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“Training with Hinako” Offers Anime Ero-Fitness Training


A fitness video with a twist, いっしょにとれーにんぐ / Issho-ni Training (Training Together, subtitled “Training with Hinako”) offers otaku the chance to keep fit with the aid of an appealing anime girl.

Hinako will lead the viewer in a variety of daily exercise routines, assuming he can concentrate and keep both hands free.


Exercises include squats, sit-ups and push-ups. In order to provide variety in what are intended as daily exercise videos, some 30 variations are included, utilising cosplay and similar.

Regarding busty young Hinako, she is an energetic 16-year-old who loves both anime and exercise, an unusual combination if ever there was one. Her friends will also make supporting appearances.

The DVD goes on sale on April 24th.

Could this be herald the birth of muscle anime otaku?

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