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Father has Daughter Killed for Wearing Miniskirt


A Muslim man living in Russia’s second city St. Petersburg paid hitmen $4,000 to kill his 21-year-old daughter, after being incensed by her decision to wear a miniskirt. She was soon kidnapped and shot.

The man, an Azeri immigrant to Russia from the (Muslim) former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, was apparently disgusted by his daughter, a student studying medicine, when she opted to wear a miniskirt. He resolved to have her killed.

Perhaps not wanting to dirty his own hands, he hired a pair of Azerbaijanis to do the deed for him.

Police explain: “They admitted to being paid 100,000 rubles ($4140) by the girl’s father. They said he wanted to punish his daughter for flouting national traditions and wearing a mini-skirt.”

The pair kidnapped his daughter from the streets of St. Petersburg, and then took her to the outskirts of the city, where she was shot twice in the head.

Both the father and the assassins now face murder charges.

Via the Herald Sun.

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  • There was a similar incident involving one of the harry potter casts because her father thought she was too westernized =/ its kind of sad…religious and cultural views should never compete against parental love.

  • That guy is such a pussy. If he was really disgusted with it, why didn’t he confront her in a civil matter? SHE IS YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER FOR FUCK’S SAKE. But, no, he had to be a little twat and pay people so he wouldn’t have to deal with her personally.

  • At times like this I’m glad I was born in Hungary and turned out to be an ateist…> >

    But ppl, don’t blame Islam like it’s the only religion where extremists are killing/raping children/women…
    Christians do the same…
    The only difference is that Christianity has a bigger budget for marketing…

    And this is no offense against FAITH it’s an offense againts RELIGION ( which is an institution grounded by humans not gods )

  • Anonymous said:
    Fucking slut deserved it. Islam is the only religion that is taking a stand against feminism. We should be cheering this.

    Don't forget that you are the product of a female. If they don't should have tights the people that were born by them shouldn't have rights too because they are just a part of them.

  • 100k RUB is now barely $3k. Inflation.

    ALSO please note that this was a Muslim immigrant, not a Russian. Crap like this happens everywhere where you can find ultraconservative psychos, and Russia hasn’t got shit all to do with it!

    • “This person failed as a father entirely. It is not the religion’s fault and it isnt the nation’s fault, it is the person that decides to take it WAY too far.”

      Honour killings happen every week in Islamic countries. If your a Muslim woman, fucking a Hindu man, expect to be killed by your father.

      Multiculturulism is stupidity, it teaches people to blindly accept a culture, without doing any research.

      Muslims are taught to hate western culture, so wearing a mini skirt is a grevious offense.

  • Random Fag says:

    Poor girl.
    Now that is why I don’t like muslim immigrants and gastarbaiters here in Russia.
    If they were living in their *stan’s she would have thought about wearing a mini, and her crazy orthodox daddy wouldn’t kill her.
    It reminds me of several cases in islamic *stans that were once a part of USSR: when young girls were murdered next day after their marriage for not being virgins.

    • haha says someone who lives in the rape/DV country No 1.

      in no other country so many women get beaten to death by their drunk husbans or migrants getting hunted down and killed by neonazi groups.

      Russians are the last to speak about killing and violence!

  • Keh, this philosophical debate on religion and nationality is pointless.

    This person failed as a father entirely. It is not the religion’s fault and it isnt the nation’s fault, it is the person that decides to take it WAY too far.
    Instead of simply talking with his daughter about the way she was dressing, he had her killed, stupid yes?

    You people trying to turn this into a Christian versus Muslim war need to shut the fuck up.

    • It’s not pointless.

      I’m against people getting stoned to death or thrown off buildings or blown up because someone things their upset feelings matter more than freedom of the press.

      And I’m not Christian. I’m just someone who grew up in the West and values people not being thrown off buildings or stoned to death or blown up.

      And I reject anyone pretending their religion matters more than a law that stops being being thrown off buildings or stoned to death or blown up.

      Now if the Pope, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or Harry Krishna guys at the airport, or furries were continually throwing people off buildings I’d be giving them the same treatment. But they’re not.

      This isn’t a versus Muslim war. This is a ‘versus not-throwing people off buildings’ war, a ‘versus not-suicide bombing’ war, and a ‘versus freedom of the press’ war.

      And the people who aren’t throwing people off buildings, or training suicide bombers and have freedom of the press are the one’s who were declared upon.

      And I’m not going to copy your ‘shut the fuck up’ remark, because I’d love to hear you try and justify yourself, try to respond coherently, to defend the indefensible. You get to have the last word in this argument big guy. I’m not at all handing you enough rope to hang yourself.

      Go for it, champ.

  • People say I’m overreacting when I want the religion and culture of Islam and the middle east to be highly persecuted.

    I’m not saying burn their books or outlaw hijab or anything, but seriously, they’re basically allowing this, because their book justifies it. People who claim to support that whole book should be guilty of advocating terrorism.

  • Hennaikimono says:

    The thing I see in this story (without joining the religious love/hate discussion)is that he killed his daughter for a reason that isn’t nearly as common or as socially acceptable as was in the original country that he was born and raised from.

    or I could be wrong

  • oy. unfortunately nothing new, even the hitman part – a few years ago there was a young Sikh woman from Canada who secretly married a young man she met in India instead of the older man her family was pushing on her. When they found out, they hired some people to “punish” this defiance by killing them. the husband survived, she didn’t.

  • She was 21; she was an adult and could make her own decisions. This guy is fucking insane and deserves whatever is coming to him and worse.

    As for religion…

    …I hate no religion. I hate the fundamentalist assholes who do stupid shit like this in the name of their beliefs and ruin it for everyone else. These are the guys who make the news and paint a bad picture for the rest of the people of the same faith.

    I live in an extremely Catholic part of America. I’m Shinto. Do I hate the Catholic churches around here? No, not at all. I hate the individuals who get up in my face about me going to hell for being the ‘wrong’ religion or being gay or wearing boy’s clothes or not being married and popping out babies or whatever they’re angry about this week. They misinterpret things and go overboard and belittle/harm people to make themselves feel moral and just.

    Those are who I hate, not the faiths as a whole. You’d be surprised how many of the most ‘hated’ religions currently do not advocate these behaviors at all and promote a base message of love and peace.


  • 50 years….

    50 years, and the oil deposits will be gone…and the West will rise for the last time to fight the hordes of goat-fraking-muslim-barbarians. The last crusade…light(ok maybe not so bright light) against the darkness, We will step in the blood reaching the ankles,the knees…like our ancestors…like Vlad Tepes,like Templars… Before we will die out we will free the world from the diseases of Islam. So the Asians,Indians and others could live in peace…

      • Gantz_Playboy says:

        Hydrogen fuel cells!!!!- You’ll be begging US for it! We’ve got enough Oil here in the US to ween ourselves off it with alternative fuels…..but some asshole in a ‘white house’ won’t let us drill for it!…it’s ours!- screw the wildlife!

        • Zelgadis4tw says:

          I just love our oil plan…”Lets drain dem damn towel heads dry of oil, then start drillin ar’ own agin!”

          It’s too bad that when that finally comes around that we will be using synthetic lubricants and alternate fuel sources…plus there’s always corn!

  • Maybe the fathers muslim friends did say that the father needs to sheed some blood from her daughter.But exactly where did it say that they have to kill her?

    I though he would at least take her virginity and not kill her.
    Anyway those muslim friends maybe made some threats to him,anyone thought of that??

  • Now I wonder why the writer had to put the line “A Muslim man” and “(Muslim) former Soviet Republic”… why emphasize the term Muslim?

    Oh, what a bad framing. It is anywhere though.

  • Well a few weeks ago a man in Egypt beheaded his daughter because she was hanging out with a boy.

    It might not “because” they are muslim, but sorry to say that, most of the time only muslim people kill people of their family because of such things.

    Try to prove me wrong.

    • “muslim father killed his daughter”

      random guy: fuck muslim!

      some muslim: not all muslims do this!

      “christian father killed his daughter”

      random guy: fuck christian!

      some christian: not all christians do this!

      “jewish father killed his daughter”

      random guy: fuck jewish!

      some jew: not all jews do this!

  • Most of the people here are doing the same thing religon does and jumping on the hate-religon bandwagon. There is nothing wrong with religon. It helps people to become better people but some religous ideas in this day and age should be reformed but with religon dying soon there wont be any left. If you think thats a good thing your wrong, without religon there are alot of people who wouldnt even know what morals are.

    • i cant imagine why you wouldnt have morals without religion? there also priests who violate children, is this how you learn your morals? Killing your own daughter because of something stupid?

      And then you say morals? Religion has nothing to do with morals nor does it have any influence. Its just a way to keep people from advancing, to keep them happy and silent even if they dont have anything.

      • Forlourned says:

        Let me steer you back to the subject on the case with a little link in regards to women under the domination of ragheads.

        Give it a look and repost yourself afterwards.

        In fact, lets all you people take a look at the state of affairs in regard to this RELIGIOUS subject matter.

        Morals are created by what you learn at a young age. Sometimes the persons already insane in the head so they’ll go nuts regardless, but at the very least in America. Morality is taught and followed by the majority of us all under the context of Christianity. Either dogmatically or casually.

    • I’d have to tweak that statement a bit before I can agree with it …

      Fundamentalist fanatics of ANY kind who have no concept of an “appropriate response” to what offends them = ASSHOLES

      And yes, this can and does include some participants in the “vi vs emacs” debate.

  • Religion without people, it will fade…
    …People without religion, they will still exist.

    My point:

    Religion can’t be blamed. Without people, religion is like air. It exist but is inactive.

    People in the other hand, can use and also misuse anything. From the simple knife to the greatest rocket. People can use knives to slice food to feed the hungry or instead, kill people. People can also use rockets to send space shuttles for a better tomorrow or a nuclear tomorrow.

    So we go back to “Mr. So and so.”

    The majority as rabbit asked, my answer is: Human

    Ps: Sankaku Complex…Some enjoy it…Some hate it.

    I enjoy it. That’s all that matters to me an I know to many more. 🙂

    Keep on going Sankaku Complex!

    • Forlourned says:

      Hilarious, pie in the sky “can’t we all get along” dribbles here.

      Religion has everything to do with the murder of that woman. That man came from an intolerant indoctrinated culture that has no problem in the case of murdering women if one so pleases, since the koran gives the big ‘ol two thumbs up on it.

      So Yes, religion CAN be blamed for the root cause of this action. The raghead must be a big disappointment though, since he didn’t have the fortitude to do it himself like the rest of his ilk.

    • Forlourned says:

      Your missing the whole damn point of this website there, Mr. Anon.

      It is all about the Bush! The camel toe! The salad! The Pussy..Cat!

      I.E. WOMEN!

      Anime or Real makes no difference here and if some bastard murders one, perhaps we lovers of the fairer sex might want to know about it.

      Except of course..


    • hmmm…… miniskirt?


      heck why dun sankaku just disable comments for bashable stuff lyk this n juzt showcase otaku life.

      Dun we all think sankaku has an obligation to contribute to world peace thur otakuizm.

      i mean. the moslem fella musta be an otaku or he wun ve read this. same ta da christian dude.


  • They said he wanted to punish his daughter for flouting national traditions and wearing a mini-skirt

    >punish his daughter


    Death is a punishment? How does she learn from it if she’s dead? She doesn’t even know what she did wrong.

  • im blaming religion and the people using it as cover forcing their believes on others. Both are to blame!

    There should be a law not allowing childs to be in any religion before the age of 21, after that they have to decide for themselves. Then hopefully most will align the current religions/cults etc. in the same spot as santa claus or the easter bunny.

  • hehehe…
    what the stupid comment…
    dont blame the religion…
    blame who did it…
    many atheis, christian, Jews and other Muslim killed the people…
    have they religion teach them???
    think about it..
    not right??

    so why must put the ‘Muslim’ man killed his daughter.
    just like Muslim or Islam a so ridiculous.
    so to atheis, you dont have god, so shut ur mouth.
    u dont know anything about it…
    go study idiot…
    BAKA!!!! dont just hentai je…

    p/s:sorry for my english, not interested about the MF language…

    • >so to atheis, you dont have god, so shut ur mouth.

      Shut my mouth? That doesn’t strike me as a smart idea while brainwashed fanatic morons demand that Sharia Law be given legal status in supposedly secular countries. Why should I shut my mouth and wrap my girlfriend in a bedsheet whenever she leaves the house, lest her lascivious ankles offend my Saudi neighbours’ sensibilities? Why should I keep my trap shut, bow down and submit to the insane demands of some primitive ancient loony’s imaginary friend? Why am I not allowed to speak up and protest against blasphemy laws in the TWENTY-FIRST FUCKING CENTURY? Why should I not name my pet pig Mohammed?

      And as for the following:
      >u dont know anything about it…
      >go study idiot…

      I have studied. I know more about those bloody hateful Bronze Age preachers than I’m happy with. Hell, I probably know more Bible passages than your average Westboro Baptist, and more fun facts about Islamic customs than the owner of the Kebap shop across the street.

    • Your english is fine. No problem.

      I have to agree with what you said though:

      “dont blame the religion…blame who did it…”

      Conclusion: Mr. “So and So” shot daughter for wearing mini skirt. It doesn’t matter what religion or non-religion one is. People would kill another person for their own reasons, whether it makes sense or not. Search all over Sankaku Complex and you’ll find plentiful.

      Sad but this is reality….

  • What the hell?
    What are muslims and christians doing here commenting and visiting this site?
    Isn’t Sankaku Complex full of hentai, ecchi and so forth (which I myself admit is great! Sorry…back to my comment….) which are forbidden by both muslim and christian laws?
    Unless both are enjoying everything here like everybody else! XD

    • because people like your guys that i have to be here…

      you all just not respect other religion but to your own religion…

      this site show how much people can be when materialize n etc, be their god…because it is not only about the hentai n etc but the people act to it…

      eg: the pic above are totally wrong because it have “cross” necklace but what you all said is about muslim…wrong symbolize…

      i agreed if everyone said that the father act is wrong but to blame to its religion…totally wrong.

      yeah, it’s wrong to me be here but to let you all blame totally for the Islam or any other religion for this crazy father act …not so easy dow…

      • Oh, and before you accuse me of that, I have no “own religion” to respec, as atheism is not a religion. All religions that inspire their followers to commit senseless crimes disgust me. So far, Shintoism is one of the few faiths in my good books, but maybe I’ve just not studied enough about it to despise it.

        • You see Buggyby already belong to a religion, the OTAKU religion and we worship the 3 goddess.
          1)The Loli Goddess
          2)The Big breast Goddess
          3)The Pedo master
          As you can see Sankakucomplex and Danny choo are our shrine,so we visit daily,H-doujin are our holybook,figure are our holy statue,games and fap are our prayer..etc.Now you know we gather here to widen our fatish,broaden our collection,gain wisdom and hetainess.

        • Thing here is that I AM a (agnostic) atheist. I have no problem with atheism. I do have a problem with who have a problem with atheism being called a religion. Why? Two parts: A) No matter how you cut it, choosing to believe in no god is a religious decision. The fact it follows no formal, organized religion has effect on the fact that it a religious act the forms the basis of a belief system that is religion. B) The only reason to reject the notion that atheism is (or at least part of) belief system/religion is to claim you’re not don’t have a religion so you can mock and insult others’ religions and religious beliefs. Or in otherwords the same damn thing that killed the poor girl in the news post: Bigotry.

          Bigotry is what killed this poor girl. Bigotry on the part of the father against the daughter for her having different moral, cultural, and religious beliefs that said that it was fine for her to wear that miniskirt. Bigotry is what killed this girl, not religion though the father’s religious belief undoubtedly played a part.

          And yet, sadly, the same Bigotry shows up here as people take time to bash religion and thereby bash all religious people; to mock and denounce them and their beliefs while at the same time establishing the poster’s own superiority for their supposed lack of religious belief. As people suggest massive breaches of people’s freedoms and rights, most notably the freedom of speech to ban religion. As people mock the idea of morals.

          Or in short to mock this girl this girl stood for: her right for her to make her own moral decisions, her religious beliefs, and her right to express herself.

          A large number of posters in this thread are little better then the father, whos Bigotry prevented him from respecting this poor girl’s decisions to her rights to make her own moral and religious choices, along with her right to express herself.

          Bigotry killed this poor girl, and as a decent human being, I will confront any one standing for and promoting Bigotry.

        • as i said before, atheism isnt even something that one can be labeled as nor is it a religion.

          most of us atheists can care less if there is a god or almighty being(s). to us, its like giving a word or a label to people that can give less of a crap if Elvis is still alive or not.

          most atheists answer the question “does/do god(s) exist” with a “I dont care”, which many religious people take as a “no”. atheism has been demonized to the masses just like socialism or anything else they may find different or alien to them. socialism isnt all bad… pure/heavy capitalism leads to immense corruption, as shown by the recent economic collapse, however, pure/heavy socialism leads to no growth, as shown by the collapse of the USSR, what is needed is a balance. this just shows that people are just misunderstanding and demonizing completely legitimate ideas in order to resist change and/or progression.

        • Care to prove that god does not exist with facts? Anything short of that is a belief, which is decidedly religious.

          You also fail at the see equivocation. Atheism is a religion because it an answer to the religious question “Does god exist?”. A better example is to equate not speaking to as a form of “speech” which it is.

        • I don’t ponder the existence of gods at all. I know none of them exist.

          If atheism is a religion, then refusing to collect stamps is a hobby and reading a book during PE class is a sport.

        • Atheism is a religion. Don’t fool yourself.

          To ponder the existence of god at all is a religious act. Regardless of the answer. “I believe in god” and “I don’t believe god.” along with any other answer to the question “Does god exist?” are all equally religious because the question itself is religious.

          The only way to not be religious is not ponder the existence of god at ALL.

          Also, this thread (and western world) could use the Japanese concept of tatemae and honne.

      • You missed the point of the picture. It was meant to illustrate miniskirts, not Islam. And how is it wrong to blame the beliefs of a paedophilic Bronze Age lunati,c which the father evidently subscribes to, for this incident? How is it “totally wrong” to blame a disgusting creed that demands that all females be covered from head to toe for its adherent killing his own daughter because she refused to cover herself like that?

        If you still believe that this case had absolutely nothing to do with religious beliefs, answer me this: How many cases do you know of atheists plotting murder of their relatives because of their choice of fashion?

        • a lot of things that Islam show now are rather thousands of years of cultural embeddings done to the religion.
          here a bit, then bending the rules there a bit.

          in the end – who can tell after 1400 years??

          things like headscard are mentioned even once in the Quran – only that one should be modest when wearing cothes.

          a lot of the newer stuff was written 30-60(!) years after the prophet’s death! you know ppl ALL OF A SUDDEN remembering phrase for phrase what the prophet said – nothing to do with suiting them in specific situations………..

    • Don’t worry, just get yourself an AK-47 (or one of it’s smaller and lighter commando variants to fit in a handbag/backpack/whatever you usually carry around with you) and kill the bastards once they approach you.

      Miniskirts FTW!!!!

  • You guys are being stupid. Blame the guy, not the religion. You guys act like atheists don’t do anything bad. If anything a lot of people that aren’t religious come up with more retarded reasons to kill someone.

    Obviously the religion was the reason the guy didn’t like the fact his daughter wore the skirt but to blame the religion for him killing her…you’re being retarded.

    • Forlourned says:

      Sorry there Mr. Anon, but since he came from an intolerant background and brought up thru RELIGIOUS head beating teachers. I bet balls to the wall, he didn’t come to that final conclusion out of disgrace for the child acting like a “whore”.

      And since MURDERING children is the norm back in sand country and lightly chastised there due to their RELIGIOUS beliefs of command over the family by the Patriarch under the RELIGIOUS LAWS based on the koran. RELIGION is the CORE reason for this Murder and NOTHING ELSE.

        • the chinese killed people and tortured people in the name of communism, not in the name of atheism, the government believed it was right to kill/torture the people into submission. everyone was equal, and religion has a way of making people think they are superior to others. thus most religions were an impediment to their goal of a true communist society, where everyone is the same.

          plus atheism shouldnt even be a word or even something to be labeled as, its like giving a name to people that dont give a crap if Elvis is still alive or not… we dont give a crap about religion ourselves, but we are sick and tired of the bullcrap that many highly religious people are spewing and doing.

        • No, China has killed people for not being Atheist. It was called the Cultural Revolution, and involved the Communist state trying to destroy the “4 olds”; which included religion. They began to convert or destroy places of worship, and the Red Guard began torture and kill non-atheists or torture said non-atheists in such a way that the non-atheist would commit suicide.

  • I see the expected level of intelligence is the same as normal in a “thread” like this one. Nice that things haven’t changed. Slightly above /b/ on another site but not by much…

    • Forlourned says:

      Since the religion they practice allows these types of actions -slaying of children is quite common- with the usual slap on the hand for it back in sand-country. I do think the idea of blaming what they worship and are indoctrinated at birth is quite legitimate.

      Damn ragheads all. Except for the Arabs (who do NOT practice muslim)… good luck in finding those!

      Even hollyweird got it right in one (and ONLY) of their flicks called ‘The Siege’ with Bruce Willis. Sure he was the usual fruit cake Military Nut (Lame), and sure the female actor was a tree hugging Liberal. -BUT-

      The truth of the actions of pretty much most of the principle ragheads in it were faithful to their ragheadhess beliefs. It was supposed to be a twist in the movie, HAH!


    • It’s the people who define the religion. It doesn’t matter what a holy book says, in the end, all that does matter is how the majority of believers act upon it. From a global perspective (i.e. taking Islamic societies from all over the world into account), this makes Islam a very, very evil religion.

  • The problem with muslims is that they are too religious.Always a bad thing in anykind of religion.They like believe in everything and can be easily tricked into doing wrong.

    Just decided to read the story in here after writing the above:
    BTW what?
    This guy was affected by other muslim friends and the insult could be only washed away by blood?

    Just what i said at the start.This problem needs to be fixed somehow

    • Ironically, the ” no-killing of people ” part is INCLUDED in their reference materials.

      Or do they see that there are other clauses in their reference materials that could override such a important RULE?

      • It’s much like the Old Testament in many ways – “Thou shalt not kill, except if you find a place where another god is worshipped, someone commits adultery, someone eats a crustacean, a guy sleeps with another guy, someone wears synthetic fabrics …” I’d have found it much more useful if each of the ten commandments were followed with a gigantic note listing all the exceptions.

  • Actually you would have to consider that if no religion was being formed, you think that humanity would have already thought a meaningful purpose to fulfill their otherwise short lives.

    That worked well enough centuries ago. Earth would have been considered as a solar system compared to their large countries as “the world”. Of course that also meant that anything foreign or too complex to them would have considered as a threat to their whole being. Most of the time they are quickly repelled by violence.

    Hence then if you really want to ensure the progress of humanity, other more advanced nations will have to ransack their pitiful private space ( well the Brits colonised other nations for other purposes too..but still ).

    Then again, such intrusions are often frowned on and thus you have asshats having to find other ways and means of exacting hatred for the “foreigners” to mess up with their culture.

    • Excuse me, but without religion the exact opposite of things that you are talking about would have happened, because nothing would have been seen as ‘too foreign’, ‘perverted’, etc.

      Humanity would have learned LONG AGO that they had no right to dictate to other people what they do and do not do with their lives (as long as they are not physically harming or killing someone else without their permission), and would have been LIGHTYEARS ahead of where we are right now.

    • Actually, a lot about it, idiot. I know that you were trying to be a ‘loser’ but man…. even I wouldn’t say this.

      Frankly, that ‘father’ once his daughter is past 6 has no right to dictate to her what she wears and does not wear, and I really hope that they put him into the coldest darkest cell they have in the middle of the Russia gulag in the coldest part of the country with only a picture of his daughter to remind the fuckhead why he is there.

      Religion = STUPIDITY, and it’s simply time to get rid of of it!

  • Extinquisher of the Illuminati says:

    tch… I hate this kind of crap, human minds are tortured by retarded forms of religion. I admit it, I CAN’T ACCEPT RELIGION. Religion=Most succesful human enslavement. Okay, I’ll stop complaining about it, some people are truly loyal with it so I’ll shut it. Even more the lifes of others and doing the right thing with justified Justice is more important than following some believe of someone else, the man that has killed his daughter because of his shame for her…
    Is the the thing that’s truly disgusting, the world is too screwed up… (+ it’s true that it was because of the religion, in Islam too much nude is forbidden and shame towards family).

    • I agree with you about religion totally…. past time for religion to disappear TOTALLY from this planet, then the stupid out there would have NOTHING to justify idiocy like this with.

      People are giong to have to realize that, period and done with: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOD! HUMANITY WAS NOT CREATED, WE CAME ABOUT BY PURE CHANCE!

      • Learn some biology… If you know how DNA, cell, etc works, the more you will re-consider your statement…. To claim that the first living cell was created by pure coincidence from inanimate creature, that’s what rubbish to me….

        I’m not some retard, but the more I learn about science, the big bang theory and how nature works, the more I’m unconvinced that there’s someone pulling the string behind the scene…

        • If it’s all random chance, what is life rolling towards? Why do we consistently push for higher organized forms of existence that emphasize stability for as extended a period of time as possible?

          I don’t believe in God/s or religion, but I can see how many religions capture certain observations about the universe that appear accurate. So here’s my life/universal theory.

          All matter in the universe, for one reason or another, cyclically explodes and reassembles itself. The explosion is the big bang, and the reassembly is life. Life is really matter and energy in a long chemical reaction trying to reconfigure itself into higher forms of order. This strive for universal order exists in everything in the universe, and is what many religions mistake for God (that omniscient, omnipresent force).

          Why is it like that? Beats me, it seems it could be a lot of other ways. There’s an inherent link between the mythos of religion and the observations discovered by science, and I think this is it.

        • i dunno… i think random chance is what really is behind everything…

          everything falls into chaos, thats how the universe works, thats how random chance works.

          just think about it, take for example, rolling dice, its random chance, you roll it a trillion times, whats the chances of you getting the outcomes that you got? almost nothing, but you still got it. hell, it would make sense that some immensely powerful being/alien had a hand in creating the universe, but no way in hell does he give half a crap about humans, if you think about it, its like how little you would care about a single bacteria cell on your skin. we are all part of a immensely larger picture here, and to think that we are the chosen ones is just pure selfishness and ignorance.

        • I suspect you meant to say “… the more I’m convinced that there’s someone …” If not, well done, you’re starting to doubt the creation myth!

          Indeed, there’s no such thing as an “inanimate creature” to my knowledge (unless you refer to plates, tables, cups, chairs etc as “crreatures” that is). The first living cells probably involved a membrane forming around some pre-existing self-replicating molecule like DNA – see my lengthy reply to one of your other posts for a theory how that one came about. Oops, I just realised I wrote “amino acid” when I meant “nucleic acid” in the aforementioned reply. D’oh, will have to reply with a correction there. It’s a definition argument if one considers those early replicator molecules alive – much like viruses.

    • what you should really watch is the sheer retardedness of highly religious people, their ignorance and xenophobia are just pathetic.

      Islam isnt the only problem out there, Christianity is an EPICLY HUGE problem as well.

      the problem in the end is how to eradicate religion without the ignorant masses losing their fictitious reasons for living and riot, but i have no problem with shooting them to quell the rioting, its a way of getting the gene pool cleaned up a bit.

      there SHOULD be a site out there along the lines of “” or just something that reveals the impending doom that religions will bring upon the earth.

      and ARE YOU SURE THAT SITE IS NOT PRO-CHRISTIAN? if it is pro-Christian, then it is not to be trusted, just like FoxNews.

  • Richter – Your words are as empty as your soul.

    Dracula – Perhaps the same can be said for all religions.

    R – Mankind ill needs a saviour such as you.

    D – What is a MAN?!

    We should ought to be thankful that most of the governments aren’t entirely driven by religious mis-interpretions.

    Two things should have been ought to be eliminated to be one step closer to “World Peace”.

    1. The religious leaders ( Some of them being dangerous retard maniacs with ulterior motives for their own jollies ).

    2. The ignorant masses ( Well now, the braindead masses who can’t think anything further than the ” Eat, Work , Sleep ” Routine. )

    • Life Insurance: (n) 1) A payment schedule which, when paid in full, becomes active and payable after the undersigned is DEAD, usually by natural causes (and not foul play); 2) Financial settlement due a beneficiary from someone else who’s kicked the bucket.


  • huh…look at the pic…there has a “cross” (is that picturize muslim.?)

    it is better kill her before she get raped or had sex, then have un-father baby…the probability of she will kill the baby is 50% (yes, she also will kill other human even it is a cute little baby) or the baby will live but as a un-good generation and live with spread he own un-moral generation…but that all my first thought…

    it must have something if the Islam not give a ladies to much open skin…

    yeah, it is sin to kill other…but i think it is the last option for the father did before some reason i give above happen…

    not to say i aggred because it is individual act… not symbol as him bring un-moral act by ALL Muslim !!!

  • Chaos religion?
    No or maybe,i bet there are other muslims angry at this and they are all giving a bad name to their religion and culture becouse they always blame it on their religion.
    Muslims should be raging right about now.

  • Islam is now ~1400 years old. When Christendom was 1400 years old, they were just done crusading. So, young muslim ladies, let’s just wait another 600 years before you wear you’re mini-skirts.

  • Religion.. it should be outlawed.

    Why can’t people just be satisfied with the thought of someone committing such a an insane sin already being guaranteed a spot in hell?
    No need to go against ‘the teachings’ yourself is there?

    Just gloat over the fact that everyone that doesn’t follow your religion being damned to hell in the afterlife forever.. or whatever else your god decides to do.

    • Ahahahahaha, atheist much?
      Don’t blame the religion, blame the person who did the crime. I mean what the girl did was indeed a sin, but her father shouldn’t just jump into conclusions and have her killed. But that is life for you, no good deed goes unpunished, no bad deed goes unnoticed.

      • religion should be eradicated from this planet, and the whole “its the person’s fault, not religion” thing doesnt make any sense, because most common religions shape people’s personalities and beliefs with almost nothing to back up their claims and views besides fictional books and imaginary friends.

        its like living in a highly radioactive zone and blaming the people for getting cancer themselves when its the radiation that caused it…

        just for your information, atheists are not the bad people that most religions have demonized them to be, almost all of us are decent people that are just sick and tired of the bullcrap that religious nuts pull all the time, being a sociopath about their beliefs and actions, we usually dont have a problem with moderately religious people.

      • this discussion is not heading the way i expected… you guys know who C.C is? apparently she’s a witch who’s guilty of turning the whole world around cuz she imposed super power on a british emo boy who has an arrogant accent and a childhood yaoi friend

        • Sorry If I’ve never went back here anymore, got an exam and stuffs to take care about… not to mention I’m not a devote fan of prolonged argument…^^

          While I appreciate BuggyBY’s opinion of me being open minded, which I think I am, and I am interested in these… thanks. But I think anon got a point that, bridging opinion of an atheist and a believer, is pretty much a moot cause…^^; And I do think we spoke enough and stated enough points to each other, I respect you guys and your stance, and appreciate that you guys decide to have a healthy argument rather than flaming me….

          just a bit to the Big Fat LOL anon tho… I’m just drawing slight comparison, you know wind is there because it has been defined in common sense, but if not, maybe You’ll take it as something divine, just how old people view lightning, or how gravity is defined before the Galilean times… As for God, tho it’s unlikely you’ll believe it, I’ll state it anyway.. How do you explain countless miracles that happened to people daily… let’s say medical miracles… there’s tons happening out there, just google it, and you should find it not just in christian websites…. And before you claimed them as another Big Fat LOL, do notified that I was one of the people blessed with such miracle as well…

          Thanks 4 d good talk, I’m out guys…

        • Well duh, I’m not talking about the bible or anything like that, the bible is bullshit
          When I say no one cares I mean no one here cares, anyone who is against the theory of evolution and believes in gods absolute rule will not change their mind no matter what you or anyone else says, so you’re wasting your time

        • Anon: A lot of people care, given the amount of time, research, paper, ink/toner and computer memory they spend on the issue. And while god him/her/itself seems indeed unfalsifiable, there’s plenty of evidence contradicting literal interpretations of scripture.

        • Sorry for ignoring you so long, lolipedofin.
          “Anyway, as far as I see it, none of what the science has discovere (that has truly been approved and not just another concept people comes up with to explain stuffs they don’t understand) had invalidate anything written on the bible…”

          There’s a nice numbered 340-item list of science contradicting biblical texts here, though I admit some points there hold a lot more water than others.

        • Look man, no one is going to read any of those links you posted because no one cares
          All that matters is that there is no proof that god exists and no proof that he doesn’t
          Religion is a joke, it’s the same as believing in fictional characters like Superman, there’s clearly no evidence he exists but you can’t prove he doesn’t exist

        • A short excerpt from my first link regarding transitional fossils:
          “Some important factors prevent the formation of fossils from being common:

          * Fossilization itself is not a particularly common event. It requires conditions that preserve the fossil before it becomes scavenged or decayed. Such conditions are common only in a very few habitats, such as river deltas, peat bogs, and tar pits. Organisms that do not live in or near these habitats will be preserved only rarely.

          * Many types of animals are fragile and do not preserve well.

          * Many species have small ranges. Their chance of fossilization will be proportionally small.

          * The evolution of new species probably is fairly rapid in geological terms, so the transitions between species will be uncommon.

          Passenger pigeons, once numbered in the billions, went extinct less than 200 years ago. How many passenger pigeon fossils can you find? If they are hard to find, why should we expect to find fossils that are likely from smaller populations and have been subject to millions of years of potential erosion?”

        • ll I have to say about this is a big fat LOL really
          How can you compare god to wind and senses?
          How do we know wind is there? One simple answer would be wind turbines
          When someone taps you on the shoulder you feel and possibly hear it and so on and so on, there has never been and most likely will never be any proof that god exists so I go back to my original statement

        • Oh boy. Zelgadis4tw. Junkyard 747, Thermodynamics, lizards laying chicken eggs AND the magnetic field in one post. Some links are badly needed here, it seems.

          First the tornado in a junkyard:
          Thermodynamics: This entire section, and especially this short and to-the-point rebuttal.
          Lizard laying chicken eggs: Addressed in January 2001 feedback, relevant excerpt follows:
          ‘Chickens evolved, or were domesticated, from jungle fowl, less than ten thousand years ago. Anything quite like a chicken evolved much later than organisms that laid eggs, indeed birds evolved from egg-laying organisms; either dinosaurs or something closely related to dinosaurs. And it happened while dinosaurs were still around. In evolutionary biology, this is called a “primitive” trait, or a plesiomorphy, and it is retained, among others, by turtles, reptiles and fish (reptiles and fish are not “natural” groups, but the common meaning is enough here).’ For more evidence of lizards evolving into birds, google Archaeopteryx.
          Magnetic field strength: Warning, it’s a long read.
          And to top it off, the spontaneous amoeba formation: February 2001 feedback. Excerpt:
          “(3) Living things do not spring fully formed from dead matter. The whole foundation of evolution is that living things are the result of cummulative changes to other living things. How life first began is not known, but it seems likely that the boundary from living to non-living is grey, and that the natural processes of change and development were involved throughout. We don’t know exactly how life first began; but an evolutionist would generally NOT think life was suddenly formed from dead matter. That is more like the creationist position.

          (4) The amoeba is a very complex and sophisticated organism, as much the end result of a long process of evolution as we are. There is no reason to think it is any like our distant one-celled ancestors. That we are related, by some remote common ancestor, is evidenced by commonalities in the genetic code used by humans, ameoba, and other life; but it is a very distant distant relationship all the same.”

        • W… whoa… Zelgadis4tw’s comment amazed even me… but again, there will still be a rebuttal from the other side…

          Anyway, let’s just put it this way… as far as I concern, science and bible (sorry to other belief, but I only know of Christianity) never cross way before… well, except back at Galileo era, where people somehow misinterpret bible wrongly… The same doubt placed at Creationism, are true to abiogenesis and evolution…. unless you can show me in a million years, human had transformed into ET, or somehow, one of the hundred of species on earth that’s quite advanced actually acquired intelligence at par with human being… then yes, I’ll believe in evolution.

          Err.. why did I stray to evolution again….

          Anyway, as far as I see it, none of what the science has discovere (that has truly been approved and not just another concept people comes up with to explain stuffs they don’t understand) had invalidate anything written on the bible…

        • Zelgadis4tw says:

          It’s too bad that the chance of an amoeba forming in the primordial soup is a mathematical impossibility, the chance of which is 1 in 10 to the 4,478,296 power, or that “debunked 747” would hold more water. Not only that, when talking about “natural selection”, only a small handful of mutations are possible at any one time. Any more than that and the animal won’t survive. Or are we saying it’s possible for a lizard to lay an egg that hatches a chicken? Ofcourse, without the complexity of the human brain with it’s insane capacity to learn and remember, we would not even be able to contemplate whether or not there was a God (or Gods).

          How’s about the magnetic field being far too powerful for any life to have lived even so much as 10,000 years ago? Don’t forget about the law of Thermodynamics that states all systems decay into a less energized state. What about there being no real links in the Evolutionary Record, since according to Evolutionary “Theory” there should be millions of species linking anything and everything.

          Ever heard of the “Radio Halos” that are frozen in crystalline granite, produced from polonium-214 with a half-life of 0.000164 seconds? We are surrounded by so many mathematical IMpossibilities that the likelyhood of the entity known as God cannot be ignored just because you don’t wish it to be so.

        • Dawkins has wonderfully debunked the junkyard 747 analogy. Considering all the intermolecular forces involved in the formation of replicating molecules, it is more like all the parts are magnetically drawn towards one another. Actually Dawkins made a lot better points than these, but I’m too tired to drag my copy of The God Delusion out now. I definitely recommend you read the book, even though you obviously don’t seem to agree with most of it – it should at least give you a better understanding of what it is you disagree with.

          The bit about “what we take as scientific today could be regarded as wrong concept tomorrow…”, while often interpreted as a weakness by some, is one of the, if not THE strongest feature of science in my opinion. Science should never lay claim to having explained every little thing there is. It’s just the best model we currently have. Replacing large parts of it with something completely different because of new evidence disproving the old parts only serves to KEEP it the best model currently achieved. Religion sadly does not do that, but insists (many adherents, but not all do) that a book with numerous internal inconsistencies is somehow eternal, unchanging, perfect and divinely revealed truth. Thus the whole Young-Earth creationism movement. If the Bible were continually updated (as opposed to hand-waving inconsistencies away) to reflect new evidence, I doubt I would have even half as many points of contention with its followers.. Granted, it would make priests’ jobs a lot harder with all the pressure to know all of the latest version, but maybe it would make some of them actually work for their money and spend less time on abusing kids. Yeah, I admit that was a cheap shot.

        • I’m gonna start writing something loony here, lol…^^

          How do you know there’s wind?? you can’t see it, but you know it’s there… or even better.. Love, all your 5 perception can’t understood it, but you can feel it, or even worse, controlled by it…

          If you want me to give you scientific base to the statement that God exists… I can’t, probablity speaking there’s every chance that God doesn’t exist…. But I know he is, Pass it as a coincidence, an illusion or just luck, whatever you prefer… But since I was kid I’ve experienced many things with Him…

          From being pulled back from the Death’s door, to small everyday miracle… and yes, I’m not exaggerating, In a remote chance it interests you, I can list some of my OWN experience with you here… But yes, I know you have every right to pass it as luck, medical anomaly, or just assume that I was lying, just like all those people who wrote the bible…

          As for the concept of creation by pure coincidence… yes, it’s as likely as, here I quote, A tornado sweeping a junkyard, and on it’s path left a flight-ready 747…. Which is, at a infinite scale of time, could be likely…. but how likely it is??

          And regarding science, just like you said, it kept changing and progressing, what we take as scientific today could be regarded as wrong concept tomorrow…

          And me, as someone who keen on science, and in fact majoring on something that heavily involves physics and math, the more I study, learn, and discover something new, the more it amazes me how it all was created, and the more I believe that there is God…

        • Sure it’s good to have a purpose in life. But using unfalsifiable statements about some invisible omnipotent being that controls everything to support and direct that purpose strikes me as very foolish. Why not make the purpose of your life “to constantly strive for a better purpose and make it up as I go along the way there”? That’s what I did, and I found it quite empowering. And the fact that there is no easy way to visualise wave-particle duality isn’t necessarily the fault of scientists – it may just turn out to be that difficult to comprehend for primate minds which have never needed to grasp quantum mechanical concepts during their evolutionary path for the past few millennia.

          The main difficulty that many people seem to have with the concept of abiogenesis etc happening “purely by chance” is that they underestimate the enormous timescales involved. It’s a bit similar to Star Trek, where Kirk takes a trip to the centre of the galaxy in one of the movies, goes OUTSIDE the galaxy on several occasions in the series etc. with relative ease: the writers did not fully comprehend the scale of the distances involved.

          Expose some “primordial soup” containing precursor chemicals for amino acids to prehistoric Earth atmosphere for long enough and you’ll get a human? Sure it”s unlikely to happen the exact same way again if you reran the whole process of evolution. But there is an infinitesimal nonzero chance that it could. And all an infinitesimal chance really needs to become reality is time – lots and lots of it. Maybe one amino acid electrostatically attracts another happening to float nearby, maybe a self-replicating pattern emerges after several centuries … you see where I’m getting, I think.

          As for time zero, of course no timescales were involved there. No TIME was involved. But for “how long”, in whatever analogue to “time” there was at the Big Bang – I’m out of my depth here, I have to admit – had this densely compressed energy been so? There is no way of knowing. So far at least. But science marches on, as always. That’s one thing I like about science, actually. When something comes along and contradicts the established theoretical framework, scientists (at least the good ones), don’t hush it up and pretend it’s not there to “ruin” their precious theory dogmata, but instead go “oh, that’s interesting” and ADAPT their frameworks to fit the new evidence, sometimes even going so far as rewriting large parts of it from scratch.

        • Well to me, it is… I do know it’s written by people… I can go on elaborating the detail to that, but i guess you already know the point of what I’m trying to getting across… It’s just a matter of whether you are willing to believe or not… As for me, I choose to believe it…

          While from your point my belief is the same to worshiping a tree, to me it’s different… I found purpose in living life like this… It’s good to know that there’s more to life than persevering throughout trivial 70 years, That there’s reason, purpose and intention on me being born and living my life…

          You can regard me as an idiot who chose to believe blindly, but the reverse could hold true from my standpoint… And maybe the one who need a good slap round the face is the other way around…

          As for the science… back at 16th century, people believe Earth is flat and the center of the universe as a factual science… (I know that this is partly the fault of the church and misinterpretation of bible, but let’s leave that out of discussion for now)

          Until the dawn of 20th century science claim that time is absolute, until Einstein claim otherwise….

          Science used to belief in abiogenesis, then claim atom as the smalles part of particle until they learn that atom can be broken into several parts… Do i need to mention how science still fail to create an imaginable visualization of wave-particle duality…

          Science has went through groundbreaking progress since the age of renaissance, and throughout years, what people believe as scientific facts are rendered obsolete through new postulates and idea….

          Let’s talk about the beginning of it all.. How do you explain that at time = 0, somehow, by pure chance, a dense compressed energy and heat that’s there for no reason, suddenly just blew and created universe as it is today… Up until today, no clear explanation of it has ever been accepted… not to mention that from that moment on, somehow by coincidence a living being was created, and even further develop intelligence..

          Adding it up all in my head, I think science is no more unreliable as your idea of God… heck, for all I concern, I think it’s too much of a coincidence unless someone mold it to be like it is today…

        • “through his own word”
          That’s why I say it’s shit, that book was clearly written by someone who wanted people to believe in god, not by someone acting upon god
          Heck it might have even been a practical joke that ened up in people following it
          I can accept people believing in god (and that is in fact the same as believing in a holy tree of a sarcred rock) but I won’t agree with people saying that what’s written in the bible is gods word
          Quite a lot of life on earth is most likely coincidence, as far as I’m concerned god has as much chance of existing as vampires and other such things, I’m not saying god doesn’t exist but I’m not saying god does exist
          and no I don’t think it’s harsh, if you’re gonig to devote your life to something unproven you need a good slap round the face

        • I don’t get your point…. I do agree that the whole religion and it’s existence as organization and hierarchy is wrong…

          But I have to disagree with bible being “shit like that”

          To worship God that I don’t know would make me no different than old people who worship a holy tree or a sacred rock…

          Fortunately I know my God through his own word in bible, preaching is fine by me too… everyone needs a teacher, or do you survive all this far by believing that physics should be like this and math should be like that… No, right?? there’s someone to teach you all that, right??

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion, So if you believe that there’s nothing after death, That all exists by coincidence, that Flying Spaghetti Monster is the way and the truth… so be it, you’re entitled to your opinion…

          But to some people, including me, Our belief in God is what define our life. It’s something comparable to life itself, to insult that would be harsh, don’t you think so???

        • If you just believe in god and pray by yourself at night or something fair enough, but the whole aspect of relgion is ridiculous
          There is no proof for or against god so you should choose to believe or not yourself, not be preaches at and told that there are people chosen by god to write bibles shit like that

        • アノニモウス says:

          Religion can’t be outlawed for a number of reasons, mass riots being the most simple one. Humans tend to unite only in the face of certain danger, so don’t expect different religions to come close to disappearing unless some alien civilization suddenly decides to wipe us out.

    • Unfortunately in most cases this isn’t actually to do with religion
      It’s more to do with the pride of the father and the daughter having soiled it
      It’s a culture thing not a religion thing

  • I live in jakarta

    well I know about that part too…

    man but really nowadays they use religion to cover up their misdeed but then the religion itself are not clearing their name and thus all those false accusation

    but really this father need to be killed by hitman too

    didn’t the Islam taught that if your son stole something cut his hand so that he couldn’t steal again..

    so shot the father and then there were none of him

  • Well, I’m a Muslim, but I’m rather disgusted by the father’s decision. He just ruined the Islam name. I don’t think any sane person would go so far as to kill their own daughter for wearing a mini skirt. Sure, it’s against religious rules, but killing is also another. Doesn’t this person have any sense?

  • No they don’t… the root of their teaching doesn’t teach that… the evolution and different (faulty) interpretations is the one that has led some of the believers totally off-course…

    I used to live at Jakarta, and frankly, I had enough… Once during friday prayer, the religious leader, boldly teach, which then broadcasted through loudspeakers in real-time, how they ‘need’ to destroy the Christianity, Christians need to be taught some ‘lessons’, and how Christianity are evil and on their path to hell…..

    One time I asked my friend who just finished Friday prayer, what was being preached, he told me, “Massacre all fucking Jews”

    I’m not trying to generalize, Islam has a good teaching and principle, but lately I saw plenty of people being misled by misconception of Islam itself and living under false belief regarding the world…

    My friend told me that the theory Evolution was postulated by the Jews in order to destroy the faith of Muslims, another one told me that the internet video of decapitation of American soldiers were done by Americans themselves….


  • look, I’m an Muslim guy who is living in Germany.

    Not ALL Muslims people is like that. In every religion or culture there a extrem people like this father who kills his own daughter. Even for me that is very bad and sad. Because of such people the Muslims have to suffer under “all Muslims like this” and everything.

    In the Christans there such extrem people too. But a Christin is not so popluar like an Muslim nowdays.

    • アノニモウス says:

      I’m sure if the story was about a Christian father killing his daughter for not going to Sunday church, you would get a lot of anti-Christian statements too. Don’t feel inclined to jump defending your religion at every occasion. The thing that I hate the most about religion is how even the smartest followers just shut down their critical thinking and blindly defend their faith with righteous fury when they feel something threatens it. This behavior is leading to extremist actions in the first place and you religious folks really have to start correcting it if you feel like surviving this century.

      Nobody is saying that Christianity is any better… except you know… Christians. In fact, Christianity if responsible for far more deaths than Islam so far. However, extremists from the middle east are trying very hard to catch up on the score. If you want to blame someone, then blame them.

      It’s a Muslim who is at fault here, and before jumping to defend your beliefs, you should look into correcting the behavior of your own brothers and sisters in faith (or whatever the expression is for your religion). If you think it’s too much for you, then my friend you have no right to complain about it on the Internet.

      • Gantz_Playboy says:

        I agree with you Miroku74 – police your own stuff GREW. I know not all muslims are ‘bombers’ or practicers of what is called “Sher-ria Law” (I spelled it frenetically). Just like not all Japanese anime/manga fans are perverts.

        One muslim chick from a call center I worked at (years ago) got pissed off and refused to let mention ‘out loud’ that Minister Farrakhan used to be a Calypso sing in the 50’s or something- Howard Stern used to play his records (and goof on them) and she got all rightous and said I was never allowed to ‘speak his name’- lol. so every chance I get and every muslim I met I tell that story as a ‘F*ck You’ to her!!…Not cause she was muslim but because she used it as a ‘crutch’ against people she didn’t agree with in the call center.

        I’m sure you’re a rational man Grew, but you do realize quite a number of muslims don’t ‘do themselves any favors’ with people unfamilar to their religion.

      • QFT 🙂

        It doesn’t matter what ‘religion’ you follow. Anytime you have a religion which sanctions certain actions, you’ll get those people who use those laws or guidelines to commit some of the most atrocious acts in human history, sadly enough.

        Muslims, Jews, Christians…. it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on…. none of those ‘religions’ are squeaky-clean.

      • I’m not defendig this man who kills his own daughter.

        For me it is stupid to kill someone for something like this. I want only say that not all Muslims brothers or sisters (if you want it like this) are same like this father.

        I dont have any sympathy for this man, even if he is a muslim. For me this a wrong.

  • people dun get it really…
    old bullshit that has been passed for century and people still believe it until now…
    gotta love how people cannot see
    religion = money + control people

    way to go dad~
    killing your own daughter for bullshit story

      • Yeah, doesn’t he know that the Catholic church hasn’t been taking any money from its followers for … never mind, bad example. At least there are no such things as televangelists who … erm, let me start again. Anyway, there hasn’t been any such thing as church taxes or tithing anywhere in the world since … crap. My point is that the Islamic world has long ago abolished their equivalent concept of Zakat … oh, they haven’t? Fuck.

        Sorry, what was your point about religion not being about money at all again?

        • 1/ Read your bible. Christians aren’t supposed to pray in churches.

          2/ lrn 2 European history.

          3/ And those 300k a year salaries for the megachurch “pastors” seem like a pretty sweet deal don’t they?

          4/ the fucking pope. gold fucking cloth.

          5/ none of this matters because none of the several thousand religions that have existed until now are more likely to be true than any of the others.

        • I think you’ve just deserved a wildcard in Last Comic Standing, for seeing Church Collection and Zakat and goes “ZOMG! They’re taking monies from the followers so they can feed their chubby Leaders a deluxe combo of Cheeseburgers and beers and build him a golden chariot!!”

          I’m not sure if Zakat works the same way, but without church collection, Christians would already praying in a roofless chapel everyweek by now.

  • Gantz_Playboy says:

    If anyone (in ‘certain’ media outlets) trys to tell you that USA is not at war with ‘radical muslims’ this story confirms what happens when you ignore extremist behavior. This didn’t happen in the USA but former Communist Russia?…over a Mini-Skirt!

    Where’s the outrage from Hollywood, Women’s groups, and all the people in Gov that want a ‘Liberal Culture’- It’s a mini-skirt…showing off those ‘evil legs’. Where here in this country we have teens sending naked pics to each other on cell phones and the Left is fine with that….Stick up for a girl who want’s to Flash her legs like it’s 1969….that’s all I’m asking!!

    God Bless the Mini-skirt! It’s worth fighting over!

      • Not anymore. They may beat you up and kick your kneecaps a few hundred times, but this is nothing compared to 20 years ago where you may as well be killed and nobody would give a shit about you.

        Those “hitman” aren’t worth of such title. Getting caught on the job to kill a single student girl whose own father doesn’t care for her is plain retarded. Doesn’t anyone know how to use poison these days? Shooting her dead in the middle of a crowded street would have given them a better chance to escape.

        It’s a pity that people would go to such lengths for their religious ideals. I wish more religions would have clear cut pacifist views, but it seems some people are all too eager to go “righteous fury mode” against everything that their religion criticize.

        While I’m sure that “father” wasn’t all too sane, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it wasn’t religion that drove him to commit the crime. Maybe it’s just because my country has suffered great abuse by the Ottoman empire that I’m biased against Islam, but I can’t help viewing Muslims with suspicion on all matters.

        • Yeah, but when Christians go batshit, they usually do so individually. Additionally, most Christians have a greater love of money than God; the rabid ones represent a threat to the money so other Christians are very quick to denounce and arrest them.

          Muslims make it a part of public prayer in many, many Mid-Eastern cities to advocate murder, destruction, and the deaths of innocent people. Islam remains the only faith where everything is sacred except human life.

    • vesper_nova says:

      Becuse he wanted a child and got a girl instead of a boy. sadly it it she was a boy, she would have been treated much better given the mind set of the father, which I think is sad.

    • I think we need more responsible parents like this guy. The ones who take responsibility for giving birth to another useless whore. Imagine if every father did something like this…oh wait there wouldnt be many women left would there.

      • its “some” practitioners of religion that have a power trip and start brain washing people..

        “insert whatever religious nut job with delusions of gradure” you must obey me because (insert whichever god) speaks through me!

        so i say go kill (insert other religions here) because they are on the wrong path!

        blah blah blah.. people need to think for themselves and not do this herd mentality of folow the leader…

        Stay Away from the Kool-Aid (no matter how much you like grape flavor!)

      • Yes, blame it to the religion. -_-

        Religion by itself is not to be blamed here. Nor you should be blaming all of the practitioners, as not all of them agreed to such acts.

        If you want to point your finger and accused someone, point it to the uncivilised extrimist practitioners.

        • However, it was almost certainly done in the name of religion. Without religion, things like this might still happen, but without the shield of “But, I was only following my religion” it would be much harder to try to defend one’s actions in a situation like this. (Not that saying that is actually any kind of defense, but people still try.)

          “With or without [religion] you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” – Richard Dawkins

        • they’re uncivilisex extremist because politicians made use of religion. in the end it’s always because religions are a form of mass crowd control.
          catholicism is also a pain in the ass, though their focus is on making people live no matter what. it’s a long story tbh, so i’m not going to talk about it more than this.

          the point is that religion are just a tool in the end of the governs, imo.

  • That’s pretty pathetic, but I can’t put it past people these days. :/

    I’m glad to have been born in the USA, that’s for damn sure. I’ll wear miniskirts whenever the hell I please.

    • bah. dont let ur mind be tight.

      not all priest are gay.

      not all jews are arab haters.

      not all iraqis hate american.

      not all otakus don’t have a successful life and living in mom’s house

      meet other people. only then will you know on how vast this world is.

      • No they don’t… the root of their teaching doesn’t teach that… the evolution and different (faulty) interpretations is the one that has led some of the believers totally off-course…

        I used to live at Jakarta, and frankly, I had enough… Once during friday prayer, the religious leader, boldly teach, which then broadcasted through loudspeakers in real-time, how they ‘need’ to destroy the Christianity, Christians need to be taught some ‘lessons’, and how Christianity are evil and on their path to hell…..

        One time I asked my friend who just finished Friday prayer, what was being preached, he told me, “Massacre all fucking Jews”

        I’m not trying to generalize, Islam has a good teaching and principle, but lately I saw plenty of people being misled by misconception of Islam itself and living under false belief regarding the world…

        My friend told me that the theory Evolution was postulated by the Jews in order to destroy the faith of Muslims, another one told me that the internet video of decapitation of American soldiers were done by Americans themselves….



        err… why does it posted way down there instead, it was intended to reply here.. sorry…^^

        • Religion is what people make it, if ridiculous amounts of muslims go around committing “honor killings” then that might as well be part of the religious doctrine (for whatever sect that does that).

          You can’t just say it isn’t the religion’s fault because their book doesn’t say to murder. People make the religion, not the book.

        • i live in indonesia, and i am indonesian. while it is true that most of us moslem, we are not easily swayed by this extreme teachings. what you see are just minority moslems who call themselves “true muslims”, but for us we see them as “extrimist”. and they are the one who bark loudest, thus they are the one who gets attention. unfortunately government cannot put a stop for this teachings (for a political reason). but belive me, they dont get many support. they can rally here and there all they want, but they never gain mass big enough to interfere with government.

          btw, i dont think there was a case like above here in indonesia. people here are more open minded about what to wear.

        • SadAnonyme says:

          Humans will always justify their action through whatever means necessary. When there is no religion, they will use political card, race card, etc. It’s simple. Very few of us, humans, are idiotic.

          Unfortunately, we have to live with it. I hope, if he really committed the crime, the father receive punishment he so thoroughly deserved.

          Speaking about muslim, i live in indonesia. I find it amazing that the Islam organizations in Indonesia condones extreme islam teaching in public places. Where is moderate islam nowadays? Ones that want to coexist with other religions, and not interfering in the government.

        • darkMilenko says:

          quite matter of factly, it doesn’t matter if it’s a jew, christian, muslim or whatever stupid f#@king religion you are, there’s one basis that MAN, not god, but MAN has set out: all other religions are wrong and they have to be “taught” (in other words killed) the right way.
          “as long as there’s been a god there’s been killing in his name”
          you are all stupid, and you all deserve to die if you follow this path.
          I’ve been involved with the church, and i can’t believe some of the stupid stuff that I’ve seen there. in truth, the innocence of children has a lot more sense than most adults which are childish and dangerous because they have money to do what they want.
          in short, humanity would be MUCH more humane without the human element.
          religion fits in the same category as politics, only difference is that religious ppl have an excuse: I’m doing it in the name of *insert deity here*. and they can get away with it. granted, there are some ppl that believe and follow rightly, but that’s a small majority, and most ppl that want to follow a religious belief, myself for example, have been turned off or flatly turned away by the ppl that are “false believers” or just plain wannabes. i follow my own beliefs that i have entitles “caffinisim” or the belief that if one day all the coffee in the world disappeared, that the world would be thrown into such chaos that it would almost surely end.
          but this is just my humble opinion. and take it for what it’s worth.
          if you’re an a$$hole i don’t care if you’re white, black brown red or yellow, you’re still an a$$hole. you can pull the race card all you want, but that only makes you a stereotype and makes your whole race look bad. grow up, and get a grip on reality.

        • i agreed.i learned sharia in my School Laws and their laws is very such thing as murder for this thing.even for murder crime they need to be prosecuted before being just kill wothout justify like this

      • …the fact that would suggest that an adoptive father would love their child any less than a biological father would and that they are somehow not a “real father” is deeply insulting. Kindly shut your trap.