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Human Torch Forgets Matches


A jilted woman who sought to end her life by dousing herself in petrol and immolating herself publicly was foiled when she neglected to bring a lighter.

She was surprised to find nobody would do her the favor of lending her a lighter, instead calling police to restrain her.

The woman, who had been recently fallen out with her boyfriend, went to the front of  Taipei’s World Trade Center building in order to set herself on fire, and thus publicly commit suicide.

After liberally pouring petrol over herself, the woman searched her handbag only to discover that she had forgotten to bring either matches or a lighter, meaning her self-immolation was temporarily scotched.

Undeterred in her pursuit of a dramatic end, the woman, presumably still wet and reeking of gasoline, entered the parking lot of the trade center to ask the guard for a lighter.

The guard, who could not help but be immediately suspicious of the woman’s intentions, called the police instead.

After confessing to the police that she had become distraught when her boyfriend dumped her, the police allowed the troubled woman to leave with her family.

Via Ibn Live.

She might have had better luck with Japanese police

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