Second-Hand Nagi Kannagi Ero-Doujinshi


Kannagi caused much outrage and extreme reactions when the manga hinted back in November that the titular goddess may have consummated a previous romantic relationship long before she appeared before the male protagonist in the first chapter, as long-time readers of this site may recall.

An erotic doujinshi by Hozumi Takashi of circle P-FOREST (who seem to have a very limited online presence), published at Comic Market 75, confronts the main couple with the problems this implies for Jin.

A translation is now available for your viewing pleasure on the Channel.


The doujinshi in question is of excellent quality, and all three main characters make their appearance with even Zange-chan included in a few pages β€” indeed, she plays a central role in advancing the plot leading up to the erotic scenes, as she decides to challenge Nagi-sama to take their popularity contest to the next level.

Hozumi Takashi himself has an impressive 79 books on record, the majority of which involve characters from Mai-HiME, Mai-Otome and Super Robot Wars.

His Zange-chan doujinshi, published simultaneously with this Nagi-sama volume, continues the storyline but ends on a cliffhanger β€” please also look forward to the forthcoming Channel translation of the next chapter in what may turn out to become a wonderful series.

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