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Sakura-con 2009 Event Report


Sakura-con 2009, a major US anime convention held from April 10th through 12th in Seattle, has come and gone, attracting over 15,000 visitors and occupying six floors of the Washington State Convention & Trade Center.

What follows is an outline of the events that I attended, to be followed up in more detail in subsequent posts:

– Registration
– 4chan /cgl/ Meetup
– Anime Swimsuit Contest

– Cosplay Contest
– Touhou Project Panel
– Karaoke Idol

– Exhibitors’ Hall

It is rumored that the GIRUGAMESH kid from the now-infamous Sakura-con commercial, who spawned a minor meme, never showed up for the actual convention.

There was a pony-man at the swimsuit contest who showed (and took) off his coat to the audience and a bearded guy joining the girls on stage, but unfortunately I was too busy shrieking in terror to snap photos or videos of the event.

If anyone has photos or videos of the lovely ladies and scandalous men from the swimsuit contest, please send me a message via e-mail.

I will be going through my convention photos over the next few days to cull through them and uploading the rest into a Sakura-con gallery. Most of my photos were taken during Friday, so if you’d like to contribute, too, please let me know.

The above photo was snapped in the Exhibitors’ Hall on Sunday, featuring two fine gentlemen crossplaying ultra-popular characters and doubtlessly capturing the hearts and minds of many…

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