Xbox 360 Owners Betrayed by Tales of Vesperia


The much anticipated PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia was recently announced, and of the many extras included in it the most notable addition is pirate loli character Patty Fleur.

However, a 2ch denizen who just happened to be browsing the compiled code for the game with a hex editor (let us not enquire too deeply as to why) has discovered evidence that she was in fact in the game from the start, in the form of mentions of her name alongside those of other characters.

This plainly casts doubt on her “new” status, and possibly suggests that all this was planned from the start?




EST (Estelle), RIT (Rita)… and PAT (Patty)?

A variety of reasons seem plausible, such as development schedule, disc space, etc., but a marketing tactic on the part of Namco, for use after Microsoft’s bribe wore off, seems most plausible.

Once again, PS3 owners are thanking Xbox 360 owners for participating in the fee-paying beta test…

Via Ore-teki.

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  • Wow this hate between console owners is stupid. You guys really need to chill out. From all the years of flaming there are these reasons why you flame.
    1)Regret what you bought
    2)Never played it and just joined the band wagon
    3)Picked one to hate and stuck with it
    4)Learn stuff that isn’t true and base your choice on that.
    Now I have a friend who is a 2, and met a lot who are 2 or 1. But let me ask you this, are you guys who flame each other really happy with the console you have. If so shut up if not shut up cause this fighting is stupid.

    • thank you i agree 100% lol i meen i have my favret systom just like the next guy but there both good systoms in there own right but im still pissed with square enix for the star ocean thing becas that was just stupid it was a sony title for like ever and then bam 360 i was sad and that another reson why i was upset about tales jump to the 360 so im happy there doing this although they should have the add ons as DLC

  • As a 360 owner I’m pretty pissed about this. I literally JUST bought ToV about a week before the news hit that the “ultimate” version would be released on PS3. Until now I’d been loving the game, but since finding out that I’m playing the “gimp version I’m finding it hard to work up any enthusiasm to finish it. I’m really hoping that Namco/Bandai make the additional content playable on the 360 with DLC.

    And for all of those who would mock me for having a 360, know that I didn’t really have a choice in what console to get. Unless I wanted to go out and spend another $1,000+ on a new monitor/HDTV that supports HDCP (in addition to another $600 for the PS3 itself) I couldn’t get a 1080p picture with a PS3 on my current display so I was pretty much stuck with the 360. I used to be a Sony fan (had a PS1 & PS2) but when they decided to buttfuck their fans by selling out to the MPAA with that HDCP crap I had no choice but to side with MS this gen…

    • i think your all kinda being stupid about this mostly cas i think its fucking funny as hell and to clear things up the ps3 isent that expecive anny more i meen news flash its 400$ and the 360 elite is 400 $ i realy dont see much of a difrence there do you
      and i say elite cas its the only 360 worth geting

  • This reminds me of how Tales of Symphonia was first on Nintendo Gamecube, but later a PS2 version full of more goodies came out.

    Guess it was Microsoft’s turn to be NamcoBandai’s victim?

  • The way I look at it, what namco is doing makes a lot of sense.

    I guess the porting to the PS3 is keeping (engine?) programmers occupied. Maybe enough of them that some of the remaining staff finds themselves twiddling their thumbs while they’re waiting to get done. After all, all the music, art (well. I gues PS3 gamepad button bitmaps need to be done. :p), animation work, storywriting etc. is already done. But whoever is doing the port is still tied up.

    Depending on how the studio is staffed, it might not make sense to put all of the people now twiddling their thumbs on another project. So you might as well use them to get the stuff done that didn’t make it into the 360 release (maybe due to time constraints, as the presence of code snippets in the 360 version suggests).

    Calling it ‘unfair’ to the 360 owners is somewhat nonsensical in this context, especially when there’s a one year wait between releases. On the contrary, I’d call it unfair to the PS3 owners if a year passed WITHOUT anything getting added and/or fixed.

  • Don’t get why people are coming up with these types of conspiracy theories. The explanation’s pretty simply – probably leftover code/data in the game they meant to implement but ran out of time/money/budget to do so. They probably meant to put the loli pirate in there, but couldn’t do it because of the above constraints.

    In comes PS3. Now they have a bit more time to develop, and they’re not limited by space because of how much storage space is in the Blu-ray format. So guess what, they implement the stuff they didn’t get to implement before.

    Come on guys, is it really that hard to see that? Can we keep the whole DEY HAET US 360 PPL ;_; baaawing out of this article? 🙁

    • Constraints of space don’t come into it. At no time is the entire 9.4GB of data on a DVD actually loaded into memory. If the game is 25GB in size, then I’d be prepared to buy a 3 disk set.In fact, it’s probably cheaper to print multi-DVD games than it is to print one b-ray disk for the same game.

  • Ugly truth: Most “surprize” updates, add-ons and mods were all planned from start.

    Seriously. Specially if the game is made by a big company.

    But don’t get pissed over this: when add-ons, extras and mods are not planned a long time before release, they have more chances of sucking or having bugs.

    Also, if you analyze hex codes, most games will have tons of extra stuff there that might have been considered while the game was being made, but dropped due to deadlines and stuff.

  • I’d rather have a game a year early than an extra character. What kind of development will this character have anyway? They’ll have to worm some extraneous content into the game to force some character growth in on her behalf.

    Besides, the last time I remember a female pirate character in a Tales game, I was fawning over Meredy and Farah, so a pirate girl is nothing special as far as I’m concerned.

    Also Flynn is playable or something. Meh.

    • It’s not JUST that.

      They’re adding a shitload of other new stuff too, including alternate endings, apparently.

      More voice acting, new cutscenes, ‘dynamic’ camera angles during existing ones…

      It’s a complete remake, effectively.

  • Iv been a long time fan of the 360, but i really did need a reason to get a PS3, I beat tales on the 360 but id gladly get it again for the added hi-oagi, more story line and add character.

  • So in other words, expect DLC content for the 360 version in the near future.
    Even if that holds true, I hardly think that will tempt people back to a game they would have been done and dusted with ages ago…

    • To be honest, I highly doubt any DLC will be available for ToV on the 360 after its PS3 release. Even I wouldn’t bother upgrading my 360 version, I’d rather just re-buy the game for my PS3.

  • It might just be me, but I’m fine with this being on the PS3. I don’t have one, and I did play this on the 360 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Would the story have worked better with more voice acting? Yes. Did it truly take away from the experience? No. And while another character would have been great, for the most part I settled into using the same 4 characters for the game unless I was forced to use someone else. Also, 360 owners did get the game far before now, so unless you are a die-hard fan/only have a ps3, I don’t see many other players getting this.

  • It’s crazy Console War crap such as this, that makes me think twice before jumping on to any console.

    Heck, I was planning to get the Xbox 360 at the end of the month and now this news hits the stands.


    The only thing I hate about the PS3, and this was brought over from the PS1 even, is the damn D-Pad.
    It’s not even a D pad. It’s 4 buttons! Talk about cheap. Yes, the D-pad IS 4 buttons when you open it up, bur surely it won’t cost Sony the EARTH to put in ONE large round piece of plastic that makes contact with all 4 buttons? Sega\Nintendo\Microsoft could do it.

    Only solution to that is, buy a different brand of controller. Question is though, is there a third party Six Axis + Force Feedback controller for the PS3?

    • Well to me, the PS3 (or any PS controller for that matter) is very uncomfortable and the analog stick placement is stupid. It’s too far from the thumbs and its hard to keep steady aim in shooter games.
      360’s controller is comfortable, simple, and good for any type of game. Plus as you said, the Dpad is much better on 360 and you don’t have to feel like your pushing too hard.
      Since they used the Dpad for overlimit in 360… I fear the ps3 version controls will suck balls.

        • The 360’s d-pad sucks.

          The PlayStation’s d-pad allows much more precise directional commands than the 360’s.

          I played DMC4 on both consoles and although there’s not much difference when playing as Nero, it’s crappy when I’m playing as Dante on the 360.
          It’s hard to select Styles due to how loose the D-pad is.

        • I think the d-pad consisting of 4 separate buttons makes it much more convenient. The fact that the 360’s d-pad is one button is why I think it sucked. Especially in Vesperia since using overlimit requires specific pressing of a certain direction, if you hitting the button isn’t absolute, you’ll easily activate the wrong level overlimit, and other cases select the wrong file to save over and erasing your game. (And yes, I had the same problem using the left stick too) Just one of the many major flaws on the 360.

      • Totally agree; I’ve saved over my game many times thanks to the damn d-pad on the 360 controller. (Completed the game 4 times and still haven’t played the EX Dungeon >_<)

        I bought this game along with my 360 last month and haven’t been able to pull myself away from it yet. Hearing that it is coming to the PS3 as well excites me a lot as I intend to buy it again, despite having paid two arms and a leg just to get limited edition version on the 360. I’ve always been a Sony fanboy and only have the 360 for its exclusives, mainly Vesperia. I guess alls fair in love and console wars right? For the first time Sony gets real one-up against Microsoft which makes me feel that buying a PS3 wasn’t a waste of money after all. Like many have already said Xbox users got to experience Tales of Vesperia almost a full year ago whereas PS3 users are just now getting to see what all the hype was about, surely a few extras make up for that, right?

  • If you carefully explore the data of other jrpg games, youll find lots of stuff that were not included in the game for one reason or another, but still have traces of itself in the game’s code.

    There is little reason to remove production junk data if it bulks on required number of disks.

    In this case thou, they could very well have planned it. It’s obviosly better to have an extended version if you gonna sell it for the 2nd time. Think of it as a director’s cut.

    • People are hating too much here. A lot of powerful programs, have thousands of lines of code that do not link to any accessible features. It often happens in a very large project, that nobody on the programming team knows what a certain peace of code does, so they keep it less it could break the entire system in a lot of painful ways.

      Binary game data is the same – it contains things that may seem unimportant but if removed it could cause all kinds of problems. The last thing you want is to remove a model or texture and when the game is released, somebody just happens to stumble on the object that uses it.

      Game development is a bumpy and ungrateful job. It happens way too often for a company to create a part of the game, and later scrap it as the game comes closer to the release date. This is not related to the development process. It’s the people who own the titles (which happen to be money hungry investors) that push the product as early as possible. To them, the only important thing is the revenue:cost ratio.

      It’s far more likely, that the extra content wasn’t properly modeled/scripted/sounded/whatever and the developers had to drop it in the week before burning the golden master. The fact that the PS3 version had the extra content simply means that they had more time to refine the product this time around – as it happens often, the platform that gets the least love is actually the platform that gets the best version of the game. See also: GTA 3/VC/SA/4.

      So if everyone please stop speculate and hate the people who sacrificed their good night’s sleep to bring the game to 360, it would be very nice.

  • lol, the “participating in beta testing” bit, the comment is dumb for many reasons, beta test something in one platform in order to release it without beta testing in another? riiiight. There should be this ‘artefact is a fanboy’ tag as well :p.

    I don’t see what the whole deal is anyways, the same thing happened with Resident evil 4, the more people play it, the better.

    This would be a relevant story if both versions had the same release date and one of the versions had more content than the other, but seeing as it’ll be released about approximately a year later, its not that big a deal, hurrah for the ps3, sure.

  • Icy-nee-san says:

    I guess 360 ppl kinda deserve this, since they get games like 1-2 years ahead of ps3 ppl, but the new content should be available for download or something 😛

    Grats to Namco for adding more hate fuel to the Console War fire 😀

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if on release day there is DLC for the 360 lol.

    Still game was worth it and beat it a long time ago. So even if there was new DLC I wouldn’t get it as I don’t reply RPGs once beaten.

    • Considering how 360 fanboys love to rub ps3 owners in the face whenever they get an exclusive on the 360, I don’t understand why it can’t work the other way when ps3 gets a game with more content than 360.

      • You casually offend lots of other 360 owners who in no way did you any disservice by choosing to gloat and demean 360 owners in general.

        There may be nasty 360 owners out there. But why do you want to be nasty to every 360 owner just because you felt slighted in the past?

        Artefact you should really consider getting treatment for your obsession with 360 owners. Drawing pleasure from demeaning people because you felt deprived in the past is not good for your psyche.

      • I dunno…Although I own a PS3, the “console war” makes me feel bad. I guess Artefact shouldn’t tease so much, this will only further worsen the dispute between 360 and PS3 users.

        • Not to mention jin115 owns both PS3 and 360!
          Artefact, I don’t want to say this, but you are start giving people bad impressions of you. As a regular visitor of your site, I don’t want to see that 🙁

        • How could you compare yorself to him.
          He teases both PS3 and XBOX360 users according to different situations for fun, and I think it’s very enjoyable to watch because he doesn’t mean anything serious.
          However, you are just way too radical.

        • There’s a lot you can do.

          Choosing not to gloat is a good start. Choosing not to partake in the demeaning of 360 owners is a second.

          You may have been jealous of exclusives that the 360 had but there’s no reason to behave like a deprived RPG fan.

    • Shakugan No Twilight says:

      360fags? What type of insult is that… seriously wtf?

      Anyway its not about being a fanboy or fangirl Its just the system we prefer or could afford, theres no reason for you to be asses and make fun of or look down us because of the console we play.

      See this is the whole fanboyism issue that goes on everywhere, its annoying as heck and needs to be taken care of. We are all gamers why cant we just get along, its not like we all didnt start out the same, so why the fuck treat eachother differently just because the console we play isnt the one you chose, doesnt that make you seem a bit immature???

      Seriously gamers need to quit looking down on eachother just because of exclusive games and what system someone uses, its just immature and proves how much of a life someone doesnt have.

        • You need to chill out and ignore trolls >_>
          I myself am an Xbox 360 owner, I couldn’t care less if every single exclusive went to the PS3, I do care when the PS3 version gets more out of a game then the 360
          Especially as ToV isn’t even out where I live yet

        • Shakugan No Twilight says:

          Again with someone saying I am butthurt…. seriously. I never stated ONCE that I was pissed the Tales of Vesperia was going to the PS3, honestly I am happy that my friends that own a PS3 will get to experience the game, import or not.

          I am happy with my 360 version thank you very much.

        • Shakugan No Twilight says:

          Actually no I dont have a preference of system I buy the system for the games I want and if there is a system I dont have with a game I want I buy it, its not a matter of the system to me, its my preference in the games on the system.

          I couldnt honestly give a shit if the PS3 has more to it than the 360, or if the 360 has a game the 360 doesnt, I just want these stupid console wars to end. The systems have been out for three fucking years now. You would think people would get over themselves and just enjoy what they have, but oh no people have to be asses to eachother just because of the damn console they play.

          Seriously I am not a fanboy of anything realted to gaming, I play what I liek and dont give a shit what other say about it, I mean seriously why the hell should you even comment on the console I play or the games I play. And hell when a game comes out for the PS3 that I must play I will end up buying one not like I really give a shit.

          Your not playing it so you honestly dont have a right to tell me I am in the wrong or make fun of me for the console I own, like I said its immature and proves how much of a life someone doesnt have.

          So no I am not a “butthurt Xbox” I am just a gamer that is tired of seeing all the shit that goes on between fanboys!

  • Enjoy your $15-20 DLC extra, 360 owners.

    But I have to sympathize with you, this is pretty fucked up. They give you the game first, which certainly warrants a little bragging, then later give it to the PS3 with seemingly everything included, and now they are likely going to make you pay more money just to be equal to the PS3 content.

    • Don’t promote hate, guys. I don’t see any problem on this.

      360 users, you got to enjoy the game earlier, isn’t it? We PS3 users have to wait for a year more for the game. In exchange, we get the new contents. It’s just fair. On the contrary, I will feel strange if they are not adding any new contents, afterall it’s quite a long wait! Now we finally get the chance to play the game, just leave us alone, alright?

      • Is it really? We who bought the game on the 360 find out later on that we got used so that the PS3 version can get the ultimate version.

        Getting used, not cool.
        Paying full price for a not finished product, not cool.
        Not even getting access to the finished product, japanese developpers you can go to hell.

        • To Comment by Anonymous
          2009-04-14 08:32:00

          Thats a stupid reason for an asshole like you. I’m just calling you an UNWIPED ASSHOLE SINCE YOU HAD THE GUTS TO CALL OTHERS ASSHOLE!!! It has nothing to do with consoles. SO ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE!!! PERIOD!

        • I never said the 360 didn’t have it’s problems however when I said “I’d like the Xbox not to be used a beta machine” one of you responded “Oh well, the 360 is already half made anyhow so who cares.”

          Not only did that not really address the issue, it was just a blatant and random stab at someone who didn’t even say anything bad about the opposing consoles to begin with.

          Wether you have the Xbox 360, the PS3, the Wii or the Atari for all I care, that’s an asshole responses.

          Which makes you, an asshole.

        • Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror and see what an UNWIPED ASSHOLE you are. You just cant accept that the 360 is prone to problems. Yours might work but it doesnt erase the fact that A LOT (YES A LOT) OF 360 CONSOLES HAVE RROD. And dont bitch that I’m a fanboy coz I have BOTH the 360 and PS3. Sheesh calling others assholes just because this. I don’t get why you have the right to call others assholes. You just proved what an actual UNWIPED ASSHOLE you are!

        • Well that’s weird, my first gen Xbox 360 would like to have a word with you since it has never RRODed.

          Seriously, like I’ve heard before, the world is divided between assholes and non assholes…each console has some of each defending it.

          So far you two seem like assholes.

    • As an Xbox360 owner, I’m actually okay with that. This game was worth more than it’s price (clocked in at 150+ hours), so doling out a few more bucks for more awesome content isn’t going to hurt my pride.

      I’m just praying that there will be an English Version for PS3 and DLC for Xbox360. :S

      As a side note, congratulations to PS3 owners who are going to buy this game! You will not be disappointed!

    • 360 Vesperia has over 2gb of free disk space on the double-layer dvd. PAL version is actually coming out with BOTH japanese and english audio, still on one dvd. So guess what? The whole thing about lack of disk space is bullshit from Namco.

    • I doubt that this wasn’t included because of Blu-Ray. More than likely it is just to make people want to buy it again. Though, I am now glad I didn’t buy this when it first came out, at least I am until I get the disappointment of not having the PS3 version coming to the states.

      • NightFoxXIII says:

        Like ToDR and ToD:DC as well as Eternia (non-European ver. for PSP) and Symphonia port and other good games they could’ve brought over. -.-”

        I’m happy but also scared if they ever decide to bring it over despite the Americans will need to work this one over again. Just hope they aren’t too stingy.

    • Nah, it just so happened he accidentally run a hex editor, and accidentally opened the file in question, and accidentally browsed through that section in which he accidentally glanced upon and discovered the gem.

      A cat is to be blame for all of the accidents

    • There are communities on the net dedicated to figuring out file formats for games, especially 3D games. That’s how you can find model viewers for all 3D final fantasy games, for example.

      Browsing the binaries is part of the process of figuring that stuff out.

    • Exactly what he wrote. The 360 has proven that it’s good on the DL department. I don’t think that it’s too much to ask that when the PS3 gets their version that the 360 get the content as a DL option, I’m even willing to pay for it (was done with Vader in SCIV) so long as the price isn’t ludicrous (anything over 400 M$ points).

        • PC Fallout 3 is glitchier than the both of the console versions. My computer exceeds the recommended requirements, yet it won’t even make it past the start-up screen. I didn’t even have CCCP installed yet. From what I’ve seen and heard, the patches that Bethesda released cause more problems than they solve.

    • Gantz_Playboy says:

      WHY???- They already know Xbox fans are dumb enough to keep buying one after how many ‘red rings’, Cardboard Coffins, and glitches – why should they offer anything more?

      I never trusted Xbox 360. I’ve never had a problem with my PS3 and it’s years old- hell, my PS2 still works like new and that’s really old. I guess you really ‘get what you pay for’ in Japan.

    • NightFoxXIII says:

      That would be nice, but I wouldn’t mind since I’d get the PS3 version too anyways. Lol’ing at the news though. I’d be laughing if it was truly planned from the very start.

      Anyways, since it was Microsoft I was expecting this so it’s not too much of a problem since I like the Tales of game and some games on the Xbox (although the Xbox is now heavily used for Vesperia replays)

      Anyways, would love to see what they’d do in the new additions. Saw the trailer and it looks great so far

      • Best comment here. There’s really no need for the 360/PS3 hating every other idiot is spewing.

        I’ll probably end up getting the PS3 version as well. I highly enjoyed the “fee-paying” beta .. and it was definitely a low “fee” for the number of hours I got out of the game (150+ and counting).

        I hope the PS3 version allows online play though… that would be totally awesome. But I highly doubt it.

        • Another mouse says:

          But Europe is where the PS3 sells by far best, despite being even more expensive than the other markets. In short, Europe is an up market market. Then agin of course, that still wont mean that just anyone bum can afford one.

          It is not like an essential for existence!

        • @Cokematic
          There’s plenty of reason for hate here if you don’t have the money to own a PS3 and if you live in Europe so you haven’t even played it yet and it’s being ruined for you
          Not that I will actually be hating because it is pointless, but there’s plenty of reason for it

        • What WOULD be a good tactic, is the namco people, after everyone has bought the ps3 version, SUDDENLY released a secret code/combination/patch/passward that unlocked the new content (new character) on the xbox360, which already had them on the CD, just kept in secret >.>

          but that’s really unlikely…

        • bah I wasnt interested in the 360 version anyway, so I probably wont be getting the ps3 version either… what DOES bother me a bit is the announcement of Ninja gaiden Sigma 2…
          It’s quite similar to what’s going on with this game