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“Saimin Gakkyu” Upside-Down Eroge


Mink’s latest eroge release 催眠学級 / Saimin Gakkyu (“Hypnosis Class”) has recently attracted attention for an unprecedented display of quality: characters in the scenes can actually end up being displayed upside-down, in what may come as a boon to feet lovers, but is bound to disappoint many looking for more conventional classroom hypnotism action…


In fact, this is partially working as designed: it is possible to hypnotise characters into “headstand mode”, but apparently failing to release them from this before clearing the game will result in subsequent playthroughs being locked into headstanding mode.

Events are unaffected:


Eroge developers are certainly some of the most inept around (presumably most of the budget goes on CG, seiyuu, and marketing), and it seems at times even the most basic of testing is beyond them, although in some cases they are clearly not above publishing games which are unplayable, unwatchable, or in some cases even devoid of pictures entirely

At least in this case the effect is rather amusing.

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