communist Party.

        • Well, I mention “communism” so many times because that’s what I’ve been hearing from all the Mainland people that I’ve been interacting with. Naturally, I assume that the mainland is still under communist rule.

          Looking at how China’s being run right now though, it’s true they are approaching something resembling socialism, yet they still have some of the communist beliefs and ideals in place.

          As for the corruption talk amongst the Chinese people, you know it way better than me for I have never been to the mainland. But from what I’ve seen on television, it doesn’t seem like the party is very tolerant of talks against it. I mean, it’s not like before where you’ll just disappear in the night, but regulations are still in place, no?

    • 在这么长的帖子里,看到有人用中文,我倍感亲切(用简体的老兄应该是来至我们大陆的吧),只是没想到却是在这样一种情行下…

      什么“匪”什么“奴”,实在伤感情,”本是同根生,相煎何太急” 大家都是炎黄子孙,用的都是汉字,怎么我看了却比英文还来的有距离感?

      • Oh, I hope that you’re happier now that I’m using English. Although I really hoped that my comment would have made 奴才们 choke on their food ^^

        What age do we live in? Your backwardness is exemplified by your callous, parochial and chauvinist discourse. 炎黄子孙? 同根生? Are you serious? Perhaps that’s the kind of daily speech you use around your neighborhood, I know I would feel queasy if I see a white man calling another “Aryan blood brother”, so why would you use phrases like that to appeal to another Chinese? Is that all there is that bonds them? Chauvinism? Nationalism? Parochialism? If you don’t understand why you are backward you will remain backward. If your servitude is innate you will remain a 奴才.

      • 第一個anon的確是說得過火了一點… 但是這畢竟是個英文為主的網站, 打這麼多中文只會讓看不懂中文的人感到厭煩… 順手打一打翻譯好麼? (笑)

        It’s true what the first anon said went a little overboard, but this IS an English website. If you type so much Chinese, you will only make the people who cannot read it feel annoyed. Try adding a translation, ok? Haha.

  • I lol’d at the people who already took sides.
    Because they OBVIOUSLY know conditions in Hong Kong and such.

    Because they OBVIOUSLY know Jackie Chan’s level of “too” much freedom (Yes, there can be too much. That’s what governments are for. Unless you’re an anarchist, don’t talk shit about too much freedom).

    And Because they OBVIOUSLY know that the media doesn’t exaggerate bull shit.

  • and then just like the movie he always playing he will be chased by chinese agent, fight in the rooftop, dismantle bomb at USA embassy, and then escape to america using helicopter while being chased by chinese airforce.And then fallen to the sea and then got amnesia and ask ‘Who am I?’ And then he wander around during ‘Rush Hour’
    And after that the sequel will be planned…

    • This is why in Hong Kong, Hong Kongers called Jackie Chan, Kong Jian (literally: traitor to Hong Kong) or Kong Che (literally: Shame of Hong Kong).

      Btw, most Hongkongers were sympathetic to the Republic then the People’s Republic. Hail Taiwan indepdence!

  • I think what Jackie means, Chinese People in HK and Taiwan are getting to wild and uncontrollable, with high crime rate, piracy stuff, etc,etc,etc.. So the Law need to be enforced there, that’s all. But the media stirred them up and caused the uproar..

    • I think Mainland has a lot more crime and piracy stuff than Taiwan.

      And also, corruption is quite prevalent in both places. It’s just that in a democracy, you hear about the corruption in details in the news and people talk about it all the time. In communism, if you hear about corruption, you probably don’t have much time left to live.

      • I believe the system in China is socialism not communism…

        “you hear about the corruption in details in the news and people talk about it all the time” it’s the same in mainland, however, there’re still many corruptions under cover.

        • Idk, I thought that at least on TV in America, you can bad-mouth your government without much retaliation… I mean look at Stephen Colbert. Try doing that in China and I think you’ll be taken away most likely =/.

          But it’s true, the freedom of press may have gone a little too far… but that’s a whole different issue.

        • i mean, the ones censored by CNN have no different with the ones censored by CCTV, so we cant impute everything to censorship it self.

          in my opintion, people live in america is free enough, but the media(TV newspaper) is too free, that’s why Chan is confused.

        • Yah, I guess =S… doesn’t really matter to me what the people in Mainland China’s attitude is towards the censors, but their saying that the information which they acquired from censored materials is the truth (like Tibet is not being suppressed… I’ve heard the Tibetan “representative” chosen by the CPC talk) is kinda crossing the line.

        • Haha I guess; you would know the situation there better than I. Though I DID hear stuff about the government being able to block proxies and stuff… is that true?

          But yah, well, other than CNN and Fox, at least we can view a lot of stuff on the internets… and I don’t think Obama will turn off the internet anytime soon… And Canada’s separate from the States anyways… heh.

          Bottom line is though, as long as we’re satisfied with what we have, I guess nobody can make us feel bad about it. It’s just that I kinda feel bad for those who aren’t smart enough to use proxies and such, and only believe in what the CPC wants them to know.

        • Anonynonymous says:

          To be quite honest, the censorship of the internets is not actually affecting the Chinese all that much. Most of my friends in the mainland are smart enough to use proxies and the like. Of course, you have CCTV and other media outlets that are biased, but most people usually take them with a grain of salt – kind of like how Americans don’t always take CNN and Fox very seriously.

          So of course it’s against human rights and all that jazz, but it’s also not as horrible as it could theoretically be… like Obama having the power to turn off the internets.

        • Haha yah, I guess. But then we’ll be getting dangerously close to the conspiracy theories…

          Also, don’t think the people in China knows exactly what the government is censoring. The government tells them something is true, and to those who do not have access to the internet (or at least have limited access to it), what the government tells them is the truth. They don’t learn about the censorship because they never see the other side of the story, unlike our identifying the blatant censorship due to our higher degree of freedom. Sure, there are obvious ones that everybody knows, like youtube and wikipedia, but these are only few of the ones in the open.

        • Anonynonymous says:

          It’d be ridiculous to assume that other governments don’t censor for their own benefits. Censorship is a double-edged sword. If it wasn’t beneficial to the government, they wouldn’t necessarily do it so vigorously.

          Even in Canadian politics, you can’t assume they’ll tell us everything. Sure, it’s our right to know, but how would you know if you’ve been censored if you never knew the stuff we’re being censored from exists?

          At the very least, China is being honest about censoring, lol. Not that that makes censorship any better.

        • I guess it’s true about the controlling behaviour properly so “strange information” wouldn’t explode. But controlling the information so the truth doesn’t get out is another thing. I mean, if the truth is that the CPC is doing something bad, they will never ever release that, would they?

          They are censoring for their own benefits, rather than the benefits of the general public. Don’t you think it’s the people’s right to know what really is happening?

        • Too much is too much, that’s right, it’s so stupid to ban youtube, mediafire, and more…
          that’s way i have to use Hotspot Shield…

          but those stupid actions show little negative effect, right?
          Actually i don’t know how to judge this, someone need to be regulated, truly, while someone dosen’t, if we can’t easily assort them, do we need to regulated them all?

          i think there’s an unique element in chinese culture that drives mainland government to regulate internet: “follow 跟风”. in mainland, if someone dosen’t control such behavior properly, then sometimes strange information would explode, i’ve seen this many times.

        • Yah, I guess… I’m not one to judge what is right or not for the Chinese people to know. But looking at it logically, the CPC really did screw things up with all the censoring. Sometimes, too much is too much.

        • btw, such regulation happened in every country, in different ways, we are just ix of one and half a dozen of other.
          for example, people in some country can’t read about what chinese government is doing right, but only what chinese government is doing wrong, even something stupid that has nothing to do with china while they say chinese government did it.

        • Forget about CCTV, mainland people shame for it.

          the government truly did something stupid, for example the regulation in information, but you can’t say it’s not right, cause the situation is different, you can’t use american way or russian way to govern china, it’s impossible.

        • Idk, from the Maindland news broadcast I’ve been seeing, it seems as if it’s very closely monitored by the party. It’s like they own CCTV or something. Sure, you can talk about it on the internets, but the party is known to censor that also, are they not?

          Hehehe, CCTV… China Central Television… or Closed Circuit Television?

  • Everyone’s racist. I’m Chinese and I’m racist against Chinese people. CBCs and ABCs are fine, but I admit I have some reservations against international students I’ve met due to some things they say or do. Most comments they give are extremely racist or sexist. Yes, I’m racist against them because they’re being racist against others.

    Big deal – it’s not as though I’m going to actively try to destroy them since most are tolerable.

    • Can’t judge against all ethnic Chinese (Mainland, HK, Taiwan) based on what you see in international students. Majority of them are just spoiled children whose parents paid their way into universities overseas because they are too stupid to compete for proper universities in their home countries. They are one of the worst examples you can have of a Chinese person.

      • It’s doubtful they could’ve bought their way into the university I go to.

        I’ve been to mainland China before. Manners and things we would consider common ethics aren’t exactly an important aspect of their lives for many of them.

        Also, I live in one of the most multicultural cities in the world. There are a lot of young adults that immigrated here when they were ~10+ from mainland China and while not as bad as some, they’re still pretty racist/sexist. I’m not saying they’re all bad and I’m friends with some, but I often have to shut them up before they say something wrong out loud and get their asses jumped.

        • Idk… I’ve heard otherwise. But hey, it shouldn’t be THAT bad, right? If it’s that bad, the competition wouldn’t be so harsh for it.

          As for the preference of SFU over UBC, it depends solely on the faculty and the grades… if you have the grades, the majority of people would choose UBC over SFU. But some faculties are better off in SFU than in UBC. Like I heard comp sci there is better… though not sure. And I also heard business there is better, but I’m not sure either. However, it all comes down to name though… and UBC is a lot better looking than SFU, especially in other provinces, but not restricted to other provinces.

          Hehe, two more finals… can’t wait until it’s over.

        • Anonynonymous says:

          I’ve heard from a pharmacist that it’s hard to find jobs in Vancity (and even if you do get a job the pay is really low), but who knows. It may change in the future.

          Also: True CBCs choose SFU over UBC. (Depending on the faculty, of course.) Honestly, I don’t see why immigrants fuss over UBC so much. Even HKU’s Business MBA Program in its heyday used SFU materials. /rant

          But alas, good luck on your finals!

        • No, a genius is one of them people who get like 90%+ in everything they take and have a GPA of 4.0 = =”… but yah, I’m taking pharmacy as first choice because my parents think a stable occupation should come first. Interest can be developed later. Also, the future isn’t decided… I’m just letting it go and hoping everything will turn out fine XD

        • If you were able to get an average of 89% on your first semester, you’re pretty much a genius and can get into pharmacy no problem if you keep that up, lol. Usually MATH 100 kills most people. Don’t go into a microbi, it’s a waste of your marks.

        • Haha I do have the marks for pharmacy… I believe. Only have 88.7% for first term, and second term marks have yet to come out, but I think it’s good enough. Yet microbio just seems so interesting XD.

          Yahhh I’ve heard stuff about the general degrees… like mathematics, general chemistry, biology. Not gonna touch them. Though pharmacy’s in the 3rd year, so probably have to use biochem as a stepping stone.

          Haha and yah, I should really be studying for my finals instead of hanging out on Sankaku ><“… good luck to your exams.

        • Microbi? Uh…if you have the marks, then I would suggest pharmacy. Huge competition though.

          Just be sure to steer clear from general chemistry. Most useless degree ever. Don’t know though, since you should be studying for finals right now, haha. I should too…

        • Hahaha yah, I’ve heard. There are just too many possible routes to follow in science, some people just end up not choosing anything. Still first year, so have many options… probably gonna either go into pharmacy or microbiology. Pharmacy for the stable occupation, but microbiology is where my personal interests lie.

          True… friends and family aren’t exactly reliable sources. Useful for references, but just doesn’t really stand in proving a point, I guess… maybe I should do some more research on that before bringing it up… haha.

        • Eee, hope you’re specializing in something or in pharmacy. I know too many people who graduated from Science with a general degree and can’t find jobs. Just too many of those around.

          Friends and family aren’t exactly reliable sources of information. General populace is pretty ill informed and believe anything “experts” say or what they hear on the news.

        • HAHAHA potential wife beaters…

          Oh, and I’m referring to faculty of science.

          But yah, it’s true, real estate is coming back down now. But when it was climbing up a year or two ago, it was quite prevalent. There was like a house on sale on our street, some Chinese guy bought it, had a paint job, and sold it right after that. That and stories I’ve heard from friends of my parents confirmed my views.

        • Depends on what faculty you’re in.

          The ones I know don’t really care about communism or anything; they’re just huge potential wife beaters and racist.

          I’ve never heard of this. Seems like an unlikely rumour to me. Real Estate took a huge dive in price recently, and houses were around 600-1500k just last year. I really doubt they’d be able to buy and resell efficiently.

        • Yah, you can’t buy your way into UBC. I was thinking more of the universities in the States where you can buy your way in. Funny though, I don’t see that many international students in UBC that are from Mainland… hell lot of Koreans though. But they’re nice, so it’s all good.

          True, too, the fact that the super rich kids in high school are hongers. With their Mercedes. Those are the ones who really fail. But of all the friends I have from Mainland (and a lot of my friends are), they all hold communism to heart, even those who have been here for like over ten years.

          Oh, and one thing I don’t like about Mainland people in our city. Not the international students, but those who come here to screw over our real estate. I mean, it’s not restricted to just Mainland people, but the majority of them are from Mainland. All they do is buy the houses with the money they’ve earned back in China (with what means, I do not know… most like stock market, but may be other shady ways)and resell them at a higher price. That just screws up the real estate market for those people who really NEED a house.

        • Never said I was in the US. Interesting, I’m in Vancouver as well. You think they can buy their way into UBC?

          Since you’re here, you should probably know that the mainland Chinese immigrants aren’t the rich brats. Those would be the Hongers. They bought their way through highschool, but I see so many fail out after their first year. Honger posers don’t count – they just look the part.

        • I heard that in the States, you can practically buy your way into college if you want… dunno if this is true though.

          But yah, I live in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, too (Vancouver, Canada), and I’ve noticed the trend where the longer which the person in question had spent outside of China (so the earlier they have immigrated here), the more “normal” they are, in terms of morals and ethnics. But they are very stubborn. They take what they learned when they were little to heart.

          The international students, however, who come here in like grade 11 or 12, however, are either too stupid to compete with the other high school students back in China, or are very educated and thus are looking for “better education” overseas. Evidently, the stupid ones are stupid and act stupidly, but the educated and smart ones think. And since they’ve spent so much time in China, their ideas strongly adhere to those of the party.

          … that’s just what I’ve observed from personal experience.

  • If you want to know more about what actually he said, do a translation.

    (just after he gaves that opinion)

    I’m a Chinese so I can understand what he means ,but most of you have misapprehend him.

      • hey, wait a minute, what part
        he said: we chinese need to be contorl(actually the word “control” cannot provide the whole meaning of original content “管”), but this is not equal to “letting the PRC control Taiwan more”.

        • Haha yah, he just wasn’t really clear throughout = =”… needs to work on his Mandarin or misunderstandings will occur… if he had meant simply that the governments in HK and Taiwan need some restraint (not from the CPC), then I have nothing against that. If he had meant that the CPC should restrain/regulate the two governments, then I have something against that.

          And yes, I love the quotation marks around “under control”… hehe.

        • i agree with you about “he was referring to the respective governments”.

          maybe he means that: mainland manufacturing industory and food producering industory lack discipline, while HK/taiwan political have a lack of discipline too.

          he ignored mainland political, besides, a political system “under control” could not be too chaotic.

        • Yah, it’s true, he did mention the scandals in Mainland… but then in the context of which he was speaking in, he was referring to the politics/government of both HK and Taiwan… so it was only logical that he was referring to the respective governments. Of course, it would help a lot if they actually showed the WHOLE video, instead of just that part where he disses HK and Taiwan’s governments and left with that phrase.

          But it’s true. We as a race needs to right ourselves. We are making a fool of ourselves in the eyes of the international audience. And this applies not just to the three different governments, but rather as the races known as the Chinese.

        • edit…

          i mean:
          he believe the word “chinese people” includes everyone in HK, in taiwan, in mainland, and overseas Chinese.

          He mentioned exploded TV, milk powder incident case right? which happened in mainland, so i think someone he mentioned that need to be subjected to discipline are come from mainland, not only from HK and taiwan

        • maybe the word “管” is not that simple, it can also means “subject discipline”

          You should stand on his circumstance to read this sentence.
          He considered himself as a chinese, and he believe the word “chinese people” includes everyone in HK, in taiwan, in mainland, and oversea. so what he means is that every chinese in HK, taiwan, mainland are needing to be subject to discipline,INCLUDING HIMSELF of course, by who? not actually who, but maybe someone who stand with discipline.

          i’m not jackie chan, but i believe this is what he means.

          He mentioned exploded TV, milk powder incident case right? which happened in mainland,

        • “原來我們中國人需要管的”

          Well, 管 can be regulate or control, whatever you want it to be. But he did say that HK and Taiwan are messed up right now, and that he thinks the “Chinese people” need to be “regulated/controlled.” Take out the HK government and the Taiwan government. What else is left that can regulate/control the Chinese people? The CPC. That’s what he’s implying.

    • he is talking about taiwan having a bad politics. I think when he said he “it’s too free” he meant like the government didnt really think about the people, thye let people do whatever they want, that is why our crime rate is so high by the way. And if you read taiwan news you would know that the taiwan right now…everyone is fighting about stupid things (=.=)

  • TsurugiKyo says:

    I find it quite hilarious that the entire conversation is not posted.
    I too believe that his “comment” was taken out of context.
    I look at it this way: Jackie Chan is a successful movie star that made it in the U.S.. What if this entire thing is just a way of denouncing him and the U.S. and the “American Dream” at the same time?

    Regardless of the reasoning, I believe that it all just comes down to propaganda and how things are presented. I dare someone to find the entire interview in its ORIGIONAL context. All the sources that I see are only “contributions” by Chinese writers.
    I am not flaming anyone or their comments, but rather the approach that is being taken towards his “comment”.
    Take a look at the entire picture rather than attempt to judge a small portion of it. Sometimes, you have to step back and look at the entirety. Take a look at Georges Seurat’s painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”. Look up close and you see only dots, look at the entirety and you see a work of art.

    Sometimes it’s not the context but the truth. Propaganda sometimes tends to skew both context and the truth.

      • TsurugiKyo says:

        Stating that you are a “native Chinese speaker” is a fallacy.
        And, the fact that you are a “native” would imply a sense of bias, would it not?
        I too admit that I am a victim of bias. I grew up watching Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan made me proud of my Chinese heritage.
        However, I am trying as hard as I can to avoid taking the biased route when examining this. I would still like to see the interview in its entirety. What you provided me was a clip of what was said, and I applauded you in your find. However, as I already said, the entirety is what I am looking for.

        • Actually, the term native speaker isn’t so much a fallacy as it’s a linguistic term to denote one’s proficiency in a language.

          At the top of the list and what most second language learner strive for, is to attain the native speaker level. In other words, that they sound (and read) as if they were truly from the geographic area associated with the language in question.

          So the first anonymous claiming to be a native speaker, simply means that s/he is claiming that their skill in understanding/reading the Chinese language is equivalent to that of a well educated Chinese citizen, and that they would pick up any idiosyncrasies caused by the local culture.

          An example of such an issue would be, understanding that if a British person were to ask you: Could you pass me a fag, that they’re simply talking about cigarettes and that the term doesn’t mean the same thing as it does in the US.

    • so what if his wife is taiwanese? we’re talking about the country here, i mean, there HAS to at lesat be a few good people there (=.=) plus, he didnt really sad about the people, he just said shit about the country (^.^)

  • This is not the only thing he said. he also said he’s not going to buy Chinese products, due to low quality. He said Chinese televisions do explode.
    Jackie Chan is not someone who can be respected. If you look at his background, he’s education level is very low. He’s kung fu skill are not real. He grow up in opera house, his style is opera kung fu. He never had any real training.
    He’s involved in “Stamps Collecting” right now. Which means he used his power and influence to sleep with female star wannabes and collect females like stamps.

    • Idiot, chinese opera requires a ridiculous amount of conditioning, probably more so than most chinese kung fu. I’m guessing you just wikied his life story and now you think you know everything about him.

  • i totally agree with him, i mean, im Taiwanese and even i think that place suck ass besides the figure shops. the people there are rude, disgraceful, AND stupid. I don’t know about hong kong, but i can totally tell that he is right about Taiwan.

  • I personally ran into Jackie Chan several years ago in my vacation to Hong Kong unexpectedly while strolling around and bumping into his personal vehicle where he’s about to get on. He’s a pretty nice guy, IMO. It’s been featured since his interview in ‘My Story’ that in terms of acting and directing, he’s done very well, but as a person, he’s a total wreck. It’s quite uncommon for him to screw things up so publicly his reputation is affected, such as that report where he was drunk while doing a variety show. In spite of what he’s doing lately, I still want him to do one last flick with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao before retiring for good.

  • a lot of it is plain brainwashing. i had chinese flatmates at uni who would quote word for word their county’s ideals almost on command. they learn this stuff very young and just don’t question it (which is honestly most people, some just get hated on more than others). that was definitely a poorly chosen comment, though. it doesn’t hurt to be a little aware of the social climate and especially of speaking to a mixed audience.

  • —–

    Most, if not all, of the comments suggest people are missing the point Chan was making. Here’s the *real story*

    Chan was commenting on how companies in China need to be *regulated* (not controlled) to avoid similar problems like the milk scandal and shoddy products like televisions. taking the capitalist attitude too far (i.e., profits ahead of everything else) resulted in harming consumers.

  • All hail to the Chan. He says china has to much freedom? Than china _has_ too much freedom. As long as he don’t plans to censor the interwebz I will support his ideas. (And rip his movies anyway. Only buyed my favorit ‘Mission Eagle’ God was that movie good.)

    • now you know the difference between Chinese “free” and American “free”. The freedom in China is getting twisty and is out of control, you cant understand what it means unless you live here.

  • I kinda believe what he says. Just look at how much china rips off other shit. From h-games to mmorpgs to manga to art to trains. They don’t give a shit if it’s plagiarism or ripped off. Tho I won’t call it too free… needs some rewording.

  • Forlourned says:

    Well, if you get into a position of failing interest from the free masses and had one too many run intos with the head. Perhaps the thrill of knowing that the Government Controlled theaters will have people lead into them for fixed box office domination and “delusional” world fame!

    Chan tried to acted in “serious” films lately, and for the most part-strike that- all, they where horrible. He can’t do what he did in the past, so wires and face replacements is all his got now. Unfortunately, his fans are either too old to leave the homes or dead. He isn’t relevant now and can’t seem to get over that.


        • From what I’ve heard and learned, Taiwan was “returned” to China after WWII and the Japanese were driven back to Japan. The government in charge of the time was the ROC. Then, the Chinese Civil War too place, and the CPC defeated the ROC in the Mainland and the ROC was forced to retreat to the island of Taiwan. Until then, not a lot of attention was paid to the island. After the ROC took refuge there, they fortified themselves there and tried to “take back” the mainland while preventing the CPC from taking over Taiwan, 金門 and 媽祖. Especially 金門. The war lasted for decades until it finally died down, and the two sides are at a “stalemate” (though the CPC could easily overpower the ROC right now, due to the pressure from US, they do not desire to stir up unwanted conflict).

          So, technically, in the doctrine of the ROC, the government is the “rightful ruler” of the Mainland, including Mongolia and Taiwan. However, most of the Taiwanese people who reside in Taiwan don’t believe in that. The enjoy the status quo better than the alternatives.

          On the records for CPC though, it may be that Taiwan is (and always had been) a province of China. The same applies to the traditional beliefs of the ROC. But in reality, it is more of just an island controlled by the ROC, and that is the Taiwan of today.

          Please point out where I am wrong.

        • @ Basilio – it looks to me like you are heavily under the media influence. If you actually took the time to understand some of the history between China and Taiwan, maybe you would also understand that Taiwan is in fact officially a province under China. Yes, Taiwanese deny it and falsify their union. That is why we get all of these immature retards who don’t do any research and just randomly take sides. You on the other hand seem to know quite a bit so I suggest you do some further research. Up until now, Taiwan has been unable to officially separate from the mainland.

          @ the anon – No Taiwan fully denies being a part of China. But you are right about the war. The only reason China is allowing Taiwan to do as they please without going into war with them is in fact because the Taiwanese have the support of the Americans. China does not want unnecessary conflicts against the U.S.

        • Quebec in Canada is different. If I remembered right, they voted and there were more votes for staying in Confederation than to become independent. Plus, Quebec is still part of Canada; they voted for the federal election (and no, not all the seatings in Quebec went to the Bloc Quebecois… the number of Bloc MP’s actually decreased… yes, I was quite interested in the federal election and watched the live poll results). They are currently under the administration of the federal government, and share the same currency with the rest of Canada. Sure, they have a completely different culture, but they are still part of Canada.

          I don’t see China exerting any control over Taiwan as of the moment. Nor do Taiwan participate in any of the CPC stuff that is happening. And I have also never heard the government explicitly state that Taiwan is part of China (President Ma might’ve hinted at it, but he is only saying that to keep the Mainland people happy; if he had outright stated Taiwan is part of China, he would’ve been booted out of office). And for your information, the majority of Taiwanese people prefer the status quo more than either independence or unification.

          As for the anon who mentioned the “useless racial melodrama,” if you don’t appreciate it, don’t come in here. Nobody cares if you care about this issue or not. If you don’t want to hear what’s happening in here, don’t come to the article.

        • ROFL you got rejected at the airport. Yea that’s just some of the stuff that Taiwan does in order to “distinguish” themselves from China. Sadly Taiwan still is a part of China. The Taiwanese government recognizes this and admits to it on several occasions on the news but they are desperately trying to break off. It’s quite sad that they can’t coexist like Canada and Quebec. China has threatened on many occasions to start a war the minute Taiwan officially trys to seperate even if they have U.S support.

        • Jesus, does Sankaku have a “filter out useless racial melodrama comments function”? I think that’s what they should program next.

          Shit, I’m Chinese and i know an ass-load of other Chinese / Japanese / Korean and Taiwanese people. China has a communist government get over it, posting isn’t gonna make it better and quite frankly no-one here cares to listen.

          This entire blog post was a waste of space that could’ve been used to inform us about something we cared about.

        • LOL @ “real visa”

          True though; if you have the proper visa, there’s no reason for them to reject you. I mean, it was all in the news wasn’t it? The 陸客 stuff. Very big hype.

        • Yeah it’s funny that the immigration officer at Taipei Airport refused my entry to ‘the province’ on the ground that my visa issued by the Chinese Government (the one that hold a seat in the UN security Council) is ‘nonsense’. I argued with him that Taiwan is part of China, and the legitimate Chinese Govt. gives me a visa to visit China, and I was sent back on the plane……

        • Thats the good part about reality, retards don’t get to press the “do not press button”, most of the time at least… with one or two occasions when the majority of the nation goes retarded…(e.g. Bush)

        • Well as a chinese not from either places, me and most of the people where I live still see Taiwan as Taiwan and China as China. okay that is kind of out of topic but seriously if mr anon mentioned that China had helped Taiwan before, I do ask for some related articles or perhaps evidence to support your opinion?

        • You said: they never helped out in any natural disaster in Taiwan.
          well, that means some kind of information blockade happened in your country too… The mainland government did have some actions to help taiwan out, not only from natural disasters, but also from economic crisis or something else.
          But in some case, the leader of taiwan denied the help of mainland, what a multi-party system.

        • WOW go die you fuckin ignorant bastards. Taiwan IS a province of China. PERIOD. They are so fuckin lucky the Chinese are being merciful and allowing them to maintain their own government and freedom. If it was up to me, I would’ve killed off every one of those Taiwanese bastards.