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Woman’s Breasts Grow Past Knees


A hormonal imbalance following pregnancy caused a woman’s breasts to grow to truly gargantuan proportions, reaching past her knees and weighing 21.5kg.

The lady (28) married two years ago, but failed to conceive. A noted doctor in the region prescribed a course of herbal medicine, which apparently proved effective, for the lady finally conceived, much to the joy of her family.

However, two months into her pregnancy her breasts began to swell. Three months into the pregnancy, she could no longer wear a bra, such was their growth.


By the time she delivered her baby, her breasts had reached her knees, and she was having difficulty walking thanks to their pendulous encumbrance.

She and her husband finally decided it might just be prudent to pay a visit to the hospital, and in so doing discovered the cause of the problem: her overactive pituitary gland was apparently producing massive quantities of the hormone prolactin, which as its name suggest influences milk production.

Her levels were found to be 129.68ng/ml, as compared to a normal level of 1.4 to 24ng/ml, causing the hypertrophy.

Surgeons had no recourse but to amputate the overgrown mammary glands; she is said to be unharmed and recovering from the surgery.

It is common and expected for breasts to temporarily increase in size significantly during pregnancy and nursing, but clearly not to this extent.

Via Heaven.

We do not hear what kind of prodigious milk output she was capable of…

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