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Bandai Lies to Protect Xbox Owners’ Feelings


With the news that the additions planned for the long-awaited PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia appear to have been present from the start, Bandai have been accused of betraying Xbox owners with the “exclusive” nature of the game’s Xbox release.

They recently issued an explicit denial that there were any traces of the new features in the original game, especially the new character. Fans are less than convinced…

This evidence is rather stronger than the lingering traces of pirate loli Patty present in the code:


“In the drawer is a girl’s pirate hat. A name is written on it, but it is well worn and barely legible. ‘Pa-…’?”

Bandai’s response:

“There certainly was such a scene, but it wasn’t Patty.” It “was nothing like” any sort of cut story or otherwise.

Being a PR flack is a difficult job at the best of times…



Some Xbox owners have already vascillated:


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