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Final Fantasy XIII Nightmare Looms for Xbox Owners


The demo of long awaited RPG blockbuster Final Fantasy XIII has unveiled an unpleasant truth for Xbox 360 owners: the demo alone is 5GB, more than the capacity of a single layer DVD, and of course the full game will be many times larger.

The capacity of a Blu-ray disc is 25GB for a single layer, 50GB for two, whilst a single layer DVD is 4.7GB and a dual layer one 8.5GB. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 only has a DVD drive.

2ch provides its impression of the situation facing Xbox 360 owners when the game finally finds its way onto the platform next year:


This was what it was initially thought to be…


Expectations have however increased…


With the size of games ever increasing, suddenly the economy of including a standard DVD drive does not seem so wise. Much disc-swapping appears to be on the horizon…

Via Hachimaki.

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  • The 360 uses dual layer discs, not regular DVD’s as mistaken by our Lord Hachimaki. While a large chunk is still wasted to security, 7.4~ gigs is the max games can use. I doubt it’ll be any more than a 3 disc set. (3 x 7.4gb = 22.4 gigabytes)
    PS3 is good, but its too gad’ damned hard to develop games for!

  • I didnt read all the comments. I couldn’t torture myself to read a bunch of xbot faggots defending their failed poop again. Its bad enough when they attempt to use words to communicate let alone defend their total fail multi disk cack.
    360=Inferior, get used to it. Ive owned a PS3, a Wii and a 360, of them all the 360 was the worst i say was cos like the rest of them it turned into a set of red disco lights which blinked at me for daring to use it.
    Mind you its a good job the weebols exist nobody else would buy a faulty poop like a bust 360. Praise the lord for 360 weebols that buy used failed cack, enjoy multi disk rubbish and think its better…. Bless em.

  • Here’s what I learn from trying to copy FF7 onto floppy disk. 4 CD converted to something like a hundred thousand floppy.

    The sad reality that Xbox 360 owners have to live with is that DVD is dated. Much like CD and diskette before it. Soon enough even BD will be obselete. We have to keep changing. Just accept that shit and move on pleas.

    p.s. I’d kill myself laughing if my kid has to play FF21 on a 30 blu-ray disk.

  • imagine selling the xbox 360 version of final fantasy XIII on ebay.

    “Get discs 1-6 for a bundle special of $60 and get a discount on discs 7,8,9 and 10 for only $15 each plus shipping charges! It’s a must have to get the full experience!…literally.”

  • i can see to possibilities($$) for mircosoft now new blu ray drive for 360 or the ability to install your own hdd like ps3 at the end they can make a killing. l like games from witch ever console like somebody said if you like the game (don’t have console buy it ) that simple.



  • From the quill of the “Barbarian of Gor”…

    I remember when it was a vicious Sony PS1 vs N64 thing over Final Fantasy 7…

    The N64 had better graphics and could have run FF7 if they’d programmed it full 3D – BUT – it had no CD drive and that was during a long “Monopoly” crunch on the price of ANY computer memory.

    There were ads like: “Final Fantasy 7 won’t be appearing for the N64 and that’s a good thing because if it did it’d retail for $1600!”

    • i cant believe there are people that still give a shit
      heres my answer to the console/stupid fanboy war
      if theres a game on a console that you want, get that game and console
      simple right… for the money thats your problem btw

  • Xbox discs hold atleast 8.5gb, So i’d expect the game to be 25gb so 4 discs. Really not that much.

    Besides, xbox beats ps3 anyday… Much rather play on it then a shitty ps3 blu-ray disc.

  • Anonymous says:

    Since when does anyone buy a game solely for graphics/audio? I mean, if Ninjabread Man (for example) was completely redone for PS3, would anyone buy it? No, because, as every single review of it ever/everyone I know who has played the game says, the game sucks.

    Also, if a game’s art is good enough, the quality of said art doesn’t matter. Same deal with music. Nobuo Uematsu did the music for all FFs from I to X. Obviously, the graphics of the games changed along with the systems the games were for. But it was still the same Nobuo Uematsu no matter what. Someone who really cares about a game and its content shouldn’t give a damn about how spiffy it looks/sounds.

    Also, graphics/sound don’t necessarily determine how well a game sells. Take SSBB for example. The Wii can only handle 720p (might be 720i), but SSBB was still one of the best-selling games ever. Same deal with LoZ:TP – the graphics were’nt the best around, but it still sold incredibly well.

    My point, therefore, is that if someone really cared about a game, whether it’s on a new-gen system like the PS3 or a retro system like the NES shouldn’t make a difference. Artistic style, the individual style of the composer, the plot, and the gameplay are the real determining factors when considering how “good” a game is. Those factors cannot be changed no matter what system a game is on, just as a pie is still a pie no matter who makes it or what toppings are put on it.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Pease insert disk 24 of volume 7 of series 4.”
    Oh, well. At least we 360 owners will get some exercize out of this.
    God, I wonder what the limited edition will look like (assumung there is one)… will I be able to carry it?

    • Danielnoctis says:

      -Moooom, have you seen my disk 15 ?
      -But you just asked me for another 5 min ago,dear.i still haven’t found that one.
      -I already found that. I need 15th now. 15
      -Wow, how much does technology evolve! In my days…
      -Mom,Serah’s gonna die.Geez, told you not to vacuum around here.Now is this a 3 or an 8? Damn Japanese and their hiragana.
      -Oh you’re searching for a cell number? Why didn’t you say so? Serah hira,hiragana was it? let’s see..
      -15,Bingo! Start searching for 16 mom, it’ll be over before you know it.

  • look, it says xbox live on the cover. that means we get multiplayer instead of ps3 lol. For the recored, Having a huge set of discs looks WAY cooler than one lame ass game case. Imagine the collectors edition people! Godly…

  • Ravenor626 says:

    I find it humorous that individuals attempt to belittle others by what game system they own. I don’t own a ps3 the system cost didn’t make up for the few exclusive games I wanted to play. Disgaea 3 and upcoming Cross Edge are the only titles I’ve really wanted to play. But hey I have a whole year before FFXIII and Vs. comes out. So perhaps with the upcoming price drop I will actually talk myself into buying one.

  • I will now quote one of the best boss characters ever:

    “Through fire, justice is served!”

    PS3 owners deserve something like this.

    We, the ones who were loyal to Sony and Square Enix, deserve to see the Xbox 360 owners royally fucked in the ass by their shitty console.

  • OMG, what long of a 2D Game you could get for that capacity. 10 000 hours? Damn, they should have sticked with good old 2D RPG’s. That would have been awesome. Less dick-graphics and more gameplay.

  • “”i wouldn’t be that happy, even if SE said they are doing the ps3 version first concentration solely on it, thats completely PR crap talk…

    the games are supposed to be exactly the same for both versions, that means if they need to cut something out to fit into a DVD they will do it on the ps3 too””

    Umm, the game is not going to be “a” DVD. It’s going to be multiple DVD’s. There’s no doubt about that. So there’s no point in cutting out material that “won’t fit on a DVD”.

    I don’t care which console’s better.
    Just as long as the Game is good and the game makes me feel as if it’s thoroughly completed by my own hands.
    The consoles are worthless without the game so my vote is to support a game whichever console it may be in, just as long as it’s good enough for my approval.

  • Not all gamers are hyper active sugar filled fraggers, some of us actually bought the ps3 for the fact that once the disc is in, we can sit down with our bottle of wine like a good book and enjoy the presentation of a developing story, character development and impressive visuals. We are the ones who upgraded their display within months of purchasing a ps3 so MGS4 would look it’s best.

    We earned (worked) for our ps3, we didn’t ask daddy to get it for us. And if we’re laughing at some people who have to get up every 30 mins to swap a disc, it’s the equivalent of someone in a high end sports car laughing as he pulls away from a traffic light.

    As humorous as this is, I actually pity those who want quality but are too cheap to pay for it, quality has always come with a price. For the ps3 owner, it’s the initial price tag of getting the best set up to go with the system (HDTV, decent surround rig).

    We’ve chosen our systems, stop trying to argue the strengths and weaknesses of each, for those that have both then good for you, play on whatever system looks the best, feels the best and sounds the best.

    I’m guessing the experience is going to be better on the PS3.

  • I like how everyone assumes that the pictures are accurate of the final product. Please note where the images are from, as the images are clearly photoshop creations. A halfway decent eye can catch that.
    I own both PS3 and 360, and as of now have yet to decide which system I will get it on. The demo may be large, but these days the demo is quite frequently actually the better part of the game itself, just with restrictions and things. I strongly doubt the situation will be anywhere near as bad as everyone seems to think.

  • Obviously, this article is meant as a joke, and the amount of srsbsns in here ruined it. There is no way in hell it’s going to be that many discs, so the PS3 fanboys/girls who are all like, “gg, 360 nerds” can stop now. Seriously, it’s embarrassing.

  • Square could just put it on PC, plenty of HD space, higher resolutions and better graphics.
    I dont know why they bothered porting the shit that was Last Remnant when they could actually use Steam to get their good games out, people will buy them.

  • Regardless of what system you’re playing this game on – You are getting the same damn experience. You will finish the game on PS3 and be able to talk about the story, characters, etc. with someone who beat it on the Xbox 360 and be in sync the entire conversation. I think a 20-disc set is a little ridiculous though. It will surely not be that large.

  • Icy-nee-san says:

    There is no fucking way a 360-fanboy could make this seem even remotely good for them…unless XIII is 9001x worse than XII, which was only really bad with the story…

    Anyways this time im aloud to say it…LOLZ IN DA 360 USERS FACE~ LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!11!1

    PC is still better 😛

  • really…..everyone….just play the game. if my BD takes a poop then I’ll go return it, if my dvds take a poop then I’ll go return it. it’s just a game. half of us wont finish it anyway

  • I find it interestingly funny how these pictures of the FF XIII game cases made it to the internet when last time i saw a game box set this big was before Metal Gear solid 4 was out and pictures of huge massive disk sets of MGS4 were all over the net only for the final “real” version to be the only one disk.

    In my opinion this whole massive box set crap appears unreal to me as it would be a complete retarded move of SE to release the game with that many disks, i mean how many people are gonna blow a load of money on a game with so many disks and install them onto their 360 which as previous people have stated will take up a lot of gig meaning another bigger xbox HD will have to be bought.

    I own both a 360 and a ps3 and since FF XIII and XIII versus are going to PS3 imtaking my chances with the PS£ should anything drastic happen.

  • If I may be allowed, I would like to point out that FF XIII will certainly not be the first game to come for both PS3 and X360. How come that all the others can retain pretty graphics with much smaller size? Japanese software is generally bulky and unoptimized. Ok, this starts to be a trend in game industry nowadays, but 5 GB demo on PC is still not that common, save for unlockable trial.

    Oh, and while I mention PCs… Having a game that runs well on a specific platform and not releasing it is mean, stupid or both. Seems like Square likes to not earn any much than from Last Remnant, which only had good japanese voice acting.

    • The sad thing is, the graphics on the 360 version will probably be better. Sony doesn’t like developers taking advantage of their hardware’s full potential–they’ve said so themselves.

      And on the subject of poor Japanese software optimization: They’re worse than Crysis. Think about that for a second.

  • oh please don’t become another console war thread oh please don’t… in either case, I don’t think it’ll be much of a problem really for 360 users as long as they don’t include a fucking jewel case for every single disk (the original 1-box-3-disks for ff7 was fine, remember?). Disk swapping was never really that much of a hassle IMO but if you lose one then you might be fucked over. I have a PS3 so there will probably be minimal disk-swapping in store for me.

  • Teenychicka says:

    As cool as the packaging could be with such a large box – Final Fantasy is not known for their awesome marketing material -_-‘ Not to mention I may sprain my wrist on the way home to play.

    PS3 all the way!

  • A few people ahev already touched upon it but PS3 games don’t use compression, and often contain multiple copies of the same data to compensate for the slow read rate of PS3’s Blu-ray drive.
    Considering the other FF-esque JRPG’s, filled with pre-rendered cut scenes, have been 3-4 discs, I expect the same with FF13, which is hardly a big deal.

  • Heartless141 says:

    lol @ people think Disc swaps arnt an issues, what would happen if you accidentally ruined one of them? the rest will be screwed. how would you feel when its right the awesome cutscene/battle, you have to go and find the next disc? and beside, if it somewhat like the illustration images, would you be happy carrying that box home? lol

  • Should Square Enix ever attempt to release the game on the PC, then the size of the game won’t matter as much.

    Still remember the old releases for FF7 & FF8 on PC, which didn’t sell so well. Thats why Square Enix games are console exclusive. I regret not getting them, and now they’re collectors items..

    Now that The Last Remnant is out for PC, and with a demo available, guess i’ll give JRPGs a try before getting the game, and run benchmark tests…

  • Game manufacturers clearly should do this more often to combat piracy – who wants to download 500 GB of game and spend time burning eleventeen discs? Though maybe such a task might become easier in 10 years time or so.

    • Compression, whether for binaries (program data) or video must be done because neither a Bluray disc nor a DVD has the transfer rate for uncompressed video. (This is not to be confused with Bluray’s capability of having uncompressed audio.)

      The difference is how much you compress the video and what CODEC you use. H.264 is the CODEC that Bluray discs use. It’s very efficient and compresses video to about 1/2 the size of MPEG2 compression, used in DVDs.

      This means, unless Final Fantasy uses its own video decompressor (which is likely), they’ll have to rely on the MPEG2 compression from the DVD disc, which means (subtracting for approximate program content size) there will be about 2 hours, at most, of standard-definition video content.

      Given that 1080p video has 6 times the number of pixels of standard definition video, this means that, unless the 360 has standard-definition video, it will only be able to have about 40 minutes (approximately 1/3rd of SD video, assuming the more efficient H.264 CODEC) of video per DVD.

    • Where are you getting the 3-4 discs number? Are you assuming the game will only be on one Bluray disc?

      I wouldn’t be surprised, given the size of the demo, that this game will be released on multiple Bluray discs.

      In terms of capacity, 1 Bluray disc = 5 dual-layer DVDs.

      If the game is only released on one Bluray disc, expect 5 DVDs, because you know Square will pack the Bluray (and DVD) discs as much as possible to reduce production costs (making the discs).

      The per-disc charge Micro$oft charges is stupid, too. With this fee, they’re essentially telling developers not to make any games that are more than one disc. Granted, 8.4GB isn’t so limiting as of a few years ago, but the games are becoming larger and larger. Think about how fast the DreamCast’s 1.3GB SuperCDs lasted. Many games had to go to multiple CDs.

  • InfiniteNine says:

    Since there is so much PS3 love lately, how about an article with custom PS3 themes from Japan? The custom ones I’ve seen from the states are lacking in quality. Also this makes me feel a bit sorry for my buddy at work.

  • You kids and your newfangled storage devices nowadays! *shakes walking stick in your general direction* Back in my time most games worht playing spanned at least 3 CDs! Some of the greatest could only be contained by 4. Disc swapping was something you did to take a break after a couple days gaming non-stop and you were darn thankful for it and then back to the fray with you!

  • I dont think that would be a problem. 5 giga size does not always the exact size. In game programing, there’s method to make small file into gigantic one to fill the empty space of CD or DVD. It’s the opposite side of compressing.

    So the real demo file size probably not 5 giga.

    For 360 user, probably, IF the game indeed that big, then SE might using install into the HDD system.

  • The PS3 Demo may have been 5Gb, However the same Demo on a 360 would likely be a few hundred MB because most Audio/Video on PS3 is uncompressed.

    Take the Resident Evil 5 Demo, was the same on both console’s, the Xbox360 version was 400Mb while the PS3 version was 1.4Gb & the size difference was solely down to uncompressed audio.

    If the Xbox360 Version of FF XIII is to be on Multiple DVD’s it would likely be no more than 3. People that say it will be on 6+ Disc’s don’t appreciate how good Audio/Video & Texture compression is now.

    Burnout Paradise Ultimate box for instance was somewhere around 20Gb on the PS3 Blu-Ray, on the Xbox360 it was 6.7Gb & on the PC it was 3Gb & on a single layer DVD, game was identical on all platforms, Disc space varied simply because of the different compression techniques used on each platform.

    Its intresting how you hear Sony say that games like Killzone 2 & MGS4 could never work on an Xbox360, however having worked for a game company up untill a year ago & having a good understanding of both the PS3 & Xbox360 hardware I can tell you that its total BS on Sony’s part. Both Killzone 2 & MGS4 would be easily possible on the Xbox360 with little or no Performance difference or visual quality difference.

    • you really ARE the man. I believe you. What you said about RE5 is definately true, as I did download the two demos myself, and there indeed was a difference in size, but not much difference in terms of performance.

    • One little flaw, Burnout Paradise had the data doubling used to circumvent the lower reading speeds of PS3 that many multi platform titles have (and, for example, MGS4 doesn’t use). So unless Square will not use that, which we can’t be sure of but his highly unlikely since they even pondered *another* bluray disc, it will not be that easy.

  • Imagining losing one of that “wonderful” collection just make me laugh so hard.

    But honestly I can’t wait for it’s the Xbox360 releas. Let just hope that there won’t be any change to that version. Since if I heard any trimmed down news my stomach just wouldn’t take it from the burst of laughing.

  • MechaTama31 says:

    That’s pretty hurf durf funny, if you have no concept of how much a blu-ray disc can actually hold, and just imagine it to be “infinity”. The two enormous box sets of DVDs shown would require 4 or 7 dual-layer BR discs, respectively (assuming everything is filled to capacity). Installs *and* swapping, that’s so much better! 😀

    DISCLAIMER: I do own both a PS3 and a 360, and I have zero interest in FF anyway. I just hate seeing this kind of pie-in-the-sky bullshit about what blu-ray is.

    And then there’s the whole issue of trying to guess the size of the game from the size of the demo. Without knowing how much of the 5 GB is core assets that will be used throughout the whole game, and how long the game is, there’s really no way to even attempt to guess how much space the assets for the rest of the game will take.

  • the demo alone is 5GB, more than the capacity of a single layer DVD, and of course the full game will be many times larger.

    The Demosize is 5.09GB…. it is NOT 5GB bigger than a Single layered DVD.

    The Release of FFAC Complete:
    File Size Capacity (Capacity of the Blue Ray): 45.9GB
    File Size Used: 29.8GB (Advent Children + Demo)
    Demo Size: 5.09GB

    The game will prolly become a 2 Disk game, that’s what i think. Swapping Disks -> installing the games for 40 minutes.


    • I disagree. I think he enjoys manipulating Sony fanboys. I’ve noticed that they’re pretty quick to pounce on any opportunity (or fabricated opportunities) to attack the “opposition”, kind of like a wounded animal that’s been starved and cornered. Besides, it does result in more activity/traffic for this site, which is always nice.

      • not exactly, I own both consoles, and I simply hate Square’s stupid as hell decision to port the game to the 360, and this article proves it.

        It’s more like a FACT that this particular game was meant for the PS3, and that’s what ticks me off, seeing it delayed for the 360, which is a pathetic console in terms of disc space.

  • What the.. just thinking how many disc that I have to take for just one game sheesh. Heh game size is getting larger and larger. Wonder if Microsoft able to keep up with future development in game size especially since people started to shift in to Blue-Ray. Is there any hope for this console?

  • Please excuse me of my ignorance towards Xbox related news but…
    Despite learning that B-R had won the B-R vs. HDDVD competition, I had thought that 360 games still use HDDVDs? While I’m on it, how much does an HDDVD hold anyways?

  • This is the stupidest post I think I’ve seen in regards to 360 size restrictions and DVDs.

    1) Devs dont bother compressing titles on a Blu-Ray disc, which results in ballooned sizes and minimal speed gains (especially since you pretty much have to install every damn game to the PS3 to begin with).

    2) You cant just cut everything out of a demo. You have to include all the graphics for characters, monsters, backgrounds, towns, movies, sound FX, voice and music for all these areas and numerous other things that will be REUSED THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE GAME. It’s why a Ninja Gaiden 2 demo is several GB despite being only one level – it needs the same textures, graphics, sound and so on that are used for the rest of the game.

    3) Many PS3 games simply through duplicate textures and sounds on the disc (see Resistence and MGS4 for examples). This allows different sections of the disc to quickly grab the reused sounds or graphics for a particular area quicker than spinning the disc / moving the spindle/laser to get to the area. It’s not a significant speed boost, but there’s no reason not to do it with that much extra space either.

    I could continue pointing out the fallacies of this ridiculous post, but there’s little point wasting my breathe. You should stick to posting porn and reposting links to 4chan and 2ch. Less chance of looking like a retard.

    • I think the best way to do the 360 release would be to have a mandatory installation of the core game files, so the only thing on the excess discs is the level data, cutscenes etc. That way they avoid the old problem of having to have ALL the game data repeated again and again on discs, which balloons the size out. Kind of like how PC games have “disc 1- install disc” and “disc 2- game disc”…

    • If this game does end up filling up a blu ray, the load times are going to be absolutely atrocious. Blu ray was designed for movies, so is designed to constantly stream data in a linear fashion, and is horribly slow at seeking data all over the disc compared to DVD…

      Given that developers need to pull all sorts of tricks (mandatory installs to the hard drive, multiple copies of the game files across the disc etc) to bring the loading times to acceptable levels compared to 360 releases, it’ll be very interesting indeed what you’ll have to do to get the PS3 version of this game going… if you’ve got a 40gb’er like I do, better empty it out beforehand!

  • xbox: omg we’re finally getting final fantasy! omg yay! its not just limited to the ps3 now!..

    i see wat ur doing.. >=D this is still an exclusion of the game from xbox =p but done in a very fanciful and inconspicuous way hehehe pwnt!

  • how many disc swapping will be done then? 8-10 times? No offense but if it really happen somehow it looks really dumb. Either that or perhaps they took out some character in the game. Cut short or even negate some dungeon. Took out some of the FMV. And there you go FFXIII “DUMB VERSION” exclusive for Xbox360

    • It’s as dumb as having to install multiple times, yet no one comments about that. All of a sudden, swapping discs is a primitive activity that should be frowned upon and installing, even though taking severely more time to do, is entirely reasonable and much less trouble.
      Also, way to see into the future.

  • hahaha I laugh really hard.

    Two Xbox owners:

    A: “Oh shit I lost my thirteenth DVD, dude borrow me yours!”
    B: “Yeah in return borrow me the Twentythirth one”

    Isn’t it nice for Xbox owner to be able strengthen their “friendship” thanx to FF? (^_^)

  • Aah, its fun to see stupid sony fanboys get all excited. I, for one, had a good laugh yesterday when i looked at NPD numbers to see the PS3 getting reamed in the ass, along with lolzone2.

    Stupid sony fanboys.

  • hmm just how long is this demo playing hour anyway?

    It kind of a turn off seeing it being bundle that much not to mention of the high possibility that they might trimmed some stuff in the 360 version.

    I wonder what will Xbox360 owner version if they found out their first FF in were some sort kind of skimmed version………

  • Oh please it with compression and smart use of space unlike a PS3 disc that’s sued as a dumping ground for data the game should only have 3-6 discs.

    Big fcking whooop….

    And despite popular mis belief the 360 has more than enough power to run any game the PS3 can run yes even KillZone 2

    Even if the 360 doubles as a sander(disc scratches) and easy bake oven…for drunken frat boys….

  • I am the bone of my Xbox360.
    Steel is my hardware, and fire is my software.
    I have created over a thousand savegames.
    Unknown to Bluray.
    Nor known to Sony.
    Have withstood the Red Ring to play many games.
    Yet, those hands will never hold anything.
    So as I pray, ‘Unlimited DVD Works’.

  • Hmm .. I actually just bought 60gb Pal Ps3 version from just yesterday so you know…whatever .P
    I have to admit though that playing FFXIII on my X360 would be a pretty cool thing (especially since I like the controller better) but altogether it doesn’t really matter (and shouldn’t since SE isn’t the type of company to create a third-rate product on the other console simply for profit).

    Lastly, serious comment is serious. Oh, and Demon’s Souls sold me on buying the Ps3.

        • I love it how people think the ps3 is beter console… Just to put it in par all consoles including the wii are the same, because its developers who choose what console the game will be on and thats about it. For that reason I buy every console that way I can play any rpg I want. But if i count the hours I spent on each console (I only play music games rpgs and fighters) The 360 has given me at least 10 times more hours of gameplay over my wii wich has given me at elast 5 times the hours of playtime I given my PS3. The funny part I got my Wii then my PS3 like 4 months after and my xbox360 only like a year ago. Since im not a fan of any im gona say for RPGing and music gaming the XBOX seems like a beter console. Im hoping the PS3 does something to bring some RPGS(Exclusives) to its lineup cause even the wii is releasing more RPGS than the PS3 is. Dont flame about graphics cause if youre a true RPGer graphics mean squat its the story that matters and how It plays out.

        • I like how you totally ignored the fact that the Xbox owner above me that I was responding to was the one that called someone a half-wit you jack ass. How is that for sounding like a douche?

        • Jeez, could you sound any more like a douche?

          People have their reasons for buying their consoles, such as the lower cost or bigger game library behind the 360. The 360 has more RPGs to date than the PS3, so the target audience of this game will not always own a PS3.

          Don’t insult them and call them half-wits for not owning your beloved PS3.

  • well dual layer games on the 360 can be 6.8 gb tops, the rest I used for security and stuff. I personally prefer disc swapping to installing chapters a la mgs4, if you only needed to do it once, it’d be great, but you have to do it every time

    10 seconds of waiting while disc swapping is better than installing for 3+ minutes( who knows how many times, given the amount of DVDs these joke pictures show, i’m assuming at least 30 installs, one every 2,3 hours of gameplay, har har)

    FFXIII now a 100 minute install game on the ps3 (aggregate), should be a good artefact’ish header :p

  • northpole776 says:

    They might end up pre-rendering as many cutscenes as they can, since those seem to take up the bulk of space in games. At least, that is what I’d imagine, considering MGS4 had to install each chapter and most of the time was spent watching cutscenes.

      • northpole776 says:

        I didn’t mean that originally, but maybe it can work both ways. Pre-rendering can just package the custcene into a neat, compressed video/audio piece which can be played back.

        A lot of low to mid-budget games seem to do this now and again, like Merceneries 2 and Empire: Total War. They use their in-game engines to produce the cutscenes, but they’re pre-rendered for some reason.

        I don’t know. I’m just guessing that there’s something in a scripted and live-rendered cutscene that must take up bulk space in games, but I have no credible proof, so it’s just my theory.

        • In-game rendering only requires the character models (which are already in there, so take up no extra space), and a set of instructions describing what they do (only a few kilobytes per minute of cutscene).

          On the other hand, a pre-rendered cutscene, no matter how well it’s compressed, is still going to be a few megabytes for a 3- or 4-minute cutscene.

          That said, in-game rendering requires a LOT more processor work, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

    • According to Square, they will be the same except for the amount of disk.

      And for everyone that says things like “MS chose not to go to Blu-Ray” did you ever think that even if MS went to try and get Blu-Ray in their console that Sony probably wouldn’t let them? One of the PS3’s biggest selling points is after all the BluRay drive.

      I really don’t care either way since I’m getting it on PS3 anyways. Thats the joy of having both consoles, you get a choice and don’t have to be a fanboy douche about it.

      • Actually if Sony did that, they would get royalties. Which is actually a pretty good backup plan if, for some reason, the PS3 fails. They *are* aiming for profitability after all. Remember, look at it at different perspectives ^_^

        Plus even if the xbox gets blu-ray that doesnt mean that PS3 will just go on a landslide (in sales), that can be remedied with effective marketing (not just advertising).

        • Getting royalties while making your own console completely worthless would be a smart financial move. I’m sure the royalties from letting xbox 360 have blu ray capabilities would be more then the development they spent on the PS3. >.>

      • count-up-sukka says:

        no, they actually started it as a N64 game, most of the content and videos from the first cd is the content of tha initial n64 version…

        they changed to psx so they could add cinematics and for the psx format for the music, the entire FF7 can be made in a single N64 cartridge, but loosing video quality…

        there’s the example of the resident evil 2 for N64, better 3d game, lower 2d graphics and cinemas…


    • so you finally see the light?
      anyway I own the two of them, and I laugh at 360-only owners who’ll deal with this utter crap.

      they want final fantasy? how about Infinite Disc Swap Fantasy?

      • So what?
        PC gamers still install disks that can take quite some time, so what’s the problem with just changing the disk every once in a while? I’ve never had any problems with it in all the years that I’ve been gaming using multiple disks (or installing expansions that were four, five, six disks on my PC… or patching MMORPGs, that can take equally forever). I’m still not paying for a PS3, since there really aren’t many games on there that I’d play (and my friend has one, so I use his sometimes for the few games I AM interested in).

        So really, it’s either waste my money in buying a completely new console, or have a few disks to change out. I much prefer the latter.

      • count-up-sukka says:

        well, having both roks now that I have them, but if I only had the 360, facing the reality, it wil only use from 2 to 3 DL dvds…so, it will be something like playing FF7 for the first time…

        how many of us have actually yelled at using 3 or 4 cds for a FF in the psx?

        totally off topic…its a mere mather of taste…

        or if someone is young enough, maybe tat psx case is something that they could be unaware off…like my nephews who droll at FF13 but didn’t knew FF ’till advent children…

      • i wouldn’t be that happy, even if SE said they are doing the ps3 version first concentration solely on it, thats completely PR crap talk…

        the games are supposed to be exactly the same for both versions, that means if they need to cut something out to fit into a DVD they will do it on the ps3 too, for example, in a certain part of the story, lets say, disc 3, you might only be allowed to visit X amount of places and do Y amount of side quests simply because there isn’t more space available on disc, if it was a ps3 exclusive they it might not have that restriction, but since it is multi platform they will nerf down the ps3 version to meet the 360 version…

        lower common denominator…

        • this shit is funny… you’re all fighting over which version of the game is “going to be best”. newsflash- it’s not out yet, so all you can really do is speculate.

          way back when i played ps exclusively i loved the ff games, viii is still one of my all time favorite games, my best mate prefers vii, but neither of us focus on the fact that they are different games at all. it’s personal choice and interests that drive what a person like to play. se have decided to release this game on 360 due to a lack of Japanese owners of the 360. i read on this site just last week that sales are down on M$ baby in Japan. if both companies have signed a deal to make games that will boost sales in this region, then that can only be a good thing.

          as a 360 owner, i don’t think i will mind if there are any differences between the platforms. when gta 3 and vice city finally got released on the original xbox, the picture quality was better than that on the ps2. however the gameplay was much of a muchness. the aiming while driving was a pain in the arse, but that has been much improved with the button locations on the 360. i also remember that when silent hill 2 came out on the 2 consoles it had it’s differences, xbox had an entire mini game tagged onto the end that ps2 didn’t. is anyone still pissed about this? god i hope not…

          i bought my 360 because of one game, halo. i love the series. can’t wait for odst to come out. i’m sure there are other people out there in the same boat as me, they bought for a specific game that wasn’t released on another console. i love the fact that something i love from my past is coming to something i love now. i really don’t think multiple discs for my console of choice will be a problem, if the gameplay is good, then what is there to really worry about…

        • Seriously people, arguing isn’t going to change anything. If they cut it, they cut it. If they don’t, they don’t. That’s it.

          Also I don’t see why people need to compare consoles, they are all fun, some are just made to suit different types of games/gamers.

          For reference, I own both, but much prefer ps3, and if they drop the magnificent quality of Final Fantasy, I’m gonna be pissed.

        • yeah right, because a company lying, or better yet, not telling you the whole thing, to obtain their own purposes is something that only exists in fantasy right?

          welcome to the real world…

          ignorance sure is bliss…

        • You jump to conclusions really quick.

          The official words are that they are focusing on the PS3 version as of now.

          You believe what you want, but since there has been so words from them to confirm your blatering, I’ll say everything you said is coming out of your ass. 😉

        • @WondrousWizard

          dude, try to think outside the box please… do you really think they will tell anyone if they cut something? at best they say it was a design choice, seriously… think about it, when they said the two versions would be the same but they were only caring for the ps3 version at the moment, that was only PR talk to please everyone, imagine that one of the versions has some kind of a nerfed down graphic, like… like bad eyes texture resolution, meaning something that a normal guy would notice, do you think they tell everyone, “PS3 version is better than 360 version” (or vice-versa), can you imagine the hate? that would be like shooting your own foot…

          seriously, SE is a company like all the others, some try to trick you into convincing their product is good, others try to make the best product that they can and hope people will like it and sales will respond to that (this is SE way) do you really think they care if tons of their final fantasy are on the playstation consoles? they care about cash income not you or me… M$ offers them money to release the game on 360 and now they have more than twice the consumers available to buy their product, it’s obvious they would accept the deal…

          do you really think that if they really need to cut something because of some console limitation they will only cut it in that version? seriously? do you? it’s not a matter of pleasing someone, it’s a matter of not getting hatred of half of their consumers…

          thats why i hated FFXIII going to 360, not because i hate M$ or the 360, simply because the game wont get any better for being on multiple platforms, it can only get worse, and the sad thing is, you will never know how better would the game be if it was an exclusive…

        • WondrousWizard says:

          Sorry, I can’t just accept what you said Kebrus. That would be really a mistake to do that for multiple reason. First, Final Fantasy has been on playstation only from the start (exception of some title who started on nes and snes). Being on Xbox360 was like a way for them to get more money and make happy a lot more of people. So Xbox360 owner should be grateful of what they would got. Second, cutting to fit on Xbox360 and doing the same for Ps3 would be stupid. Already, a lot of game are really to short to play, not enough secret and others elements who make a great game. If they cut into FF13, I’m afraid that the quality of FF13 would go down. More, I believe microsoft should find a solution for this problem instead of SquareEnix cutting every version to please Xbox360, because that’s not gonna please ps3 owner.

          It’s a choice between Xbox360 and PS3 owner for now. But maybe they will find a solution sooner or later. The game is not on market yet.

        • The thing that fills PS3 blu ray discs up is uncompressed audio, and multiple versions of the game to aid loading speeds. Cutting that excess flab will work wonders for putting in on DVD I imagine.

      • That’s the usual idiotic remark haters like to throw around. Disc swapping takes MUCH less time than installing.
        Oh no, I have to lose 10 seconds to get up and switch the disc!
        Besides, a case like the one in the second picture would beat the crap out of a single case with one Blu-ray disc.

        • Danielnoctis says:

          that’s a joke right? it’ll cost a fortune, anyone who has ever played a multi-disc game knows this. If this is true then even the PS3 version will have 3+ discs. I mean BD capacity is superior but not by that far. *I don’t mind 3-4 discs(‘cos it means ahead of their time games) but fucking 20? that’s taking it too far. Xbox’s weakness is floating up.

          As far as scratches and stuff goes, BD has a superior durability compared to HDDVD, much like DVD vs CD. Google it. Even worse:if a single HDDVD can’t be red it’s farewell all discs coming after it(no saves and all), and also you’ve got to buy it from the top(none would sell disc 6 now,will he?)

          And as far as not being able to go to certain places for the sake of console equality, fret not.
          1st:equality doesn’t mean identical,i.e in Ps3 version you could get to x place as soon as you got the means, but that would be suicide for your party.besides ex.points you’d need x magic and x & y weapons and armors.they only come when you’re 20% through the game,then you’re just strong enough to deal with it. But that would be disc 3 in 360 so it’ll be the same result for both versions.
          2nd: i don’t play my FF game just to get to a sub-quest,non-background history, non-plot based and complete it to get X weapon. FF7’s sub-quests were great ‘cos they were story based, and 7 did came on 3 discs. How it worked: it didn’t make much sense to get to Wutai and complete the quest if you hadn’t met Yuffie yet. So in disc 2,after you’d encountered her, they made Wutai accessible.easy and gets the job done.

        • FoolyDooly says:

          Instead, wait for the real picture to laugh at. lol.

          Though all disc technology DOES have flaws, it did have been proved that Blu-ray can handle more scratch-possible environment and handle far more size. Installing is not the problem here. The fact that games increase size and the chance of 360 becoming more hassle to own adds up together eventually.

          I wouldn’t even touch that RROD. I don’t touch my PC for a while when it hits BSOD. In fact, I rather have BSOD. PCs are recoverable. 360? Not so much…

          you can argue my argument is shitty, but as you add on further, 360 becomes worse environment for game to grow in now, especially on DVD. If you also take in few games has been dropped for support of PS3’s capability, weather it be hardware or disc capability, that difference becomes immense.

          IM@S, Halo series, and Orange Box/L4D is only worth game for 360 (Vesperia is a joke issue, so I won’t go into it). And I don’t even touch Halo, IM@S is being remade into PSP (and perhaps PS3), and since Orange Box/L4D combo has PC counterpart that’s immeasurably better… (Even Gabe Newell of Valve, who supports 360, said it’s hassle to program on 360, due to it’s memory limitation.)

        • heh enjoy having to get up every damn hour to swap some damn discs, oh and not to mention swapping discs when you want to revisit locations Anon3… bet you didnt think about that now huh?…pathetic.

          And I much rather prefer let the game install for some 20-30 minutes initially than have to get up 50 damn times to change the discs. just go chill for those 20 mins and come back, no big deal.

        • Well I read someone post in a forum that SE better make it so that the entire game can stream load off the BD instead of having to install onto hd. That person stated that other high-profile games can do stream loads nowadays instead of installing straight to hd, and would be an insult to SE’s programming abilities considering they’ve been developing FF13 for quite some years now.

          Guys, it was fine disc swapping back in the old days because of limitations in media space. It’s why we upgraded from CD to DVD right? And then single layer dvd’s were too limited. That’s why we upgraded to dl-dvd’s right? Now that dl-dvd’s are limited, the industry is looking into bd right?
          In all honesty I don’t think developers should be going retro. Would you be happy if developers went back to CDs? Would you mind the disc swapping then?

          If a game requires installations while another game that looks & plays the same (or better) doesn’t, then that’s just sloppy. They should’ve thought into it more instead of relying on installs.

        • Except you made up those odds and didn’t even take into account failure rates and BD being quite more recent technology. The odds don’t quadruple, it’s not as if there are no variables at all and it’s just deduced.
          And I know why I made that remark. The only idiotic remark that haters can come up with is regarding DL DVD vs BD. How would you lose this game? Do you want to carry it yourself while walking down the street? Are you going to lose it in your bedroom? Are you going to take it to parties? Use it for foreplay?
          If you lost the PS3’s BD, it’s lost, that’s it. Same with any DVD for the 360.
          Damaged the disc? Same for both.
          You people are so out of words that you even bring defective hardware into account. It just keeps getting more and more stupid.

        • “If a BD bites the dust, the entire game bites the dust.”

          lol, that’s just stupid. If the 360 version ends up being like 4 disks for instance. You’re odds of having a defective disk has effectively quadrupled. And just one defective disk is really the same thing as having the entire game bite the dust.

          Having a multi disk game greatly increases your odds of having a defective game, compared to a single disk game. And that’s just common sense.

        • WondrousWizard says:

          Changing dvds is not a big deal, but owning a case like this would be troublesome. Take a lot of place, can easily scrap the thing and not really appealing. And I wonder how long you have to on a dvd before changing. More GB doesn’t mean more playtime.

      • Ill get the 360 version altho i have all 3 next gen consoles for 3 simple reasons, XBOX controller, 1080p, I dont mind swapping disks. Seems most PS3 titles dont come with 1080p suport wich is why (besides feeling the 360 controller is beter) I buy my games on the xbox while my ps3 gathers dust.