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Anal Toilet Paper Dispenser


Patrons of lavatories in Denmark have recently been confronted by delightful toilet paper dispensers in which the paper is seemingly pulled through a hole resembling a man’s anus.


The anus toilet paper dispensers are the creation of Danish advertising firm By Far, consisting of realistic stickers that wrap around a normal dispenser to form the view of man’s naked posterior and anal opening.

The sticker modified dispensers are designed to draw attention to the fact that Silk Soft toilet paper is made from 100 percent recycled material.

Presumably, the Danish are felt to require a demonstration that is more graphic than typically customary, showing unambiguously that paper made from recycled fiber is just as suitable for bathroom functions as paper made from other materials.



By Far’s advertising campaign may have the opposite of its intended effect. The anus dispensers are so realistic that many may be disinclined to purchased the product at all, or at least use what is easily in reach.

Via Copyranter.

The perfect accompaniment for a novelty urinal, perhaps? Going to the bathroom has never been so terrifying a prospect…

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